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Friday, 22 April 2016

Dolphins Hopscotch Love Call's


   Hovering under a saturated ozone layer, waiting for sub saharan winds to clear up the filthy carbon monoxide. Piled up for years of trying to catch up with a new technologically advanced world, a world long gone, long dawn and redusked. Waiting for a reflection on evaporating waters, as you my love, smile and that smile springs up on my childish face.
     Like a heatwave on a cold rainy day, you push me and pull me all in the direction of your way. I try to resist this endless game, plagued by my stupid, daydreaming brain. Why can't I just try to resist, at all costs, any of the seven deadly sins? Especially, my need for wanting more, wanting what is lost, wanting a life I cannot trust.

   I feel like I'm clustered, I've fought hard and lost. So maybe I should just let go and accept it's so. And just move close to what I know, like Dolphins Hopscotch Love Call's drunk and stuck on you. Seriously, I done tire. I just want everything to change right now, and then stay the same. I know, it all sounds mixed up and jumbled up.

But no be my fault o, I'm only human.

   I watch him and say nothing and then the buffoon too sits there like a tired, fine looking statue. What is wrong with me?
I sit up and move away from Frank.
'She said, she told you', he was nervous, I could tell.
'I wanted a child, so much, so badly and then this'.
We all know what he is talking about. Wetin concern me? I continue to devour my ice cream in peace. Na him know o.
'I miss you'
I know he is not talking to me, I look at the exit. All of me is screaming, stand up and run. But I refuse to be controlled by him.
'I fucked up, big time. Lord knows you were the one'
I laugh at his silly attempt to win my vote, oh isn't he a silly, funny little clown?
'Na today', I take a large scoup of the layer of ice cream with Irish cream in it. I need a drink.
'I swear 'Ade, remove all the complications, we were happy'
My mind moved back to us and how we laughed together.
'In our fake utopia world, abi?'
I lash at him. Who does he think he is deceiving?
'Don't do that, we both know we were genuinely in love'
His hand touched mine and I felt nothing. See the mumu, I have long erased you from my mind.
But then, when he cupped my hand and I feel his cool hands. His strong firm cool hands that are never warm. And then, i drift down memory lane, I remember and I am afraid to look into his eyes. Until....

The voice jolts me out of my thoughts and I spot my P.A. She had never called me by my name before, but that was not what was awkward. How am I going to explain, Frank and I holding hands?
Did I mention that it was through Mr. H she got the job as my P.A? And that I was scared of how this looks.
She drops her bag and ice cream beside me.
'No bus, is going to the Mainland, so I decided to join you for ice cream'.
She gave Frank an evil look and eyed him, then continued to speak
'I am staying with my cousin in Ajah tonight. It's cheaper for me'
She totally ignored Frank and sits down.

  Frank was not moved, he stands up and faces me. As his hand moved to mine, my P.A. puts her large bag between us and stops his attempt to hold me. The babe folded her hand across her chest and rocked herself, I can tell she is battle ready.
Frank tilts his handsome face and addresses me in a husky, calm voice.
'Ade, I know we need to talk and we will. Everyone can shield and delay the inevitable. But no one will keep us apart'
   Me self open my mouth gbagaown. What the heck was that? He just made a bad situation worse and I am ashamed of the predicament I am now in. She didn't let him leave, before she slapped my arm several times.
'Aaaawwwooo. What are you doing talking to that demon? I knew it, the spirit said I should shaaa come and meet you'
Yep, her Spiro side was intense.
'I was handling it...'
'You were holding hands'
'We were good friends you know....'
'But he married two women, your best friend is carrying his child. Do you really want all the drama?'
I did not know what else to say.
'I am your personal assistant and all that happens around us, stays around us. But I can't stand Frank and you should not... Unless...'
She had on a worrying look of disappointment and I realized what she was trying to imply. Quickly, I protest.
'No o, I am still with Mr. H'
'Don't worry, he will propose. Just look at Frank that proposed, the vows mean nothing to him'.
She is right, but you have to understand my predicament. It's not that I want to get back with Frank, it's that he is always around, haunting me with memories I want to forget.
     I am tired of this back and forth nonsense game we are playing. If I'm angry I make a scene, if I am not, we get cozy. How do I stop it, once and for all?
I turn to the exit, hoping to catch a glimpse of Frank. And then, I see my Handsome darling. He is in a blue t-shirt and khaki brown jeans. His walk inspired me to sit up and I prune and adjust my hair. I want to run and hug him and instead, I smile at him.
'Mr. H, good evening', my P.A. scuttles to her feet.
'Please, ladies. Sit'
And then he pulls me up and gives me a long kiss.
I was surprised and embarrassed at the same time and when I opened my eyes...
Frank was at the door, watching us and I shut it and ushered Mr. H to our table.
Mr. H kissed my hand and I giggle, it was a sweet gesture and one he didnt do often. My P.A. was watching the door, watching Frank and I guess he walked away. Because he never showed up.
'What's going on?', I ask my boo.
'We are going clubbing'
I scream and raise both hands and dance and hug him.
'Tonight, but first... Lobster's'
I cover my mouth and tilt my head, gosh I missed those delicious sea food.
'We are shaving ten years off this relationship'
'Yeayyyy', I forgot about every other thing and was looking forward to a great time.
'Awww, did you hear?', I asked.
'Prince died'
'Yep, even doves cry'
'We will definitely be dancing to his iconic  music tonight'
My P.A. jumped to her feet, 'let me be going ooo'
'At least join us for dinner'
'I need to catch up on my family's Gist, so... Later'
'Let me drop you then', Mr. H offered.
'My cousin is still in her office waiting, just down this Street. Because of traffic, I will join her and then we will follow her boss who is her neighbour, home'
'Have fun then', he tells her as she waves and escapes.
'How was today?'
'Great until Nnoye showed up...'
'For an invite, right?'
'How did you know'
'Tina has been trying to get on the wedding list, all the security have her picture. She won't be able to'
'I promised her an I.V.'
'A limited one'
Mr. H chuckles, 'you are naughty'.
'Before I forget, I called Celine'
'She and Ralph are getting serious'
'How do you know these things?'
'I see everything and make it my business to know what's happening around me'
'Wow, that is effective and efficient of you...'
Mr. H tickled me and I chuckle out extra loud and stand up.
''Abeg, let's go before they chase us out'
'For laughing? Don't be ridiculous'
We walk arm in arm, laugh and then he opens my car door. I smile and then he says.
'You know we have an audience'
'Really, where?'
'Your ex, has been watching us'
I look over his shoulder and spot Frank, he looks sad and lost beside his 2001 Toyota Camry car.
'We met earlier on', I didn't want it coming up later that we were seen together.
'Did you talk?'
'Started to, but my assistant interrupted...'
'You don't seem ruffled by it'
'I did not get angry'
'... But the question surfaced, what if?'
'And then?', a curious Mr. H asked.
'And then, I realize that I cannot share, I must be the center of your universe and you must make my heart do a back flip'
'How many of your tests have I passed?'
'You've surpassed them all'
We hug and I lean my back on his locked hand behind me, like a child playing on a swing. This my happy mood was still in full swing.
'So, Mr. H, one and Frank...?', Mr. H asked.
'Mr. H, one million to none', I announced.
We both laugh and I get into my car. Oh, did I mention that my car is back. It's been completely overhauled, engine and all. But it's still mine and when I drive, I drive it with pride.
  Mr. H leads the way and I follow, I look back at Frank who is watching me. Touché, he will have to go back to his sad life, with him overcompensating with loads of women around him. As for me, I am real all the way. I don't mind the highs and lows of a monogamous relationship. Mr. H may not propose now, but it's what we both want.

    The club scattered with the DJ jamming club versions of Prince songs I have heard and never heard. Mr. H at some point decided to sit and watch me, scream and dance.
'Ade', it was more of an echo of women screaming my name.
I turn and see my childhood friends and we all scream.
'You have not changed'
'What are you doing here, who did you come with?'
I point at Mr. H and introduce Bahariye, Ngozi and Eloho to my man.
'Meet Mr. H'
'Which one is Mr. H oooo?'
'Wait now, maybe it is his name'
'You are coding, abi?'
Eloho leans close to me and whispered, only it was not a whisper.
'Is he a married man?'
Mr. H stands and shakes their hands.
'Hello ladies, I am Harrison Adeoye Akande. This lovely lady here is my fiancee'
'So, why didn't you just say his full name?'
'All my friends call me Mr. H, it's either Mr. H or my full name'
'Nice, this one is posh and better than the last one....'
My other friends, hit Eloho and she vexes.
''Abeg, leaf me o. What's your problem?'
''Ade, our reunion is next week, if you can make it...'
'I'll try'
Off my feet, my toes relaxed, my heels were six inches high. Mr. H was worried, but I told him it was practice for Ajok's wedding. All the week long planned events had shoes this high. Not only were my feet resting, my taste buds were in heaven. I loved the taste of crushing ice with my Irish cream.
'So, your friends are...'
'Secondary schoolmates.... Lovely girls, never shy from saying what's on their mind'
'I can see that'
'Yes, Mr. Harrison Adeoye Akande'
We both laugh.
'It's been three months, since Celine...'
'Already, how time flies'
'She will be back this coming week, and I am worried'
'Her ex would come around? The fear of the ex is the beginning of wisdom'
'But Frank does not move you...'
'No, but I make sure I am one step ahead. I have him followed. So no surprises'
'So you know where Celine's ex is up to'
'He has been bragging round town that Celine will come back to him and revealed they both made, a blood oat pact'
'Haaa, how could Celine do such a thing? They are freaking hard to break'
'All bonds can be broken, you just have to keep trying'
'Blood oat is a spiritual realm thing o...'
'I've discussed it with her church pastor, he offered to help but said she must be willing to break free of him first and foremost'
'How do you know she wants to break free?'
'I don't, I will leave that to you'
'I'm not sure...'
'Celine likes you, trusts you, tells you things...'
'Because, all I do is listen. I never suggest or tell her otherwise...'
'A true friend, tells you the truth. No matter how uncomfortable it will make you feel'
'But, she... We might stop been friends...'
'The truth has been said and when all is said and done... You will ponder on it'
       I know I sound selfish right now, but I'm running low on friends and this boyfriend thing causes fight o.
'Unless, you want to spend the rest of our lives dreading calls from Celine, breaking up fights and then going from one hospital to the other'
  Mr. H was right, any problem ignored just resurfaces harder and more complicated. And it's best I bring it up, now that Ralph has found his way to her heart and is close by. Not when she's back here in Nigeria, contemplating if she wants to relocate to France, marry a man with children already. Also, she may still be brainwashed by her ex. I of all people, know how easily they can press your anger button or rekindle a lustful adventurous past.
How come all these bad boys know how to brainwash you with lust? Let's leave that side jare.
'We can stay, or we can go home and start our steps towards delivering Celine from her blood oat. I picked up my phone and then I look at the time.
'We should go now, or she will be asleep in the next hour'

     My heart was pounding hard and fast, as I park my car in my new home. It is starting to feel like mine. And now, I must call the one family member of Mr. H family I am close to. And maybe, potentially end our friendship. I grab a thick story book that resembled a Bible and place it beside me.
'Don't look so sad' Mr. H pleads with me.
'I need to stay in character', I announce and clear my throat.
Mr. H stood behind the laptop and out of sight, as I start my Skype video call.
Celine looks gorgeous in her natural afro and free sphagetti gown.
'Hey, Ade what's up?'
'Celine, are you alright?'
'Where you sleeping? I am fine'
'I just had a horrible, horrible dream. I reject it in Jesus name'
I wave the book and drop it back on the bed.
Celine adjusts and asks, 'what happened?'
'I.... I dreamt you did blood oat'
Celine laughed.
'Na all the home video, una dey watch for Nigeria. Who does blood oat in 2016?'
Celine laughed again and looks away, uneasily.
'I am serious, this revelation was not a small one o. It was you and your ex... Years back... Decades ago....'
Celine didn't say anything.
'I dreamt your pastor said you should eradicate old evil covenant's and free up your linage'
'I didn't know you were clairvoyant', Celine snapped at me. I had obviously pressed a button and she was not happy with the direction our conversation was going.
I search the bed and find the book and touch it.
'Not always, but twice a year I get visions, that weaken me and I wake up looking tired'
'You look tired, what else did this dream say'
'Call Celine before it's too late'
'Maybe another Celine, I didn't do any blood oat. I have never...'
Celine picks up her phone that did not ring.
'Let me talk to you later', Celine cuts the call and I look up at Mr. H.
'Maybe the boyfriend lied'
'He didn't, I could see it in her face. She was scared.
'Tell me again, how you know how to act'
'I was in drama club in school, secondary school'
My Skype rings, it's Celine.
''Ade, please don't tell anyone. He was my first love and was going to be smuggled into Europe via the Morrocan dessert. He begged me to wait for him and then brought out a blade and we swore to remain forever linked and faithful. We made our vows and consummated the deal. He was deported to Mali and came back bitter. Insisting, I did not wait for him, that I was unfaithful. So made me swear in front of a babalawo in Epe and this time, our blood oat had a witness and our mixed blood was tied on a white chicken feather and placed under a clay pot'
I didn't say anything, I was just trying to imagine her pain.
'He bullied me into submission and I naively agreed'
'I am so sorry'
'That's why he is overconfident that I will never leave'
'We can fight this spiritually and physically, we will fight with prayer warriors. Then go there and destroy the symbol of that coersed union'
''Ade, I have tried to break this oat before...'
'Alone, this time, you are not alone'
We were both quiet for a full minute and then, she spoke.
'Thank you, and there is another three months course...'
'You need the break, just don't miss Bala's wedding o'
'I won't, we will see on Wednesday then'
'Stay strong, pray and believe it will only get better'
'Amen ooooo'
I cut the Skype call and shut the laptop, Mr. H was staring at me.
'I cannot believe my cousin has been going through all that, alone.
'We tend to hide, when we feel embarrassed by our mistakes'
'You are right, we will discus this later. But now, let's watch a movie, a classic...'
'Which one?'
Mr. H waves it and I scream, 'Purple Rain'
I remember watching it as a child and Prince clothes  were to die for.
It was a great way to enter early Saturday morning.

     I am definitely, tackling my spiritual status, if I am going to fight blood oats and all, story books wont help. Only the real McCoy, the real deal. So this weekend, I am definitely going to church. May God have mercy on me.....

**Season 1, Episode 25**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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