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Friday, 27 May 2016

Blue Lobster Sing The Blue's


  Bubbles brew and form a pattern, swirl and sway because it's all that matters. Slow and heavy, my legs slice through the salty sea bed. Waves from the past push and pull me, and I fight to stand upright. As I leave behind footprints that sinks deep in uneven off white sharp sandy sea beds. I watch the March past of many pale gray lobsters. It's voice prompts me to look back, as the lone Blue Lobster Sing The Blue's.

      A bouquet of white flowers, woo me to swim ahead. And loose sight of this precious rare gem. And as I reach out to touch it, I land on a laminated wooden floor.

  Was I dreaming, can I breath? What would posses me to swim and walk on the sea floor without oxygen masks? Could it be a premonition?
  It is no secret that I want to spend my birthday in the Bahamas. There I can look down and touch the sea bed with my hands as my knees sink deep on the sea shore. I shut my eyes and taste the salt.
No, I never crace. I am just a gal with big dreams. Dreams of traveling and exploring the world like they do on National Geographic channel.

  Once Ajoke and Bala's wedding is over, I would travel. I'd give myself the three times a year travel package a great job does. One holiday with my man, one with friends and one alone. That was always what I told myself, a decade ago when I was searching for a job. It can still happen, I just need to put it in my budget. Maybe not three holidays but my birthday would definitely be by the beach in the Bahamas. I was smiling so much, I didn't know I had an audience.
'What kind of dream are you having?'
 Celine was scouping ice cream, a midnight snack and I was on the couch in the living room.
 I stretched and yawned and got on my tired feet.
'I'm dreaming of my trip to Bahamas'
'Your Birthday, right? In August'
'I told you about it'
'You never stop talking about it'
'Five years of Dreaming.... It's time'
'Yeah, go for it', she licked her spoon and I could no longer resist.
I got some ice cream and poured a shot of Bailey's Irish cream on it. It tasted like heaven and Celine grabbed the bottle and poured some on hers.
'We should all travel, us girls I mean'
'Ajoke's honeymoon is in Paris and I'm moving there after the wedding'
'Perfect, now all that's left is my trip with Mr. H'
'So when is he back?'
   There was an awkward silence, an elephant in the room.
'If he is unfaithful then it's not me he wants'
'Mr. H wont sleep with Baratu'
'Time will tell'
'You don't trust him'
'Na man ooo'
'For real?'
'I do, but he's only human. Anything can happen'
'You two are drifting apart, I can tell. Can't you?'
'We have talked, planned, rescheduled, everything isn't working'
'Do you still care?'
'Of course I do, but we both have to work'
'Just find time to spend together or this would not work'
'You are right, time spent together does make us girls fall in love'
'Speaking of time, you need to cut down on all the time you are spending with Mr. D'
'With Daniel, it's just business'
''Ade, keep telling yourself that'
   I did not like her tone or what she was implying. But I understand where she is coming from. Daniel Ojora was one of the most desirable bachelor's in Nigeria right now. Somehow, he liked me.
'But let's not forget, he can like a million and one girls. But this girl is not his'
 Celine raised her ice cream bowl and I raised mine. We click our bowls and both echo.
'Cheers to that'

   It was another hour before we finally slept, we had to because we had work first thing. Ajoke's dress fitting, she was beginning to show. Not tome. I didn't see it, but Celine did. So Celine had to redesign her outfits and Ajoke wanted my moral and fashion input. And then Chuks grand daughter was getting married to a guy from Benin Republic. He was handsome and Yoruba was his native tongue. That was interesting and I was looking forward to seeing how they Wed.

  Mr. H called, he sounds excited. He was bringing home a Blue Lobster, a treat. I did not even know something like that exists. He reminds me he mentioned it the night before.
'That's part of why I was dreaming of Blue Lobsters'
'Don't miss me too much oo, we would catch up on everything tonight'
My half hearted smile did little to uplift my spirit.
'Come home my dear, come back to me'
'It's just two, three nights apart'
'It feels like eternity'
'I'll be home by evening'
'I can't wait'
  I did not feel like driving so I begged Celine to. We leave in her car so I have enough time to wallow in my temporary, miserable, lonely life.

  Ajoke was moody and grumpy today, she was upset we woke her up early this Saturday morning. And she was hungry, but not for food in her house. She wanted Bankole Moore's rice, all the way on Randle road in Surulere. The driver had bought some before now, but one taste and she could tell he was lying. I had to calm her down and calm the agitated driver down. Outside and far from her, he confessed it was Bala that told him to serve her food from the house.
'No, no, no. You can't pass off home food as mama put food. The mixture of meats and sauces make a unique blend. Hard to replicate...'
 The man was looking at me like I was speaking French. He was clueless and I decide to accompany him to the food joint. Back with the grub, everyone had a blast. It was delicious.
 Celine had hand stitched the new outfit and really it was so neat, it was hard to believe it was not machine sewed. I had to insist she drop the needle to have some food.
 Ashabi came out in a skin tight, cleavage baring outfit.
'You shaa want to kill this man', Ajoke complains.
'Pot, calling kettle black', Ashabi silenced and annoyed her.
'Is that my gold?', Ajoke lashed at her.
'You have not worn it in ages'
'It is still mine, and if you wear it today. All the fashion mags will have pictures of you in it. I won't be able...'
'Chuks got me this one, but I wanted to wear mine... Yours, si that his former wives won't say I didn't have any before...'
  I shake my head.
'Ashabi, it should not matter what they say'.
Really, I think Ashabi is giving herself unnecessary stress.
'I will replace yours', Ashabi announced.
'In weight and stones'
  Ashabi hugs Ajoke and in that precious moment, I missed my sister. I should see her too. That's three tickets, no four tickets, to and fro. About one point five million Naira, traveling is not cheap at all.
'I'll see you there too', Ashabi repeated herself and I realized I was day dreaming.
'Sure, save us a seat'
 Celine made two new outfits and our make up lady arrived. She would make us up and tie our gele's for the event. As I dressed up, I rubbed my hands on the fitted mermaid skirt that showed off my curves. It's been awhile I've attended a wedding. I took selfies and pictures of us girls. We were ready to slay this party.

 I watched him strut towards Chuks and Ashabi, with a skinny girl on his arm. Her fake, Caked lashes were so pronounced and her weave was at least fifty inches. Celine pinched me and i jab her side.
'I can see, ah'
  Ajoke was busy hugging and pecking the bride to notice. I filmed us and the bride and groom.
'Isn't that Daniel?', Ajoke screamed over the loud microphones and music.
'He's a player'
'Before, nko?'
 My friends could tell that I was annoyed by the fact that he had a babe. The celebrity magazines, scuttled to take pictures and the model milked the opportunity. Hugging and wrapping her legs around him, I could not stand it anymore. So I return to our table and pour myself a drink.
 Daniel was by my side and I choose to ignore him.
'Ade hi'
'You look beautiful'
'You're not bad yourself'
 I did not bother to look up, I knew he was handsome as hell.
'I did not come here with her'
'It's a free world'
'Free to be toyed with'
 I chuckled.
'You don't believe me?'
'You love the attention'
'Did I look like I was enjoying it?'
'You didn't? I could not tell'
'Am I supposed to push her off me?'
'Like I said, it's a free world'
'Did you come alone?'
'I'm here with....'
 I point at Celine and Ajoke.
'Celine. The best fashion designer on the planet and Ajoke, one half of my first client'
'You seem close'
'We are'
'So where's Mr. H?'
'I see'
   His answer annoys me and I put one of the ice cubes in my mouth and suck on it.
'You're a Bailey's girl'
'For life'
 And we both laugh and just as Daniels hands touch my arm. All the cameras flashed and clicked.
'I prefer this table, may I join you?'
 My head shook but my genuine smile days otherwise.

 I was walking on eggshells and did not like it one bit.

'Been thinking of going ona summer holiday, in the Bahamas. If we can round off business before August'
 My eyes lit up and I open my mouth to speak but say nothing.
'Have you been?'
'No, it's my dream location'
'I've had several and my milage just keeps piling up. I could give you a free ticket'

 Now with that kind of offer, what am I supposed to do?

**Season 1, Episode 35**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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