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Friday, 3 June 2016

3 Months Ago I made A Promise


     Echoes of friendly laughter, fill the cabin with memories of today's chapter. As tired and the same old songs of woe fill my eardrums and I just want to end this chapter. This horrid time when I feel the freezing park has us frozen in a statues pose, doomed to always walk this path. This beautiful hunting time when flowers blow up their scent in the air, and blossom into sun yellow and purple pink attractive blossoms.

   I am happy I am with my girls, but I am not happy with what they are saying. Is it my fault that Frank won't leave me alone? Or is this no longer a free world?
Definitely, there is no way in this universe, no chance on earth that we will ever get back together.
'But you keep running into him', Ajoke says gulfing down my sausage and eggs.
 Yep, you heard me right.
Celine booked us on my first ever First class ticket and we were served a continental dish. I did not feel like eating but Ajoke was starving.
'So? The guy is the one stalking me'
 I protest and then sip on my Bailey's Irish cream with ice cubes.
'Look, eyin girls. Three months ago, I made a promise, to focus on the future and never the past. To date and marry my mentor and my friend. Someone who will take me forward with no drama and baggage. That is Mr. H, he is my choice and no one else'
'Of all ice cream joints in Lagos, why that one?'
'Celine, you too. Have you forgotten that they banned him'
'Frank will always find a way', Ajoke says and grabs my drink.
 I slap her hand so hard, that she screamed.
All the other passengers turn and look at us.
'What?', Celine did not know why I hit Ajoke's hand.
'See, they will know it's our first time in first class'. I was embarrassed.
'Speak for yourself, I just want the ice'
  Ajoke was been rude.
'The ice will have alcohol'
'Ade, don't mind her, she knows'
'That's why Bala now has an alcohol free house' Celine announced.
'I miss it'
  I quickly finish my drink and spare her the temptations.
'Can we just talk about Ajoke's wedding'
'Please talk about me oooo'
  We all laugh, I smile and stare out at the plush fluffy clouds.
 Beyond the skies was my man, waiting. He was already at the resort and I could not wait to see him.

 Mr. H was regal and tall, like a classic rare vintage wine. I rush into his arms and we hug and kiss lime no one is there and then I hug him again.
  It feels like we are mountains apart and I really misses him. We side hug and walk towards our chattered aircraft.

 Ajoke was staring at the beautiful sight below us as we fly over nature untouched.
Celine and I joined and with wide eyes, admired it all.
  Feather light snow white bubbles spin and swirl around each other, racing to the bottom of the mountains and bowing down to gravity. Cutting deep into the earth, creating aesthetic channels deep into the ground. An aerial view so breathtaking and I almost pass out from excitement.
 Fine cool waters clash and slap each other, creating the cool mist that caresses the air.
  Its my first time in Cross River State. Obudu Cattle Ranch is now, Obudu Mountain Resort. And it caresses Cameroon in the North Eastern part of the state.
 I could not wait.
It was my first time in a cable car and I was more relaxed than I expected. The view was breathtaking. And the sunset, a perfect orange globe that the horizon engulfed gracefully.
 Life is fantastic.
  Our suite was even more beautiful than I imagined and our impromptu weekend the best time ever.
 Me, Mr. H and the girls explored everything and everywhere until our legs could no longer move. I think I took a thousand selfies and eight hundred pictures of Mr. H and I. By the time I got to our room and showered, I was in another realm.
  Trekking through the snake channels and feeling the surface of the waterfall.
 I felt a crocodile clamp down on my side and jolt out of bed, fighting the death roll.

   It was strange to feel the duvet all tangled up around me. I was Trapped.
Mr. H helps me out of my predicament with  fresh hands and a fresh cup of coffee. Amazing how magical it smells when you are on holiday.
'I wish we could live like this forever'
'Me too'
 But the holiday was over, two nights away was not enough.
'Work continues'
 We cuddle and then pack, we fly back to Lagos by ten'

  The five hour flight delay, drives me insane. Something about not paying pilots. I almost rip my head off, grumbling and complaining. Eventually, the pilots are paid but they still refused to fly. Unless other staffs are paid, why do employers get away with owing workers for months? Where and what are the labour inipns doing about it?
It was looking like we would not fly back to Lagos from Cross River.
'Just think of this as another adventure'
 Mr. H tried to calm me down.
'If you say so''
 Celine and Ajoke were sleeping in the lounge and I rest myself on Mr. H.
The airline paid the three months salary it owed. So they had thedateoney and refused to pay? I reserve my comments.
It feels good to be back home but there's work tomorrow.

  The rest of the week is hectic and my parents maid got pregnant by their neighbour's driver. Hee family insists they get married and they do. So, my parents are expecting a new maid today and I am expecting to go out with Nnoye today. And then I will do a major shopping for my parents tomorrow.

   Have you ever seen the floor rise to your face and just let the earth come to you? I have, and it's amazing and embarrassing at the same time. The wig comes off and the hair net too. I feel naked and my afro is wild and untamed, like I love it. But this time, the beauty of my hair is not for my eyes only, it's for an entire market square. And my audience have interesting reactions. The woman that broke my fall ran as if a witch had descended on her and others stop to watch me.

   If you don't understand what I am talking about, eh? Let me update you.
  I have fainted in the middle of Ikotun market. I did not eat the day before because I was saving my stomach for barbecued suya or fish, not sure which. But my friend got sick so I didn't eat anything. Then in the morning I raced to the market to shop for my parents, before fasting begin's. I think i had some fizzy drink's like two to three hours ago. But the intensity of the sun, makes me thirsty and my eyeballs ache. I am dizzy but have just, vegetables and eja kika left to buy. As my customer chops the ugu, I can't stand. So I squat and she tells me to go under the shade behind her and wait. There, I tell the woman selling smoked fish to let me stay. She gives me attitude and I try to soothe her then nothing. Next thing oooo, I open my eyes and I am looking up at a very hot sun and shield my eyes.
  The woman continued to run as I realize that I just fainted. My customer is wiping tears from her eyes and i start to laugh. It hurts and water is streaming down my face.

    I am in shock.

   The meat seller's and older women recognized what was wrong and give me cold water to drink. I sip slowly and hear them say, pour it on your head. I'm about to, then remembered I had on a new wig. I rescue and tuck it safely away and pour water on top of my head. It's the best feeling on earth. I continue and my audience continues to watch me. The woman I fell on, that saved me is still afraid and I apologize once again.
  Time won't wait for me, so I stand up and thank everyone and then walk away with my ugu and eja kika.
   I can't wait to share this embarrassing story, my eyeballs hurt like they are tender and I think I am coming down with something.

  I just hope it's not what I think it is...

**Season 1, Episode 37**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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