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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Friends Bond No Matter What


    Just before the cryogenic freeze like stage, a gregarious caterpillar shares a lush green leaf with its peers. Somehow, it's habitat is destroyed but does it give up and die? No, it crawls long and hard And then, finds a solitary place and goes solo. It has absorbed all it can and has eaten enough, now plump and robust and ready to grow into the next phase. If you look closely, it has spun silk threads resembling spider webs. These high tensile strength threads hold it firmly in place. Morphing slowly, a change starts to occur and it's bright green colour starts to vanish and become dull...
       It's the sure sign that it is becoming a cocoon and drifting into a deep sleep. But once it has metamorphosized into a full grown Butterfly, it rejoins it's peers. No longer crawling on the earths floor but flying high above the ground. Seeing things clearly with renewed strength and speed.
  I feel exactly like that, stronger, renewed with everything crystal clear. We are finally here, at the hospital and I lean over. My head rests softly on his shoulders and I kind of appreciate that he is here with me, straight from the nine hours quick drive from Abuja. We are here to meet with my closest friends in the world. Before now, I would have married ones cousin and the others fiance's best friend. Or so o thought, but he was seeing his side chick steady and stringing me along. Somehow, leading me to believe there was a proposal on the way
 In other words, he never proposed and I was that live in girlfriend waiting. Hoping he would and then we would sleep together. Yes I had the no marriage, no sex rule. Maybe a part of me knows he won't commit. Or maybe I just choose Randy men that can't stay faithful. I kind of believe that my luck has changed with my current fiance. This one proposed and we have set the wedding date. Not that I haven't set one before, it's just that this time. My fiance is really unmarried unlike that bastard Frank. Henrik has voiced his disdain for the plague called Frank and I have agreed to cut him off completely. As in, his baby mama and all. Really, it's for the best. Oh, How things have changed.
      Henrik has a meeting but could not phantom any one else dropping me at the hospital. A man that truly cares and wants me around. I am smiling on his shoulders as the car parks in front of the hospital building. I watch Henrik talk the driver into waiting and negotiating an additional three hours. He plans to use the cab to his office and then home. I hug his arm and lean close and he hugs me back. God knows I'm exhausted and just want to cuddle up. Don't worry, I have less than three months to become Mrs and sleep with him forever.
   I spot Celine as she runs out of the building and we crashinto each other and I hug her tight. Both of us cry briefly and then look at Henrik.
'Celine hi, how's Ajoke and the babies?', my man asked my best friend.
'Henrik she is good, welcome back. Ade, Come, let's go and say hi before the nurse comes back'
   Celine dragged me and Henrik looked at his watch and clenched his teeth together.
'Briefly', I add as I try to help my fiance score points with my friends.
The incubator is in her room and she jumps up but winces in pain.
'Ajoke easy', I scream at her and hug my friend.
'C- section but I'm fine'
'Your fine fiance came'
  I roll my eyes and she pinched me.
'Arent you recovering?', I accuse her and massage the arm she pinched.
Henrik hugs her briefly and waves at the twins. I'm just amazed they are this tiny.
'Doctors suspect retinopathy of prematurity, but we are all still waiting'
'Ajoke. What does that mean?'
'Risk of blindness...'
'My God'
 I squeezed her hands and she wipes away the tears streaming down her face.
'Laser surgery, cryosurgery, anything to keep them safe and healthy'
 I hug her and try to reassure her with words that turned into a prayer.
'They will be fine, don't worry. God Almighty will protect them'
'I just woke up feeling strong pains, I didn't stress myself or eat too much'
'Haba Ajoke, of course this is not your fault', Celine adds.
'I know. I'm just trying to understand why they came early'
 All three of us hug and Henrik signals to me and I nod my head. He sneaked out quietly as I blew him a kiss.
 We all laughed a little  and hold hands, proof that Friends Bond No Matter What.
Celine got out ice cream and I gasped.
'You didn't'
'Does it have Bailey's Irish cream on it?'
'Thats so unfair, you girls know that I can't have alcohol'
 Ajoke pouts and stretched her hands jokingly at Celine.
'Thats why I got you yoghurt, the healthy alternative'
 Ajoke grabs it and takes a large scoup and shut her eyes as she did. The nurse came in and frowned.
'Are you giving her ice cream?'
'No, yoghurt', Celine announced.
'She needs to rest, you can come around four'
'Thats too late'
 I yawned and watched Celine try and failed to change the nurses mind.
'Did you drive?'
'No we took a cab here'
'Let's me drive us home', Celine said the words then realized she was mistaken. She had forgotten I am no longer living with her and her cousin Mr. H.
'I mean'
'Celine, it's fine. Come to mine instead'

 The beautiful trees swayed left and right almost touching the ground with the same excitement I feel right now.
 'Home is the most relaxing place to be', I announce to the clueless trees. The weather was mildly hot but mostly windy.
 Celine was impressed with my building and more impressed that Henrik was not living with me.
'He understands I need to miss him, for now'
'So you two are really happening?'
'Slept with him, yet?'
'I have less than three months...'
  I eyed her, she knows I made a vow after Frank's betrayal. I swore I would only sleep with my husband. Whether its right or wrong, it has tested my emotional strength on a level I would never have thought possible.
'I'm worried my French boyfriend won't wait'
  Celine was actually thinking of her own self and not me.
'He would'
'Mr. H didn't'
'We never made an official commitment, he never proposed. It's different'
'He regrets that...'
'He had his chance'
'Wow, Ajoke is a mother, her wedding is next month, mine the next and then the next t month is yours'
 We both scream and hug and then I yawn again.
'Didn't you sleep?'
'No. I never sleep when traveling, especially by road'
'I hope Henrik is not stingy'
'No, he just never traveled by road in Nigeria up North'
'The doctors will know for sure about the twins tomorrow, right?'
'The results would be out first thing tomorrow. Then we would go to the next phase, which is treatment'
'They will be fine'
  I quickly showered and cranked the air conditioning unit of my bedroom to the coolest temperature. Celine kept talking but, I did not have any single energy left. So I crashed on my bed and shut my eyes.

Celine rocks me and I grumble, after all I am supposed to be in control of my dreams.
'Ade, your mum has been calling'
'What now?'
  I snapped at her because sleep slipped away from my grasp.
'Why Celine, I am exhausted'
  I put the four stacks of pillows under my head and wrap my legs around two.
'Why do you have so many pillows?'
'Because the last house I stayed in didn't have enough'
 I grumbled as if it was her fault.
'Your mum says she already postponed because you volunteered'
'Na wa ooo. Someone cannot even sleep in peace'
'Fine, I'd go and see Ajoke alone'
  I throw away the pillows and sit up, catch about two minutes sleep. I realized Celine might leave me alone, so I open my eyes.
'I'm still here'
 I drag myself up and showered and then put on an Adire jump suit.
'This is nice'
'Henrik's cousin gave me'
'You met his cousin?'
'Yep, she's nice and a doctor'
'She has taste'
'She got it for herself but it was too Long's
'Henriks cousin is short'
'Let's just go', Celine laments.
  I start to look for my engagement ring and then I panic.
'My ring, Henrik's family heirloom, four descendants down'
'Thats serious'
'The stone is and the gold has been forged at least twice'
 I started to scatter the bed I took time to make.
'I was going to add my own touch but...'
'Ade relax'
'What if I lost it in Abuja, at the camp, at the party?'
'Did you check your bag pack, did you take a bag?'
 I sink my hand down a side pocket of my jeans and find it. Celine and I sit down and laugh.
'I hope it's insured'

  The hospital seemed bigger and well groomed, it reminds me of the military hospital I was born in. Not that I remembered that far, but I was a regular there as s child. Always getting into trouble and getting injuries and all. Thank God I don't have the scars to prove it.
  I opened Ajoke's room door and at the same time he did.
 Mr. H and I stare at each other, shocked at first and then confused. His eyes danced around me and then rest on the floor and I just stared at him.
'Ade', he says with little energy.
'Mr. H', I add with no emotion.
 Then I had no more words to say, I was stunned and sad at the same time. I actually thought this feeling was over but I was wrong. Just look at how innocent he looks, all the acting and deceiving me into thinking I was his one and only.
 Bala was behind him and could not really tell who was by the door.
'Who is it?'
 Mr. H flings open the door and I feign a smile. Bala raised both hands up in the air and marched towards me.
'Ade, you, you, you... We need to talk and catch up'
 I sing and side hug him.
'Hassan and Husseina are here', Bala announced.
'Taiwo and Kehinde are fine', Ajoke corrects him.
 I chuckled and hug Ajoke, these two were just adorable.
'Where is Celine?'
'Parking her car'
  I March up to the incubator and watch the twins cuddle up together in sliw motion with all the tubes around them. I wanted to pick them up and take them home.
Ajoke joins me and I protest.
'Ade relax, I'm fine'
 She makes strange sounds and the babies react and I turned to her.
'They know mummy's voice'
'And daddy', Bala adds.
 I could feel him watching me but I don't bother to look.
'So they are fine'
'Jundice infection, a little surgery but they are fine'
'Thank God's
 Bala helps Ajoke back to her bed and insists she uses the wheel chair next time. I just smile at the impossible and loving couple. They had a bond I admired, a connection that was unmistakable.
'Ade, nice ring'
 I look at Mr. H and then at my ring.
'I really did care, but I thought we had forever to make it all work'
  I fold my hands across my chest, Abeg help me tell this joker to stop.
'I should have proposed, should have married you immediately but...'
 I look at Ajoke and Bala as they watch us.
'But you didn't'
'Henrik is fast on his feet and cares, just be happy'
 He says the words and looks at the babies in the incubator.
'Have you talked to Baratu?'
'Have you talked to Frank?'
'He's the reason I held back, I thought he was your soul mate's
 I snapped my fingers over my head at least three times.
'Good forbid, God forbid, I reject t it in Jesus name'
 Ajoke covered her mouth and gasped and Bala shoves her gently.
'Frank is free for all, he only wants you if you lose interest. Fine, at first I was holding on to the past. But I stopped or could you not tell?'
'I could, but .....'
'You were in love with Baratu'
'You share a bond with her and most likely a child'
'She told you?'
'Daniel did'
'Ade I'm so sorry'
'Don't be, I'm happy you are happy and everything is great'
'I miss you'
 Mr. H moves close to me and I get nauseated, why on earth would he think this is cool. I cover my mouth and he stops trying to kiss me. The hand I used had my massive engagement ring and Celine walked in.
'What's going on here?'
'Mr. H is going to be a father's
 Ajoke grabbed my hands.
'Are you pregnant?'
'Ajoke I've told you time and again, we never had sex'
  Ajoke can be so annoying, she suspects that everyone is sleeping with everyone. Only, she was right about Mr. H and Baratu.
'Hehn ki lon se le?'
  Mr. H gives me a wicked look and I stand at akimbo.
'Better they hear it now, than in tonight's papers'
 Bala opened his mouth and shut it, even he didn't know. Or like a typical guy, he was covering for his friend.
'Is this true?', Celine asked her cousin.
'The blessings of God are never hidden', I announced and sit beside Ajoke.
'It may not be mine', Mr.H shamelessly adds.
'Daniel Allah what have you all been doing?' Bala shouted and Ajoke covered his mouth.
'Abeg, the twins'
'Sorry dear'
 Mr. H whispered in my ears.
'Ade you didn't have to'
'I did, live with it'
 He's lucky that's the full extent of my rage.
   There are many things on my mind right now and Henrik meeting my family this evening is paramount.
 I want them to love him and I want it all to go smoothly but I suspect the drama is set and waiting to happen.
Ajoke squeezed my hand and smiles.
'Ade, I would come if I could, take Celine you won't regret it'
 Obviously, Celine had updated her and a part of me Thinks it's a good idea and the other part isn't so sure.

 I'm actually more worried that the guest of honour may not show up. He hasn't called and that's not a good sign.

**Season 1, Episode 54**

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1 comment:

  1. Why nowww???? This is the wrongest junction to end an episode. I hope the next would be up before the end of the next 20hours.hahaha. I admire your consistency.


Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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