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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Smashed Easter Bunnies Melt in My Mouth


    Rogue bunnies dig deep into my soul, displaced by chipmunks sinking claws into my tree trunk. Yet I stand firmly rooted in the face of despair and sink my hold with renewed strength, glue my hands and hold on, at the foundation of the life I have built.
    Time please hurry and heal me.
As I make your hold on me, insignificant for long periods of time. And then backslide i to your arms and just day dream of lost wishes in the wind. I am not in denial, I know you only wanted arm candy and I, a diamond crusted reality of us, stuck together for life, on love forever in time....
     Waiting patiently for your painful memory to be gone for good. Maybe my faith is shaken. But my fears also awaken as all I know is, you and me.

Oh what a sad Nigerian tragedy.

        Now, I am pacing, waiting, fainting, anxious and impaled by a sad truth. This bitter pill of betrayal is hard to swallow. I can't sleep and no, I won't blame it on the tense work environment. I blame Frank, he is just a wicked human being. How could he marry my best friend Khadijatu? This is the height.
    The floor seems to be losing balance as earth tremors shake me and I am rocked and I reach out. I feel it and cup his well defined handsome face in my hand and mumble. And as the image clears up, I stare at Mr. H and wonder what he was doing in my house.

'You are crying... Ade, are you awake?'
I listen to the soft cries escaping from my mouth. He was right, I was crying. Not just one small insignificant cry o. My voice was trembling like I have been crying for a long time. So, I try to stop.
 I sniff and massage my nose, 'I'm awake'.
    And as I stretch, I almost fall to the ground and Mr. H catches me. I am a little embarrassed and laugh. I curl up and continue to sleep and remember I was gisting with Mr. H.
'You were having a bad dream...', he was watching me, checking if I was still awake.

    My mind is far away, hunted, flooded with memories of been impaled daily by your sword of deciet, disguised as secret thorn's on a spell binding rose stem. An evil enchantment that has snatched my sleep. I jerk my head and force my eyes open.

'I'm awake', I said standing up with both hands on his shoulders.
'You should not go to bed so exhausted'
'I know'
'I can feel all the tension in your shoulders...'
'I need to prepare, for work', I said in a clouded voice as I try to get away from him.
'It's just one...'
'It's a lie', I look at the grandfather's clock in the corner, he's right. I have not slept for long. I stare at Mr. H and he hugs me and pat's me on my back and then his flat palm massages my tense spine.
'My cousin is on her way..'
'Who, what, why?'
'She's a therapist, both body and mind'
'I don't need to see a shrink..'
'Then let her massage all your muscles and remove all the tension...'
 I was watching him and asking myself, how much did he hear? I know I talk in my sleep but he kind of looks sad. Like he knows.
'I was talking right?'
Mr. H nodded his head.
'What did I say?'
'Everything from your ex, to your best friend's betrayal.. You need closure'
'I will not and see, any of those bastards'.

   I stood up right, no jumped and started pacing. Then I stop, I could tell Iwas upsetting him. I inhaled deep and exhaled. Kai, I fall my hand. He was right, I am mad as hell and need to talk to someone. But not his cousin, I am afraid... Mr. H grabs my hand and gives me a soft kiss, like I am a princess and I smile.
'It's okay, I know you still love him and I know you love me... I just want the two of us, alone in this relationship...'
      Chineke, so all this time Mr. H has been feeling like he is in a love triangle. No, no, no. I feel bad, really, really bad. But why did he stay?
''Ade, you don't have to worry. I understand completely. I have been exactly where you are right now. And denial will only make the situation worse'
'So your cousin will talk to both of us?'
'No, just you. For now... She helped me out and can help'
'What if you don't like the outcome?'
'Life never turns out like we expect it to. We can.. Ade, you and I, make the best of it or let us fizzle and die'
I was quiet for a while, trying to understand his thinking process.
'You really like me'
'I am yours and you are mine, we will fight this, win this together'

   Oh, Lord, I thank you o. I am so glad you sent Mr. H my way. He gives me a cool kiss and the doorbell rings at this ungodly hour.

'That's Celine..'
'Her mother was an illegal, she went through the dessert to Mali, Morroco, Spain then France and was caught and deported. Then she met a banker who migrated to France'
'Wow, for real?'
'Yes, very ironic. So Celine was born in France, but her mother missed home and came back to Nigeria. Celine has lived here all her life'
'My goodness, that is serious'

    Mr. H opened the door and I watched a beautiful  six feet tall dark woman in kinky dreadlocks and no make up on, hug and side kiss my boo.
'Hello', I almost said bonjour.
'Bonjour, how are you doing?'
'I'm good'
'He told you my mother's story right?
Mr. H laughed, and signalled for her to enter.
'Of course I did, to suffer through the dessert and swim your way to Europe and be deported. Then move there legally, yet come back home. That is one hell of a story'
'So you've never been?', I was intrigued.
'I mean I was born there and have their pkali, but I don't know... Business is good and I don't have time'
'We will make time, Bala is getting married...'
'Again, ha. That man loves the idea of marriage. Me, I'm too busy for that'.
'Don't mind her, she has a boyfriend but the young man wants to make Billion's before he considers marriage. We both know he can barely make a million...'
'At least he tries, but his 'I too know' attitude is killing him'
She sat down and crossed her legs like a proper lady.
'So Ade, what kind of juju did you use on my cousin?'
I laughed.
'He swore he would never date and now he let you sleep over...'
'Dont mind Celine, Ade did me a great honor by sleeping here'.

    The air conditioning unit was at sixteen degrees just as i like it. Celine shivered and covered herself with a veil.
'Please, this your AC is much, Abeg a night cap will do... Hot chocolate'
Mr. H stood up and Celine raced to my side.
'So, how in love are you with my cousin on a scale of one to ten?'
'One hundred percent'
She clapped her hand and shrieked, then pulled me up towards a room I didn't know exists.
'This is the room I used to help him clear up his tension. Before you entered the picture of course. You can lay down on this...'
The cushioned surface looked inviting and I took a clean towel and stylishly removed my house coat. I was not comfortable with her seeing me stark naked.
Celine laughed.
'You are so cute'

      Celine spent the next thirty minutes telling me about her adventurous mum, her uncle that drowned in the Morrocan seas and her five close friends.
Her close friends, fight and make up and one actually snatched another's husband and they don't talk. But they are all still friends, she told me how important friendship was and how detoxifying it was to hang out and talk. I downloaded my own gist and informed her, that I didn't really have anymore friends. Nnoye was married and Bala's fiancée was crazy.
'Crazy friends made the best Gist and always puts a smile on your face'
She massaged my neck and I just wanted to sleep off. I told her about Frank and she screamed.
'The bastard has the guts to show up at your house'
'Yes o...'
'Did you kiss him?'
Her massage was good but I still want my relationship with Mr. H.
'Of course not'
'I know, but you were close to kissing. I can see how your pupils dilate when you talk about him', Celine had a smirk on her face.
I sit up.
'It's fine. It's like a drug, I'm dating a guy that has no ounce of ambition and brags. Sometimes I think he believes the more he says it, the quicker the money will come'
'Why do you stay?'
'Because I love him, I can't imagine sleeping with anyone else. And to prove that we can make it and not conform to everyone's expectations'
'That is deep', and a little sad but I didn't say it out loud.
'So, when someone who is sincere comes into your life, you make a choice'
She packs up her massage kit and helps me stand up.
'Mr. H is right, you are a keeper, sweet and innocent in a guilty way'
I didn't know if she was yapping me or praising me.
'Frank is a mastermind, a player and he is setting you up for his final entrance. My dear be prepared, whatever you decide is your decision. But those who play games, play for life'
Celine looked sad, she seemed to be reaching out for a lifeline. Waiting for her own man to misbehave so she can run.
It was really, really sad.
'So, see you same time next week'
'I can't wait'

   We step out of the room and the cold air hit us hard. I grab my house coat and wrap myself up.
'I told you this room was too cold', Celine grabbed a mug of hot cocoa and we drank and laughed.
    I woke up to a warm kiss and I grab him, wrap my hand around his neck.
'Morning Mr. H'
'Morning Miss A'
  We both laugh.
'How did you sleep?'
'Like a  new born baby, where have you been hiding Celine?'
'The same place you are hiding your sibblings'.
    I did not mean to keep secrets but revealing everything has not helped my relationship. But then, again, keeping so much hidden could crush this one.
'I am the first, then my sister and then two younger brothers. The one in Ogun state has two boys and a needy scattered wife. My other brother lives in GRA in Ibadan and my only sister is married to a Viking'
'A Viking?'
'Yep, he is six feet five inches tall, has shoulder length blond hair and is from Sweden'
'How did she meet him?'
'Online, they skyped and chatted for six months then he came and whisked her away'
'Not yet, they are touring Europe together'
'Have you been?'
'Oh yes, they invited me. Beautiful country. The tap water was delicious and I have never seen so many bicycles in all my life'
'So do you want to live there?'
'Do you?'
'I've never been, I've been to Switzerland, lovely and Paris...'
'Sweden, London and Germany only. And you?'
'Most of Europe except Sweden and other places for work and training'
'You know I will be late if I don't stand up..'
'So stand up'.
    I jump up and shower, Mr. H didn't live far from my work place so I did not have to rush. As I come out of the bathroom....
'Your boss has been calling'
I look at the time, 'but I am not late'
My phone rings and when I pick it up, he says we should all go out on the field and bring in business.
     I agree and look at Mr. H.
'Good, we can have a business lunch with Bala', Mr. H picked up his phone and called Bala.
'I'll stay and strategize and prepare....'
I didn't yet know all the names but I could try before lunch. I watch the two cd's till my eyes are sore. I want to be able to recognize the names and faces and I write and rewrite the names using facial features to peg key words to their names. Mr. Idimu liked to hold his physically endowed wife and had this perfect cocoa brown even skin, Mrs Aminu was the fairest albino I have ever Uche, Mr. Uche was a laminated wood merchant with oak brown skin. I was actually having fun with it until I saw my bosses number.

'Why is he calling me? Abeg I don't have time for his unnecessary baby sitting today o'
 I decide to pick it up because I didn't want him disrupting my flow when I am out having lunch with my new friends.
'Hello, yes'
How can he be telling me, reminding me of the target I have. I know, ah. What? I heard him but I did not want to believe it.
''Oga, 'Oga, we can't market, hit the field and then come back to the Island, the office. It's not possible'
Why does this man want to crush my flow today of all days?
'That is why you are a leader', he tried to use reverse psychology on me.

I had to think fast and it hit me.
''Oga, I have a business lunch and diner with my clients, unless you want me to abandon one and show up'
'Just get the contracts, remember next week is our next review'.
  I suspect that the board of directors are on his case and want our premium billboards paid for and running from next week. I will do my best and try. I need an outfit for our lunch date. I trust Ajoke, she will be on point.

   The doorbell rings and I go to the door and Celine is there.
'Morning how are you?', she kissed the air beside my ears and walked in with three concealed dress hangers.
'I'm good, thanks for yesterday'
'Mr. H said you need an outfit, so I brought three'.
  As she unzipped the dress hangers, I died and went to heaven. There was a classic pant suit, smart and tailored just for me. A form fitting Navy blue gown with a black lace front to die for. And a nude bandaged gown that made my breasts look bigger and my waist slimmer, I had an hour glass figure in it. I did not want to take it off.
''Ade, remember, it's a business lunch'
'I know , why did you bring this masterpiece?'
I was feeling the soft fabric against my skin.
'Is it the same fabric as the one I wore the morning after Valentine?'
'Very good, it is'
'It was you..'
'Yep, I make the custom made fabric and design the outfits'
'My goodness, how do you break even?'
'I make a maximum of ten outfits' a month and have a sit down session with my clients before I order the fabric'
'How do you advertise?'
'Word of mouth, anything more than ten outfit costs twice my asking price'
'How many have you made this month?'
'Twenty one, the Valentine fever is still around'
'I want your job'
'Most of it, is conference calls, Skype and by order and of course, I protect all my Intellectual property'
'Wow, so your cheapest gown is...'
'Fifty thousand naira, and they are scandalous short gowns and the likes. I make them from the excess fabric'
'Do I get a commission on referrals?'
'Ten percent if they pay as they order'
'Twenty percent if I get you clients today', I was over reaching. But if my employers were going to shut down and my rent is funded by them I need the extra income, fast.
'Today?, You have a deal, it expires by twelve midnight'.
  My mind was racing to my friend Nnoye and our old school mate's. I would have to be creative.
'But these your oufits are custom made with consultation fees and a sit down'
'Why a sit down?'
'I need to see a picture, know your skin tone and how you dress, combine clothes'
'Do you make Ajoke's clothes'
'Ya think?'
I laughed, no. She was more off the rack kind of girl.
'So, how much do you charge for an outfit like this?'
Celine smiled and whispered the figure in my ear.
'For wetin? That is more than my rent?'. I did not know I shouted but that is high priced, really, really expensive.
'I am paid to think, make outfits unique and shop and deliver and adjust to the clients taste'.
I'm thinking.
'No, no...', I can't spend that much on one outfit. As I protest, I feel the fabric again and looked at my own reflection. Kai this babe was smoking hot.
'Na jazz abi wetin', she had me in a spell.
'It's a micro Infused fibre, the technology is out of this world'
'Ten percent on one purchase and fifteen if she buys two'
   I was calculating how much I would make if Ajoke bought two, my goodness. This crowd spend seriously. Na wa.
I took off the dress and looked at it, if only I could make money on them.
'So, I can only take one', I was sad.
'See this babe o, you are funny. Mr. H has paid for the year'
'In this world, image is everything, the stitching of your outfit, your shoes, hair, everything'.
   I paused for a while and for the first time in a long time, I was in. I was where I always wanted to be.
'Thank you', I hugged her because I loved how I felt and to learn that I would look this good for the next year. Well, I was happy.
'Before I forget, are you going to the Mainland?'
'I live on the Mainland, the water... The sea and the lagoon. For me, it should be once in a long while'
'I need to get something from my house'
'Oyaya, let's go. So we can beat the traffic'

   Celine made me laugh all the way, a creative high spirited friend. She got a phone call and had to go, so I thanked her and entered my compound. The door was almost off its hinges and I just shook my head. Walahi, poor man's stress is not good for anyone. I grab my Italian leather bag and a crocodile skin clutch bag, some clothes and underwear, more cash, my phone and laptop charger and head out.

    From the corner of my eye, I spot him and my heart jumps. I wanted to hide, wanted to look in a mirror to see if I looked good, tired or stressed.
  Who cares? I keep moving and lock the gate with padlocks. Frank does not move, he is still there waiting.
I lock the gate and keep walking, Frank holds my hand and I scream.
'Get your filthy hands off me'
'We need to talk'
'Go and talk to your wife'
'Khadijatu said she was pregnant and I didn't want a child out of wedlock'
'Congratulations, you always wanted a child'
'Lara has filed against the marriage...'
'Frank hold ya self, what is your problem? You have two women fighting for you. Go home to them and leave me alone'
'Since all this happened, you never gave me a chance'
'You were too busy, screwing Khadijatu to care. So what's your stress?'
''Ade, I will always love you and I know you are angry. Just wait and listen. I wanted to divorce Lara but she says her church does not permit divorce...'
'You are not the only one with marriage buzz....'

    My words stung him and I could see his sun setting in the horizon. He did not expect that I would move on so quickly. He does not have to know that the wedding I am talking about, is not mine.

'...You can't marry Mr. H, he does not love you, can't love you like I do.. '
'...Me, I don't want your kind of love. The one that jumps into bed with my friends. Thank you'.
  Should I be worried, is Frank stalking me?
'It was a mistake...'
'...The mistake is you, why are you here? You think I will change my mind...'

    Before i could say Mokola road, Frank grabbed and kissed me. I didn't even think, I landed one hot slap on his face. The second one missed him because he moved back. I should have scratched him, got some DNA in case this situation escalates.

'Oya now, jump on me. Is that the plan? See if you can't get it into your thick skull, let me say it again. Go home to your wives, marry a woman in every state and country you visit. In the end you will die alone and miserable and it's one of your wives that will kill you...'

Nonsense and ingredients.

   I backed him and pointed behind me. Daring him to try me this hot afternoon.
'You think this is a movie, this is real life. And when friends betray you. You run away fast. Don't follow me o'
  I walk fast and stump my feet and wipe away in disgust the taste of him, Lara and Khadijatu from my lips. My slippers cut and I dragged it on. I will buy a new one on the way but I am not going back in his direction.

''Ade, Ade', I look up and see her.
 'My client cancelled, we will Skype instead'
Celine's car had been following me and I didn't even notice. She opened the door of her car and I step in and fold my arms across my chest.
   I could see him from the side mirror standing at akimbo thinking of his miserable life.


'It's okay, it's okay'
'I know his type, trying to set all his women against themselves'
'Who has time,  I am not his woman'
'I know, I...'
   I use the back of my hand to wipe my mouth.
'That Khadijatu is pregnant that's why he married her'
'But he is still married to Lara...'
'I know'
'He is so full of himself, should we do ice cream?'
'Double scoup, abeg'
And we both laugh, all this drama will one day end. I scrutinize my cut slippers and Can line gave me hers, there were two extra pairs in the car.

   There was a cute chocolate bunny on top of my ice cream mountain. I crushed it with my spoon and shut my eyes as the Smashed Easter Bunnies Melt in My Mouth. I licked my ice cream and I thought of Mr. H and how I would tell him. Celine had witnessed everything, so no sugar coating any part of this.

Celine dropped me and we side kissed the air beside our heads and she gets into her car and drives off.

  I shower and prepare for my lunch, I put on the smart trouser suit and wait. Mr. H walks in and I smile and raise my head up high.

Here we go again...

**Season 1, Episode 12**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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