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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Sweet Melody Swims Slash Sway


    Sweet Melody Swims Slash Sway, as beautiful memories find their way. Far into a dream I play, with percussion instruments that slowly sip into my brain. Oh how I miss those good old days, I just dress up and sway. Scream at the top of my voice and try to adjust my vocals to the artists trained voice that plays. Then I jump with arms high up, like bee's hoping on roses. And to celebrate my victory, I bake a cake to crown my day.

     Yes, I agree. Over the years, I have changed. I'm too worried about not earning enough money, not losing enough weight and well just not hitting my goals.
When did I get so negative?
   I have to reprogram my brain to think like me at age eighteen, unstoppable. And to do this, I will start my day with an old school song. I jump off the bed and play me some Sonique's, High. I dance all the way to the kitchen and get out all my cake ingredients. I whip my head and fly high, I actually think I am in a music video and dancing in slow motion. But in reality, I can feel my body over heating and my solution... An old habit, I thought I had quit. I chew on ice cubes and love how my body temperature regulates it self. The cake is in the oven, so I can go back to the living room, my make shift club... I chuckle and continue to jump and dance, I know what would make this even sweeter,
'Sisqo's... Tong, tong, tong, tong, tong..'
I turn and realize I have an audience.
'Don't stop because of me', Mr. H pleads.
I laugh and tone down my rotten, vulgar dance step.
'We should go clubbing tonight...'
'I won't be able to scream and dance like this...'
Isnt that, ironic. The chorus comes on and I forget my inhibitions, scream and dance around Mr. H. He liked my mood but I loved it. And as I iced the cake, I heard in my head, a soulful voice saying 'Funky'. So, naturally I put the word on the cake and take a picture. Yep, and I upload it on Facebook. I have not checked my account in a while. And then the likes started coming.
'No, no, I still want to dance', I put the phone on silence and move the rhythm of Psy's hit.
 Only an ice cold bath could cool me down, and even then I hummed to Pharell's 'Happy' all the way to work, no worries, no wahala.

     My P.A. catches my happy bug, breaks into a short dance, and hugs me.
'Did we get a new contract?'
'Not yet, but soon'
I dance to my office and turn to ask her a question and then spot Nnoye. This is too early, I think. But I will not let any badger, crush my mood.
Screaming through the locked door and glass windows, my friend waved and tries to catch my attention. I roll my eyes at her, and expect the expected.
'I thought, that was you. Is this your office?'
My P.A. looks at me and I nod my head, signalling that she can unlock the security door and let her in.
'No wondee you are broke, this place baad ooo. See money...'
Her rainbow chiffon dress was too bright for her lemon green dolly shoes and her Shocking blue Alice band. I refuse to be put into a foul mood, I smile and she hugs me.
'Is it fair?'
Her question did not surprise me, although I had no clue what she was talking about.
'Ask me now?', she insisted and I hum along to 'Ara nbe, ti mo Fe daa. Ka ye, maaa pagarada. Oun be, oun be....'
'You are in a good mood, I'm talking about you on the giant billboard....'
 'Work....', I was as brief as possible. I did not want to loose my mojo, my happy vibes.
'I am talking about you, not invitating me to the wedding of the year'
'Oh, that. The guest list is the couple's choice...'
'No fall my hand oooo'
''Abeg, no be me, dey invite people'
'Chai, Ade. Tina and her friends Don laugh me finish. Say we be fake friends. My dear, please prove them wrong ooo'
I laugh.
'So, na Tina send you, come?'
Typical, Nnoye is still a puppet on her string.
'Ah, ah, but you are friends with Ajoke and Balmung's
'Does not mean I can invite people'
'So now, I am people?'
Nnoye had sucked all the happy juice from the air and I was trying to defend my inability to invite her.
'One I.V.'
I did not respond and I signal to my P.A. to hand over a file. She did and was watching my friend watch me. I exhaled hard and turned to her.
'My mym, dad, brothers, all I got I.V.'s for...'
'Walahi, I won't forgive you if you don't get me an invite...'
'Don't forgive me now, as if it's my wedding'
My answer shocked her and she freezes, I think she realized that I was not going to budge.
'You have changed'
'No, you are the one who has changed. The only reason you are here is for a society wedding, to impress woman extorting my fiancee'
    Did I just call Mr. H, my fiancee? Well, let's hope he proposes soon o. Before these my so called friends, start throwing questions my way.
'Ade, Abeg now. Maybe I will meet my husband there'
'I though Etim's father is your husband, or how are you going to explain that situation'
'Leaf story jare, na scandalous crowd. Them no go mind'
I shake my head, Nnoye is not particularly the kind of friend I want to introduce to my new friends. She talks too much and her new best friend is Tina, na die she dey.
'Move the files to the car', I announced. Preparing for my escape from my own office. Isn't this ironic?
'If you like, Dodge me o. I will come here everyday until...'
'Until, what? Wait o, how am I supposed to introduce you? As Tina's new best friend? You done dey craze small, small oooo. And this office space, is an office space. No prebooked appointment and you are not invited'
Nnoye laughs.
'If you like, vex pass that one. I will not leave'
'Call me the security, these men are not doing their job'
My P. A. Stood there a little confused.
'Don't just stand there, go and bring him here'
I insist and she struts out of the office.
'Nnoye, respect yourself oooo'
''Ade, so you will throw me out of your own office?'
'It's my office'
'Wonders shall never end, I will put it online that you have changed. That you are now a mean person, getting rid of all your poor friends...'
'....And that will affect me? 'Abeg, spread bad Gist about me ooo. I beg you'
''Ade, please. I am desperate'
I freeze and look at her, there were invites for people at the end of the hall, those that could not get access to the top tier guests. That invite would deceive her into thinking she is important and is perfect for her.
'Okay, I can get you one invite'
Nnoye shrieks and hugs means I hug her back.
'So when can I come around?'
'Dont come here oo. I will send the driver to give you an invite, tomorrow'
'Thank you, you see. Persistence pays'
I fake laughing and watch as the security enters with my P.A.
'No need my dear, we have sorted our selves out', Nnoye announced and walks out of my office.
'What part of my office is secure, did your security outlet promise me?'
'Madam, wetin happen?'
'Don't wetin' happen me! How did she enter this compound?'
'She said she knows you'
'Every Shola, Amina and Uche, knows me. Why don't you let all of them into my office'
'Sorry Madam'
'Just do what you promised, no person is allowed into this premises without a prebooked appointment. Is that clear?'
'Its clear'
As I watch him leave, the music playing annoys me and I turn it off. The mood was long gone.
It was a long hard day, of cold calling and rejections from many potential clients. There was no job for now and my only clients need had to be met. I check my check list and reacquaint myself with the catering companies, floral arrangements company's and everyone involved in making the wedding a grand event.
'Yeaaa, I have not yet called Celine'
I wait as the phone rings and then enters voice mail. Then someone picks up, it's a male voice and I hang up.
The numbers must have crossed or something and then she calls back.
I don't think she knows it's me, so I listen and then speak.
'Hello, hi, Celine it's me Ade'
''Ade hi'
'What's wrong?'
'A guy picked your phone....'
That answer made me sit up.
'Celine, what are you doing there in South of France'
'Nothing ooo'
'Which man are you with?'
'I will tell Me. H.....'
'Sssshhh, not yet'
'Which one is it? From the three men in that picture?'
'The dark one with deep hazel eyes'
'I am taking the next flight there'
I am just joking ooo, oya ya give me the details'
'He has two daughters from a previous marriage. They are divorced and I have met the girls'
'For real?'
'I really like him ooo'
'Congrats my dear, but what is he doing in your hotel at this ungodly hour?'
'I am in his house...'
'It's a lie'
'Do you have data? Let's Skype, so you can see...'
I put on the internet on my phone e and my cake had eighty eight likes already. Not bad. Celine was glowing and his house is lovely, in between our Gist he walks in and gives her a peck.
'I'm on Skype with Ade'
'Hi Ade'
I did not know his name.
He was sweet and his French accent was to die for. His daughter's call for him and he leaves.
'So it's serious?'
'Yes o, it is'
I was afraid to bring up her ex for fear of rekindling her feelings for her abusive boyfriend.
'What about the same reason you are there?'
'Oh, the week long pre wedding outfits'
'Week long?'
'Yes, Ade the post bridal shower and then the pre wedding get togethers'
'Nice, o. Before I forget, Ajoke has added her little sister to the bridal train'
'Ajoke has a sister?'
'Asabi, she's worse'
'Who can be worse than loud Ajoke'
'Asabi, she's scandalous. Ajoke is worried'
'That is serious, what's her measurements?'
'Sending it to you, now'
'She's a shorter version'
'We met at Federal Palace hotel'
'For drinks?'
'Nope, we were both checking out of the hotel'
'How old is she?'
'Wait what, checking out with who?'
'One old Nollyhoney'ctor, the one that always plays the bad guy that you like'
'The young one?'
'Old one'
'Is he not sixty years or more'
'I have no idea'
'Did you tell Ajoke?'
'What for?'
'I sense trouble brewing'
'When, is this my life ever trouble free?'
'What did Frank do this time?'
'Leave that one, you remember Nnoye?'
'That did not buy my outfit! Yes'
'Her new ATM is Tina'
'Tina that is extorting Mr. H?'
'The one and only'
'She just left'
'Nnoye or Tina?'
'Nnoye, she begged me for an invite'
'Don't give her ooo'
'I will, for the guests at the far end'
'But they still get all the treats, just not to meet the dignitaries'
'Sometimes to catch a fly, you give him the best gooey Juicy sticky honey'
We laugh and chat and then I meet the girls they all look like a family and I get jealous.
When will I get my own family?

The day was exhausting and it was time to relax. I need harsh strawberry flavor slapping my mouth with the cool taste of Bailey's Irish cream melting in my mouth. I was craving ice cream and something strong and intense.

    For the first time in history, my P. A. Passed up on the opportunity of free ice cream for a chance to beat the Lagos traffic. And I decide to go for three scoups, so I would get one free.

    I was licking the layers of chocolate chunky hazel nut, laced with Bailey's Irish cream ice cream swimming against the strawberry vanilla swirl.
And then I look up at the man that just joined my table. Drum roll please, its the one and only Frank.

'I have been waiting for you', he says with a mesmerizing spell binding smile.

   I fight with all my body and soul, this son of a snakes invitation to a horrid whirlqind of no return. Nothing, he says at this point will move me. I say in my mind, of course. And as I try not to remember the sweet memories we made, of him dancing and jumping up and down with me, in my insane mood. Every time I was in my rock concert, song screaming, singing mood. The good ol' naive days of my life, the fake sense of security I fell for. The happy, childish Ade, that will never resurface again, maybe bits and pieces of the old me. But never again will I be, that girl. I'm a woman now, I have been heartbroken, betrayed, loved and lost. This stupid Frank, cannot just waltz in here and just resume, as if nothing happened. We all know he will, but the happy cells activated by this ice cream is more powerful than old love, or is it a love lost that's dancing in my own stupid mouth? I can't tell the difference.

'I heard you were at the hospital'

'So, see me see trouble o', typical Frank the 'g', nonsense. I didn't say anything, at this point, there was no point.
He quietly takes his ice cream and I look up at him. He has lost weight and the feel sorry for him. For a second but it did not last as angry words erupt from deep within me...

**Season 1, Episode 24**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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