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Friday, 19 February 2016

Beautiful Is The Way Your Lips Part


       Beautiful is the way your lips part and spread into a smile. As you fill my hills with large portions of lies. Make me dream and ask the question, why? My heart flips when you say goodbye. Because my dear I miss you and I just want to sit here and cry.
  I know what y'all are thinking but I can't help myself. I shut the door behind me, swoon and try to steady myself. As memories flood my mind with accrobatic displays of affection and a life that felt like i was in detention. I froze stiff as a flood of desires rushed over my aching skin around my neck. Oh how we spent my last year's valentine together. I remember everything and felt his soft voice whisper in my ear and I laugh.

  Gbese, I am in trouble. The truth is that I miss him or should I put it in a more appropriate context, I miss him... Em next to me. Memories are a dangerous thing, I remember that pink straw hat....
   Yes, I wanted to wear some funky sandals but he insisted we don't need any. Because we were going to spend the day at the beach. So he grabbed my lemon green bathroom slippers lifted me in the air and dropped me in his car. I didnt all that mind, i had backup shoes in his car of course. Life is so funny. Oh, how in love I thought I was. Now I know it was all lust, all sinful unforgivable desperate lust.

Why is this all of a sudden flooding my mind?

   You see eh, Mr. H and I haven't.... Yes we have not and the reason is simple. 'It' has been a bargaining chip for me, proof that I cared. My reward for my partner, proof I was in love or at least in my mind that I was in love. My own twisted way to seal my relationship. Very childish, right? Yes, stupidly childish. It was a whirlwind of the same tired routine, the minute I drop thats when my man starts to lose interest emotionally.
So, after hard lessons, I decided to change my ways. I promised myself that I would not let the sins of the flesh rule my heart and mind. That line of thinking was for boyfriends and girlfriends. I on the other hand was moving to the wife zone....

  But wait o, back to my current situation. I cant help but ask myself, abi na 419? Lies Frank has concocted to yank me away from the man I want to marry.
Maybe Khadijatu would help me go and confirm this divorce of a thing. Frank maybe telling the truth. Do I still have money? Because my stingy friend would need transport and feeding money to.... No, instead I'd go myself. Nigeria is much more organized now, if he's married as a Christian, he cannot just grapple another wife and if he wants me then I can investigate. Like they do in Yankee and jand, just go to home office and find out the truth and the truth will set you free...

Kai, just listen to me bask in fantasy land.  I reject you Frank and everything you stand for, i accept you Mr. H and time, my friend will prove me right.
Mmmf, abeg I have work to do jare.

One of the security officers knocked and stepped into my office.
'Madam good morning, oga want see you..'
'No problem, but wait o..... You should do a better job and not let people in this office before visiting hours.. '
'But Mr. Frank na oga brother...'
'In-law... So all relatives can just dance in here and break office protocols, right? Anyway, oga will hear..'
He apologized and said he had two queries already, one more and he is jobless. I didn't tell on him but I did not want that kind of surprise again. Because of my temporary sanity, the security guy gave me a clue, he told me that my boss was mad as hell and said he should go and get that woman, me. We all know why my boss is upset, but it would be nice to act all clueless. What do i do now? Maybe giving him a taste of my reality will ease the pain and embarrassing situation I am about to face.

My boss knows...

 So I grabbed it, my special gift bag, now dusty from been abandoned.

I paused in front of his door and practiced laughing several times, adjusted my smoking hot office dress... You can tell, right? I love new beautiful things and as I unlocked the door and stepped in, his mannerisms said it all.

'Morning Oga, how was Valentine...'
He didn't let me land, he gave me the cold shoulder. I ignored it and submitted my report and continued to give him feedback. I dropped the special gift bag beside the chair opposite his.
Before nko, my boss had no idea of what it was. Instead my boss stopped me and pointed at the chair opposite him.

'Is there a problem?
'You are a reflection of our brand and...', blaa, blaa, blaa.
See this mugu, two can play this game.
 I knew what was up and we both danced around it until he couldn't anymore.
'Why do you want to break a sacred marriage, do you know about the law of karma. If you think it can't happen to you then...'
I raised my hand flat in the air and protested.
'Oga, I beg you in the name of God. If you don't know what happened then don't just assume...'
Yes, I was shouting. Can you just beat that? Automatically, it is my fault.
'The truth is bitter...', he said calmly and gave me a disgusted look and chuckled at the same time.
How on earth should my boss feel he has a right to interfere with my personal life?
At times, I feel this my boss is a psycho. Which part of this situation is funny?

'What truth? That he lied and we were engaged....'. I tried to defend myself but my boss didn't believe a word of what I was saying and i knew I had lost his trust.

Don't despair o, I too have been studying chess moves and my knight is going to swallow yours. Just wait now...
  I opened the last page of the file in front of my boss and there was our invitation card. It's gold lace bow over embossed bronze writing on imported paper. Yes, I went overboard and spent because I believed it would be my one and only engagement and wedding. Then I put the special gift bag with a picture of me laughing and Frank kissing my ears on my bosses table. It was one of my best ever photo shoot, we looked happy only for him it was an episode in his telenovela life.

 My boss picked the invitation up and scrutinized it, and then the gift bag. He was in shock and my legs were wobbly. I didn't know why but I did not want to pass out in my bosses office over this Frank matter.

'You went as far as printing gifts...', he could not still believe his eyes.
So, I moaned and added that Frank went to my village and met the entire family. He didn't need to know that my entire village was now a thriving city in the middle of Eti Osa local government here in Lagos.

'I am sorry, I was misinformed.. Didn't have all the facts, heard you and Frank spent Valentine....'.

  Trust this babe, I didnt let my boss land, I snapped my finger over my head.
'God forbid bad thing'.
That is a nightmare that will never happen.  My boss opened his mouth and shut it. He had never seen this local angry side of me. He exhaled hard and I saw a look on his face. He had been cajoled into getting involved in this my private war and regretted it big time. The awkward silence was proof of this.

  I wanted to tell him I had a new man, wanted to brag about yesterday, instead I stand upright.
'Is that all?', I asked.
He nodded with his eyes reading the invitation over and over again. Yes, I left all my gifts with him, he can share and show his cousin how far Frank and I got to.

Nonsense and ingredients, he thought he could bully me, na today. I am ready for all of you.
    The rest of the day was slow and my boss sent emails instead of the usual face to face. It didn't bother me, I just wanted the day to end. Mr. H called and got an ear full, he asked when he could pick me up and I said five. It's true o, my car was still at home.
You know, the sooner my life is Frank free, the saner I would get. Work finished early and my boss left quickly. I was about to call Mr. H, when Khadijatu called...

'My dear, we need to talk...', Khadijatu screeched and I took the phone away from my ears. She was so happy she was willing  to spend and come over to my office. I agreed only on one condition, she would leave before Mr. H arrived. Not that I didn't trust her, she was too loud for him, not his type. Mmmmf, but I wanted to bond with my man, alone.

I heard her first, laughing and telling everyone who cared to listen how great her Valentine was. Then she shoved my door open and shrieked. I looked round at my office colleagues staring at me and my friend and tried to shut the door. Khadijatu stopped me and rocked me around my office. She hugged me and sat on the table in my office.
'Bala was a complete gentleman, VIP treatment and all... And Mr. H's yatch was magical...'
I was happy for her and updated her about my fun Valentine, in a whisper. She looked at me funny and then I shut my door.
'Wetin happen?', she knew something was up.
'My boss knows...'
'Its lie....'
'How did he find out? What did he say? What did you say?'

So many questions, I got up and moved to the window, outside Ahmadu Bello way, the traffic had started building up.
'I was fortunate to know he was already pissed and i suspected, so i took the last of my gift pack.... From the engagement that never happened....'
'You had to prove to your boss that it was not one sided'.
That was not the answer I was expecting but I accepted it.
'Na wa o...', Khadijatu moved from the table to my chair.
'..He thought we spent valentine together...'
Khadijatu laughed,'joker'.
'And Frank was here...'
'For what? He's overdoing it...', Khadijatu was irritated.
'He said he is getting a divorce and has officially filed in Ikoyi...'
Khadijatu stopped spinning my chair and was quiet for a long time, I watched her and tried to understand why.
'Why are you looking at me like that?', I had to ask.
'And... What now?'
'Nothing, I am with Mr. H that's all that matters...'
'I can help you find out...'
'I trust you...', I opened my bag to give her some money.
'Out of curiosity, of course..', I added, not to sound like I was interested in getting back with Frank.
'No need, in fact, I'll take you out tomorrow..'
'I died and went to heaven, my stingy friend wants to spend...'
'Eh, eh o. No abuse me...'
'Leave that thing, you know I know you well...'
She giggled and said Bala gave her 'fifty thousand naira to run around. My jaw dropped, what was Khadijatu saying?
'You collected money from Bala.. '
''Ade, I am not you. I will collect a salary if I must...'
'You are shameless....'
'I am myself jare, I love your dress... Very chic...'
'Thanks, it was part of my Valentine surprise. Mr. H thinks of everything'
'He is a real catch....'.
 I didn't laugh at her comment, a part of me was not in the office. I wanted to drive to Ikoyi myself and somehow hoped it was true. Frank was spontaneous and exciting and I missed that.
Maybe, I rushed into my current relationship. Maybe just maybe this was nature's way of testing me.

 'When are you going to...'
'Now, I need to know if, for real Frank is divorced. I'd call you once I have the information'. She hugged me and danced out of the room.

So, I wait. Wait for Mr. H to arrive and then for Khadijatu's phone call.

I won't do anything rash for now, but I am sure everything will change if its true.

**Season 1, Episode 7**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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