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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Illuminating In A Wave Of Dark Tide


    Lifting my head up high, I pray for a way. A kind of deliverance from the centrifuge that fuels my bloated head. As I shed tears for decisions I failed to take. Places that i wanted to go. My foot paths, carved in clay, paving my way as my footsteps as I leave footprints, Illuminating In A Wave Of  Dark Tide. My weight, sinks deep in the sands of time, and then I backslide....

  How I wish today was Sunday, an excuse to see my parents. To laugh with my mother as the church songs resonate in the air. And our big bottoms nudge and bounce us back into our upright position. And then, in the evening I would squeeze and drink a fresh orange and watch my father break his spiritual fast.

 Do you feel like that sometimes?

  Like your mother's prayer in her native dialect, gets direct access to God?  And my dad's political analysis of Buhari's administration is more accurate than any of my friends.... I know, it's silly, I just miss them.
   Ajoke is cracking open the pincers from the last Lobster in the take away pack. She would not let me microwave the delicacy.
'Stop looking at me like that'
'How do you think Bala will feel, if you get food poisoning?'
'... He will be glad that this meal is radiation free'
 Celine slaps Ajoke's back and she hits her with the lobster.
'Microwaves don't have radiation...'
  Celine stopped talking and was watching me.
'You're  in your... I'm not married mood'
'I don't have a mood'
  What's Celine's problem? Why is she looking for my trouble? I don't like it ooo.
'For your information, I was missing my parents'
'Yours are nice, mine... Well, me and Ashabi had to escape'
 I shake my head, Ajoke was sucking the meat out of the Lobster.
'Seriously, what's up?', Ajoke asked.
'Do you sometimes feel like it's the same old thing happening over and over again?'
  My question didn't seem to sink in deep, at least not in the way and manner I wanted it to.
'Nope, its the first time I ever made clothes for seven wives and one husband'
'Me too, and my family has never witnessed anyone marrying with sixty two years age gap's
'Thats not what I'm talking about..'
'First time I am getting married... Next month'
'You don't get it...'
'Don't grumble, you got a cool pay check today....'
'Which will all be spent by next week...'
'What's wrong?'
'Daniel dating Baratu is a good thing... Right'
'Well he told me he was doing me a favor...'
'Abeg jare, he saw a beautiful willing Hausa chick'
'She is not Hausa...'
'She's Michika, from Adamawa'
'For real?'
  I didn't bother to answer Ajoke or Celine, maybe what I need is a different experience. And I know just who to call...

  The mainland, absent of the sea or the lagoon feels different. And I just miss it, for no apparent reason.
  I can hear her son crying, he is upset and I think it has to do with yoghurt.
'Etim, you have had enough..', she announced as she opened the door.
 Nnoye is in a very tight gown and finds it difficult to bend as she hugs me.
'Hi yii... What's up?'
'I took your advice and made my first dress, with all its flaws...'
'It's gorgeous, just tight...'
'I know, but my Instagram followers don't know that'
'Are you selling already?'
'God, no. I'm just posing and feeling sexy for all my seventy three followers'
'Etim hi...'
'Don't, he gets aggressive when he can't get his sugar Rush'
'How could you?'
'He eats what I eat... You remembered us Mainlanders today...'
'Em, it's not like that'
'Anyways... How are you doing? Come in...'
  I walk in and Etim's cute crying face tempts me and I try to pick him up. Before I get to two feet from him, he slaps the air in front of him. And I retreat, he's a strong baby and that would have hurt.
'His toy car will distract him in a second...'
  He grabs the car and attempts to push it and laughs.
  I drop my bag in her new couch and look round.
'Ah, ah, new furniture?'
'That I regret buying'
'No more money... My boyfriends family lost the election and were adviced to resign...'
 Nnoye made a sign with her hands of her neck been sliced.
'My God, are you two safe?'
'Abeg, my so called bobo is in hiding and his father is in the hospital's
'I thought you liked him...'
'Well, he had a girlfriend in every local government area's
   I fell off the couch laughing, it sounded like a joke but the look on her face made me feel guilty.
'Are you serious?'
'I am, but you are right.. An organized crime Lords heir with no real ties to anyone. What was I expecting?'
 I hug her.
'I'm sorry'
'No wahala, what about you?'
'Me and Mr. H are doing great'
'I know, but I read about Daniel Ojora and Frank, has Khadijatu given birth?'
  The question threw me off, I have not thought about her in a while. Five solid months and I think she was two months pregnant already. When I found out... So, she will have her baby with my former fiance the month Ajoke is getting married.
 My heart beat raced fast and I felt faint, I could have sworn my heart was in my mouth.
 I leaned back and rested my tired head.
Nnoye squeezed my hand and I flicked open my heavy eyes.
'We will survive this, in fact, we are surviving already'
 She got tired of trying to bend and asked for a selfie. It was an odd question to ask in the moment.
'Please, so I can take the dress off'
I quickly powder my face and add lip gloss to my dry lips. The picture was epic and I got a call from Celine.
'You, we were boring you so you ran to your old friend. Abi?'
 I did feel guilty but Nnoye did not make this situation any easier.
'At least she is your friend for real, I'm only her friend when she remembers'
  I cover the mouth piece and cut my eyes at her.
'Where are you?'
 I did not like Celine's question
'So they want to come over?'
Neither did I like the tone in Nnoye's voice.
'Why, are you afraid I will embarrass you?'
 Nnoye was crushed and she bent her hands backwards, awkwardly to unzip her tight dress. I tried to help and she shoved me away.

  Who feels like I do right now?

 My friends are seperate, good for different feelings and moods. It's like pouring salty cheesy pizza on a super sweet Bailey's Irish cream laced ice cream. I would never....
'Ade, don't be a snob. Let's meet Nnoye'
'Snob, that's funny'
 Nnoye changed in the living room and I cut my eyes at her.
'It's my house, I can change where I want. Gosh, you are such a snob...'
'How, how am I a snob?'
'Did Nnoye just... You see, you are..'
'Okay, can Celine...'
'And Ajoke and Ashabi... She's back from visiting Chuks'
'How is he?'
'Better, ask Nnoye'
  I pause and look at Nnoye, and thought of Tina. I know she say the blackmailing two faced woman is no longer her friend. But I was worried.
  Celine caught my vibes and whispered.
'Don't worry, we won't misyarn around her. I know she's Friends with Tina's
 I shake my head, some about this feels wrong. And I know it will come back and bite me in the ass.
'Okay, I'll text you the address'
  Nnoye actually danced as she swayed and got into a simple sleeveless free gown.

   Nnoye, Celine, Ashabi and Ajoke hit it off big time. We were all happy and shouting so loud, my head hurt. But in a good way.
Nnoye cooked Edika Ikong soup with fufu and it was perfect.
'That's why you were hiding her', Ajoke said as she eat her food.
 Celine grabbed the gown behind the couch and turned it inside out. Nnoye quickly collects it.
'My first attempt at making a gown'
'Fantastic, if you had seen mine.... one leg could not enter it's
 We all laugh.
It was a beautiful day and Etim got into a better mood.

   Sadly, I had to leave all my friends because something came up.
My P.A. had a problem with one of the documents, it seems it was missing my signature. I have to have it signed so that she can pay the check and submit the documents, first thing tomorrow. I drive there with renewed hope that all can be forgiven and old friendship rekindled.
 There is a pregnant woman in a headscarf by the entrance of my office complex. Most likely a religious fanatic with pamphlets she will use to raise money for her cause.
 I'm in a good mood, so I put a thousand naira in an envelope and roll down my mirror.
  I did not see that coming.
'Ade hi'
  I did not say anything and she collects the envelope, unsure of why I was giving her money.
'I'm still working in your former office, they slashed the salary and cut the work force but...'
  I snap my fingers and wait to collect my money back. She gives me back the envelope.
'Are you lost?'
'I wanted to see you'
'Can I...'
  She looked tired and was leaning on my car. I exhaled hard and point at the guard. He let her in and I park the car and lead her into my office. Thank God I have CCTV cameras all around. My P.A. is in shock, she knows who my guest is.
 I offer her a seat and sign the documents and tell my P.A. and Khadijatu to sit.
'Can we talk alone?'
'She knows everything'
  I lied because I didn't want to get any surprises.
'Errr, you know I am pregnant and..'
 Could she not be more obvious than she is right now.
'I am scared'
'Then pray'
'I haven't stopped praying but.... I feel guilty'

 Somehow, it clicked, deja vu. Don't tell me, it's another repeat, irritating spiritual nightmare. The one where Lara, Frank's former wife begs me for forgiveness like I'm a witch or something.

   I swear to God who made me, if she asks me for safe delivery, I will brush the living daylights out of her. Whether I have a witness or not.

**Season 1, Episode 44**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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