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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A Very Tall Glass Of Lemonade


      Voice Swaying Like Waves In The Wind, fighting and struggling past millions of sand clustered together to stop me. Foaming white frothed salty waters slice and smash angry uncultured waves at me with no finesse at all. Slicing deep into a wound I didn't know was there. Now I must act, for I can't ignore this any more.
    You will not believe the shocker I received this very evening. Jeje ooo, I was on my own when my business associate and admirer invited him to meet with his business partners. Which by the way is my number one priority right now. 
  The Saturday to Monday events promised to be memorable, the venue a sea breeze. But even the most romantic scenic spot has its draw backs. For one, I am scared I will be drowned from either sides by the Lagoon or the Atlantic Ocean or both. I do not like been close to water when it rains. And you cannot blame me, I am talking from experience.
 Twice I have been at the edge of water and they have been, near death situations for me. First in the university on my way home, waiting in a bus on a platform I assumed was solid. Big surprise there, because once the rains started, the earth under us wobbled and shook and the cloud and the Lagoon in Epe became one. My heart in one leap, jumped to my mouth and I was shivering and choking at the same time. That was the first time I felt the power of the almighty Lagos waters. The second was with Daniel on his speed boat with waves fighting to engulf us, to sink us. Mmmmf, I am beginning to think that I may be from the waters and they are trying to reclaim me. As in mami water spirit type things. Don't blame me ooo, one of my aunties on my dad's side must have said or mentioned it. It may or may not be true but during the rainy season, I get scared of the waters. I know I should not be afraid. But Lagos has snatched so much water from the Lagoon and the atlantic ocean is so close that I feel there will be consequences, retaliation for this. Also, I do not in my own opinion feel the drainage in the state is adequate enough to withstand a major flooding. 

 Call me paranoid but I expect a catastrophy, soon.

 Now I have to spend three days with the weather forecast predicting rain all weekend. Na wa oo, baba God. Please protect your daughter oooo.
 Shaaa, I check into my cute building and get comfortable. Thank God there is no sign of rain.

  I attend the meeting in pant suit and meet everyone. The Blogger quickly asked for permission to film and take pictures after our meeting and I smile and agree.

Daniel looks good in his smart tailored suit, he is warm and sweet at the same time and I ask all ten questions I had prepared. My way of getting to know the people working with Daniel and their company's priorities. It was an exciting crowd and I was offered a job. As in employment, interesting how that happens nowadays. If only they had offered three years ago. I politely decline and remind them we are already working together. People will always offer you thier dream and if you don't have yours, you will accept.  As a consultant, I will help them achieve and convert a premium dream project to a premium reality. Get them trending as I got Ajoke and Bala trending. Their brand will be talk of town and generate the leads and sales they need. And as I promise to deliver, I know my reputation and brand is on the line. This way, I have no choice but to deliver my best.    

  After all, no satisfaction, no business.
 I am happy we are all happy and this other business Daniel Ojora has is massive, new and upbeat. This is an additional business for me. It would take off after our first deal. Also it ensures we will be working together for the next five years. Its a fantastic deal and we and our lawyers are all happy.
     Dinner on the beach is just the refreshing atmosphere my mind needs.
   Mr. H still has not called and I toss my phone on the bed. It misses and crashed on the floor. I grumble and catch it just as it did. The protective screen has cracked and I inspect it to make sure the phone is okay. It reboots itself and I wait until all the apps load and network signals are back. Still no message from Mr. H.
    At the bar, I order Bailey's Irish cream and sit in my corner.
I know you can't resist a drink, I tell myself.
Did Mr. H bring Baratu on our weekend get away?
  I have just been served A Very Tall Glass Of Lemonade.
Now I must act, for I can't ignore this any more.

  I was beginning to feel my migraine return as business ends and i start to brainwash my own mind. Whispering to myself, 'you are headache free and would have a fantastic healthy weekend'

   I have not had food and my body is craving some. I am about to take my medicine when I realized that it was in my blazer in the conference room. Reluctantly, I go and get it and strike up a conversation with a purple eyed man. The youngest on the team. His eyes remind me of Elizabeth Tailor's. The actress, his smile oh my goodness. Yes, I need deliverance.
 I try to escape and he catches me.
'Fantastic job'
  There was an awkward silence and then we spoke at the same time.
  It made us laugh and relax and I ask if it's his first time in Nigeria. He was actually born here, his mother was into the Eyo festival thing. I was impressed and he was flirting big time. I smooth my hair back in place and was enjoying the attention.
'You must be married, with all this natural charm'
 He protests and I laugh.
'So you are not impressed'
'Just not into young guy's'
  My statement surprised him.
'Really? Or it's because you are into Daniel'
   I chuckled hard and he didn't laugh. Oh, those beautiful lilac, light purple eyes. Na die, Nigerian babes dey.
'I am not into Daniel'
'I see the chemistry'
'Chemistry is good, it means you work well together....'
'Until you act on it'
'But you are flirting'
'I don't work directly with you...'
'We are all adults'
'I hope so'
  We laugh and he looks at the door, and when I look up... Daniel is walking away.
'I think someone is jealous'
   I grab my blazer and laugh.
'No one is jealous, he probably knows you too well'
'He knows I'm a gentle man and besides, a little competition makes it much more interesting'
  I laugh.
 Guys shaaaaa. They will never change. I give his baby lilac eyes one last look and resist with much pain the temptation to stay and leave the room. I need to get into comfortable clothes and my pedal pushers and tank top is perfect. I need to take my jacket, to keep my phone and medication..

'You shut your eyes for long',His voice jolts
 me out of a short deep sleep.
'Did I wake you?'
 Daniel's question embarrassed me and I sniff in and try to wake up all my senses. My bottle of supplements drop and we both grab them.
'Sorry, the drugs the doctors gave me calms my nerves a little too much'
'If you're tired, you're tired'
'Been resting all week, it's time to wake up'
  I announce and jump up on my feet and place the bottles in my jacket. And then hang them on the wooden Cain chair. My Beach slippers are perfect and I stray away from the safety of the high sandy hill and walk down the valley towards the salty waters.
    Daniel is excited and they all run towards the angry waves. It has been age's since I've watched a beach wave from a sandy shore. These waves were strong and if you did not have experience, they would sweep you away.
'Join us'
Daniel shouts and dives in.
  I refuse and a wave knocks me off my feet and drags me into the sea. I float a bit and see that I am two feet from the floor and I do nothing.
 Daniel grabs me and we crash into a thick sludge of beach sand.
'Why aren't you swimming?'
'I swim in pools and not in waters that move'
    The ocean is jealous and does not like my answer and lifts and slams us against the elevated sand shore. My head hurts and there is Beach sand all tangled up in my hair.
'It's the same thing'
 Daniel says and drags me into the water. I swim for a while until the waves carry me. I do not know in which direction and can see Daniel. He takes my hand and we swim briefly and the waves shove us out of the sea.
'You were swimming into the sea'
  I laughed and spot a large wave coming and race higher up and away from it.
'Enjoy, this isn't for me'
  I was safe and far away from the waves and the aroma of grilled fish leads me to the grill.
  I point at it and pick a plate, yep I was having fresh cod fish today. It was so deliciously made, I didn't look up until I finished. Baby lilac eyes was watching me and i laughed and remember my hair is all messy. He helps me smooth it. Usually I am mad at people who touch my hair, but not him.

He drags me to his team and we played Beach volleyball.

  Kai, it showed that I had not had any firm of cardio exercise in a long time. I think Valentine week was my last routine exercise.

  Daniel was frowning and I did not even notice. Henrik was such a fun person to hang around.
'You know he is engaged, right?'
 Daniel tells me in an annoying voice.
'And I have a boyfriend'
'What are you two doing?'
'Playing volleyball'
'His girlfriend is not going to like this'
'We are just playing volleyball'
'Have you forgotten that all this is going online?'
  I was getting angry.
'The Blogger filming you two is her best friend'
  Walahi, I had forgotten about the Blogger. She will upload it all and people are going to have more to say about me. The entire situation dampened my mood.
'Don't let Daniel's jealousy ruin the Weekend', Henrik says.
'And what will your girlfriend think?'
 He pulls me aside mid match and our teammates grumble.
'Don't mind them, we are just two people who clicked. I miss my girl, you miss your man, nothing more'
'Exactly', I screamed.
'Dont mind them jare, jealousy, jealousy'
  He said in the most Nigerian pigeon English tone I've heard in a long time. I laughed and served the ball. And for your information, our team won. Henrik wanted to have drinks after but I choose not to. I need my time, alone with me.

  Maybe one drink will help calm my nerves.

  I smile and raise my glass at Daniel.
'So, tell me what you see in Henrik'
 I roll my eyes at him.
'Daniel abeg'
'Seriously, the guy is annoying'
'Is he related to Elizabeth...'
'Tailor, no he is not'
'Those eyes are unique, and his smile inviting and I think I counted eight packs'
'So you and every woman on the beach were lusting over him'
'Admiring him, not lusting. Besides, he is so easy to talk to'
'He has five big sisters'
'So where is Mr. H?'
'Making money for our children'
 Daniel laughs.
'Is it funny?'
'He's with Baratu'
'How did you..'
'It's in today's papers'
  I know ah, he did not have to nail it in. They were launching a product together, Mr. H supplied the raw materials and Baratu's company used it to produce goods and donated them to IDP camps. She was such a sweet rich angel, spending more and more quality time with my man.
'You are frowning'
'Am I supposed to be laughing?'
  Poor Daniel, I just snapped at him for no reason.
'I would be mad too, if an old flame spent all that time with my partner'
'I thought you were supposed to cheer me up'
'Right now, no'
'Because of Henrik?'
 Daniel ignored me and had a sip from his blue label.
'He will always be beautiful to us girls no matter what'
'I know, I just thought you were immune'
'Because I'm a good mummy's girl or I have that sweet I won't ever admire handsome men look?'
   Daniel did not know how to answer.
'Sometimes, the attention is all what we need. And it's always an added bonus if he's handsome'
'I hope you know, a lot of women think I'm handsome'
'No doubt, you are smoking hot. But it's that jambbite syndrome, the new girl, new guy vibe. It's always going to catch everyone's attention until the next new thing comes along'
'You think I'm smoking hot?', He had this smile plastered on his face.
'I'm trying to boost your moral'
 He moves closer to me and I can feel his warm breadth on my face.
'You think I'm smoking hot'
   He is about to kiss me when I hear his voice, another voice.
'I thought you didn't want to drink?'
  Henrik announced and I looked up at his come to bed eyes and open arms.
'Just wanted one drink'
  I stood up and physically walked away from sin and all its temptations in all its different ramifications.
 Sunday morning was extra sunny and you know what that means. It would rain all day, soon.
  I put on my trainers and decide to run. Yep, I'm repenting. Henrik and Daniel are already running on the beach and I join them. Only, I don't run. I walk briskly and half run. They indulge me and an hour later, I am almost dead. Running on beach sand is much more exhausting than it looks. They try to get me to run for another hour and I refuse. After all, I am just recovering.
  Lunch is served and we all cluster around a lone crocodile. It's in a cement enclosure and dinner for those who care to try it out. Later on. I will not eat anything that I do not recognize, so it's fish with its head intact. I am not adventurous when it comes to food and it's staying that way.
  Dinner excites everyone but me. I am now angry and I have been obsessing over Baratu and Mr. H. It's day two and he has not called.
And for some strange reason, every time Henrik and I are alone the Blogger happens to join us. As if that will stop anything anyone wants to do.
  Mr. H is calling me and I ignore the phone call. Let him know how it feels.
He calls again and Henrik pulls me over to the grill with the crocodile on it.
'So you won't try'
  I shake my head and watch the Blogger take pictures of us. It's becoming annoying and my phone won't stop ringing. So I pick it up.
'He is a great distraction but you can't just dump me like that'
   Mr. H was talking as if he was here and my face lights up.
'The purple eyed Oyinbo by your side'
 I search for him and find him and run into his arms. God I missed him a lot and kissed him.
  I look and hold his face and then notice. Baratu was by his side watching me.
  She was smiling at me and outstretched her hands to give me a hand shake. 
I turn around and look out for Daniel, he is munching on some crocodile and stops when he sees the look on my face. Henrik is still trying to understand what is going on and I am in total shock.
  Are my eyes deceiving me? Did Mr. H, just bring his exgirlfriend to our weekend get away? 

 Walahi talahi, I have just been served....

         A Very Tall Glass Of Lemonade.
And I don't like this one bit.
 And now, I must act for I cannot ignore this one bit.....

**Season 1, Episode 40***ADE'S JOURNAL" 40, COPYRIGHT 2016*

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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