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Saturday, 6 August 2016

A Not So Typical Yoruba Introduction Ceremony


  Single, they jumped individually and bowed down to gravity. But the intensity of the beat made them jump higher, this time. The many pairs of eyes watched and waited for it to be the right consistency. Unsatisfied, they drowned it. As if that was not enough, they added boiling water to the dehydrated spectacle. And then hot oil for good measure. Na die them dey.

            Eye balls followed my every move and trust me, I did not care. Na today?
I am used to people judging me, every God damned human being believes they have the ordercity to give me unsolicited advice and suggestions.
 Did I ask them? Nonsense and ingredients.
I twisted my engagement ring on my finger and admired it. The symbol of my new life with Henrik.
  Mr. H was still watching me and Bala hisses and pulls me up on my feet.
'Why now? Ajoke, tell your man I don't want to talk'
'Bala, leave her let her enjoy herself'
 Bala let go and I cut evil eyes at Ajoke and her leaking mouth.
'How? Ajoke no vex me oooo'
'Ade, this is not you', Bala snapped at me.
'You want us to talk abi? Oya, I'm outside'
  It took all the discipline in me, not to slam the door behind me. I did not hear anyone judging Mr. H.
'Obirin lo daran'
  I grumbled to myself, expecting to be chastised only because I am a woman.
  He joined me and then stood at akimbo and I mimicked him.
'Ade I am so sorry, Mr. H told me he met Baratu but because I was against it, he stopped telling me about her'
  I rolled my eyes at him.
'To God who made me, I had no clue'
   It's possible but all of it is in the past right now.
'Do you like this guy?'
'Can you be civil around your ex?'
 I frowned and then Bala smiled and as awkward as it was, I chuckled.
'Kai, this woman. You plan to make him feel guilty for life baa? You know what that means'
'I won't, and I will not waste anyone's time with rage or crocodile tears'
'So what was that in there?'
'I wanted it all out quickly'
'Henrik and I's official introduction is today and in less than three months... Our wedding...'
 Bala leaned on the wall behind him and massaged his forehead.
'Ade, you are moving everything too fast'
 I smiled and leaned on the wall beside him.
'I've been too slow all my life. I am supposed to be fast or I'd wake up a hundred and miserable'
'You won't be miserable, Ajoke says your life is a true life unending Telemundo'
'Ajoke can't stop watching those never ending TV shows'
'I'm watching them now, you know'
'She influences you and you influence her'
 I could have sworn that he was blushing, his love and admiration for her was epic. It made me admire them so deeply.
'So are we cool?'
 Bala hugs me.
'We are cool, just don't send Mr. H mixed signals'
'Alright,  I won't'
  We walked back in laughing and met Celine.
'I was on my way to come and rescue you'
'Celine I'm fine'
'I was talking to Bala'
 I hit her arm gently and she laughs. Mr. H was watching me and I knew what he wanted to say.
''Ade, can we talk?'
'I don't know...'
'Two minute's'
  Twice today now. I have had serious talks, just outside Ajoke's room. The hallway was annoyingly small and busy, people kept walking past us and I felt like they were eavesdropping.
'What do you want?'
 He holds my hand and looks at the engagement ring.
'I want this off and I want us back together'
  I yank my hand away from his and reiterate very strongly.
'Not going to happen'
'We were living together...'
'When you slept with Baratu several times, I'm curious... Did you two do it in my room?'
'No, it was not like that...'
'Let's me tell you how it is. My introduction is today, my wedding in two months. End of discussion, get together with her'
'She's with Daniel ..'
'Not my problem'
'I'm sorry'
'No it's fine, you helped me get over Frank...'
'... He's the reason we could not move forward'
'At first, but then Baratu is also the reason WE, could not move forward'
'Let's just be happy and let things be...'
   I was getting annoyed by the back and forth chit chat. And then I was saved by a phone call. I raised my hand and silenced Mr. H from bombarding me with more excuses.
   It was Henrik, he is out there in the parking lot anxious to join me and see Ajoke. For some strange reason, I tried to convince him I was done and would join him immediately. But he insisted that he had to meet up with my friends.

    I walk towards him, forgetting about the man I was talking to before I got the call. Forgetting about everything else but him.
 We are still chatting on the phone when I got him. We hug and kiss and then I get conscious of the couple watching us and stop kissing him.
'How are the twins and Ajoke?'
 I wanted to tell him my ex was here but held my tongue.
'Is Frank here?'
'Help no'
'Then what's wrong?'
'Mr. H, Harry and Bala are here's
'Did you talk?'
'A bit'
'Daniel was...'
'You met Daniel?'
'We are business partners'
  Henrik laughed.
'He wants me to mess up, said even if you are ninety with five children. That he would still wait for you'
'Abeg jare, that's all talk'
'I told him that even when we die. I'd still be yours'
'Aaaww that's so sweet'
 He hugs me and we laugh and enter Ajoke's room. Henrik gives her a bouquet if flowers and strawberries.
 Ajoke loves it.
'Bala, why didn't you get me flowers?'
'Because you said it's waste of money and just kills the poor flowers'
  We all laugh and Ajoke frowns and looks like she was about to cry.
'Abeg, I am allowed to change my mind'
  Bala hugs her and she wipes aa tears.
'Are you crying?', I could not believe my
'Ade please, I just had babies. I can cry if I want to'
'No vex'
'So the two of you are going to attend her introduction without me, eh?'
  We hug her and say our goodbyes, and just as we are about to leave.
'Ade, congratulations'
 Mr. H said the words and because I was the first to the door and I froze, everyone stopped.
  I said the words and Henrik hugged me from behind and we left Bala, Mr. H and Ajoke in the room.

  We could hear the music from six blocks down. My mother's favorite old school musician was making the Mallam nod their heads and the ugu sellers sway their hips. The mini market was thriving and made shopping for fresh food easy for my parents. I parked not too far because I knew all my relatives would have taken all the parking space. And as we arrived, my mother cheered and Henrik prostrated fully and my father touched his head and prayed for him and me. My mother's siblings were impressed by my Oyinbo boyfriends knowledge of how a Yoruba's bride to be's family should be greeted. And my mum was happy Celine was with me. She was not happy that none of Henrik's family member was around. He reassured them the engagement would be different.
 Then I saw Daniel Ojora and all of Henrik's friends. My dream of having A Not So Typical Yoruba Introduction Ceremony, was quashed and I hugged and welcomed them and their gifts.
 My phone rang and I picked it up, the smile on my face faded and I stared ahead and cracked my head. Why did he call me, does he know? Henrik was right, I need to change my phone as soon as possible l, fast, fast. I was not going to let this happen again, Frank has ruined the worst part of my past. This future involved ne taking charge of my life. I cut the phone and put it on silent. There is no room for my past in this bright future i am building.
  My Auntie was impressed and my father liked him. My brother's flowed with them and then I saw Nnoye.
'You came'
 I hugged and thanked her for coming and Etim did something he had not done since I've met the little critter. He hugged and refused to let me go.
 It only made my extended family more excited to see a child warm up to me so easily.
'He likes you'
'Thanks' Daniel'
'Oh, this isn't for you. It's Henrik that's been my friend since we were teenagers'
'So I'm not your friend'
'Only if you'd dump him and marry me'
'I hope you don't think I'd ever date you'
'If Henrik messes up'
'He won't'
'If he does?'
'Id move far away from your click, maybe to Cuba or South America'
'Henrik is one of the good ones'
'I know'
'You are something else'
 I signalled and he followed me into the house. My nosy Auntie stopped me and folded both hands across her chest.
'Auntie, what?'
'That Daniel Ojora is big trouble'
'He's Henrik's friend's
'That has the guts to ask you out at your introduction party'
'Its not...'
  I didn't have time for this.
'Don't joke about this, people have broken up on less accusations'
'Henrik knows'
'You these children of nowadays, how can you take this issue lightly?'
'Auntie you are a woman, men will stylishly ask, toast, try. It only matters if it gets dangerous. Besides, we have phones and stuff to record...'
'All the time?'
'Auntie, I can take care of myself'
'Thats what you said when you dated Frank'
   I was mad as hell and was about to scream when he massaged my shoulders.
'Honey, the guests are waiting for the bride'
  The words my entire being has been waiting for.
 My mum got me ipele and gele aso oke and I rolled my eyes.
'I want everything to be perfect'
  The wives and single young girls join me and we dance into the living room. With Henrik and company waiting.

  I do feel like a brand new bride.

**Season 1, Episode 55**

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