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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Halfway Out Is Also Halfway In


  The onslaught of clashing bee's buzzing and warning, stinging and cheering for their queen. Slain and ecstatic, pain yet gasping for that one last breath of joy... Can be overwhelming, yet, I bask in all the glory. Urge my many drones that their time will come when all they feel is complete joy and fulfillment. This is the price it takes to be the Queen of the hive.
    Yes, as Queen you reign supreme but you also fight to win. Many drones that sing your praises want your life, want your man. Khadijatu may not have become a queen but she has his seed. And as I look up at the many women cheering for me, I am not in denial. I appreciate the sacrifice and time but I've had enough experience to know that everything can change in an instant.

  You will think my postponing this introduction would have reduced the crowd, for where?
Everybody is here, from my mother's home town in Arigidi-Akoko, that's in Ondo state. Also all my father's clan members from Langbasa, that's in Eti-Osa local government area, after Lekki in Lagos state.
They are all here from the ninety year old to the nine months old. The house has tents and has been transformed with wives of each family here with their Alase, their local meal cooks.
  I am speechless.
 The décor is beautiful and my mum picked yellow. She didn't pick aso ebi but trust my nosy Auntie. She wanted to outshine my over-educated-over-modernized westernized father's side. And she did, my father's sister's grilled me on date and exact events for our wedding and called and ordered Swiss Lace in traditional fifties print. She put me on the lookout, because she didn't want my mother's side of the family to know her plan.
   Branches Of Joy Stretching Up Above, reaching up to the sky and beyond. They have all come to surprise me, catalog this event, with a lot of them saying they have Visa's to attend my American wedding.
 Na die I dey.
  I am anxious to see Henrik again but the families were too busy taxing him and his friends for money. It was such a beautiful day and I surprised myself by crying.
 The tears came when the Iya Alaga, started praising my family with our Oriki, first from my mother's side and then my dad's.
The ancient praise, recognized as the family linages poetic link from ancestral days till date resonated in my very soul.
  It was beautifully rendered in an almost musical standard. It felt good to be finally in his arms. And also to be recognized as the man who officially wants to marry me.
 Did I mention that Skype put Henrik's family in the middle of the party. Everyone had a chance to talk to his parents and siblings. I even reconnected with his cousin who's a doctor, again.
We did not plan to make the party that late but the music was sweet and we were all happy. But we had to go home and Celine had a clients outfit to work on first thing tomorrow morning.
   It was odd dropping her at Mr. H's place, but refreshing that Henrik was driving.

  We parked in front of his own house and I have been here once but didn't explore.      Today, I will.
Henrik was watching me and then he grabbed my hand and squeezed gently.
'What's your favorite food?'
'Sea food, especially Lobsters. Why do you ask?'
'I think Daniel said...'
'Please let's leave your mighty ego friend out of this. He's just jealous you got me'
  I feel his face and touch his lips.
'It's weird that we are still all friends, right?'
 I sighed heavily and rest back into my car seat.
'We could get rid of him, but our business partnership is very lucrative'
  I had a sinister look on, implying i wanted to get him and hurt him.
'Ade, no... But you are right'
 I leaned over on Henrik's shoulders, he knows I was just kidding. Henrik gave me a warm kiss and then looked into my eyes as if he was searching for the bottom of my dilated pupils.
'Dodo and eggs'
'Ha, Henrik'
'They are delicious'
'But health wise?'
'Fresh green's always with it'
 I laughed and we reminisced about the elaborate Introduction Ceremony my family just organized. His best part was when the Oriki's were recited and my maternal grandmother's reaction to the Oriki. She was flexing backwards to every verse. I didn't even know my grandma knew that dance or could still bend backwards. The woman will be ninety in December.
'I think I recorded it'
 I told him and scanned through my phone. I handed it over and in that moment a call came in. Henrik picked it up and asked in a stern voice.
'Who is this and why are you calling my wife so late?'
 He did not have to tell me, I knew exactly who it was, Frank. I did not hear what he said but Henrik's answer made it clear what the dialogue was about
'Don't call this number again'
 Henrik cut the phone and found video of my grandma dancing to her Oriki.
'First thing tomorrow, Henrik I will change my number ..'
'No, now'
 He gave me a sim card and I warched him in awe and then collected it.
'We will register it tomorrow'
 I was smiling at him and he was trying not to laugh.
'This relationship has no room for Frank or anyone associated with him'
'Was that Khadijatu or about her?'
'You really want to know?'
  I shake my head and break my old sim, he was right, Halfway Out Is Also Halfway In.
No more half measures, I will commit to this fully. No fantasies, no delusions, only what is real and tangible.
We kiss and smooch and then go into our home.
 It's as beautiful as I remember it but there's a new painting of me. It's me, from the magazine interview I did with the man with seven wives. Only I am alone and staring at the sun in the palm of my hand.
'Did you have this made?'
 I was excited and knelt down to admire the three feet tall painting of me.
 I run into his arms and kiss him and then look back at the painting and at the paint brush and pastel.
'It's a lie, you did this yourself'
'Thats what I do for fun'
'I am totally impressed'
'I've seen your work too'
'Henrik, I'm an amateur compared to you. This is amazing, you are amazing'
 Henrik leads me to his bedroom and I follow. I know what you are thinking but I already said I would wait.
'Come, let me show you the first I ever did of you'
 It was me in a gown by the beach in Akodo, I was lost in thoughts and breathtaking.
I removed the one foot painting from the hinge on the wall and sat on the bed.
'It was this look that made me think I had a chance, the sad but yearning for more look'
  The memory of that day flooded my mind, I liked Daniel's attention. But Henrik's pull was powerful and the attraction enough for Daniel to warn me he was engaged. Mr. H too noticed and complained, yet he brought his side chick to that beach gathering.
'I didn't even know I was that sad'
  The painting was so powerful, it scared me. Henrik was sensitive and could read me even without knowing me.
'I did and I wanted to help'
  I could not say anymore, I placed my palm on his cheek and he leaned into it. We just watched the painting and then kissed.
The smile on my face was stuck and I was completely happy.

      I shut my eyes for a minute and woke up beside Henrik smiling at me. The bright morning sun ushered a new day here. And I tucked myself into his Warm embrace.

Until I hear the clash and sounds as the emails started coming in like a running tap and I see the name of the sender... It's Frank

**Season 1, Episode 56**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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