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Tuesday 21 June 2016

Drums Of War From The Grimm Reaper


   Coily frothy foams around my  edgy corners and the soil rushes and spins in low curls beneath the waters. Crash molted skin graze against each other as they Freeze all hopes of him recovering and bringing laughter. Medical facilities put the fear of God in me through all these chatter. As I pray the Drums Of War From The Grimm Reaper, strays far away from all the people I know that gather.
       'I hate hospitals', I grumble. Not knowing how to handle, Chuks almost lifeless body lying on the flat mackintosh laden bed.
 Celine blocks mouth with both her hands and we struggle awkwardly. The nurse is unsure of what to make of our squabble and I am mad as hell at Celine. I am about to give her a mouthful when she points at Chuks and whispered in my ear.
'He can hear you, positive talk only'
  I roll my eyes at her and add, in a whisper of course.
'You would have told me'
 The nurse is a bit more relaxed now that we are calm and quiet. But I kind of, do not know what to say.
''Ade is here, you remember.. I told you she went on a trip to Calabar with Ashabi'
 My eyes light up and I open my mouth in total shock. The babe was lying but the look in her eyes, tell me to play along.
'Ashabi's car got stranded so she missed her flight... But she's coming soon'
  We both watch the eighty year old man in a coma. He actually looks dead but the sound of her name, makes his eyeballs inside his shut eyes dance about.
   I give Celine a good pinch and almost scream. I am excited he is responding and almost screamed, when the nurse placed her finger on her own lip. I caught scope and kept quiet, Chuks seemed to respond every time we mentioned Ashabi's name.
There is hope after all.

 Outside his hospital room, Celine and I hug each other.
'Let's go and see the doctor', I say exhausted and worried.
 Celine agrees with me and in front of his office. I watched his very yellow grand daughter whom I did not know before now, shout at the doctor.
'He is dead, why are you keeping his corpse alive with machines?'
'Because medically, he is still alive. He is breathing on his own and responds when we talk'
'Does he shake your hands or speak? Hehn?'
'Please madam, let's discus this in my office...'
 The doctor opened the door into his office and Chuks granddaughter looks up and spots us. I knew we were just fresh kill for this pariah.
'And you two, don't think I don't know what Ashabi is up to. She did not marry my grandfather, so I will fight her spiritually and physically'
 It was a logical question to ask this unnecessarily agitated young lady. I watched her point her finger at me and speak in a tone suggesting that we have been arguing for a while. People walking past us were staring at the scene she was creating.
'Please, the man was senile. My brother has already filed to kick her out'
  Walahi, it was like watching a Nigerian home video or some Telenovela. The man was barely in the hospital for two days and his family was already squabbling for his money.
'Doctor, I want him transferred this minute'
'It is risky and like I said, let us discus this...'
'I am his family, not some tiny gold digger that ran away when she heard he was sick'
'Ashabi didn't run away...', Celine defends our friend.
'Every magazine will print everything about Ashabi. The men she has slept with, the homes she has broken. She will regret the day she decided to target my grandfather'
'Why, do you want to marry him?', I speak out aloud without any filters.
 Celine put herself between us because I was no longer retreating but advancing towards this mad woman.
  My question surprised her and  she gave me a strange look.
 A nosy child had a smart phone in his hands. He was recording the entire drama, how very rude of him. But I will deal with him later. Right now, this babe needs to get a tongue Lashing from me.
'Ashabi makes him happy...'
 Before I could say more, she cut me off.
'Why am I even talking to you? You are after all birds of the same feather. Chasing Frank, a married man all about town, and you bribing a tout to live with you till he beat you up and locked you in the bathroom. Too bad everything will be out and about. You all, messed with the wrong family'
 Celine was in shock and faced the young woman steering up trouble. But before we could respond, she stylishly walked away, escaped, leaving me, Celine and the doctor speechless.

  Together in all our rage and misery, we pace about Ajoke's living room. I am still reading through the gossip magazine that said I wore a fake engagement ring for two years. And threatened to deal with Frank's wife, Lara. It even mentioned that my best friend is carrying Frank's baby. Proof that all my friends were desperado's. Can you imagine? I panicked and continued reading the article, afraid of what they would say about Celine.
 Just thank God, they did not mention Celine's rape, but they did mention all the money she gave him to start businesses which he diverted and paid for two chicks to live in Lekki phase 1.
     Obviously, the magazine still wanted to stay in Ajoke's good books, because they made her out to be the hard working friend we all fought hard to attend her upcoming wedding with Bala. The entire situation was a hot mess.
     It did not stop Ajoke from calling the owner and demanding a retraction and an apology or they would get a lawsuit.
'It's your sisters fault', Celine shouted at Ajoke.
'I know, ah. Don't shout at me ooo'
'Let us not fight, let us find a way around this'
'How? She claimed my business is dead' Celine was shaking and I side hug her and stare at Ajoke.
'We have to find her'
'I've searched and...'
  Low and behold, our dear Ashabi walks in.
Ajoke rushes to choke her and Celine and I fight to keep Ajoke away from her sister. Ashabi was such a weakling, the babe could not fight and almost died self. And she likes trouble, how come trouble makers can't fight?
  Shaa, she massaged her own neck and sits on the floor. Ajoke is strong, I never doubted it one minute. Have you seen her pound pounded yam? The skill and vigor is impeccable and precise. Ajoke is fit and I pity anyone who tries her. Ashabi knows this and cowers away from her.
'Let me beat the living daylight out of her'
'No, let her explain first. Then you can finish her'
 There was all seriousness in my tone of voice and Celine was tapping her nails on the table, waiting.
'I'm sorry, I panicked. I didn't want to have to care for a dying man'
'You didn't know that, when you were dating someone sixty two years older than you, eh?'
  Ajoke was shouting and shaking, and I could see the babies in her stomach dance about uneasily. Their  Mother's distress was affecting them.
'Ajoke, calm down. Your babies...'
  Ajoke hugs her stomach and reaches out for a handkerchief. She was crying uncontrollably and it took about ten minutes to calm her down.
'I was afraid the family will come after me'
'So, you left them to attack your family and friends instead. Eh?'
 Ajoke was spot on and made Ashabi feel even more guilty than ever.
'It's when I read the magazine that I realized....'.
   Ashabi tries to explain but none of us were interested in what she had to say.
'So how do we solve this problem?'
'A story from each of us, first mine on rape and victim blaming'
 I heard Celine but i could not believe my ears. She would let the world know she was raped? Celine is a true brave woman.
'And then, Ade on married men tricking single girls into false unreal marriages'

   I pause for a moment.

 She is right, I was tricked and yet it's my fault? I had to tell my side of the story, fast.
'Also, its free publicity for our business, the business side and hard working side of us girls'
  I pick up my phone and call my media team. We would have a grand photo shoot, first the bridal train for Ajoke's wedding. And then for Ashabi's bridal train. We schedule for this evening and are all excited.
 Ashabi picks up her Chanel bag, the gorgeous white bag screamed of topnotch craftsmanship  and I didn't even know I was drawn to it, I was feeling it.
'I bought it, my guilt made me shop...'
'You owe us, big time', Celine announced.
 Nodding her head, the naive little thing agreed.
'So, are you girls coming to the hospital with me? I'm afraid I let Chuks down and his fake grandchildren want to get rid of me'
  Ashabi feels guilty but we reassure her that Chuks loves and responds to her name. He will understand.

   The hospital was in chaos because Chuks grandson and daughter were trying to move him. But our entourage of security men and media team made them stop.
     The power of the camera and quick instant uploads work, all the time. And we were rid of them quickly.
 Ashabi cried and gisted with Chuks, explaining that she went shopping and had on new clothes. It was strange to watch this girl high up on her vanity scale. She threatened and cajoled him. She hugged  and spanked him, Celine and I exchanged looks of shock, confusion and warmth.
If I had not witnessed it, I would not have believed a word of it. Ashabi even slept for a while, snoring and making us giggle

 Ashabi's snoring got so loud, I swear to God who made me. It woke Chuks up.
He literarily said, 'You are snoring'
 From his coma, and Ashabi woke up denying it. His speech was slurry and very slow. But the doctors reassured us he would recover.
 Several hours later, his results prove he is stable and i jump on the opportunity.
I offer to take pictures of the couple in the hospital with Ashabi posing sexily and pushing his wheel chair. Chuks did not like the idea at first. But the pictures were so sexy, he insisted I print a photobook of the session.
    The magazine had two full pages of each of us telling our stories. And Chuks grandson and granddaughter trying to take over the business. The other grandchildren overseas, read the stories and called Chuks lawyers with proof that the greedy grandchildren had been paid off. And no longer had any rights to his assets or money. And insisted if they wanted to pursue the case that they tender DNA proof they were his heirs.


  Insider information revealed, he had only married their mother and never adopted them. They did not even know this as it was in a sealed document that his DNA heirs had. What a mess.
  Job offers poured in and my joy over flowed, like they say.
  From chaos comes opportunity. I'm glad we resolved this quick, and I see his call and smile.
  Am I a bad person? Should I stop this before things get complicated? Why should I? After all, I am living with my boyfriend and he is about to get married.
  Damn it all, I feel like I should be told all kinds of good things right now. Besides, Daniel is too busy with Baratu to call me.
  I pick up Henrik's call and Celine eyed me, I did not care and my cheeks ache from smiling so much.
'Well done 'Ade, you are a true, strong relentless woman. They won't mess with you again'
  I was laughing and happy.
'No way, in fact that's why they will mess with me'
'You clamped down and shut them up quickly'
'My reputation is everything'
'I know, shall we do dinner?', he was asking for a date.
'No today, I'm... I need to reboot for tomorrow's meeting'
'I can't wait'
  I didn't say anything, i just smile.
'Daniel has been scarce, so I would see him tomorrow. Have you? Seen him, since the beach?'
'Only in the same magazine you just read'
  Henrik laughed.
'Daniel and his boats and scooters, any ways... Women love them'
'They do', I agree with him. I'm not sure if he meant that I was one of the women who fell for his expensive tricks. Or if he was referring to other women.
'So dinner tomorrow, after our business meet....'
'I don't think it's a good idea'
   The chemistry was real and dangerous, I did not trust myself alone with him.
'But it's okay to have dinner with Daniel'
'Don't do that'
'Drinks then...'
'You didn't tell me her name'
   Hearing her name should remind him of why they got together. And remind me that he is unavailable.
'Like the goddess?'
  Henrik laughed.
'I'll save that story for tomorrow'
'You just made this very interesting'
'You just proved that our chemistry is real and you are physically running away from me'
'I've done chemistry, it's futile'
'Nothing is set in stone'
'You gave her one, so I will see you at our business meeting tomorrow'
'So, if you want us to ignore this... I can, so I will keep it strictly business like. I will see you tomorrow, goodbye miss Ade'
'Good bye Mr. Henrik'
    It feels awkward, but necessary. I can't wait to get home to reality, to my Mr. H.
God knows I'm farmished.

  I am on my bed, chatting with Mr. H and updating  him about our photo shoot when I see the article.
 I must admit that the first time I read something like this, was that picture of a white woman squatting and giving a dying black malnourished little boy water in a clear bottle. It's was reported that he had some form of witchcraft and was left for dead, in 2016. Can you just imagine?
   I did not like the picture, but that did not stop it from been true.
 I proceed to read out loud the article that is rattling my mind.
'Now, today mid June 2016, two children were tied to a tree and were going to be set ablaze for witchcraft in Cross River'
 Mr. H tries and fails to comfort me.
'What is wrong with people? Thank  God they rescued the children on time but why? See that Orlando massacre? Very sad. Poor innocent souls, losing their lives because they are different'
  Mr. H is in as much shock as I am, I know I get a little superstitious, sometimes. But it does not give me the licence to kill. This world is getting more and more scarier by each passing day.
  See Chuks fake grandchildren, threatening to attack us physically and spiritually. Thank God, some nosy child recorded the incident because I have taken it up with the police. All the drama weighs down on me and I fall asleep, briefly.

     Wailing endlessly, the notes varied from one annoying pitch to another.
 First from a goat tied up to a fence early this morning to a baby angered by her mother's gentle touch. I did not want to wake up but, no matter how hard I tried. The clutches of sleep eludes me. It's quiet and I'm tired of pretending to be fast asleep. I feel a force holding me down as I try to stand up.
 Maybe it's my time, maybe I am having some kind of brain trauma. Maybe Chuks granddaughter has finally attacked me spiritually. Can't Mr. H feel my distress? Can't he see that I am in pain?
 A sadness engulfs me, as I ponder on the last interview I gave this selfish world. Is that how I'm going to be remembered?

What ever is going on, I have to get up and fast.

**Season 1, Episode 42**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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