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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Sand Crystals Floating By


       Sand Crystals Floating By, Molten footprints lost in time. Deer skins viberates and play my part. Bitter sweet emotions strapped by twine and erected on African Teak, shaped by endless cycle of Time doomed to repeat again and again. Samba beats call out my name as I stamp my feet and bend and sway. So strange do I feel, that it makes me hiccup and digest my experience and bloat up, float up.

     While I wait and get spoiled, the claimers can't decide what is mine. All so shameless is their slime. Flocks of robins peck at my face. Yet this babe stays and stand here with grace. Enduring as they pluck at my eyes till all my tears drop. Trickling Down My Face
Pinching on the surface. As I stop and Blink,
Making sure I think...

  Where am I? I'm in Bala's bathroom, scrolling down and reading Mr. H's WhatsApp messages and his text messages. Yes, I have become that Snoopy horrid girlfriend.

       Today has not gone as I imagined it would, distrustful thoughts and jealousy has ruined everything. Let me shaa Gist you how I got here. All was perfect before now, I had gotten rid of my blood sucking leeches friends and have lovely new ones. My rent is up and my boo was sweet enough to ask me to move in. We have a common room where we sleep together, get your mind out of the gutter. We mostly cuddle and sleep, yes he can perform his manly duties. I just want this relationship to be real not about lust and he respects that. What was I saying self?
       Oh, I remember. I was describing our living conditions. I have my room with everything I own in it. Well, unfortunately I bumped into my ex. He told me not to trust my boo. And that he had a criminal past. I did not believe his lies of course, but I got curious. I have wanted to know more but restrained myself. Even though  he gave me his phones and I have the password.

  What made me flip was his ex, Tina.

     Innocently o, I dropped my cute gold purse and bent down to pick it up and then I noticed the long feet spilling from peep toe shoes. I looked up and a six foot two inches busty dark lady looked around with telescopic eyes. She was searching for someone and both our eyes stopped on the same man. My very own Mr. H, he didn't seem to know her and then she shrieked.
  She jumped on him and hugged him and reminded him of their previous conversations online. Mr. H did not know that, I was squatting at the bar. Ask me what I was doing there, I told the bar man I wanted Irish cream and he gave me some other brand. I marched there and pointed out my preferred Bailey's. That's when my purse fell.
Back to the gist on ground o, Mr. H looked around and I hid.
'Tina, what do you want?'
'Eh, see you. Pretending you don't know me. I have your Gist...' She squeezed all her fingers into the center of her right open hand.
'...All here, we both know you can't throw me to one side'
And she plants a kiss and he tilts away from her.
'Do not cross me'
'Or what? You can't do nothing. Nada. See, my request is simple, just fund this project'
'Like pouring water into a leaky basket'
'What is your problem? As if you can't afford it...'
Mr. H starts to leave and she raises her voice.
'Hehn, no vex me o'
Mr. H pinned her to the bar, 'If indeed you know me, then you know you have crossed a line'
'Ma se yen o, don't be like that. You know...'
'Don't come here again' and then he walks away.
'My account number is still the same o', and she typed on her phone and sent a message. Mr. H's phone viberates in my bag and I freeze.
Tina looks at the bar and because she didn't see anyone there, she leaves.

    Okay, at this junction what will you do if you are in my shoes?
The only logical thing, I go to the bathroom and start to investigate.
'What are you doing?'
I jump off the wall and juggle the phones and my purse and stop all of it from hitting the ground.
Ajoke stands at akimbo and has an 'I caught you look' on her face.
'What do you mean?' I try to act all innocent.
'See her, you don't even know how to spy'
I open my mouth to protest.
'The phone is locked now and the last thing you looked at is frozen and stored as the home screen'
  She's right.
'What was the last thing frozen on the screen?'
'Em, a Google search..'
'Make sure that's the last thing on'
'Thanks, how did you know?'
'I saw you hiding and gossiping...'
'Eavedropping you mean', it's a lie. Did I just correct her?
'You know I didn't go to school'
'I didn't mean....'
'Ade, relax. I know my spoken English is bad. I don't mind you correcting it.'
I smile.
'Do you know her?'
'Who, Tina?' Ajoke tries and fails to be evasive.
'Yes', na today? I have her number.
'She's from way back when Mr. H was poor, she wanted to marry him but he does not like her'
'I think she's blackmailing him'
Ajoke laughs and falls forward.
'Who do you know can blackmail situation. A whole The Don?'
  I do not say anything, I was lost in thoughts. Maybe I misread the situation, the bottom line is that I need to trust him. All the snooping around wont change anything. If he's unfaithful o, a criminal o. Oh ho de, I will have to deal with the this.
'Are you alright?'
'Yep, i am', I adjust my outfit and stand upright. If today is about business, then let me face it. After all, this is a test of my strength if character, a test of my true emotional intelligence. Frank cannot win, cannot play games and mess my mind up. I will deal with Mr. H when we get home. I adjust my boo's phone back to where he left things and reassure Ajoke that I am fine.

  As i step out, back into the house warming party. I March with vigor and face my clients, I smile and ask how their families are and then business as usual.
Mr. H was watching me and I noticed Bala and Ajoke talking. It reminds me of awkward stares from Frank and his friends. Reminds me, that I am the last piece in this friendship puzzle and they fit together longer and better than I ever will.
  Mr. H grabs me cautiously from behind and rocks me. I tense up and force a smile up my face.
'You are upset'
'... Tired', I correct him.
'You heard Tina and I speak'
'About what?'
'Not here, not now, but once we get home. I will explain everything.
 Bala's third cousin stumbles and we hear a commotion.
'What is going on? Dan Allah talk to me?'
His amaria looks young and her lale designed hands were still intact
The man looked constipated yet didn't, something about his look looks familiar.
The man was in pain and not far from him was a bowl of asun, peppered goat head.
It reminds me if a night my father was uncomfortable, he said he could not ease himself and looked like he was going to pass out. Mr. H offers to drive and myself and the man's new wife helped him to the car. I am no doctor, but this reminds me of when my father had prostrate pains.
We drive to the hospital and he was taken in, the wife was so panic striken and her blood pressure so high that they treated her too.
  I calm her and tell my own father's story, she didn't even know what a prostrate was, talk more of where it was.
It controls the flow of urine and semen and usually is small but when inflamed. Then wahala starts, she panics.
'I don't have any child yet'
'Don't worry, it can't be that bad. The doctors will make him brand new, again'

    Outside the doctors office, we wait as patients walk pass us.
'Ade', her voice surprised me.
It was Khadijatu and she hugs her baby bump.
'Wow, we meet again. I think nature is telling us something'
I heard nature loud and clear, this Lagos is getting damn too small. She knew I was sitting in front of a specialist hospital and I know she thinks it's Mr. H that needs help.
'How are you?'
I mumble and hope she leaves.
'My grandfather too had prostrate problems'
I did not care.
'I guess marrying an old man will require you been more in the hospital than when you are with an agile young man'
Amaria is pissed and is about to shout but I hold her back and shake my head.
'No, leave her', I turn to my former friend and announce.
'Your opinion', I did not care for idle chit chat.
'When God Almighty is with you, nothing can go wrong'
She bragged and I shake my head.
I want to tell her to mind her business but, instead I notice a small dark pool. Amaria and I stare at her dress and I open my mouth and shut itItIt was soaked in blood was Khadijatu starts to get uncomfortable.
'What?', she asked picking up on our vibes.
No be from my mouth them go hear am o.
Amaria points but at this point, Khadijatu starts to get uncomfortable.
Khadijatu grabs my hand and squeezed it tight, and we both look at one another.
''Ade, I'm bleeding..'
I squeeze her hand and forget all our troubles for a moment and see my old friend all over again.
'Khadijatu relax...'
She grabs her stomach and squeals and then she hugs me and begins to cry.
'I can't loose this baby', and she starts to wail uncontrollably. I hug her and tap her back and signal to any medical staff to come and help
Two nurses notice her and help her to the maternity section.
Khadijatu was crying now, and shaking. I feel terrible and sad at the same time. Amaria looks at me and Lord knows I was not in the mood for talk and stress.
'Who is that?' She asked me.
'Someone I used to know', my answer was as plain as possible.
'I pray my husband is alright oooo', she prayed out loud.
That's life, man is selfish and secretive, I pray the baby is fine but that's it.
  The doctor explained to us how he helped her husband pass out urine. I almost pass out, it sounds like Torture from a spy movie, using injection to suck it out. But thank God shaa, the procedure saved his life.
   When he finally came out, the husband was exhausted but relieved to know his prostrate was inflamed and notprostatess. Good diet and regular exercise would help and no red meat.
Mr. H laughs.
'Don't laugh o'
'I didn't say anything, after all I don't have a prostrate'
'Yes, I know. Only men have prostates'
'Yep, I know. Do you still have yours?'
Mr. H falls forward.
'I still have mine. Don't worry, we will have all the babies we want'
'Lovely, and how many do you think I want?'
'Triplets, girls and a boy which we will negotiate'
It was my time to laugh.
'I see you listen'
'I never miss anything'
Amaria and her husband walk slowly towards us. And I am glad he is alright.

 Mr. H is about to drive off when a nurse rushes to the car.
'Madam 'Ade, Madam Ade'
Mr. H stops the car and looks at the nurse.
'What is going on here?'
'Em, Khadijatu said she needs to speak with you'
'Please, she has some complications and may have to go into surgery any time from now'
 I look at Mr. H and shake my head.

What's a girl to do?

**Season 1, Episode 19**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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