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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Frankly This Is Annoyingly Questionable


  The oscillating blades crashed into serrated walls of life's lessons sliced and caused such a spectacle I could not help but laugh. Brown skin clashing with milky white interior, soaked in therapeutic sweet natural spring water renewed my hope in love. But a hard knocked rugged shell protects my delicate insides as a lone being floats gently on a salty sea green ocean, waiting and anticipating....

      For this Queen to wear her bracelet of truth, shining gold dreams I pursue. It all still feels new. ...
  If you have not guessed by now, I am telling you the fact. I am a poet at heart, even though engineering is what i studied. I believe too easily the lies my partner's tell me. Not because I am gullible but because I am sincere and care deeply. All my emotions are real and I never waste time lying about my feelings. But I am not naive.
 I know some narcissistic idiots out there, irrespective of sex, enjoy lies. But not me, when I love eh. I love die. And right now, I love my Oyinbo boyfriend.
 Everything is going great and we have set the wedding date.
  But you see this demon called Frank, this unavailable man that won't leave me alone, eh. He has come again, oooo.
Frank has sent me uncountable messages and I do not want to change my email address. What is it?
     Frankly This Is Annoyingly Questionable
I've already changed phone numbers, ki lo de? It's totally unfair and the look Henrik is given me, is not a nice one.
'Good on, Ade open Frank's email's
 Henrik's tone of voice, makes it clear he is unhappy with this turn of events.
 I open it and it is Frank, saying Khadijatu's situation is critical and she won't do a critical surgery without seeing me.
Does it make sense? What kind of emotional blackmail is this? Eh Hehn, so that if something happens. Ade is to blame, nonsense.
 Henrik massaged his head and gave me a curious look.
'Is this a joke?'
 I was too busy shaking my head to answer, and I just bent my lips downwards. My upside down smile made Henrik laugh.
He jumped off the bed and grabbed his car keys.
'I need to meet these your manipulative friends'
 I wanted to protest but there was no need, he was right.

  The hospital smelled like it was soaked in Izal and bleach. I walked behind Henrik as he pulled me to the reception.
Frank was there and ran to hug me, but Henrik physically pushed away from me before he could.
'Why are you like this?'
 Henrik was stern and it confused Frank.
'Ade, who is this?'
 I opened my mouth to talk buy Henrik chanced me.
'I am her husband and I say your emails are complete Bullshit'
'Mr. Man, I don't know you're
'No you do, let this be the last time you email her or else'
'Ade can we?'
 I cut Frank off.
'You heard my husband'
'Needs money for surgery, right?'
 Frank looked nervous and then it clicked. That's what he was trying to say all along.
'Why are you trying to embarrass me? Please can I speak with Ade, alone?'
'Good ahead'
 Henrik did not move one inch from my side.
'She experienced some complications and...'
  To God who made me, I did not have my ATM with me. So as I listened and looked through the doctor's report on her case. I looked at Henrik.
'So how much?'
'The specialist will first remove the fibroid covering the baby, then the fix the hole in the heart of the baby and then her case...'
 It sounds all messy, complicated and delicate. All in the range of one point five million. Where will I find that kind of money?
 I had some sort of savings but not up to that. I have paid my business expense, taxes and all. I was even glad I could support my parents for my wedding but with this, I don't even know what to say.
 Henrik shakes his head and massages my tense shoulders.
'There are people I know who donate to Challenges like this. I can help but I will officially draft a contract restricting and banning you and Khadijatu from contacting us'
 Frank looked at Mr, expecting me to say something.
'My husband has found a solution'
'I will make the phone call, talk to the doctor's so we can get the hospital's account details'
  You wont believe it, but do you know that Frank hesitated.
'Frank, this is a life or death situation'
 I screamed so loud that the nurses had to calm me down. What kind of one chance did my former friend enter, Hehn?
'You can't choose who I talk to or don't...'
 Henrik grabbed my hand and pulled me out of there.
Frank rushed to his front and stopped him.
'I agree'
 Another hour of talks, meetings and consultations and then she was ready and prepped for surgery.
 I wanted to see her but they all discouraged me. She would cling and cry some more. So I talked to her on Frank's phone and claimed we met at the bank.
 My old friend was happy and had heard I have moved on. Even that I won Visa lottery. I laughed and corrected her, America no longer gives Visa lottery. But reassured her it was a responsible American I was marrying. We laughed and chatted like old friends and then we prayed together. She starts the prayer with asking for forgiveness of sins and for safe health and delivery. I said amen and we both laughed and then I said goodbye.
 Frank watched me and Henrik watched him. He thanked us and we said our final goodbyes. It was as if a heavy burden was lifted off my chest. Only the doctor's would give us feedback and if he did break the agreement he was liable to pay back in a month in full, all expenses made. It's not by fire or by force, it seems legally you can make anything work. Frank didn't look at me and I didn't look back at him.
  I knew without question that I was free.

 At work the next day, I was making a list of all the guests that would officially attend my wedding.
 Thank God Ajoke and babies are doing fine. So. Could concentrate on work and the wedding of course.
   Ajoke, Celine, Bala and company were ten and Nnoye and her partner plus my school friends were clocking fifty. But my family alone.... At two hundred, I stopped. This was just my relatives on both sides.
My head started to ache and then I thought of my retired Parents, pensioners with modest extra incomes.
 I picked up my phone and decided to restrict invitation to the traditional wedding.
'Eh eh o, ma ba mi so iyen'
 I don't think I remember my mum shouting at me. She reassured me she has been saving money for my wedding. Of course I did not believe her, I know all her bank accounts. Do you know the savings?
 I shook my head, I remember telling her she had that account but my mother lied that she had closed it.
'Why, mummy, why?'
'To you, business is better than a wedding and to me, a wedding is better'
 I clapped my hands twice, my mother was something else. Dad too had money for their own guests.
'So, all I have to worry about are my friends?'
 My mother's words calmed me down and I rest my tired head on my desk.
Nnoye knocks and I tell my parents we will continue this talk later.
'What were you telling me about Frank and Khadijatu?'
'She had a c- section, she and the baby are fine'
'But I heard you mention fibroid'
'The doctors had to deal with that and then the baby's hole in the heart'
'Blood of Jesus'
'I didn't even have the kind of money'
'So Henrik paid?'
'NGO's and individuals, anyone who helps pay off hospital bill'
'Full blooded Nigerian philanthropist'
'Tell me more?'
'Most of them anonymously self'
'We self try ooo'
'Abi ooo, just don't hide your problems. Tell whoever can help or just don't give up'
'And Henrik helped, just like that?'
  I didn't feel like telling her the details, so I just kept quiet.
'So where are you taking me?'
 I eyed Nnoye from head to toe and hissed.
'I know you are managing your cash and on a tight budget'
'So don't try me ooo'
'I full ground for you. Let's go for Lobster'
'Oya, I'm ready'
 We both laugh and I get my bag and then see a call from Daniel.
'Good afternoon, I thought our meeting is tomorrow...'
'Where are you? I need to meet you, now now now'
 I sighed heavily and gave Nnoye a sad look.
'But I'm already out with my friend Nnoye's
   Yes I lied, this lobster late lunch is mine.
'Ade, this is a major disaster. I am coming to Pearl Garden to see you now now now'
 There was nothing about this that sounds good at all at all....

**Season 1, Episode 57**
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1 comment:

  1. Seriously!!!! For how long will I have to wait.. Major disaster and you leave us hanging.


Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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