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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bronze Shield Defending My Endless Love For Love


     The weather has changed, the heat wave is absent. Drunken dark clouds gather and flatter with spies breeding like flies. Buzzing around town, spreading their hopeless lies. Ignoring my pleas and fight to find a way. To give up now is to spread decay. Honing on pungent smells of victory with me, having so much to say. About how hard I try, about how easy, I am enticed. By dreams of an affluent future, made real by my current actions. This dragon above my head roars and flashes and I look up with tired eye lashes. Oh how I miss my teenage years, just floating about with no worries. Back then, I only cared about looking good and relishing the new found fun joints. Now everything feels like a duty, a trade for trade show, a tired dance to please and comform. I have no choice but to arm myself, put up a shield like the warrior I am.
       With My Bronze Shield Defending My Endless Love For Love, Pouring down the skies wishing you were mine.
  The question is, which one? The devil I know, or the slitherering new sleek one enticing me with promises....

   Wait a minute, I know what you are thinking. Why should a free ticket entice a working class girl like me? Have you checked out the price of the ticket from Nigeria to the Bahamas? At peak season?
 It will save me money and I can lodge ata five star hotel. The thought alone, made me smile. It would be a trip I would forever love.
  But how would Mr. H feel about me taking a free ticket from his competition?
Kai, life is unfair shaaaa.
'I know you won't take money from me, but this....'
  I swear to God who made me, he had on his handsome face a look I can never forget. The I conquered, and you have no choice look.
'Thank you, but I have to decline the offer'
'I will buy my ticket my self'
'Okay, suit yourself'
'It's my dream vacation, I want to do everything myself'
'You speak like a single lady, you know that'
'No, I don't. I speak like a woman who is sure she can give herself a treat'
'Let's drink to that'
  Daniel raised his glass and I do the same and we laugh. Celine joins us with a lot of attitude and grumpiness.
'So, what's funny?'
''Ade is going to the Bahamas this August', Daniel announced in his smug tone.
'Eh Hehn, she didn't tell me', Celine complained.
'I don't have the money now, but I have...'
  Spreading my right hand flat in the air, I count.
'One, two, three months to raise the money'
   Daniel and I laugh and bump heads and Celine eyes me. She was sending a message and I caught scope. So I sit up and put some distance between Daniel and I.
Ajoke catwalks towards us and spots Daniel from where she was.
'Ah, ah, ogbeni Daniel... Are you now on our table?'
 Daniel shakes his head and raised his glass towards her.
'Arabirin Ajoke, looking good as always'
'Just good, then I am losing my touch'
  Ajoke Twists and turns and sits beside me.
'You look great Ajoke, and my God'
He points at her massive engagement rock and Ajoke relishes the attention.
'You like'
'Bala is the man'
'Ajoke, Daniel is not bad'
 Celine bends her lips and disapproved, but we totally ignore her. What's her own self?
   I had fun and Daniel and I made fun of the model trying hard to get his attention. I walk back to our table and have some succulent samosa.
'Well done oo, well done'
'Celine relax'
'You are playing with fire'
'I'm expecting to be burned'
'You are acting like you are single'
'Even you'
'I don't like Daniel one bit'
'Am I not supposed to have fun?'
'You are flirting'
'So, I should fold my hands and be miserable, Hehn?'
'What's wrong?'
'I'm miserable, that's what is wrong with me'
  I hug Celine and can see now she is fighting off tears.
'Why didn't you say anything?'
'And ruin your mood'
'What is it you want?'
'A brief break from it all'
'Then let's go'
'Obudu cattle ranch'
'For real?'
'Yep, last flight out and back first thing on Tuesday'
'Will Ajoke come?'
 Celine's question was a strange one, but she was not like me and Mr. H. Bala was very excited about their new baby and would not let her drive. So, I don't know if she can come with us tonight.
'I'll ask her later on'
''Ade, I'll book online for our flight out'

  Sincerely, I did not feel like telling Mr. H. Why should I? After all, he did not tell me before jetting off with Baratu. But, I am not Mr. H, he is built like that. I am more feel, share and be happy kind of gal.
 Daniel signals and asks me to join him, he can wait.
 I found a quiet spot and call.
'Sweetheart, how's the wedding?'
'Fun, I have loads of toasters'
'As expected'
'Hey, Celine was feeling a bit clustered so I suggested we travel'
'To Paris? What about work?'
'No, to Obudu cattle ranch'
'Nice, am I invited?'
'Only, if you bring the scrumptious blue Lobster'
  I laugh and move my smart phone to my left ear.
'Of course I miss you too, I'm just covering up'
'So, I'll change my flight and be in your arms tonight'
'I can't wait'
   My cheeks ache from smiling so much, my boo is back. I sit on my chair and pick up the peppered chicken on a toothpick.
'She smiles'
  I had forgotten Daniel exists, that's what love does. It erases everything else but you and your significant other. Ajoke is watching Daniel watch me as I take a selfie and WhatsApp the picture to Mr. H.
'What's up?'
 Ajoke notices something is up and I wave my finger and draw her closer. Daniel stands up and goes to speak with Chuks. He figured we wanted to talk.
'Can you travel?'
'What kind of question is that? I'm not even showing'
 Yes, my friend is in denial but never mind that.
'Bala will not like...'
'Bala is in Ghana'
'So you can travel?'
  Ajoke shrieks loud and for long, I swear I could not tell if she was excited or in pain.
'Yes, yes yes. I'm ready, when do we leave?'
 Celine has her eyes glued to her phone and is scrolling as if she is trying to meet a deadline.
'Is she coming?'
'You two cannot jabo me, of course I am going to be there'
'Good, I've paid for all our tickets'

    Okay, I know it's odd but right now I can taste ice cream from my old joint. The one they barred Frank from entering. This place isn't that far and I am craving for some chocolate chunks, swirling in my favorite Bailey's dripping down my vanilla and hazel nut ice cream.
 Daniel has been hijacked by the model who has locked her arms around his. And Ajoke is trying to secure her window seat on Celine's phone. This is my chance.

  I walk briskly to my car and strap on my seat belt. I back up and drive off, checking my rearview mirror to see if I have been spotted. It was a clean get away.
The lady selling the ice cream screamed and welcomed me back. She missed me so much she gave me extra scoups of chocolate chunks and I thank her.
I hide in a corner and put an upside down spoon in my mouth and shut my eyes.
  Olorun eda oooo, I missed their ice cream. And it was quiet, I know I didn't have much time here but I was going to enjoy every second.
'So you still sneak up here and silent guaz alone?'
 His familiar husky voice made me choke on the ice cream. Frank had to pay my back to stop me from dying, choking on my favorite delight.
Is this one of those miserable nightmare's that I used to have? Or those goulish horrid dreams about your exboyfriend that haunts you on a bad day?
I thought today was a good day, infact... Ice cream swieling in Bailey's Irish cream is proof that I am in a fantastic mood. If not I won't even consider it. His hand is still comforting me, touching me. In my current disdain and disgust, i forget i am choking and I flinch. I shove his hands away and stand up. Somehow, i still could not breathe and steady painful tears squirt from my eyes. And I had to do something.
So, I hold my breath for awhile and swoon from lack of oxygeb. It works, the instinct to fight to stay alive engulfs all my entire being. When my throthroat stops hurting, I sit down. But I feel pain now in my oesophagus, I try to scratch it by clearing my throat but it does not work.
  I pick up another scoup and clamp my inner upper jaw onto my tongue. And slowly let the ice cream melt.
'Should you still be having some ice cream?'
'Frank, what's your problem?'
 He raised both hands up in front of him to protest and put some distance between us.
'Didn't they ban you from this place?'
'A warning is not a ban'
 I look up at the security and he was smiling at a customer, begging for tips. Typical.
'Isn't it funny that we are both here, together?'
'We are not together, I want some alone time'
'Me too'
  I give him an evil look and he stands up and finds another chair.
'Annoying', I grumble put loud and back the entrance and place my ipele across empty seats around me.
Back to you my dear, I take another scoup and let my head fall forward. I could not believe I had reached the bottom of my cup and I scrap it. Then my phone rings, the girls are looking for me. I rush to the counter, pick up my take away cones and drove back to the party.

  Ashabi was looking out for me and screamed my name.
'Quick, the magazines need my close friends and Ajoke's bridal crew'
'I'm here, I'm here'
I announce and wiggle in between my girls.
'Not with all your bags', Ajoke protests and grabs them and gives it to Ashabi's friends. That were not part of our bridal crew'. As we pose, Ajoke looks at me.
'You sneaked out of this party'
 Celine stretched and looked at the bag.
'If my ice cream isn't there, you are dead'
'Where is your ipele?'
 Ajoke referred to the matching gele fabric that we women wrap around our hips and waist.
'Shit, I forgot it'
  Ashabi takes hers off and turns to us.
'It has to be uniform, oya every one'
  They all do and hand the ipele's to Ashabi's now grumpy friends.
When the photoshoot was over, we all go back to our tables and Munch on our ice cream.
 Ashabi looks at us and our ice cream and shakes her head.
'You know, we are serving ice cream as desert at this wedding right?'
'With my favorite cream?'
 We all laugh and Ashabi folds her arms across her chest. She takes offence and grabs two bottles of Bailey's Irish cream on the table and waves it in my face.
'As much as you like'
'See you', Ajoke adds.
'Oyaya, give me back my ice cream and wait for Ashabi's'
 Ajoke slaps off my hands and Celine laughs with her spoon clamped in her mouth. My girl's and I know how to catch fun. Just look at us, happy and together.
   Daniel joins and I hand him the last one. He was surprised and opened his mouth to say something, instead his head falls forward and he laughs.
'Thanks, thought you forgot all about me'
God, he had perfect white teeth. And he licked his lips and my heart skipped.
 Calm yourself down, this is your boss. Well, not really.

 Daniel Ojora is my client, but he is not just anyone. He comes from that family that has kept their legacy alive, through generations. One my mother has envied their family for years and sings the praise of their great grandfather. Yes, she was impressed by their family legacy. But she was more impressed by his father's ability to keep the family united. Despite their history of kids from many mistresses. Every child was welcome and acknowledged. My mother would do a back flip if she knew, so I kept this information under tight wraps. She needs to be on team Mr. H right now. On where my heart and loyalty lies.
Daniel was watching me and waiting for an answer.

'How can I? You are my number one client'
 We both laugh and Ajoke chews her cone, swallows and then says.
'I heard that'
'After, Ajoke and Bala of course'
Now Ajoke was smiling and Daniel wasn't. Did he take offence? Did I say something wrong? Yes, I have my contract, but Daniel can afford to walk away and litigate forever. His family has that kind of money. And this his personal business, his pet project that has taken off is equally a giant success monster.
  I could tell he was upset and quiet with his eyes glued to the ice cream cup.

Na wa o, which kind wahala be this?

**Season 1, Episode 36**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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