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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A Lone Butterfly At It's Peak


    I stretched and pushed, with all my might. And tugged and pulled to break this plight. To free my limbs all stiff from despair and open new eyes all changed from repair. I will not stop moving my aching body nor give in to tired muscles. For it is clear what I must do, empty this cocoon and come out bright and beautiful, happy and successful. My pale spotted wings spread far and wide and as my audience watch in awe, I choose the fresh bright green leaf from a pawpaw tree. I have reached my peak....

      It's an odd way to describe my plight but it's exactly how I feel. Also, the pawpaw hair treatment has me thinking of the tree and it's fruits. Well, for now... I choose not to look back because I might read meanings to how Athena holds Henrik and how he responds to her. The ex lovers were quarrelling and she refused to believe their relationship was over. I am wearing his engagement ring, yet I feel all alone.
  The best place to be right now is the bar and I scout all around for my favorite drink. The bar woman holds out a bottle of Bailey's Irish cream in a blue bow.
'Complements of Mr. Henrik'
 As I watch the rich drink swirl and fill my glass, it clicked. Henrik too is Mr. H.
I smiled and turned to watch my man and his ex.  And then I spot the reason I am no longer with Mr. H, Harry I mean.
'I can see you are still smiling', Baratu said and picked up a drink. Vodka for that matter, did she forget she is pregnant.
'I can't even take a drink, this is so annoying'
 She dropped the glass so hard on the table, it spilled on her hands and she smelled it like an addict.
  Yep, this is all annoying, annoying that I have a sweet face, one that makes all my exboyfriend's side chick feel the need to talk to me.
'I didn't plan it you know...'
  Abegi jare, I am not going to listen to this crap.
'I Don't care...', I announced and refuse to move. After all, I got here first.
'Wow, you don't have to be so angry. Is it because of Athena? I'm in the loop now...'
'...It does not mean we are friends'
 I drop my drink and face her.
Daniel spots the situation and starts to run towards us and I raise my hand and he stops.
'What do you want?'
'I for real love Mr. H, and Daniel I care for... But I would never push a child on another man'
'Why are you telling me...'
'Daniel is in love with you and i am going to keep the baby'
'Good for you'
'I know you will forever be in Daniel's life, but please... Tell him not to blame this child'
  For some strange reason, I pitied her and answered.
'He won't'
  And I walk away, no way am I going to be friends with Baratu. Never.
  Daniel joins me and I smile at him and he hands me a gift.
'Congratulations on your engagement'
'You didn't have to...'
  I collect it of course, before nko I love gifts.
'Can I open it?'
'It's yours'
 I rip it apart and laugh.
'It's an empty journal, with a hand crated wooden book Case'
  I was singing the words and then I hugged the book to my chest and rock it.
'Fill it up with your words, your decisions, no regrets, just get better'
'Aaaawww Daniel, that is so sweet. How did you know?'
'Henrik picked it, before we went on our boat ride. He said you would love it better than any jewelry...'
'Are you for real? We didn't even know each other back then. That's Henrik and I...'
'... Yet, you are wearing his ring'
  We both watch him walk towards us, with a handsome smile.
'Do better with Baratu..'
 I say the words without looking at Daniel, my eyes are fixed on Henrik's. Daniel walks away and Henrik takes my hands and squeezed lightly.
   My sweetness and I are happy. We hug and he holds my face.
'I'm so sorry, I didn't know she would be here...'
'I would fight for you too, if I were in her shoes'
'Good, so you moved out?'
'I'm in a hotel'
'No way'
'I'm not moving into your own house'
'What about a guest house for the next three months as we prepare to be man and wife's
'Your guest house... I'd pay...'
'My company's and you won't pay a kobo'
 It was a better offer than I could ever imagine. My living space free from any man living with me.
'Did you say three months?'
'Sure, I'd meet your family and you'd meet mine... Do you want to live here or in America?'
  Easy question, I refuse to answer and smile instead and he rocks me steadily.
'I want us to be on the same page and if we are not, then tell me'

   I think of what he just said and pounce on the opportunity.
'So when is Athena leaving?'
'In two weeks'
'Tell me she's not in one of your guest house'
'She's in Mike's'
'Mike has a guest house?'
'He's married to an oil worker here, a Danish girl'
'Thought he married a Nigerian'
'Thats first wife, but she died, he has three kids from that marriage'
'Thats sad'
'He is better now'
'So Mike hates me'
'No, he thinks you are hot, like his first wife? She was from Akwa Ibom'
'Cool, just don't encourage Athena'
'Thats why you are going to be staying less than ten feet from me'
  He kissed my cheeks and i got embarrassed and looked around. Afraid everyone was watching. The only three watching were Athena, Daniel and Baratu.
Na die I dey.

   Camp Mr. Harry are not so keen on Mr. Henrik and I's relationship, but they have no choice on the matter. As they reluctantly help me move into the guest house.
'I wish I could see the end'
 Celine announced as she watched me, and Ajoke nods her head munching on carrots with a sad face.
'They taste like diluted carrots'
'Because they are not in season'
 I remind her, it was sad as if quietly our friendship was coming to an end.
'I mean the end, who you end up with', Celine adds.
'Oh, me too. As in to fast forward to your actual wedding day'
 Ajoke was day dreaming, rubbing in a circular motion her pregnancy bump and chewing very loud if I must add her carrots.
'Let's get you married first...'
'Did your mum know? Your siblings, anyone?'
'Okay, my sister knows'
 This Celine is seriously on my case.
'And she is excited because they are currently in America. Her husband got a job and she is back in school...'
 Ajoke stopped chewing and looked at me.
'Really, studying what course?'
'Ajoke, the point is that she was engaged to Mr. H and now...'
'Point of correction, we were never engaged. Only two people have ever given me an engagement ring.... Only two people have ever proclaimed to the world and committed to it with a ring. Our expert liar, Frank and my handsome hunk Henrik'
  Ajoke was laughing and we both high fives.
'Why are you high fiving her?'
 Celine faced Ajoke who had my hand in a friendly grip. Ajoke let go and raised both hands up in the air.
'Henrik is hot and mixed race children are the bomb'
'Why didn't you marry...'
'Celine calm down now, we both know what it's like to live with a man that is not keen on marriage. Be sincere, would you have stayed all those years, with all the experience you have today?'
'But Mr. H said after Ajoke's wedding...', Celine was defending her cousin.
'And just before Valentine it was we would if you move in... We always said, a man that would marry you wont waste time. And I thought no sex would help us bond...'
 Ajoke leans and sits at the edge of the couch.
'Instead it pushed him to his ex...'
'Ajoke, men abstain...'
'The men we date, don't', I raised my voice and then tried to calm down.
'Celine, are you saying we may no longer be as close because I will no longer be your family...'
'That's not what I mean...'
 Ajoke grabs Celine's hand and she sits beside her.
'It's fine, our friendship would evolve or stay intact. The best most precious thing in the world would prove either one true'
  We all exhale and say it.

    I didn't want them to go but they have their own homes. Call it what you like but I could not stay indoors alone so, I go for ice cream. I am hiding in a corner when I hear my name.

 In truth, I was hoping to run into someone from my past here. Not Frank, God knows I can't deal with his confusion. I wanted to talk to Khadijatu, and like clockwork she appears.
'Is it true, my goodness', she was referring to Frank catching me kiss Henrik.
 She was kind of gloating, hugs me and sits opposite me, she looked like her baby was due.
'Delayed but will come soon', she announced and hugged her belly.
'What happened? The Ade I know would never kiss another man while dating..... My goodness is that your engagement ring?'
'It's a family heirloom, beautiful'
'Na wa oo, you are so lucky'
  A part of me told me to pull my hands away and I did.
'Ehe Hehn, Gist me oooo'
'I'm no longer dating Mr. H'
'Wow, you don't have to tell me everything but how are you?'
'Good', I scooped a large chunk and filled my mouth. It shocked teeth and I opened it to allow my teeth to breathe and the ice cream melts faster.
'Are you still living with Mr. H?'
'I'm on my own now'
'Paid for and all, what about the wedding?'
  Khadijatu did not have to know everything, she did not even let me answer.
'... It's in America, I hear he's an i.t guru and you a mechanical engineer. That's a beautiful combination. Your kids would be geniuses with a sweet loving mum'
  It made me smile and look at her cup, it was empty.
'You want another?'
'Cone this time'
  I nod and get her a cone ice cream and got another for myself. It was nostalgic to be around her but it was not the same. She looked sad and was counting and recounting the money with her. I paid for the ice cream and got ten thousand naira and put in an envelope. I kind of feel bad for her, I remember when I was dating Frank, he was stingy as hell and liked to pretend he forgot what ever money issues you discussed. But he made up for it with Fantastic sex and intimacy. It was hard to believe he could have energy for anyone else after our beautiful unions. Guess his libido is just high, or was he different with other people. I look at Khadijatu and know I can't ask, in fact it's annoying he shared us. Annoying she agreed to be the side chick, I could never be a side chick, but then my own men always had side chick. And now, I have to trust that Henrik won't have a side chick, especially not his ex.
 'Madam, your ice cream'
 I was so carried away that I did not hear her the first time. I smile and thank her and then go back to my former friend.
'Ade, thanks. It's what I miss most about you, your hospitality'
'Khadijatu, you know that I do not miss anything about you'
 We both laugh and I drop the money in her bag. She sees it and picks it up, she spreads and counts the money.
'Ade you didn't have to...'
'We both know Frank is tight fisted and....'
'Ade, I can't'
 She didn't give it back, she just said the words.
'It's not for you, it's for the baby and it's the last time I ever give or buy you anything'
  There was seriousness in my voice and we both knew this was our last supper together.
'Thank you'
It was another sad goodbye, that did not solve my problem. So I need to drive somewhere else, this time to someone I can scream shout and be naughty around.

  As I drive into her compound, I see a Hummer, who the hell gets an expensive high fuel consumption car. I spot him sway to the balcony to check who the gateman let in. Nnoye joins him and screams my name. She is carrying Etim and runs downstairs with him by her side.
As I park she runs and hugs means if we have not seen in months.
'Ade, ba wo Ni, sho wapa?'
'No wapa'
I anwser her agbero boyfriend and he enters his massive car.
'Ma lo be ye ooo, owo daa?'
  I laughed because street Agbero's that collects and tax commercial buses do so with the popular phrase, 'owo da?'
Meaning, where's the money in Yoruba language. He opened his car and a laptop bag with cash and handed her two bundles of one thousand naira.
'For Etim abi?'
'Omo igbo, o bere ooo'
'No vex, I be omo Calabar'
 He packed three bundles and gave her then gave me one.
Nnoye danced bata dance to his feet and up to his face and kissed him.
'No spoil your friend, later'
 He drove off and I was looking at the hundred thousand in my hands.
'So you two are still dating?'
'If you don't approve give me the money'
 She tried to snatch it and I hug it. Nnoye screamed and dropped Etim gently on the ground.
'Mr. Harry has finally proposed oooo', she says seeing my engagement ring.
'No', i add not sure where to start from
'Hehn, no ke?'
  She admired the ring and picked her son up and dragged me upstairs.
  On her couch, she served me whisky and I shake my head. She downed it quickly and put it out of reach because Etim was trying to grab the bottle.
'I'll beat you ooo, see car'
  She picks him up and straps him in a play car and he drives it.
'Start from the beginning'
  I update her and she claps her hands together.
'And I thought my own life was complicated. So Baratu will go back to Mr. H'
'No oo...'
'Thats her plan'
'It does not matter'
'Are you still friends with Celine and Ajoke?'
  Nnoye jumps up and bites the side of her fingers.
'Me, I want to be chief bridesmaid ooo, if they don't want'
'We have not decided'
'Will you marry here? Please let it be n America'
  I laughed.
'Enough about Mr. H, what about you?'
'You see that Hummer and all this money, it's compensation for accusing his father of murder'
'Em who died?"
"Yep someone died?
'They wanted to take over and his opponent died and his father was in jail and accused but the police got the real criminals. They framed him'
'Did the police come here? Are you safe?'
'I'm his under G'
'Why are you Ladies agreeing to be side chicks?'
'I could not get the real deal so...'
'But it's wrong..'
'They beat his main girlfriend black and blue and almost kidnapped his former wife'
'Are you sure?'
'I'm safe, the building is his own so he has every reason to come and collect rent'
'Na wa, I fear you ooo'
'You nko? Hard babe, see you too did not pay rent, if you do money go finish'
'Na because I go marry in three months that's why I didn't pay ooo'
'So you will marry Henrik, na real wa. This life eh. Have you and Mr. H talked, I mean Mr. Harry?'
'No need'
'What if you two were meant to be?'
'Then we will be three in the relationship, besides, I suspect the baby is his own'
'Baratu's baby, why do you say that?'
'She was quick to say it was not his. And I think she knows Mr. H would want to marry her because she is pregnant'
'So? Me, I would marry any man I get pregnant for, big deal'
'But Baratu, she wants the fantasy'
'So she's like you'
'I don't want any fake fantasy'
'Then don't  over think this. Marry Henrik, have his babies and be happy, if it works it works. See Elizabeth Taylor, married so many times and happy. Get it right or wrong, just get it'
'You are right, I have three months to plan a wedding. The traditional first, then my American wedding'
  We both scream and high five and Etim catches the excitement and joins us in hailing me.
'Babe's let's go and spend some money'
'Shawama and movies first', I add. It's been a while.
'Correct, let's go'
  I am happy and thrilled to be here with someone who is genuinely happy for me. As I place my hand on my car door to unlock it, my phone rings.
Nnoye runs to my side and announced.
"Who is it? Is it Frank, Mr. H...'
 I look at the phone and see Mr. H and just watch it. What on earth does he want to say to me?

**Season 1, Episode 50**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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