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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Clay Madam Scream Down Through Tired Eyes


   Hard red mud, cakes my paved kingdom. Sad black eyes watch my every movement. Over grown red gele, shelters her stern face from a scorching sun. As once again, my hands bake and I mould her to shape once more.

    Na real wa. The judgemental eyes won't
stop looking at me. And I know the question on their lips.
Are you pregnant?
   I think the question is annoying, to start with... I am celibate, I choose to abstain until my wedding night. But does my mum and her body sister believe? Well, to my mum I will always be a saint. But Auntie believes that once a girl starts her monthly period. She should be watched Luke a hawk watching his prey.
 I don't blame her oooo, when you have quadruplets more beautiful than she could ever be eh. Your blood pressure rises by the second. Aunt Nina can't help but be judgemental, her daughter's humbled her to the teeth.
  Taiwo got pregnant at sixteen, Kehinde married her mother's best friends husband. Idowu has sworn, never to let the bondage called 'marriage'; tie her down. And Alaba married her Arabic teacher, she was the good, all covered daughter who went into labour on her graduation day. She had fooled her parents and mine. In fact, she spent holidays with me for a month, wore sanitory towels for a week and went back home and had a baby. he babe deserves an Oscar, but my Auntie was mad briefly. She wailed and beat her daughter who was in labour, until my mum rescued mother from daughter. My cousin had quadruplets, the tiniest babies I have seen till date. Today, they tower above me and call me Auntie A.  How cute...
  Well, that feeling ends when my Aunt gives me a reason to be sad, this fasting period.
'I hope you are pregnant ooo, because living with a man that long and not conceiving. Hehn, Olourun eda ma daa si oo'
 All the frown lines resurface on my smooth face.
'Auntie, every body has their life to live oo'
 I wanted to add that her children, my cousins were nine years older. In their late forties, and I choose this to some extent. Well, I didn't. And because she knows this, she milks my situation. Please she should hurry up and go back to Uyo, Akwa Ibom and leave us here in Lagos alone.
'Which life? It's because technology and science can make a fifty year old pregnant.....'
'Auntie, I am in my thirties'
 I raised my voice and my sore eyeballs ache.

  The fact is that, I was scared. I passed out in the market, either from heat stroke or something else. That whisper in my ears scared me. As I fell, I felt like I was shaking and vibrating. Like I was having a seisure. I'm not sure ooo. But my mind is playing all sorts of tricks on me. I am really afraid and worried and embarrassed at the same time.
'Mr. H has money so go and check yourself up in a hospital'
'Auntie, you always have to bring up this money shaaaa. As if I don't have any'
'How won't I? My daughter's, at least three of them married poor'
 My mum slapped her back to stop her.
'Leaf me, I will say my church mind. I keep bailing them out. All the rent money I collect from houses I took loan to build and paid back.... See eh, what about Daniel?'
 My headache intensified.
'Mummy, where is daddy?'
'In his room praying'
'Don't Dodge the question'
 My Auntie physically turned me from my mum to face her.
My entire body aches and my head swooned.
'Auntie abeg'
 I snapped at her with total disgust and realized what I just did. I hold my head and pretend to want to faint.
'Pregnant, I tell you. Maybe you will give us twins'
 She was excited and anxious at the same time and I realized I was laughing.
'So, I don't see any engagement ring. So Daniel has a chance, right? Just look at you two...'
 She waved the celebrity magazine in my face. I look at Chuks daughter's wedding pictures and at me and Daniel. We look cozy together, and Ashabi looks gorgeous.
 My Auntie flipped the page back to Daniel and I.
'Beautiful, you will be the only one actually marrying a fellow Aborigine, a Lagosian like us'
 I roll my aching eyes at her and continue to flip the pages.
'You are looking at her, that's how Idowu started. She lives with a man she did not marry for seven years...'
'It's not even four months', I protest and try to make her see my case was different.
 My Auntie ignored me and continued to talk.
'Until, he brought in a younger woman and married her within two months. Describing her as a desperate woman who needed a place to stay'
 I look at my mum with sad eyes and she understood.
'Iya Iberin, don't do that Mr. H has said after Ajoke's wedding'
'Na today? A man ready to marry makes no excuses'
 I rest my aching head on the couch and my mum feels my head.
'You have a fever'
 My Auntie claps her hands and I sit up.
'Daniel said that on page nineteen'
 She flipped it open and I whip out my phone and WhatsApp Mr. H. I definitely can't drive home in this state.
'My Auntie is obsessed with weddings and projecting her third child's disdain for marriage unto me'
'Iya Iberin, leave Ade alone'
'Never, never, if she marries Daniel who has factory's and global businesses then my girls can upgrade and let me enjoy my retirement in peace'
  Am I surprised? No.
Mr. H's driver arrives and I go in to say goodbye to my dad hiding away from my Auntie. I practically run away from my mum's house.

  Briefly, I decide to check my P.A. all my absence has to be filled up. She is excited to see me and I let her in just before we drive o to my office complex.
Outside, I spot a familiar face and shut my eyes.
 I must be hallucinating.

Frank is in jeans and a white t-shirt, he looks like he is going for a photoshoot and he has my Ipele. I have even forgotten self.
  I wind down my windscreen and stretch my hands. He said a lot but I could not hear a word.
  I grab the bag and he grabs my hand.
'Are you alright?'
 I look at him.
'I can tell, have you been to the hospital?'
  I shake my head.
'Don't self medicate ooo, go for a proper check up, see a doctor'
  It's annoying, worse off its maleria or typhoid or both. Then again, my epileptic eating habit and sugar addictions would deprive my body is rich nutrients. Especially, fruits and vegetables. I suspect my blood count is low.
'I will go'
'I will check you later'
'Why not?'
'I am no longer your concern'
'Ade, you will always be my priority. Whether you want to be or not?"
 Did my P.A. just put her hands on her own chest and sigh. How gullible can she be? What's her own self?
I can't be bothered with all these serere,s my eyes and rest my aching head.
'Please, take her to the hospital'
 I open my eyes, Frank was talking to my P. A. I shut them again and Frank watched us I drive away.

   I have a cold and I am exhausted. As Daniel calls me up on my phone and I anwser the phone. He can tell that I am down and  moves our meeting to Friday.
Thank God, because talking with anyone has become tiresome.

 As if Mr. H knew, I would not go anywhere. He marched into my office and helps me up.
'Why didn't you go to the hospital? '
'I just wanted to rest my head'
'For three hours?'
'Nope, just ten minutes'
I look at my phone and can't believe I have been asleep that long.
'If Mohammed won't come to the mountains.. '
 He had a skinny young doctor with him.
'She's a specialist and requires you to cooperate'
 Her stethoscope was cold and the light she shined on my eyes hurt like hell.
'We will need a blood test'
  I move and shield my veins from her.
''Ade, are you scared of injection?'
' Terrified'
'I need to run some more tests'
The doctor adds and I struggle to strelax'.
At the hospital, I let them draw blood and wait for the results.
 God please, don't let it be a tumor IR cancer. I am afraid and anxious.
The doctor confirmed that my blood count is low and prescribed a lot of drugs. And thank God, no tumor but I need to rest. My blood pressure is surprisingly fine but my blood count dangerously low. No need for blood transfusion thank God
 And no work for me till Friday.
'Is my respiratory system okay?'
It was an odd question, I know. But Mohammed Ali died from complications.
'You are fine, just try and relax'
 Something is not right with Mr. H. I can tell.
'What's wrong?'
'Let's focus on getting you better, right now'
'What happened?'
'It's no big deal?'
'Did someone die?'
''Ade, on o e is dead'
'What happened?'
'Frank happened, he snapped at me and I just freeze'

 What did Frank do, this time?

**Season 1, Episode 38**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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