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Ade's Journal Part 6
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Saturday 25 June 2016

Bronze Sceptre & The Clash And Cascade Of Women


 The dark clouds gather as Artificial Intelligence flatters. Mmmhf, A world without borders, with Nanobytes chatter...
Over none encrypted channels. This can only fuel and give me the boost. To jet out of a nightmare loop of a strangers hold, holding on to my very soul.
'Fight, push her. She's there , somewhere in the dark laughing'
  Become her, stand tall with your power in your hands. A failure on the walk of burning coal, does not mean next time you won't succeed. Own it, stand tall. It's here, Bronze Sceptre & The Clash And Cascade Of Women.

   I fall out of a dream and onto a cold marble floornnoying. I am relieved to have survived and watch my reflection of a bronze relic. It startles me at first, then it calms me down. No weapon fashioned against me shall make it. It will buckle under pressure and fail the test of time.  
  I get it, I let fear engulf me and try to snatch me from this world. The devil is a liar, I have some h more to give. I shall focus on me and all my possibilities.
 The sound of my laughter, makes me realize that I am on my knees and in front of the mirror in Mr. H's room.
  'Ade, are you awake?'
  He was at the edge of his massive bed, watching me. Not sure of what he was witnessing.
  I sniff hard and massage the tip of my nose. Ask me why? And I'll tell you it's just a habit.
'I'm awake'
 I try to reassure my boo but from the look on his face, I could tell he wasn't buying any of it.
'So, you know that you were talking in your sleep'
'I was trying to wake up from a horrible dream. At least the beginning.... it ended well'
'You could not breath...'
'Athena' first, but I slayed everything that came my way'
  He had a look on his face, a kind of, I am not buying any of this crap look '
'It was induced by all that reading about witchcraft and burning children... Don't  worry, I'm fine'
 I stand up and give him a hug and drift back into sleep.

   From the sound the generator makes me sleep with one ear pressed on the bed and The other plugged firmly by my ear lobes. As I try to shield out the slight but loud noise, By placing my finger
Wrapped around My tired head. The bright sunlight, sipping and finding its way into my room. Tell's me that I am late.
  That's why I don't like waking up between sleep. I am late.
 I always, try to catch up but sleep a little too long. I race to the bathroom and hear a call and know it's from my P. A. Soon I will answer, first let me get there.
   She keeps calling and I have to pick up and when I do. She tells me the meeting has been moved up and they are on their way.
I exhale hard and look at my bed, now well made with my folder in it. I will attend the meeting no doubt but I was thinking I would have time to make something before stepping out. Now i don't so my best option is toast bread with eggs and a glass of lemonade.
  Celine is out already, and ready to dash out.
'What's up?'
'I just got a call from the editor...'
'.... The one that covered our story?'
'Yep, she has a request from a man with seven wives and they each want unique designs that would single them out as they are all pregnant and have made it into the news'.
'Are you for real?'
'Yes oooo, the husband is a traditionalist and says it's his way of helping single women out'
'Seven, ha, that's too much. How would he cope in this economy? Is the dollar not almost four hundred Naira?'
'Yes, but he is a farmer and upgrading  to mechanized farming'
'For real? I'm impressed'
 As Celine updates me, I  am in awe. He read Celine's story and was touched and called the editor to link them up. The photoshoot is next tomorrow.
'I have to meet this family'
 There's some marketing opportunity, somewhere in this story. We can work together and get the world talking about this.
'Ajoke and Ashabi too want to meet them'     Ajoke and I definitely want to meet this unique family.
  My P.A. is calling me again and i pick up.
'I'm still safe, I have another hour's
'He's here'
 My deep brown eyes light up as I think of his lilac piercing eyes. Crawling up my face, making me smile.
'What's making you blush?'
 Celine's question startles me and makes me feel guilty.
'Hehn, this game you and this white boy are playing, will get you into trouble oooo'
 I frowned big time but not because of what Celine said.
'Should Mr. Daniel Ojora wait?'
  That was not the name I wanted to hear, after all he was now sleeping with Baratu.
'He's early, okay.... I'm on my way'
   I pick up my briefcase.
'Did someone die?'
'No ooo, why would you say that?'
'Your face....'
'Daniel is in my office'
'With Baratu?'
  I eyed Celine from her head to toe and she laughs and falls forward.
'Stop am ooo, I don't like this expensive joke one kobo'
'No vex, let's start going before we are late for our appointments'
  She was still laughing at me and I was still frowning. This was not a very good start to a very hot day.
 I practiced smiling in my car because I was mad at Daniel. Which did not make sense.
We were not dating and he did not owe me any explanation.
As I walk into my office, the smile on my P.A's face says it all. She was up to date on our strange love triangle.
 I greet him and sit opposite him, there was tension in the air.
'I wanted to talk to you before the meeting'
'About what?'
'About us'
'What about us?'
'I know we have not talked since...'
 I leaned forward to hear him and wanted to hear the silly explanation.
'You have Mr. H and I know you are currently not....'
'Don't say it....'
'But Baratu and I...'
  I jump up on my feet, why the hell is he talking about.
'Because, I feel close to you, I want to be closer but respect your decision'
'I could have crushed your relationship but I suspect I am not as ready as I thought'
'Good for you'
'But this open flirtations with Henrik is appalling'
'You slept with Baratu and have the guts to try to caution me? I know you are joking'
'Henrik loves Athena'
'And I love Mr. H'
'The body needs what it does and I have not seen him this distracted by anyone since...'
'I thought you said he was a player'
'I was trying to break what I saw coming'
'You were jealous'
  I was quiet, he was right.
'I need to stop'
  Daniel was been very mature about the entire situation and I was just been dog headed.
'Dont do it, start this game that would end...'
'You easily forgot about me'
'I removed her from the picture'
  I laughed.
'For me, thanks'
  My sarcasm shined through in my voice and on my face. Nonsense and ingredients.
Did I send you?
'Baratu had her claws deep into your life and I know I lost you in the process'
'Abeg, you didn't do it for me'
  The look on his eyes made me wonder, how can you date someone to protect someone else. That was strange on all levels.
 Daniel looked at me and my heart jumped, this man had experience. He knows how to rope me back into his spell.
 I shake my head and reject his suggestions.
'Why do you think, your day is Baratu free?'
'Na wa o, how can you?'
'For you, anything'
 I still don't buy any of this cow shit, he wanted to sleep with her and did.
My P.A. shows up, the others are here. The meeting progressed forward and we were all happy with the stipulated time table.
 Henrik tried and failed to make eye contact. I did not look at Daniel either, I was not happy with both distractions.
But all leave minus Henrik and I watched him look sad.
'Something has changed'
'This is not about Athena'
'It should be', I add seriously.
'So you won't give us a chance'
'What lies did Daniel tell you?', he was jealous and guarded.
'He didn't lie, he just hasn't seen you this distracted. According to him'. I say, loving that I was getting this handsome hunk distracted.
'He is with Baratu', he adds trying to crush Daniel's game.
'I know'
'Don't let them end this'
  He was so close, I could see the dilated shades of purple and lilac pupils in his eyes.
I watched his lips and he watched mine. We were close and he felt the arch of my back and I moved closer.
Henrik didn't kiss me, we just watched our faces and then I laughed. He laughed too and we both crash onto the couch. My P.A. was watching us, a little confused.
'You know this is more'
'Why are you laughing?'
'Why did you laugh?"
'I didn't want to have to explain'
'Me too'
'So, Lunch?'
'Lobsters', I say substituting my hunger for attraction.
  He side hugs me and we both step out together. This is fun...

  Celine did such a great job with the Aso Oke fabric, caressing the different sizes of pregnancy. The seven women had different stages but it was strange to me. The magazine shoot was fun and the women were civil. The last wife was in her mid twenties.
'Why would you willingly share a man with six other women?'
 I did not know when I asked.
She laughed and smoothes her hand over her baby bump.
'Least I know, men will always want more'
'What about you?'
 She snapped her finger over her own head.
'Good forbid bad thing, a promiscuous woman. It's the worst sin on earth'
'But your man is allowed', I point out.
'He will his own judgement for his past sins, for now he is a new man in the Lord'
'Which lord allows seven wives'?', I asked.
'Actually the morning star, the sun'
'Which one, the one in our solar system', it was a rhetorical question.
  Celine pinched me and I give her a mean look.
'An unseen universe where angels are higher than man?'
'Your husband created this religion, abi?'
'How did you know, to help single women', this woman was not biting into the bait I set.
'As long as you are happy', I say finally accepting they are happy.
'I am, but look at you. If you want, I can tell my husband to help you and marry you. He is fertile'
  I open my mouth to protest and Celine pulls me away and asks at the same time.
'Where is my lobster?'
 I hand her the package and look back at the last wife.
'Don't say anything, just leave her'
'The dress is pretty '
'I don't mind one'
'Thats true, you need to patronize me self'
'The check is in'
'They paid?'
 Celine shrieked and hugged me, it's the first money that is not tied down.
'Good, so Daniel bought this?'
'Did you kiss him?'
'We almost but laugh it off, it would just complicate everything '
'You laughed?'
   Ajoke called, she's too tired to come around.
     The last wife walked back up to me and said she wanted me to recite a poem for her. At first I am not interested because we have both judged ourselves harshly. But it was another opportunity to be in the news, free publicity.
 The women all stand and I sit in their midst with my eyes shut. I think of my poetic Twitter tweets and decide the best for this occasion.
'This all Started because, I am Brainwashed by Vanity. Reading, Ugly hurtful words, designed to stop You Laughing And Floating Free. Take Back Your Power Women Of Substance Because, They describe themselves'
  I open my eyes and they clap, and tell me it's how they felt before their husband found them. He offers me a hand in marriage and I laugh.
'Nice try, but I'm old school, when I marry I won't share and if I do. Then I would end it'
'Pity because if all married couples do that then there will practically be no one still married'
To me, he described the worse case scenario.
'I have faith that marriage for me will work'
'Good luck then'

 The man put the fear of God in me, God willing my story shall be one of success.

I just pray it happens soon....

**Season 1, Episode 43**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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