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Saturday, 16 July 2016

I Did Not See That Coming

  • "ADE'S JOURNAL" 49

    The destination is just up ahead, the clear green Atlantic Ocean is to my left and The deep ash Lagos Lagoon is to my right. I want to swim and swirl in Atlantic's vast green clear sea but the sweet smell of shawa and agbodo roasting beyond the edge of the Lagoon brings back a sweet nostalgia. Memories of my mother breaking the dried skin of the dried shawa fish and I pinch off tiny chunks of the delicious Lagoon food. And as I grab the dry roasted delicious shawa and Munch on it... Mmmmf heaven.
      Funny what memories you hang on to, when you are faced with the prospect of not seeing something as basic as locally smoked fish.
  Decisions have consequences and this one kiss has put me on a path I am not sure I want to take. The dish has yet to be served, yet I am not sure which meal is best for me right now. And as I stare at the beautiful yellow napkin on a silver platter, I ant help but wonder.

Walahi, I did not see that coming...

  A proposal... No, no, no, too soon too sudden too shocking. I know I have long joked that I will marry a foreigner and relocate anywhere in this universe with him. But now, I'm not sure ooo.
 Yes, I can picture having kids with him. And yes, I have feelings for him and he is easy to talk to. But, I don't know. I am still living with Mr. H and we agreed that we will give it two weeks. That is, try to rekindle our love.
   I have everything I want in front of me, yet I am looking back. Henrik wants an answer and has invited me for his annual shareholders. If I say yes, I will wear the ring and attend the party that Daniel and Baratu will attend.
  I stand in front of the cupboard housing my clothes and have to decide if I want to move out or not.
'Have you seen my gold bangles?'
  Celine has started again, since when does her jewelry end up in my room.
'It's over there...'
 She points to the drawer where the engagement ring is.
I try to snatch the box but she has opened it and has also found her bangle.
  I snatch it and place it back.
'That is huge, did Mr. H.... Noooo....'
 She asked the question and then grabbed what was going on.
'Henrik proposed, when?'
 I open my suitcase and start packing.
'You said yes'
'Don't shout at me. You are going to France after Ajoke's wedding and getting married and I am tired of been alone'
'Don't do it'
'Why not? He will be the first man I did not move in with and pray he will propose and never did...'
  Celine gave me a look and I noticed.
Mr. H over heard everything and just leaned on the door.
'So you will marry a complete stranger'
  Guilty conscience caught me and I lower my eyes briefly, why on earth am I feeling guilty? Mr. H is the one that destroyed our relationship. So I pause and then the perfect answer hits me.
'Better than deceiving myself that I am with a friend...'
 Mr. H looked like he was going to cry but instead, he shakes his head and leaves. I wanted to go after him but Baratu's hands on his naked body made me flinch. I shivered and shook the thought off my mind.
  I clap my hands and stand with hands on my hips. I need to move out, move away from this psychological torture.
'Celine, come, help me pack...'
'To where?'
'A hotel till next tomorrow at least...'
'No, leave it. Let's go...'
  Celine grabbed my hands and I yank them away from her.
'Ajoke's place'
'I have a shareholders meeting with Henrik... I have not changed and you two promised to come with me'
'Just take your outfit, I'll help you pack'
   She drags me but I stop her and open the cute little box. Celine watched me as I opened it and put the ring on my engagement finger and smiled. It was beautiful beyond this world.

   Ajoke was pacing in front of her mansion when Celine parked my car. And as I stepped out, she grabbed my engagement finger, scrutinized it and then screamed.
'It's a lie, what da fuck is goings on here'
'Calm down Ajoke, I am engaged'
 Ajoke clapped her hands and danced round in a circle.
'For where? 'Abeg remove that thing...'
'Stop am ooo, I invited you two because...'
  We were both struggling when Celine pulled us apart and faced me.
'Is it your engagement party?'
'Of course not, I just want my friends to meet my fiance'
  This Celine self, I can hit her head if she continues this rubbish.
'Ade, Celine and I can't... There's conflict of interest...'
'Ajoke, Celine, Mr. H cheated on me for month's, he lied to me and still cuddled up with me. We both know he still loves her...'
  What is wrong with these people?
'But, this is a test...', Celine tries to justify it.
'And he failed, I won't be that bitter girlfriend, I will leave with my dignity intact. You know what, you two don't have to show up. I will change and leave you guys, after all... Mr. H is what binds us'
  I storm into the house and Ajoke grabs her under belly and chases me.
'Ade no vex, I just want you two to work it out'
'Tell her oooo'
'I am marrying Henrik, Gba be eee'

  The ride to the party was quiet and I spent most of it chatting with Henrik and hearing the girls gossip about me.
'You two know I am here right?'
'No vex ooo', Celine raised both hands off the steering wheel.
  My fitted brown bandaged ankara dress mimicking a blue and white Adire pattern, hugged me in all the right places and the sparking jewels on my right hip complements my ring.
  From the corner of my eyes I see Baratu and Daniel arguing and Daniel walks out. I smile and then she catches me and shakes her head and runs after him. It's not my fault he doesn't trust you, next time be sincere.
   I twist and catwalk into the party, loving all the attention I get. My make up is minimal, I have on a nude lipstick. It compliments my dark gray lips and my nude powder just keeps my face fresh and free from oil and sweat. want to look back on today's events and pictures and saY...
 Damn girl, you are hot, because i know even in my seventies, I will be hot.
  Henrik was pleased to meet my girls and Ajoke pinched me.
'He is finnnnee, no wonder Mr. H had no chance'
'Did you play American football?', Ajoke asks.
    I shake my head, because the question sounds silly. And then he says yes, but his knees buckled and ended his college dream of playing for the NFL.
 I smiled and Celine nudged me.
'Stop day dreaming that you are on WAGS'
  I laughed, because she was right. It was my latest television obsession and this new season promised to be juicier.
Henrik introduced me to everyone and I felt like a queen. And then I met his cousin Mike, cool guy.
 Everything was perfect until someone tapped me.
I turn around and I could have sworn I have seen her before.
'You are Ade, right?'
'Do I know you?'
  She cries briefly and then laughs.
'I can't believe I am crying, I promised myself I would not Cry'
 This beautiful Oyinbo woman dabs her face and stands upright.
'Hi, I'm Athena'
  I did not believe my ears.
'I wanted to come and meet with the girl that stole my man's heart. I expected a loud, fake lashes, fake hair chick. But here you are, no weave, no fake lashes, no make up. Just plain and sweet, the very kind you least expect'
  I swear to God who made me, I was scared and looked at her hands. No weapon, nothing, yet I was scared.
'Why did you steal him from me? Why why why?'
 She was crying now and Henrik and his cousin raced towards us, between us.
'What are you doing here?', Henrik was in shock.
 Mike pulled her away.
'No, until you talk to me, I am not leaving this place'
This was awkward and Henrik's cousin leads me away from them. I look back and feel guilty. I am the other woman, the one that broke their love, the one i have hated for months.

   Ajoke had like three mini shrimps wrapped in seaweed strips.
'What happened?'
 Celine looked ahead at Henrik, arguing with a woman.
'Who is that?'
  I exhaled long and hard and swoon a bit and quickly steady myself.
'Athena, Henrik's former fiancée'

 What a huge mess I'm in right now, when will my life stop been scandalous and everyone's focal point?

**Season 1, Episode 49**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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