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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Molten cobwebs lost in time


     Molten cobwebs lost in time, Rock flakes bounce back and cause earthquakes as love rage shaves, aims for my face. Stringed up on a carved calabash, dried seeds clash and hold firm the strings end. Shouting out a lazy tune swimming up a boiling room as carbon monoxide swirls and twists, race up pass lungs towards tired spleens. Roaring out loud are generator sets, competing on a quiet street to be heard, loudest from all its vibrating mates. Prickly spikes from clustered Cactus; steady green filled with thick white slur.

    Wish I was not this tender, then you will never ask why. Just Marvel at how I Smile as my life goes fruitfully by. Doing what will make me high, for now you must Watch you and watch me fry. Crushed between withering past, sucked slowly back into your miserable past.
 Plucked and Ripe is my Need to help you, so that you wont stand there and scream. Don't worry, you will never hear me quake, as I state my case and just Erase the past. Now I am still here, wondering what to say as I prepare to march ahead. Much plays in my head, for i digest it all, Decihering what I heard. Finally, I shake it all and I step out of the car.

   Eh Hehn now, I had to do something. If you don't have a clue what is going on in my unique gumption, let me update you on what is going on.

  First of all, let me start by saying, no problem just jumps out at you. Its there, clear as day. And just like I always do, I ignore the signs and tell myself that any discomfort I feel, can be swept under the rug. And then what happens? It blows up in my pretty little face, with consequences and memories I will never forget. So, please let's not do that anymore.
Anyho', thank God and shout out to all the doctors, out there. You study our specie and help us sort out our problems. Phew, I am so glad, Bala's cousins prostate problem has gone. It gave me quite a scare.
 Second of all, Khadijatu that was trying to insult my mature boyfriend got a shocker of her own. A kind of scare that reminded her that age has nothing to do with any surprise medical conditions. With the human body, anything can happen. And with her adding stress to her pregnancy and Frank's drama to the mix. Well, let me just say I am not surprised.
 What surprised me is how easy it was for me to forget her betrayal. All I could think of while watching her bleed, was Psalm 23. I prayed in my mind for the Innocent unborn child caught up in Khadijatu's world. I even imagined laughing and holding her daughter, just as she comes into this cruel, cruel world. Call me naive, but I miss my old friend, miss our laughter and her stingy, mingy lifestyle. But dont get me wrong o, I can never forget her betrayal, her trying to snatch and steal all I hold dear. My mind is lost in memories, replaying our good times together.

   So when the nurse gently taps on Mr. H's car window and calls my name, I unstrap the seatbelt and answer.
'Where are you going?'
'To Khadijatu...'
'For what?'
At this junction, the nurse cuts into the conversation, Mr. H and I were having.
''Oga, she needs an emergency surgery and asked for Madam Ade'
Mr. H holds me back and shakes his head.
'No way, tell her to get the man responsible. To call another friend'
'But sweetheart...'
'Ade, I am tired of these fools roping you back into their lives'
I look at Mr. H from the corner of my eye and he is serious, I turn to him and hold his hands.
'Don't worry, I won't be the child's God mother' and I laugh.
I step out of the car and an angry Mr. H races to my side.
''Ade, don't do it'
Mr. H turns to the nurse.
'If Ade goes in there, will it make any difference?'
''Oga, no, but the emotional...'
Mr. H ignores the nurse and faces me squarely.
'So why would you go in there, what if you run into Frank? What then?'

   I weigh the situation and exhale hard and loud. And then jump back into the car.
Again, I have let this my ex boyfriend control me, cajole me. What exactly was I thinking? That I would help his fake wife and then get a thank you? What about Mr. H, was he supposed to wait in his car and watch our reunion and then shake Frank's hand? Or was I going to tell him to drive Bala's cousin and his wife to the party, while I hold her hand? The two men had physically fought for me, with Mr. H humiliating Frank and i was about to walk back into his life. What was I thinking?
  No need to tell me anything more, I step back into the car and strap on my seatbelt.
'Tell her, our car had gone by the time you stepped outside'
   Mr. H starts the car and we drive off, and the nurse runs back into the hospital. I am lost in thoughts, and for a moment I wondered how things might have turned out. Wondered if I was the pregnant one and sigh with my face glued to the side mirror. And as I watched the hospital fade and disappear, I know it was the best decision.

     Bala is happy his cousin is in one piece and Ajoke is anxious.
'So, what happened at the hospital?'
'How did you...'
''Ade, I have my ways'
   I squint and stare at Ajoke, and then think. Oh, she got her Gist from Amaria.
'Silly girl, you heard from Amaria'
'The babe was distraught, I had to Google prostate to calm her down'
'She is a new bride and wants kids badly'
'Who doesn't?' Ajoke says and my eye brows rise up.
'You have no pressure...', she threw the comment my way and I protest.
'I do, I'm older than you'
'That's not true, we have one year between us. I'm under pressure because all Bala's other former wives have at least two kids'
'Don't worry'
'I'm already trying'
'Really, you and Bala?'
'Yes, aren't you and Mr. H doing it?'
'Not yet'
'Do you want him to get it elsewhere?'
'Mr. H won't'
''Ade, Mr. H na man oooo'
'Don't spoil me jare, we both decided to abstain....'
   Ajoke laughs and falls forward, ' this babe won't kill me o'
'Why is it funny?'
'Because we both know it was your idea'
   The babe was right, it was totally my idea. Now I feel bad.

   As I throw and kick off my shoes at home, and free my toes from the clutches of my five inch shoes, I stretch and freeze.
Where is Mr. H?
I look around and can't find him, I stand up and walk to the kitchen. He is there pouring himself a large glass of scotch.
'Is That for me?'
He didn't say anything, He shifts the glass towards me and pours himself another glass.
This was intense, I down and swallow a large gulp of the alcoholic drink and my eyes water.
'I... My past is not clean, I did things, horrible things and climbed fast....'
I was nervous and klanking my glass with my nails.
Mr. H holds my hand to stop the noise and I freeze. I'm kind of expecting the worst and can't take it anymore.
'You are in a cult, I am living with a cult member'
I was screaming and pacing, my life is getting worse day by day.
'It's still me'
   Mr. H tries to calm me down and I start to laugh hard and loud. Yes, i have finished my drink and was a little drunk. But, you cant blame me. I was still laughing and then, something about the way I was walking made me try to steady myself and then, he joins in. We Laugh and fall to the ground and I rest my aching head on his lap.
'Why is it funny?'
I wipe the tears from my eyes and try to calm myself.
'Because nobody's perfect, and somehow I knew...'
'... That I was in a cult?'
'That you were hiding something'
   We were both silent and I cuddle and reduce the gap between us. The time for laughing is over and I am sad, really, really sad.
'Who is Tina?'
Mr. H throws his head backwards and clasps his hands.
'The former Don's sister, I challenged him and won...'
Mr. H didn't say any more but I was expecting something terrible, like maybe Mr. H was a murderer, an axe member, a buccaneer, a mafia member. I try to remember all the Nigerian universities cult factions and shiver. Mr. H hugs me and looks into my eyes, he knows what I am thinking.
'No, it's not your typical university cult, it's the street cult, more like organized crime'
His statement made me relax a bit, because organized crime was about profit and the other cults were about occultic powers. Then again, I am not sure.
'He's still alive, just not the same. I punched him repeatedly and he wouldn't back down. I pay for his upkeeps but Tina spends most of it on trival things'
'So, she's blackmailing you'
'I have enough information on her to expose her criminal activities. I ended that part of my life but she didn't'
'So she can expose you?'
'I am working with drug enforcement agencies and have exposed her and her drug operations but it's bigger than her and is an ongoing operation. That's why I tolerate her'

      I was quiet and listening to the split unit ac blow cool air at us. I realize he was waiting for an answer.
'Wow, that is intense', I could say no more. I know I am different because the old me, would have packed up her kaya and run. But this new me is.... Em, should I say unafraid. I am scared of the consequences of dating a former Don. But, then again, is he? A former Don? Is he done with crime or am I just some damsel in distress pretending everything is okay?
Mr. H's answer was almost as brief as mine.
'It is', it was pregnant with questions and doubt. But my head was too heavy to stress think.

  We are both silent for a while and then I ask.
'Are you getting it elsewhere?'
Mr. H frowns.
'I mean, everyone thinks I'm starving you and...'
'You mean Ajoke'
'How did you...'
'Bala at some point was taking Viagra because of her'
I cover my mouth and sit up.
'It's a lie'
'She's a freak, he even had her followed for years because he didn't think one man could satisfy her'
'They understand each other better now'
'And you?'
'Can do without, until I start to do it again', he had on a naughty convincing smile.
'It sounds funny but I feel the same way'
'So Frank told you about my past'
'Mentioned that you were a criminal and just wanted us broken'
'You understand now, why I didn't want you connecting with Khadijatu'
'It makes sense'
   I shut my eyes and hug Mr. H, he was so warm and firm, I didn't even know when I dosed off.

     I wake up with my arms around my boo's neck, I yawn and open my eyes.
'Did I fall asleep?'
'We both did, we slept on the floor'
I try to stretch and my neck hurts, it's stiff and I adjust it.
'The massage parlour down the road will help, I need to meet up with Bala'
'I'm supposed to meet him'
'By three, so...'
  My mind drifts to last night's confession, to Mr. H's revelation and I shut my eyes and agree. I need to get rid of all the tension in my bones. Mr. H plants a kiss and I smell his after shave, he is clean and ready for work. I need to get ready.

       Work involved me calling all Bala' s family and friends, thanking them for gracing our meet and greet. It was nice to be part of a clan and they appreciate all my warm reception. Some even prayed for Mr. H and I to get married soon. I laugh and thank them with multiple 'amens'.
The tough part was calling his business associates and passing through secretaries and personal assistant's. My mission was to get to their boss before the end of the day and it was not easy. Appointments clashed and I had gift bags for all who showed up, premium packaged honey and kits with personalized thank you notes, with Bala's signature.
A pitch from yours truly, that Bala almost passed up. It was a hit, they loved the tokens and those I could not get called me back. Our three o' clock meeting was fabulous. Bala was impressed and said some of his clients want my 'thank you' service's. It was a job well done and Ajoke called to invite me to meet her by five. I had two hours to massage and pamper myself, meet her and then get back home to my boo. Time, today is not my friend.

       My head is tucked into a cushion and I love the fruity lavender smell of the oils.
'He has no choice but to pay me', a woman announced.
  I heard the voice and look up, it's Tina talking. I hide my face and pray she goes away.
'Nnonye, how is Etim?' The woman asked and I open my mouth.
'I will see you tomorrow in class', Tina announced and walks out.
I sit up and hold the towel firmly on my chest.
She heard my voice and almost jumps out of her skin.
'What the hell is going on here?'
'I can explain...', my dear friend adds with both hands flat in the air in front of her.

Explain what exactly, why is Nnoye on my street with a woman extorting my boyfriend? Call me paranoid, is something sinister going on here?

**Season 1, Episode 20**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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