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Friday, 18 March 2016

Slicing Through Her Crystal Raindrops


     Slicing Through Her Crystal Raindrops; watching as every tear drop, flows down her chocolate brown face. Tears of rage that cut like spades on the root of hate constantly thrown carelessly, her way. A life, honing a headache while singing like a nightingale swallowing a python bloated with pride.
Fireworks celebrate her victory as tired paper burn and fizzle back to earth in faded glory.
    Ashes of disdain cast a shadow on all those who try to cover her shine. Calling and stalking through cellphones fail to disguise their hell hole, dug deep by deciet and flawed thinking.
      Interestingly, my boss has developed this annoying new habit. He calls me over the weekend with only one mind, to put chaos and uncertainty in my mind. Why on earth does he feel justified to call me?
I could be in Benin or Abuja for all he knows. All because he wants me to bring in money. The money he will use to pay the remaining staff their salary. I and those they sacked have been paid but the remaining are anxious. And management is wary, unsure of how to pay them. So we the marketers must act. I am not complaining but I do not like to be disturbed. This is the last account I am giving my company, ever. If they like, let them crash or float. Wetin concern me? I am gone. I have made more money than all my salary in this company combined.

'Share the joke now', Nnonye said picking up the remaining carbage slice on her shawama wrap.
I was not sharing anything, the girl had no form of income and I was not prepared to loan her money.
'My boss wants me to pick up, I am smiling because I wont'
'Good for you'
'So are they employing in your company?'
'Sacking you mean. I think the company may shut down, maximum, two months'
'I'll have a partner in crime...'
     I reject whatever prayer she just indirectly sent my way. See this my friend o, in this economy and the ridiculously high foreign exchange. To be her jobless friend? God forbid bad thing.
'No o, I have started work already..'
'Are you employing?'
'Employing ke? I'm a go between for sellers and buyers, their PR consultant'
 I realize I have not encouraged her one bit, I am a better friend than that. But what can the babe do? I think and it hits me.
'Why not fashion? You always liked it'
'I never finished'
'Then go back and finish'
'Will you pay for my classes?'
  No need to answer, the wicked look combined with raised eyebrows said it all.
'So how have you been making money?', no be my fault say I no want pay for her. But she was not a finisher, she has never completed any project.
'My husband gets money for his business'
'Then work there'
'It has not yet worked out'
'And the bank keeps giving him?'
'No, his London wife'

I shake my head.

'It's not like that'
'It's a free world, me, no man has ever given me money. Gifts yes, but never money'

Did I say that out loud? Na wa o, I am really a horrible friend.

'Because you don't need it'. Nnoye said with lowered eyes following her fingers that tried to rewrap the crumbling paper holding her shawama together.
'Okay, I agree but if you can. Get money to improve yourself, lie if you have to'
'I can't lie to my husband'
     It was all very ironic and my anger level bar went up a bit.
'Mr. H does not like visitors, it's cause he was not around'.
Yes, I had to make excuses. I am mad as hell and not interested in hiding it.
'When are you going back to your own house?'
'The rent is up and my company is shutting down. I need to prepare all their files'
I stood up.
'Can I order take away dinner for me and Etim?'
       I could see tears in her eyes and I nod my head. I really pity her but because i know what its like to be hungry. Of course, i will help my friend. Change was very hard for some and common sense when it comes to love is scarce these days. It is easy to be stuck, to lower your expectations, to drop everything so your partner will shine. But what happens to your own light?

    As she collected the bag of food, she looked at me. Then held my hands like she wanted to pray. I just shut my eyes and think for a second. Unfortunately, I could feel the sticky sauce on her fingers. Yes, I had wipes in my bag and I opened my eyes.
'I will not give up, I will lie if I have to, layer up the clothes for a little while longer. If that's what it takes to get back in the game'
'Good for you'.
  I smile and use my wipes and hand her two and as I dropped her at home and we say our goodbyes. I was sad because friends from my past always hold a special place in my heart. Now, all I have is Ajoke.

   Have you ever asked why, like a dog chasing its own tail, people never change. The answer is that if another need overcomes that dog, like hunger or thirst. It will stop chasing it's tail and do something different.

    Mr. H did not like my mood at all and he decided we skip the party and go go-carting. I have never before now, so I was excited. It was a fun race and my speed was no where near the top five. I only wanted to know why they didn't let us bash our go-cart into one another.
Mr. H is right, the next decision in your life is up to you.

  Monday morning was fabulous, I was singing so loud as I brushed my hair and sing the timeless Bobby Benson hit, 'Sisi Eko'.
'Sisi Eko, you no dey shame...'
I admired my beautiful confident self and remixed the next line in the song.
'... This baby is too hot'.
Mr. H put on his tie and joined me in the chorus and then asked.
'Why are you so happy?'
'I am sacking my employers today', and it was the best feeling in the world.

  Early to work and my boss is not happy to see me smiling.
'What is so good about the morning?'
'Sir, let us speak in your office', you should have heard me. The elocution and diction was on point. He hesitated before opening the door.
'Don't tell me you are leaving us because you need two weeks notice'.
   The mugu did not know I was ready for him. I sit upright and hand him a file.
'Don't think I do not know what is happening? You called the media department without informing me. They tell me you were all dressed up ready to put your wedding on our most expensive billboard. I warned them and insisted the money be paid upfront....'
''Oga relax now', I was calm and he stopped talking.
'The billboards account is with me, but the client said only if I am involved'
'Mr. Bala Tukur'
I stop talking, my boss is good he has done his homework.
'Yes, my people told me...'
'The billboard has to be up and running, he wants it there when he drives back from the airport this evening. Or no deal'
'And you naively agreed'
'He paid...', and I show my boss, less my commission, less my company consulting fee and less my office space. Which I had signed with a confidentiality clause.
It was still premium and with his bride to be, hell bent on outdoing all his previous marriages. He did not mind.
'You will not show me these documents and this account if you didn't want something'
'Just let me go'
He shook his head.
'No wahala', I got up.
'Where are you going?'
'To call Ba.... Mr. Tukur' and tell him we can't deliver'
He shook his head, 'this is blackmail'
'This is business, I just have leverage'
'That commission is not yours'
'If you don't agree I have Whirlwind Rush sales manager's number. She is ready to do it for less and get all the commission'
   He didnt know if I was bluffing or not, and was tapping his pen noisily on the documents. I look at my charm bracelet that had a clock hanging like one of the charms. He said, 'only if the money enters today, with my commission'
Marketing is all about commission's and he was not prepared to loose his. He picked up the office land line.
'Call the media team, you are all going to work till it's up by four'
My boss was on fire.
'Don't forget us o, remember, we get the job done'
I thank him and head straight to HR department. I could not wait to sign out of the company and head out and see the outcome of our media department.

    The men and women worked hard and efficiently. I could not do their job, hanging so high up the billboards. By five we were all tanned and sweaty, but it was up and running.
My phone rang and it was Bala.
'Good afternoon Ade'
I laugh.
'Mr. Tukur, good evening'
'My flight just landed and Ajoke has no clue it will be up today. Tell me the billboard is...'
'It is Sir', I said giving my media guys and ladies a thumb up.
'Your work colleagues are with you, that's why you cannot call me Bala, right?'
I was laughing, and he understood.
'She has our luggage... Later bye bye', and he cut the line.
'Oyaya, let's go, Mr. Tukur can't meet us here'
   The team packed up and dropped me at 1,001 second gate. I took a cab home and just kicked off my shoes and doze off.

      I wake up with my phone to my ears and Ajoke screaming. It was confusing for a while. Then I sniffed and shake my head.
Mr. H is staring at me and clapping quietly and then he whispered.
'Well done'
'It's Bala you need to thank', I said as I dragged myself up and curled up in Mr. H's arms.
'We are coming over, I ordered fresh pounded yam, not the powdered one o. Old school and lobster in vegetables. Don't cook o'. Ajoke ordered.
'Okay o, she said I should not cook o', I announced to Mr. H.
I skipped lunch and only had tea this morning. So I didn't mind the heavy dinner. And with Ajoke coming ovee, we are going to be up till tomorrow, so no qualms.
'What about your things?'
'Mmmh?', I didn't know what he was talking about.
'.....To your former house'
'I don't get it?'
'What I am saying is, move in'
'Well, at least until I get my own place'
Mr. H laughs.
''Ade, you are funny. This is your last busstop.'
And Mr. H gets up and removes his tie, I wanted to say something and instead keep quiet.

    My new dawn and new day is fabulous. I spend most of the day, hunting for an office. I need one that is presentable and cosy, a small office, a file cabinet, with a meeting room and receptionist entrance and a file cabinet. The security would be for the entire complex. So all I need is a receptionist, at least for now. I found an old building with the cheapest rent ever. They informed me, the lease was up in two years and I didn't mind.
 Once I finish, I take a cab to my former place. Mr. H joined me later on in the day.
  Moving out was tedious, I was reluctant to let go of my old stuff. But I knew it was all going to be different from now on. The furniture had good wood in it.
'I only need to change the cover's'
Mr. H shakes his head, so we agreed I could take my furniture and put them in his guest house. I want them as furniture for my new office. And my car, my poor neglected baby was really bad, so I pay to have it towed to a service center.

    As I watch them leave with it, I hear my name. This cannot be happening. Its like I'm swimming across the Nile. No longer thinking of my decline down the doomed Frank path. Meanwhile like a desperate shark showing off its weird fin on the surface, he appears.
 Frank was in a light pink shirt and black pants. He was hanging his blazer and I looked through him. Like he was not there and walk back in my gate.
'You were going to move without telling me?', he shouts as he crosses my street.
   A clueless Mr. H walks up to me and hugs me from behind. He kissed my cheeks and was genuinely happy for both of us.
'What is it?'
   I look in Frank's direction and Mr. H spots him. Frank did not expect that he will be here so his mouth is wide open and yet, nothing comes out of it.
'The idiot still had the guts to come here'.

Mr. H marches forward and I stand between both men......

**Season 1, Episode 15**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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