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Friday, 13 May 2016

Untangling The Twists And Turns


             Untangling the twists and turns, I dig my middle finger into the center of the spiral weave on top of my head. I had my hair in a bun but my bun was a weave, my own take on the hair style. But I need a new look and I start to unbraid the hair. I love the feeling I get, it jolts  me back in time. To me at just eight years old, to the memories of those tough women. You know what I'm talking about.
  As a child, mum would pay them to weave my hair into school approved cornrow styles. For me, that was the time I became chatty and restless. So the old woman would clamp my head between her thighs and lock me into position. She had these ilarun's, wooden cutting combd in sizes. She would use them to Pat my hair, then use small hair combs to smooth it. Then, I would feel her fingers split my hair in three and weave it into beautiful patterns. It's a strange kind of pain, but I loved the outcome. The beautiful weave, her unique take on the hair style. And I could not wait to show it off to my school friends.
 Life shaaaaa....
     Sound familiar? Sit down, listen to a promise, endure all you can and then show off to friends. Oh life and it's hard lessons, we just form habits that stick to us like glue, forever. Almost as if I'm that purple scented toy, trapped by a chiffon curtain hanging by the window frame.

I digress a bit.

     Yes, I have my hair free and combed, I want to steam it and feel fresh. I would dry it and wrap it to work tomorrow.
  I have an audience, if you have not guessed by now. Mr. H even wants to help me pour shampoo and all.
'No need'
'So you won't let me touch your hair?'
'I didn't say that'
  Men shaaaa, what's his own? After all if I was in the salon, would he touch it? Come to think of it, I kind of flinch when people touch my hair. Not my boyfriend ooo, but I believe that once a hair is styled. You should respect people's personal space. Oh yes ooo. I am that babe, I will warn you if you get too close. Too many people don't respect that, I wonder why?
'Seriously, I used to help my mum...'
  Mr. H has no intention of letting this go and I am on a schedule. I need my back resting, even if I am not asleep. I need to wiggle my feet and just relax. At least for five hours, to get my groove back.
'Alright, once I steam it. You can help me'
   It was awkward but funny at the same time. Mr. H was reading all the ingredients in my hair kit.
'Hair mayonnaise?'
'Yep, hair grows, so I got to feed it'
  Mr. H shakes his head and I burst out laughing. He can never get it, so should not bother to try. Us girls gat to revitilize and infuse our hair with all the rich proteins available. Especially, since i relax my hair. Not as often as before ooo. But at least four times a year. Those chemicals strip my hair strands of all it's nutrients. It's my job to feed my hair strands and not choke or over feed them. After luxurious peaks of white soapy lather, courtesy of my boo. I washed and rinsed it all away with war  water. Mr. H really feels good ooo, because he helped me wash my hair.
'Would you like to see it?'
  I wiped my hair vigorously and then remembered reading somewhere that was wrong. So I gently pressed out its dampness.
Mr. H looks nervous and my heart skipped a bit. I loved surprises.
'Never mind...'
    I drop my hair towel and race to his side in my sphagetti top and peddle pushers night wear.
   My engagement ring? The thought made me smile long and hard. He gives me an odd look and I realize I was wrong.
Mr. H whips out a case and i almost pass out. Just maybe it is...
'I got this for you'
  I open it and it's a tear drop diamond earrings and necklace.
'Wow'. I was not expecting that, the stones are huge.
'I know it's been a while but we will have date night tomorrow'
'That would be great, but I didn't get you anything'
'Just smile, be happy'
'I am'
We hug and I feel it, I still care for my man.
'You want to watch old music videos with me?'
'Only if you'll dance with me'
     Mr. H chuckles and we walk arm in arm to the living room. I run back to my room and grab a duvet. I'll crank up the AC unit so I can be cold enough to tuck myself under Mr. H and the duvet. Soon I drift into a dream where Ajoke, Celine and I are celebrating and unwrapping gifts at my baby shower. Oh dream land, you are amazing, just quickly reflect in my reality. Amen.

  Mr. H made French toast and we flirt all morning. It was tough to say goodbye but we both had work. Celine has long gone to her former house, she needs her car. I wish she didn't have to go alone but she has clients to supply clothes too.

  Surprisenly, my lawyers beat me to the office. They say we have too much to cover. My lawyers are very thorough and I watch them decode all the clause in Daniel's contract. It was scary to think of how liable I would have been if I didn't have my experienced legal team. Actually, they were Mr. H's. See why older, is much wiser... Or at least it's rubbing off me. His goodness and team of wise men and women.
  Back to my quest jare. This is a test, from the young Ojora. Even something as simple as a contract revealed who had experience and who didn't. And I was determined to prove my worth, prove that this deal was mine. Me and my legal team, finished the meeting on a positive note and I was about to call when his call came in.
'Good morning.... Ade'
'Good morning Mr. Ojora'
'Please call me Daniel, how is your lunch?'
'Lunch? It's free'
'Good, let's meet'
   Before I could protest, I heard the car drive into my office complex. It was Chief's driver.
   Quiet and short, I watched out for familiar land marks. I know where we are, it's Lekki phase 1. We parked by a dock yard with private boats. I remember him saying at our first meeting, something about swimming or the beach. I was too distracted by Ashabi to remember.
  No time to be distracted, I spot my new business partner. Daniel was in smart pants and a beautiful baby blue shirt. He looks gorgeous and I smile. Daniel ushered me to his boat and I gave him side eye. Yes ooo, don't blame me. But, where is this meeting taking place? I take three long deep breaths and smile. He will have to update me on his plans.u
'Good afternoon...'
'Hey, 'Ade... My lawyers are waiting....'
'Where?', I try to remain calm.
'At my home by the beach, my weekend home'
I hesitate and abeg jare, I protest.
'You did not tell me that it was by the beach or that we have to travel by boat'
'It's four traffic hours by road and we will still have to get there by boat'

   Really there was nothing to lose, I was just been cautious. But if I was to go for the meeting and get back on time for my date, then so be it.
  It was a cool ride with Daniel's boat skidding up and down a turbulent lagoon.    We met a viscious Ocean and my eyes widened. The beautiful view of the Atlantic ocean blows cool enchanting winds on my face. I shut my eyes briefly and let the cool salty waters ease my soul and I relax. The ocean always has that effect on me.
  The meeting was a breeze and his lawyers re adjusts the contracts to our satisfaction. And it did feel bad to leave the sea alone, just like that.
'Have you ever been on a water scooter?'
Daniel asked and mounts one black shining scooter. I shake my head and hold on to my bag.
'I have life jackets and all'
'No thanks'
'Come on, live a little'
I shake my head, the devil is a liar.
'Why not?'
'Another meeting...'
'You won't be late...'
   I look at the sea water and shake my head.
'There's a hair specialist on speed dial...'
 Yes, he could tell i had just curled my hair snd styled it to perfection. But not for him, for Mr. H of course. Daniel's offer was all tempting and all but I had a date.
'I will be late', I smile whip out my funky scarf like shower cap and wait.
He is disappointed and I look up at the racing clouds. The clouds are pregnant and I did not want to be stuck on this island. The adventure quickly turned to fear as I try to hurry Daniel onto the boat. I fasten my life jacket securely around me and as Daniel gets into the boat. He starts the engine and the rain starts to fall.

  I am in trouble.

 The sea waves get violent and almost enter our speed boat and I almost scream. Abeg, i shriek out loud. He had to increase speed to stop the waves from sinking us.
'I should have insisted, we have the meeting on land', I grumble in my quivering voice
'We should have stayed behind', he screamed from driving the boat.
'You should have come with a bigger boat'
I scream as a wave caresses my blazer.
    I'm going to die. I think as I watch the angry waves. I was helpless and scared and nothing could calm my nerves. I had to stop staring at the uneven waves. A large one aimed at us and Daniel increased speed and we flew over the waves. I screamed, I didn't know I could still scream in a high pitch deafening manner.
   Quickly I leave my seat and sit on the floor, not seeing the waves calmed my nerves and I touched my chest.
   My heart is pumping so fast and loud, I cage it on my fingers and almost escape from my ears and rib cage.
'Are you alright?'
'Please just get us to dry land'
  My eyes were on the edge of the boat and an occasional rogue wave tose higher than the side of the boat. The rains were heavy and there was no cover.

   I thought of Mr. H and how, while mourning me... Baratu would come to soothe and ease his pain. Try to replace me.
'I reject it, in Jesus name', I said that out loud? Na wa ooo.
  I stand up and the wave scars me and I fall on my knees and crawl to Daniel's side. He has been trying to calm me all through the storm.
'Are we close?'
I startled him.
'I thought you were too scared to move'
  Imagine, he cracks a joke at a crucial time like this.
'I have a date and I didn't wear these earrings for nothing'
  Daniel looks at them and nods his head.
'Nice, he has taste'
He was distracted enough to miss a wave and water got in and I screamed.
'We are almost there'
  I did not believe him, I just want to go home. Closer to shore, the rains stopped and he slows down. I stand up and my legs are wobbly. Once we docked, I didn't wait for him.
'Thank you for a lovely day', I tried to be as polite as possible.
'Next time, I'll bring a bigger boat'
 I stare at him and stop walking.
'Don't pretend you did not enjoy our adventure'
  The adrenaline rush was still in my bloodstream and I kind of missed the adventure already.
  I looked at the time, I still have one hour to go home and change..

    I wanted to get to pearl garden early enough to have some lobster in hot sauce but my phone jolts me out of that illusion. It is Celine.
'Hi dear...'
'Come with panel beater and carpenters...'
'... Why are you whispering?'
'Mathias locked me up in the bathroom...'
'Are you alright?'
'The guard borrowed me his phone, please hurry. I'm scared'
   I turn the car abruptly, in front of a joint military and police task force.
   As I look at my rare view mirror, I watch them jump down. Guns and all and I know I have bought job, na die I dey.
They stop my vehicle and I step out of it with my head up high. No need arguing with men with guns. They could be coming from some warzone, Borno, Adamawa or some civil war torn African country or some armed robbers raid.
  'Officer, no vex oo. My friend has been kidnapped'
   Of course they did not buy the story at first, so I get a carpenter and panel beater. We get to the house and the Mallam is happy.
'Walahi talahi. Fear done for catch me finish. Oga lock am for inside, since morning faa'
The distraught Mallam informed me and my joint security escorts. One of the soldiers questioned him in hausa and the rest follow me into the  house.
'Celine, Celine...'
  At first she did not answer but later.
''Ade, thank God. Please help me'
We go to the window, and she waves her tied up hands through the burglary proof window. We both start to cry.
'Why didn't you tell me you were coming here...'
'I thought I could take my car, but he was driving it already'
'Just wait, we will bring down the door'
  The welder cut the door open and I filmed the entire thing. As we entered, Celine starts to shout and scream my name.
I had to calm her down and when she was free, I hug her and we cry.
"Please call my mum'
I call her and Celine begs her to come around. We all go to the police station, open a file and report, with videos, pictures and witnesses.

    Mathias was shocked to come home to a military crowd. And his fleeing from the scene got him chased tackled and bundled off to the police station.
The devil got blamed for many of his actions and we helped Celine pack her remaining things.

  By the time we got home, Mr. H was mad at me for not calling. But when he caught sight of Celine. He almost cried, her face and wrists were bruised and swollen.
Celine's mum shows up and we all cry all over again. A long sleep put mother and child at ease.

'I'm hungry... All I've had all day was toast and I said my church mind. Even if it's take away food'
Mr. H reluctantly leaves Celine and his Auntie but no one was in the mood to cook. So the restaurant idea was welcomed.

   Finally, we sit and wait for our order
 And i tell him about Celine's fear. At least he will rot in jail for assault and kidnapping. Mr. H has called a counsellor and therapist that will come and talk to us tomorrow.
  A thought crosses my mind and then quickly leaves. I hope all he did was ruffle her up and nothing more.
Nah, he won't , he can't.

     Our food arrives and my mouth waters, it was refreshing feeling.... I have food in my mouth. Not just any kind. But delicious lobsters fresh and I can taste the sea. I smell the food and shut my eyes.
 Mr. H watched me as I update him on everything that happened. He had a strange unfamiliar look on his tired fine face.
'Did you go to the beach?"
 It was an odd question.
'Yes, Daniel's house is by the beach..'
'You went with your lawyers'
'No, just us'.
'He drove'
'He invited you to a private party?'
'Of course not.... What's up?'.
'He wants you and I don't like it...'
'But it's you I want'
'I do not like this Daniel, one bit'

Is Mr. H jealous? I'm liking this...


**Season 1, Episode 31**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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