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Friday 17 June 2016

Mud Caked Bobo Caught Between Two Sisi's


   Like an annoying overbloated deep green fly with sharp red eyes, you float around and land on what is mine. Don't worry, keep on coming. I will swot you out of existence. Does she care? No oooo. Just look at her smile and act all civil, I've played this game long enough to see all your evil. Buzz around all you want, nothing you yearn for will be yours. Fight for him not for me. My dear, I want to reassure you, that I will always win. No matter his stance or lack of it, I get your time. Na die you dey.
    From the look on the faces of all the men present, this is awkward on all levels.
  Mr. H freezes like a Mud Caked Bobo Caught Between Two Chicks. Unsure of how to act or what to do. I actually feel sorry for him. Not in a pity, sad kind of way. I mean, in a manner that explains this awkwardness. Man must wack, must earn big time. And unfortunately for Mr. H and I, Baratu is a necessary evil. An annoying fly that ensures all the rot disappears but disturbs your concentration. In my situation, she is disturbing my man.
   Anyway, I realized for some strange reason, that I looked at Daniel when Baratu outstretched her hand to shake me. As if we were speaking, some unspoken language. I snapped out of it and remembered that she had offered me a hand shake. So I quickly look back at her, smile and give her a firm handshake.

'She's even prettier in real life'
Baratu says and I stiffen my eyeballs, fighting to roll them at her and taunt her.

  How polite of her, ha, ha, ha. I give her a blank look and Mr. H realizes he has not introduced us.
'Oh, Ade meet Baratu'
'Hey, hope you are not mad I'm spending so much time with your boyfriend'
 Smug little thing thinks she can rattle me, I have her time.
'Oh, it's just work. Mr. H is after all a workaholic'
 And we both fake laughter.

  Mr. H looks at the men watching us, actually watching me. I turn to Henrik and Daniel and silly me.
'Oh, err Baratu meet Daniel and Henrik my business associates'
They exchange pleasantries and Baratu hones in on Daniel.
'You are a hard man to catch, I've been trying to reach you...'
   And she stylishly turns him away from us.
'So you are the man that's taken her off the market'
  Henrik said in his very Nigerian accent and Mr. H smiled at me.
'Permanently, I must add. She's my soul mate'
 Mr. H hugs me and gently massages my side arm. I respond by resting my head on his shoulder. Yeah, yeah, tell the world I am yours and I will show them you're mine.
When I look at Henrik, he sizes me up in a seductive manner and Mr. H catches the look.
'And are you single?'
'Engaged', Henrik flashes his engagement ring.
'You miss her?'
'A lot, it's been five months'
'You are here for long?'
'Why not bring her over?'
'I have just this deal with Daniel and 'Ade and I'm back home'
'Where's home? Sweden?'
'America, my grandparents live there in Sweden'
'Hey, I've been there for a conference, Beautiful and friendly place'
  It was nice that everyone was chatting and all but I had questions. Yes ooo, my bobo has questions I need him to answer.
'How come you are here?'
'Me? We got work done quick...'
 He leans towards my ears and whispers.
'I'm not going to leave you alone, on the beach with all these leeches'
 It tickled and I laughed and tried to get his lips away from my ears. Mr. H liked that I was getting all excited, chased and caught me. I became embarrassed and begged him to stop.
 Baratu, Daniel and Henrik watched him lift me over his shoulders and run towards the beach. I was shrieking like a teenager in love, enjoying all the attention I was getting.

 Mr. H drops me gently on the sharp Beach sand with sea shells scattered underneath me. I am not worried as our eyes lock and we kiss with such innocence and gentleness, it feels like forever.

'Err... Em, sorry to disturb you but you have both our keys'
 Her voice made me want to break her head to pieces. Could she not wait till we were done? This Baratu self... As I look up at her, she is smiling. She did this on purpose, I open my mouth to complain then stop. The babe was playing a game and if I fall for her tricks... Hehn, I will end up looking like a psycho paranoid girlfriend.
 I throw my hands around Mr. H's neck, move him closer to me as he tries to get the wallet in his trousers.
'No', I grumble and give him a wet kiss.
He stops searching and kisses me back and I shut my eyes. By the time I opened them, we were alone on the beach front.
'So, was this a good surprise?'
'The best in a long time...'
'I know, I had to fast track thing's to get here quick'
'You still managed to bring work with you '
'She wanted to meet the woman, I am crazy about'
'Besides, I've been trying to get her to see someone. Daniel is still single right?'
 I giggled and loved the way and manner Mr. H is trying to get rid of his competition.
'It would make a great wedding story'
'Really, you think the two of them...'
'Didn't you see how Baratu was flirting with him?'
   I looked away, of course I did and I did not like it one bit.
'You don't approve?'
'I do. Let them at least try'
  I pull Mr. H closer and kiss and laugh in his mouth.
'Although, I will have to find a way to bring Henrik's fiance here'
'What for?'
'That guy has it big time for you. Seems as I get rid of them, more keep coming'
  I laughed so much, tears squirt from my eyes. I did not stop hugging my man, until the sea waters creep up under me and touched me.
'The waves are here, it's time for bed'
 Mr. H pulls me off the floor and we walk hand in hand towards Daniel and Baratu. They were arguing about 'Game of Thrones', with so much passion. I didn't even know that Daniel watches the TV series.They watch each other with so much intensity, it was an undeniable attraction.

    The rest of the weekend was fast and cozy, I didn't see the others and heard from Henrik that Baratu and Daniel walked deep into the coconut and mangrove forest together. There was an ongoing pool that they would be a couple before next week. I was placid. It's good they are happy, but I kind of miss all the attention.
 Until I see his smile again. Mr. H makes it all worth it, Henrik and I exchange numbers and I avoid his sexy eyes as we say goodbye. Mr. H is jealous, but it's okay because he is glad I showed some form of jealousy too. Baratu was proof that I cared and worried I could ever lose him. And I, seem to challenge him constantly with my bevy of guys flocking all around me.
Can you blame me, I'm smoking hot.

  Home feels good and Refreshing and getting rid of all the beach sand from my hair made my hands tired. Yep, he offered to pay a hair specialist to come and wash my hair
 But with all that frolicking on the beach... I need my own hands rummaging and scrubbing my own scalp.
  Dry and fresh faced, I go to Celine's room. Na wa oo, the babe did not even bother to come out and say hi.
She is pacing up and down the room, agitated.
'How far?'
 I thought she was talking to me, so I answer.
'The trip was magical'
   I crash land backwards on her bed and continue to Gist her.
'Everything happened, Daniel, Baratu and an additional toaster... Henrik. The best part was the alone time with Mr. H....'
'Is he out of it?'
  Celine had a blank, I'm still on the phone look. I sit up and watch her.
'What is going on?'
'Ajoke, let me call you back'
   Celine  drops her phone and packs her natural hair into a bun on top of her head.
'What's wrong?'
  I got scared fast. Ajoke is pregnant and I was scared something bad had happened. My headache returned and I squint and massage my forehead.
'Ajoke is fine, it's Ashabi...'
'What happened?'
'Her boyfriend had a stroke'
'Which one?'
'Which other one? Chuks'
'Abasi, stroke? Is he in a coma, awake paralyzed? Where is he, did it affect his brain, can he move?
'No, but he's responding well to treatment'
'At eighty?'
  I cannot believe I said that out loud, something is wrong with me. I have to learn to speak in my quiet voice inside my head.
  Celine laughed and I frowned, how could she find any of it funny?
'What is wrong with you?'
'It's Ashabi, she found out he had a stroke and ran away'
 I heard her at first and did not understand it, then it clicked.
'She physically ran away from everyone and everything'
 Celine's explanation still did not make any sense.
'To where? Did she leave the engagement ring?'
'She and the ring are missing in action'
   I bend my mouth and clap my hands loud and hard.
'Where does she think she will run to?'
'Ask me ooo'
'His family says, she is his responsibility... So they have hands off'
'People recover from stroke, 'Abeg where is Ashabi? Ajoke must know where she is'
'In fact, Ajoke has been the one taking care of him'
  At this junction, I laughed.
'She is the in law'
'Have they married?'
'Ask me ooo?'
'Bala won't like this'
'He bundled her out of the hospital and has assigned nurses to care for him'
'So for real, Ashabi ran away?'
'Live and direct'
   I have no words to say right now, none.
'I just left the hospital self. You self go soon resume'
'Resume wetin?'
  I was peeved at the entire thing, I did not blame Chuks, he was innocent. I blame our childish, superficial Ashabi.
'Young people too have stroke ooo, we have to take care of our own'
'Ashabi will come back', Celine tries to reassure herself.
'So as usual, Ajoke will carry her cross'
'For now, not forever'
  We did not say one word.
'So, will you? Because, I will go and see him soon'
'Why not, he's a correct guy'
  The silence returned and I realized that I was upset. I try to hide it but then why should I?
'Why didn't you two call me? I'm always the last to find out things'
 They always have to prove that they were friends longer than they are with me.
'You had work, business and you have missed an appointment with Daniel already. We wanted you at a hundred percent and not distracted'
   The answer was a believable one, so this was not about who is closer than who. Am I beginning to get paranoid about our friendship?
'Wait ooo, did you say you met Baratu'
   It just sank deep into Celine's skull, what I just said.
'There's Gist jare'
'What Gist?'
'Baratu slept with Daniel'
  Celine screamed and grabbed her phone, she typed some words and Ajoke called my phone sharp, sharp....
'Amebo, could you not wait until you heard the rest of it?'
'The rest of the juicy gossip, abeg. You will tell me the rest in the car.... Oyaya... Where, how, when? Gist me...'

 Who does not like hot Gist......

**Season 1, Episode 41**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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