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Ade's Journal Part 6
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Friday 20 May 2016

Trying Not To Burst


   Simmering and brewing, the bubbles forge and float up to the surface. One, two and then several more. Spiralling and swirling as they gather and congregate to the top. I stare at it, and just watch. How did I get to this point of no return? This point where boiling water is more entertaining than twenty six foreign channels. I try counting all the bubbles and keep jumbling it up. I'm that tired. I'm that cute little angel waiting, watching, thinking....

      I thought I was more mature than this, that it would be easy to erase the past. I was so, so wrong.
  Right now, I am on a break. A break from social media, phones, tv, everything. It gets me into way too much trouble than I expected. And I refuse to let the world put me on a string.
   Celine has puffy eyes, makes sense but mine is ridiculous. I don't even know why.
'The water is boiled', she announced.
'It's a lie, I thought it was ice cold'
 She laughs so hard, and slams her body into the wall. I get scared and run to her side.
'Are you okay?'
    I was worried, is she doing great? Am I supposed  to hug her, touch her? I'm confused.
'Relax, I am laughing because I want to be you'
'Three guys, fighting to win my love...'
'Not love, I'm pretty sure one is love, the other one is a conquest and the last one is holding on to a past façade. So...'
'Don't spoil it, the attention is uplifting.  '
'Mr. H doesn't think so..'
'I know, but its still fun to have all that masculine attention'
I roll my eyes at Celine, it didn't feel that way.
'But to have all four hundred comments on the picture of you and Frank?'
'Seriously, people need to mind their business'
  Celine shows me the picture, we look cosy. It was misleading on all levels. The picture captured that moment he whispered to me about Khadijatu been at the party. My rage escalates.
'It's ridiculous on all levels, don't they have jobs?'
  Two more comments and I look away.
  I clap my hands and shrug my shoulders.
'Joblessness, imagine them routing for me to go back to a married man, expecting a child with my former best friend'
'Walahi talahi, your life is like one of those Telemundo series. A whirlwind romance...'
  I didn't hear the rest, all I was thinking about is how lucky I am to have her as a friend. It would have been hell if I had no one to talk to.
'And you have been such a good friend'
'Just good?'
'No vex, great friend'
'Your cousin tried shaaaa'
'Mr. H loves you..'
'Yet, Baratu is keeping him company..'
'Thank God'
''Because you are jealous, all these male attention could get to your head'
'Attention is good, but reality is much better. I can't imagine going through my fake relationship with Frank all over again'
'Abi ooo, so what are you cooking?'
'No idea'
'Dress rehearsals?'
  I actually want to go from work, home. I don't want to get into trouble at all.
'You are just afraid of what Ajoke will say'
'The babe is not subtle'
'So what happened?'
'Eh, about what?'
'We went go carting'
'I just was in the mood for a race, any kind of competition'
'He let you win?'
'Not once'
   I was smiling, remembering how last night I was pissed. I wanted him, to let me win at least once. But he said he had a reputation to uphold. His name was on the board as the top three fastest time in the history of the place.
 Celine could not swallow his arrogance and I bob my head.
'It was embarrassing the first two times, he caught up with me by a lap and a half'
'Sounds like you had fun'
   Celine turned off the gas, upset by my words I think.
'Don't play this game'
'What game? I am simply making my client happy, like Mr. H makes Baratu happy'
'So, it's a competition now?'
'I just can't dwell on how happy he looked with Baratu, how at home it felt to see them together'
'They are old friends..'
'And Daniel is my new friend'
'This is clearly an issue'
'An unsolvable one, but nothing has changed. I still love Mr. H, but I feel he's slipping away'
'He feels the same way and said you two talked'
'Yes, we have. Don't worry, we will survive this right?'
'Time will tell', I try to reassure myself.

   The afternoon was a drag, with Ajoke's friends fumbling and taking all instructions lightly. I could not be bothered, my eyes were on my smart phone. Hoping I would be called to duty.
  A loud shrill scream makes Celine's needle prick my side. She was trying to make a body glove gown for me.
'Sorry, sorry', Celine apologized.
'Was that Ajoke?'
It just clicked.
  We both run to her side and she yanked away the hair clips on her eighteen inch weave. All of which falls forward and covers her face. She looked like they were performing an exorcism on her.
  We all watch her, frozen and on her six inches stilettos. I actually was watching for blood, worried about the babies.
If the first scream didn't sink in, she screamed again and I cover my ears. Ashabi tries to calm her down.
'What's wrong?'
'All of you think this is a joke, this is business. This is about my family's brand and making waves'
  Ajoke snatches my phone and as I protest she tuck's it down her couch.
'Since this Daniel joined our fold, you have been distracted'
'I have not'
'The money may be in your account but it's not a done deal yet. Ade, you treat everyone as special, except me'
'That's not true'
'You have seen Daniel three times now. This week alone. If Ashabi didn't see you the first time and your picture on his speed boat. And the Facebook picture of you leaving your school reunion, with Daniel last night didn't surface. I would be in the dark'

    Everyone turned to me and I open my mouth and shut it.
'Don't bother, after all. It's Bala you shake for, I'm just arm candy'
 And she starts to cry.
'What the hell is going on? "
   All the girls give me an evil look and I can't get my phone because I fixed acrylic nails that hurt like hell, when I try.
'Ajoke, you know it's not like that'. I try to reassure my friend.
  She was vibrating and I could see the babies adjusting and getting really uncomfortable with their mummy's discomfort
  I hug Ajoke tight and feel the baby kick,  she chuckles and calms down.
'I overreacted', Ajoke says.
'You are right, you are the bride. The new fresh face of the business. I should not ignore you like that.
    Ajoke hugs me back and I stand up.
'Everyone, hand over your phones'
 The news didn't go down well with everyone.
'Ajoke is right, this is business and we promised to give everyone a show. So, we resume our meeting, our desire to making this the wedding of the century.
 I get a lot of clapping and cheers and my media team feel better.

    Once Ajoke's friends leave, Ashabi's eighty year old fiance arrives with four bags. We watch them, judge them together and Ashabi loves the attention. I can't wait for them to leave so we can gossip. Ajoke is visibly upset by their relationship but Ashabi does not care.

'Before I forget', Ashabi announced and hands each of us a bag.
  I immediately look inside and I like what I see. Beautiful mint green lace with peach jubilee gele, stilletos, and matching cluth bags. And a case with peach and gold jewellery.

 I love rich people. I was trying the shoes when Ajoke gives me a look. She's on her own ooo. I am happy it's my size and Celine is too. In fact, hers are flats. He didn't just get us gifts, they are customized. Ajoke slaps my hands off her bag and I stop prying.
  A bottle of Bailey's would have won me over for life. But I can give Ashabi hints later on.

'His grand daughter is getting married...'
Ajoke jumps to her feet and Celine tries to calm her down.
'How old is she? "
'She's my first daughter's last child, I had her in secondary school'
'Really', I say. Because he is looking at Ajoke funny.
'I would love it if you could come, she loves your picture on the billboard. Says you should start a reality show'
  Ajoke's face softened, she liked the sound of been popular.
'So, she wants me there?'
'Even sent you a Facebook request'
 Ajoke picks her phone and checks, she scrutinized the picture.
'She's pretty, I'll add her'
Ashabi giggles and leads her very old man out of the room.

   Finally, all three of us are alone. And Celine was kind enough to dig my phone out from inside Ajoke's couch.
'I can't stand the age gap, his last grandchild is older than my own sister'
'But you added his grand child'
'He looks tired, I thought he was going to fall down...'
''Abeg, don't exaggerate'. Celine dismissed her grumbling.
'But if you fight her..', I remind Ajoke.
'I know ah, he will chance her big time. Did you sleep with Daniel?'
'God no', I scream at Ajoke.
'From where now? What kind of girl do you think I am?"
'People are talking'. Ajoke was not convinced and I had to defend myself.
'I went go carting, I believe they have CCTV cameras in there'

 Nonsense and Ingredients. Can you imagine? She should go and check jare.

'You won't blame me for asking'
'But I do'
   I closed the gap between us, I am disappointed and point in her clueless face.
  Celine jumps in between us and raises her hands.
'You two calm down'
'Mr. H is your cousin, you should defend him'
   Ajoke clearly does not believe me.
''Ade knows right from wrong'
'Oh, so I can't hang with Daniel but he can hang with Baratu'
'Ah ha. So that's it, the revenge angle. You do me. I do you. God no go vex'
   I am peeved and eye her from her head to her toes.
'Don't blame me oo, I get my Gist late. I do not know why we won't talk about this. I have to find out on Facebook'
'Oya no vex'
   I wanted her to drop the gist already.
'But you find him attractive'
'Celine, let her answer'
'He's fun'
'He's dangerous'
'He's her business partner, like Baratu'
'Dont worry, I am not going to betray my sweetheart. Besides, I won't have to wait for long. Mr. H says once you get married. We will'
'Eh Hehn, with which ring did he propose?'
  Celine slapped Ajoke's thighs.
'What?' Ajoke felt justified.

    The reality of the reasonings behind Celine's action, made me sad. I stare at my ringless finger and massage them.
How serious is traditional Mr. H, if he could not propose with a traditional ring.
   I am back to square one, back to the reason I am giving Daniel face time.
Back to lonely little me, this outing did not help me one bit. And then my phone rings, it's not Mr. H. He can't be bothered with safe put in place 'Ade.
    It's, I will marry you in six months Daniel.
   He wants us to have dinner and has shipped in a top chef, a great friend who will be cooking us dinner. I smile and accept the offer with two pairs of eyes watching, judging. I stare at the time on my phone.
'I'll see you girls later'
Celine stops me at the door.
'Remember, all relationships fizzle out. You need to rekindle and keep the flame going'
'And if we both try but it won't catch fire'
'Then break your rule, touch him, hug him'
I give her a look.
'Daniel can find many women close to chief he can marry. But Mr. H has only you, wants only you'

 I smile.

'Nothing is set in stone and whatever will be will be. Don't worry, it's just business'
'Lie to yourself oo', Ajoke had to spoil the moment....

**Season 1, Episode 33**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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