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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Love Eclipsed Under Half A Crescent Moon


    Love Eclipsed Under Half A Crescent Moon, weighing down heavily my fragile heart. Breaking all the rich yoke forged over time sinking true love down to the murky lagoon floor. As young innocent me, carry on my head, large Brass and wooden calabash. My crown, my glory, my gift. All now a faded memory....

    Yet, you  watch on. Silently, mercilessly, as false love floats by. Until suddenly the litmus test of Love proves me right or wrong. And I learn through it all, that this litmus test has worked through all the ages. Its name is Time.
  Time is precious, Irreplaceable and easily spent. But to make money within a time frame is the biggest challenge I have right now. I know I am Dodging the obvious but you cannot blame me. I cannot control the direction my love life will go in. But I pray I end up with my boo, my Mr. H.

  I am watching my phone ring and I do not pick it up. This career challenge, financial empowerment that I have given myself has led me to this point. The climb I desperately need, in my life right now.
  I slide my finger on the screen of my smart phone and pick the call up.
'Good Afternoon...'
'Are you on the Island?'
  I look at my girls and raise my eyebrows, I know they know who is on the line.
'Yes', I say taking my gaze away from their judgemental eyes.
  Celine shakes her head and Ajoke clasped both hands and declares, forgetting that she can be heard.
'Eh Hehn, I knew it'.
  I put some distance between us, this for me is business. Daniel and I exchange pleasantries and then he says.
'I need your help', even the way he says it makes me want to help immediately.
 Somehow, it all sounds too vague to be serious.
'Is it about the contract?', I say trying to dodge a meeting right now.
  No need to dance around our mutual attraction, everyone knows. But I can't let wishful thinking stall my opportunity to make money I need desperately, I have to focus on my job.
Daniel is brief and direct, 'the new one ready'. His contract and new luxury rental that would feature as advertisement for his show was finally ready.
    I sigh silently as I moved the phone away from my face and then back to it.
'Fantastic, where are you?', he had several projects so I had to be sure.
'Lekki phase 1'
'Okay...', but before I could say more.
'I'll meet you half way', I could hear his smile as he hangs up. He sounds excited and upbeat, just what I need.

   Refreshingly, we meet on one of his properties, a service flat he was refurbishing. The massive twenty unit building had a large teardrop shaped swimming pool and lovely Christmas trees all around. Inside was majestic and photoshoot ready.
'Not all the ceiling has P.O.P, but we need the aesthetics to be in sync'
I looked up at the beautiful ceiling and smile, 'It looks good'
'Then there is a problem'
'It should look great'
  I laughed, can't remember laughing today.
'It does'
'What would you change?'
'Nothing', I say trying to end the pleasantries.
'If this was your bedroom?'
   Daniel had this intense look on his face and his eyes made me nervous. I quickly lookup up and nod my head.
'It's perfect, but less edges for me'
'A plain design?', my suggestion shocked him.
  The P.O.P. would keep me up all night, the intricate design with cute lights embedded in them. It was a huge contrast from Mr. H's old school concrete ceiling design. Daniel leads me back outside and I follow like a gentle lamb.
   The garden had beautiful yellow roses and I fought the urge to pluck them.
'Exactly, so the contract is ready?'. I add, so that we could round up and he smiled as if not buying my placid attitude towards what obviously was awesome.
'Yes, have you had lunch?'
  I collect the contract and go through it, checking to see that we are both happy in this deal. So far, it looks good and when I look up. I reassure him that it looks good, my lawyer will go through it and I tuck it into my folder.
   Two men carry a table and two chairs towards us and set up the table.
'I'm not...'
'Hungry, this is light, bite sized treats'
   I was about to protest when I noticed the beautiful almost orange giant pincers. I had never seen King crabs in real life but to see it live and direct. I lost control of my legs and tried to steady myself. I feel for the chair and relax into it. The rest of the crab was bite size and looked grand.
   The smile on his face was to die for.
'My Chef's last treat specially made for you'.
  The Chef steps out and I stand and greet her. I wanted to hug her and take her home but I am just happy to share this moment with her right now. The chef excused herself to go and continue preparing our meal and I sit and just smile, wide eyed at the beautiful crustacean meal. I could get used to this.
'Can I?'
  I asked with my phone camera ready, of course I was going to capture this moment.
He offers to take a picture of me and the meal and i accept.
  I realize that I have been munching on the meal, savouring every unique taste. I had to say something.
'So, how are you enjoying Lagos so far?'
'It's fun, so far with the usual shrewd business men and women out to make more out of every deal'
 He was sizing me up, watching my every move watching my lips.
'And you have not invited me to the wedding of the year'
'What?', is he for real?
'Not to worry, I already have an invite'
 I do not remember him been on the list, I scan my brain and then smile.
'Your company name is on the list'
'I was not going to attend, but now I am curious'
'You want to see me with my other clients?'
'That and I would like to see you two together'
   Silence ensues and I try to think of how to respond to what he just said.
'How did you meet Harrison?'
'At a company function'
'A party, nice. I should have one of those, what do you think'
'It's good PR'
'I agree'
  He was watching me more intensely now, curious and interested in what I was thinking.
'Great press coverage, but we need more'
'You are a bachelor and people want to know more about you'
'My absentee love life, you mean'
'Then we fill it up, invite all your potential mates'
'Including you'
  He had an annoying smirk on his face.
'Including me, but we spin the story and control it'
 I didn't want to give him the satisfaction, but also liked that I could sell myself in the package.
'So, you need a list?'
'The scandalous cleavage baring ones, the prim and proper old money and the bratty, my father stole stupid money type'
"All under one roof?', he could not contain his excitement.
'All with your smooth playboy charm'
  Daniel was smiling and loved the idea.
'And my bill?'
'It's a flat rate, outside this contract'
  I tap the folder with the file and stare at his black eyes. I didn't notice before now that they were black and gorgeous.
  Daniel placed his hand over mine and I flinch. I was not expecting that.
He was sizing me up and I stand up.
'Thank You so much for this, I need to get all media outlets. So that it all goes according to plan. Daniel was sad and didn't want me to go. But I had my meeting with Ajoke who already feels side tracked and Celine who wants to beat her own deadline.

  I was smiling so much I had to stop before the girls make this a big deal. But there was no denying it. Daniel knows how to give you a grand time.
  Daniel knows  Mr. H fished out and even wants to see us together. How very manly of him. Talking about Mr. H. I pick up my phone as I enter Ajoke's home. No missed calls, nothing.

   Come to think of it, he has not yet called me and it's getting late. Celine is thrilled I am back but Ajoke looks tired. Ajoke is yawning for the fifth time and we all catch it like a flu. I yawn so loud that Celine slaps my back.
''Abeg, stop that'
'You yawned too', I grumbled.
'So, what's up? You have been cranky all evening'
'Mr. H has not called'
'Still in his meeting?'
'No clue', I shrug my shoulders.
'Don't worry, he is fine'

     I was not that worried, but I was just expecting that he would call. Okay, I lied.

   The truth is that I have a feeling he might travel out of Lagos.  Don't get me wrong ooo, Mr. H has traveled alone, before now. This time, its different.
  What is different, is that his business partner is his old flame and I don't like it one bit.
 I'm not saying I don't trust him ooo, it's Baratu I don't trust. I should not do that  right? Instead of concentrating on the other woman. Because, really we have no business together, it's Mr. H I have a relationship with.
'Abeg jare, I need a drink', I blurt out a little peeved by it all.
  I March to the bar and it is locked. I turn around and look at Ajoke.
'Yep, Bala locks it and puts the keys way up there'
'Did you take alcohol?'
  I judged her with my eyes, body and the tone of my voice.
'Noooo', Celine screamed in disbelief.
'He caught me sniffing vodka', Ajoke confessed.
'What do you mean?', I tried to picture it all.
'I missed the smell, so I.... I didn't drunk it ooo'
'My God, don't you know about fetal alcohol syndrome?' I scream at Ajoke in disbelief.
'I said I didn't drink it', she looked like she was going to cry.
'Sorry for shouting at you'
'I feel bad already'
'No vex', I massage her back and she laughed and so I stop.
'You sniffed vodka?', Celine had to ask again because she was not sure of what she heard.
 I laughed and we all started laughing hard.
'Let me call the tailor, so we can get our outfits ready for my in-laws engagement party. Ade and Mr. H'
  Celine and I agree. It was always fun to have her tailor around. She arrived with all the Ovation, Encomium and This Day Style and all the trending Fashion and Life style magazines. So many beautiful African outfits to choose from. Dresses were in, so we picked our outfits and got measurement taken. The outfits would be ready before Friday, which was perfect.
  And even though she was fun to be around, we had to let her go.
'So this is happening, your brother in-law is older than your dad', Celine announced.
I cover my face.
'Celine don't joke', Ajoke defends me.
'She can't help herself, it's love abi Ade?'
   I didn't say anything, my dirty mind was  saying and conjuring all sorts of horrible situation in my mind. If I do not do something right now. I will spoil this happy mood my friends are in.
'Do you chicks want ice cream?'
  My girls raise and wave their hands in the air.
'I'm buying', I announce.

Inside my car, Ajoke leans over and sniffs it.
'You have crabs in your car?'
Celine stops walking and they search my car and find nothing. Celine gives me a look.
'It's in the boot, I didn't want to make Ajoke throw up'
'It's a big lie, you saved it for Mr. H and Celine'
 Ajoke was half right, I saved it alright but for Mr. H and I. Not Celine.
'Don't you feel like throwing up?'
  I tried to dissuade her from taking it.
Ajoke licks her lips, 'It's what I was dreaming of'
'It's not that much and...'
  I had to control the situation, so I jump out of my car open the boot and grab the smaller take away pack. And then shut the boot.
'Are you sure there's no caviar in there?'
 Ajoke laments and Celine folds her hand across her chest.
'What kind of crab is this?'
 I open my car and signal to Ajoke and she steps in. Celine sits in front and I drive quietly.
'Did Daniel put juju in this food?'
'Did something happen between the two of you?'
'No', I screamed.
'Explain this?'
 I ignore them and tuck the crab by my side. Only when we have ice cream in front of us, do I place it on the table.
  I scoop my Bailey's Irish cream on top my hazelnut ice cream.
'My God, what kind of crab tastes this heavenly?'
 Ajoke was licking her lips and fingers and grabbed some more. And as Celine tasted it she opened her eyes wide and looked at me. They did not speak till all the crab disappeared.
'Tell me it's the crab people die to catch?'
  I nod my head, Celine and I had seen the documentary.
'Celine, don't sell your friend for food'
'I'm not selling her. But it's really good'
'Prepared by Chef Kat'
'You are lying', Celine screamed.
'And this Daniel is slowly winning your heart', Ajoke grumbles.
'Celine, Mr. H is your cousin', Ajoke adds.
'Ajoke, it's just food'
'Look at us, look at how intoxicated we are, soon we will be addicted'
  Celine and I laugh at Ajoke.
'Laugh all you want, but Daniel is winning'
 Something about what she said made me sad and Celine didn't like it.
'Ajoke, it just food'
'It's not just food it's conditioning, every time he calls. You know it's going to be a special treat. A time you won't want to forget'
'So business should be boring and a drag?'
'Just look at how happy you are'
'I love Mr. H and we all know it'
'But you are also falling for Daniel and we all know it'
'Ajoke, Ade spends quality time with Mr. H'
'Really, 'Ade where is Mr. H?'
'At work'
'Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt?'
'I don't know'
'What do you mean by, you don't know'
'I've not heard from him"
'So, Celine'? , Ajoke had this I told you so tone.
'Oh no', Celine grumbled.
'You two are over reacting, he is working'
'Ade, you are many things but not one to be in denial'
'Mr. H has to work'
'I know, but the less time you spend together the more likely you'd end up with Daniel'
   I pushed a large scoup of ice cream in my mouth. Yes Mr. H is slipping away, but he has to work. We both need to.
'So what now?'
'You fight, or you say goodnight'
 Ajoke stands up.
'I'm buying the next round of ice cream'

   Really I have tried and the more I tried, the more things stay the same.

   My phone rings and I pick it up. It's Mr. H, he is proud of me and has to fly in tomorrow. He is in Delta state consulting, and of course Baratu is with him. I hear her soft voice shouting over the sound of the helicopter. Telling him they need to go
'I'll call you later', and he hangs up.
  The expression on my face is blank and I stand up and join Ajoke by the order point.
'Extra Bailey's for me and another chocolate chunk to mine.

  The night is young and tomorrow is another day.

**Season 1, Episode 34**
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1 comment:

  1. Oya ooo ooo. Where is the next episode and more. Your journal kept me up the whole of this weekend and am looking forward to reading more. Good writing.


Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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