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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Molten Earth Core Split's Like Cake

       Sleep clutches, slip my gaze as my tired eye sockets close again. How come, night hours don't quench my thirst? As lately, I have been trying to find time to sleep again. All that feels good is bland and all that is beautiful, is just there. Oh, now I know how powerful, the grip of relaxing and sleeping again feels. As the earth grumbles and the sky pours out tears, responding to the chaos, engulfing our human existence. The international news station does not help. It thrives on predicting woes of war as countries hustles and fight, for their share of a delicious cake, the spoils of war, the cries of more...
         As for me and my zombie like state, I stop pressing the remote control. I stop changing all twenty six channels, with not one thing to watch. I'm tired of the mother natures rage and get saddened by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. And tgen i drift into a dream like state. I feel asleep and know that I am awake...
     Molten Earth Core Split's Like Cake, perfect in every way with swirls that sway. Can't wait to bite into its succulent soft core. Maybe the taste will forever, linger on my taste buds. Bring with it, all the goodness my way.

    Everything is happening fast, and let me not lie eh.... Going to church, makes me feel guilty about a lot of things. I do not totally control my thoughts and when they wonder... Which is often, I feel like a broken record. I keep praying for the same old sins and it's amazing I still feel that, there is some kind of connection to heaven. That I have hope of making heaven, I hope I do but what if I am caught just as my mind beytrays me?
     The pastor can tell that i am afraid, and gives me some form of hope, reminding me not to be a doubting Thomas. I try not to be, but it's hard. And I guess, the spiritual battle ahead of me has put the fear of God in me. If you don't know what I am talking about, let me update you.
    Celine, Mr. H's cousin performed the ritual of blood oat with a boy she thought she loved. She did not just do it once, but twice, with and without witnesses. First time in a small room and second time in a shrine with a native doctor, a babalawo,not your herbal proverb quoting one ooo, the animal sacrificing scary one. These rituals have tied her to him for a decade and a half and now she wants to break free of him. To do this, her support group must be spiritually sound. And since I'm her number one support, I had to prepare. A two days dry fast was recommended and it seemed simple enough but it was not. The first day was hard, I have fasted till six as a child. But now, for forty eight hours... E no easy ooo.
A voice jolts me out of my strange state and I look up at Mr. H.
'I will join you', he said.
'What?', I had no clue what Mr. H was talking about.
'We will fast together'
'Really, why?'
'Because I can see how hard this is for you...'
'Yea... Didn't really grow up fasting. My family found religion late'
'It would be nice to support my woman'
'And reduce the food temptation.... Thank you, thank you, thank you
     So, the last day was not so bad. Guess where two or three are gathered, the goal gets easier.

   A fresh new day and Mr. H and i start the day with a prayer. It feels sweet and somehow, i can almost touch heaven. The rest of the day, i sang church songs and as Mr. H drives to the airport, I ponder on how the rest of the day would be.
    Celine could not go back home, she would stay for two weeks before going back for an advanced course in fashion, in France. So naturally, she would spend the two weeks with us. Celine was fasting too and we would all break it soon, together, as a family. It feels good to say the word, 'family'.
    Upon setting my eyes on her, I loved her swag, her bold colours and envied her in her comfortable shoes. I was in peep toe three inch heels and both my tiny little toes where throbbing in pain, from walking all the way into the airport.
   My sweet friend Celine screeched and screamed and we hugged and missed each other, even though we skyped everyday.
'I miss you dear, what time is it?'
'One hour more, God I'm so hungry'
'Don't talk about food right now, talk about Ralph'
'He is fiiiinnnne.. I don't think he will let me come back, if I go back'
'What's with all these 'ifs'?'
'Just kidding...'
'Come let's go, the car park is so far from here now. We need to start walking towards it, to catch Mr. H'
'Did he drive?'
I nod my head and we walk arm in arm as I push her luggage cart.
'Did you buy the entire Paris?'
'Yes o, for the wedding of the year'
Celine became quiet and I knew why, she sighed long and hard.
'Did he get in touch?'
'Left offline messages, that he misses me'
'And you replied?', it was a combination of a warning and anger. A
'No, I was praying when he did and the fasting helped. If I can go two days without food and three months without him. Then Ade, I'm stronger than I think'
'That's the spirit'
She didn't say anything and I know what it means.
'Reality is far from fantasy... Frank showed up, saying the right words... Caught me when my guard was down... But my P.A. showed up and then Mr. H, seconds later'
'It's a lie'
'Stay strong, one wrong move could destroy everything'
'You are right ooo, so is the pastor in the house?'
'And his prayer warriors...'
'I never imagined I would be fasting and praying...'
'I never imagined, someone I knew would ever partake in a blood oat ritual....'
'You never loved like that? The impossible, lustful, bad boy you lust over, you thought was love?'
    Ah, the good old first love, that impossible love you want desperately to be your one true love. So you over look, his short comings and that aggression you know will escalate. Until you realize that if you don't end it, you will be stuck in this rot forever.
'Once, in the university. But I knew he was unfaithful and so when he offered a blood oat, I screamed and lied that my neighbour was still recovering in a mental home from the devilish act'
'How do you come up with such great, back up stories?'
'I watch loads of movies, and pretend they really happen'
Celine squats and laughed so loud, I got worried and then, she holds her head.
'Ade, you won't kill me oooo'
I laugh and spot Mr. H and wave frantically.
'Celine, it's Mr. H. Abeg, I am tired of walking, oya ya let's get into the car'
    Two tired women, race and push the cart to the side of the road. Luckily, there was traffic and so we could put all the luggage into his car. As the last one got in, angry honks from the car behind us, made me slam shut the car boot. I race into the front seat of the car and quickly buckled up my seatbelt.
    I turn to Celine and you won't believe it, but the babe was sleeping. I open my mouth and Mr. H squeezed my hand and whispered.
'Let her sleep'
'I'm not sleeping, my eyes are resting', Celine protests.
    Mr. H and I laugh all the way home. It was a long evening with revelations and tears. Best of all, all our faith was renewed, and as I watched Celine sleep with a refreshing smile on her face, I was happy.

      The doorbell jolts me out of sleep and I race to the door.
Who will the security, let into our home at this time of the night?
 I check and can't believe my eyes.
'Ajoke, what are you doing here?'
'I swear, I will kill her and nobody will do anything to me'
I open the door and let her in, trust Ajoke to still be in six inch heels.
'What's up?'
'My loose, self centered sister', and then Ajoke growls. Mr. H walks in and when he sees Ajoke's mood, he sneaks away. I try to stop him but he made a clean get away.
'Calm down...', I say to my friend.
Ajoke rips open a clear bag with roasted groundnuts and pops one after the other in her mouth.
'Since when do you carry about groundnuts?'
'They smell and taste delicious...'
   Sounds like pregnancy cravings to me, didn't know one could get them early.
'What's with all the Bible's stacked over there?'
'Celine is back...'
''Ade, can you please take my little sister off my hands?'
'What did she do?'
'Seriously, she is a ticking time bomb. She has two of Bala's suppliers fighting over her'
I chuckle, is this babe for real?
'She even said you were in the same hotel with her when she camped with one of them'
   Oh, oh, this is really awkward, I forgot to tell Ajoke. I am in hot soup, and Celine warned me to say something ooo.
Ajoke stopped popping the groundnuts and gave me a wicked look.
'You saw my baby sister in a hotel and say nothing?'
'She's not a baby...'
'She's seventeen.. I got all these....'
She shoves her Chanel bag in my face and raised her feet resting in the most stylish Jimmy Choo shoes, I've ever seen.
'....All the money and comfort, so she can live a normal life'
'There's nothing you can do..'
'I will do everything to protect her'
'She has been on her own for years'
'I know, I told you that'
'Ajoke, I know but'
'I told you, because I thought we were friends, like sisters'
'I am sorry'
'No you are not, the only reason I am here is because I found out'
There was nothing else to say, and to tell you the truth... I'm too tired to protest, so I stand and watch her.
    Ajoke pours the rest of the groundnuts in her mouth. I didn't even know, that many could fit into someone's mouth. She chews it all with eyes closed, as if she was romancing it.
'....Not nice at all'
'I know, but I didn't know if I should tell you'
'Next time, tell me'
'Next time?'
'It's my Asabi, there will be more drama on the way'
We both laugh and Ajoke crashes on the couch.
'Do you have groundnuts in this house?'
'Bottled groundnuts on the shelf beside you...'
Ajoke jumps up with renewed vigor and finds the bottle.
'So, you guys are now born again?', there was a distaste in her voice.
'Ajoke, don't talk like that, to be born again is to renew my vows with God'
''Abeg, jare. It won't last...'
'Don't say that...'
''Ade, I have tried...'
'If at first you don't succeed...'
'I know but the temptations, my vanity meter is very high. You can change, you are a bit simple'
'Don't go there oooo, we go fight ooo...'
'See, you are supposed to turn the other cheek'
'Isn't Bala looking for you?'
'I need some distance between me and my sister, before I kill her'
Ajoke jumps up and pours a hand full of groundnuts from the bottle into her hand then her mouth.
'Can we go and look at the clothes?'
I grab the bottle from her.
'Celine is still sleeping, did you drive?'
'I'm pregnant, I can drive even when I'm in labour at nine months.... What's your problem?'
'Celine has not unpacked...'
'I'll wait...'
'Till six, it's just three'
Bala storms in and as I watch them argue, I smile. It's nice to see people care for one another.
'Give me jare'
Ajoke Yanks the bottle from my hand and I shout. Mr. H joins us and Celine.
'Ki lon se le?', Mr. H asked in his PJ's.
Celine stretched and yawned and collapsed on the couch.
'Hey, Bala, Ajoke, 'Ade, Mr. H.... What's up?'
Celine starts to snore and I chuckle.
''Ade, tell this madam that she can't drive around Lagos at two in the morning'
'But if I'm coming from a club it's fine'
'Ajoke, we are now expecting...'
'... You would not have let me come here'
'For a good reason, please promise me you will wake me up when you wake up'
'I promise'
They hug and Ajoke pops groundnuts in her mouth.
'Who is pregnant?', Celine asks.
'I am'
'Is that why you want to finish the entire bottle?
'Leaf me jare, Bala let us go to our house'
'I'll pick up the second car tomorrow'
I look at Celine, she is fast asleep. How does she jump from been asleep to been awake? Na real wa. I try to wake her but she is fast asleep, so I let her rest. I leave the air conditioning unit on and cover her with a duvet.

    The door bell rings and it's the security guard.
I open the door, 'yeeeessd'
'It's one 'Oga Mathias'
'Celine's ex'
'Him say, him want...'
'The man get tuberculosis, no let am come here again ooo'
I look at Mr. H, was he serious? That disease is highly contagious. I got vaccinations for it, when I served up north. But I don't know how long, the vaccine covers.
The guard covered his nose and hurries back to his post.
Alone Mr. H shakes his head.
'No, he does not have any disease. But my guard is paranoid about getting sick'
'Shaa, you scared me', I was relieved it was untrue.
   We both look at Celine sleeping peacefully and know that today is going to be tough.
Mr. H calls the street patrol and I watch him and listen.
'There are people loitering on my street and we pay our security levies. Pronto....'
He was silent and nodshos head.
'Just do your job....'
And then, I heard sirens in a distant and gun shots. I scuttled to Mr. H:s side.
'Don't worry, it's an assault squad, men who have nothing to loose'
'On our street?'
'Protecting our streets, Mathias and his boys are sly. I have to be a step ahead to protect Celine and to protect us'

    If I was not officially scared before now, I am now. Mr. H grabs my hand and gives me a peck.
'Let's go to bed'
   I listen as Mathias and Company were dragged off and Mr. H communicates with the security guards and the assault squad. And I ask myself, 'isn't this escalating?'
I toss and turn on the bed and sigh out loud.
    I think the storm coming, is going to be turbulent and will test every emotional strength I have.

   Please God, give me the will to fight, the will to focus on my goals and the opportunities I need to grow. And not be stagnant, fighting off ex boyfriends and waiting for a job that refused to surface.
I sit up and look around my room, I put on my laptop, and plug in my ears my earphones. And as I listen to my mentor Brian Tracy's Luck Factor. I hear him remind me to focus on the future, to expect serendipity and synchronicity to move towards a bright future.
   My facial muscles relax and I smile, after all. I am working with one of the best paying clients in the country, Bala. I will focus on delivering the best service, ever.

    A loud thump beside my window, jolts me out of bed. I consciously rescue my laptop from crashing to the ground and send it to sleep. The footsteps on the gravel outside, crushed the pebbles and my heart beat intensified...

 Someone has sneaked into Mr. H's compound....

**Season 1, Episode 26**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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