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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Olympic Gold In Lying


   The rumble in the air, crawled towards me. Nope, sneaked up to me and I jolt out of my skin in complete fear. I push my limbs beyond their limits and run faster than I've ever run in my life. I can still hear them catching up to me but it only gingers me to keep running faster, stronger and with more resilience. Because, this time I must reach the finish line. Baratu hugs her baby bump and Khadijatu craddles her baby girl with tubes attached to her nose. These women are fast and I panic and do the unthinkable. I dive, torso first into the finish line and to my amazement, I win...
    Don't ask me anything right now, because I am confused. I must have been talking in my sleep because Ajoke and Celine are looking at me funny. I look around to decipher where I am, how I left Rio to a hospital in Lagos Nigeria. Then it sinks in, I was dreaming.
 The quarrel between Henrik and I took a dark turn and I said things I didn't mean. He was in shock and I walked out. But half way to my car, I realized that we were both right. He was right to be jealous and I was right to not read anything into Daniel confiding in me and buying me Lobsters.
    But I also had to be honest about myself and my selfish motivation right now.
 I loved attention and Daniel Ojora's attention would give me the dream wedding i want. Did I mention the cool bonuses thar would really ensure that I wear a Vera Wang custom made wedding gown from my own sweat? It's not as if I called him and strategized the move. But, a girl has to try.
 But pleasing my top client was displeasing to the groom to be. So I had to choose.
Not quit working with him, just draw very clearly the line between work and friendship.
 With a very large slice of humble pie, I walked back into the hospital room with my fiance still in shock and my friends trying desperately to try to verbally justify my words and actions. It was our first fight and I had fought all my very being to not verbally insult him for saying I should end it. I was placid in my relationship with Mr. H but this Henrik made me boil, like a teenager in love.

   Well, all that is over the I open the door and apologized. Henrik shakarared me, refused to talk to me. And then I hugged him and bat my eyes slowly at him. I said I didn't think he was that jealous of his closest friend.
Henrik had a lot to say, he hated having to talk to Daniel and hear what I am up to. And just now, informed me that Baratu had actually broken off her relationship with Daniel and moved in with Mr. H.
  Na real wa, wonders shall never end.
 I told him the real reason I indulged Daniels company. It was because I am scared. I felt like I was becoming that chick people date and then move back to their ex. And admit that Daniel was a safety net, in case he changed his mind.
   Henrik reassured me that he is here for me, here for the long haul. And that I should focus on a positive outcome and not be so scared of not seeing this through.
 I didn't even know I was exhausted, I sit beside him and rest my head on his firm athletic thighs. Which I voiced out.
 Ajoke shrieks unashamedly.
'No spoil me oooo'
'Na you know', I said without taking my eyes from my man. I was crazy for him and falling deeper in love by the minute.
 I just shut my eyes for a brief minute and then, drifted.
 That is how I ended up in Rio, competing with women I really did not want to see.
Where is Henrik, was he still upset?
 I stretch and look around.
Celine is laughing and pinching Ajoke.
'You won gold?'
 The two women laughed and Ajoke holds her c-section stitches in place.
'Ade, you won't kill me oooo. Is it Simone or Gabby you were competing with?'
 I shake my head.
'No, Baratu and Khadijatu'
 Celine frowns and asks.
'Who won?'
'I did, although I did the torso five'
 Both women mimicked the dive and continued to laugh. I didn't even know I used to talk in my sleep.
'Just thank God you won in your dream. You will win in real life in Jesus name'
 Celine's prayers were answered with an echo of a loud amen. Henrik too joins with his own amen and I hug him.
'Let's go home'
  He announced.
'Already', Ajoke grumbled.
 Celine hugs me and whispered.
'You re not mad I didn't tell you she has moved in?'
'Celine the entire situation is awkward, we will deal with it one day at a time. Remember I always say, everything is a test'
 Ajoke joins the hug and adds.
'This will either make us or break us'
  Henrik and I go for drinks at Federal Palace Hotel, I miss their Mango Lada and order double shuts of rum for us two.
'Really nice'
'My sister and I used to hang out here, when we were free birds. And I tried this drink and loved it'
'It's good'
'Where would you like to live?'
'Seriously, if we want forever then we should plan for forever'
 My cheeks ached from smiling and i did not say a word. Henrik tickled me and I laughed.
'Let's live in America with the kids but spend one of our premium holidays here, with family'
'And one in Sweden?'
'Fantastic, I can see my sister in Switzerland and her family... We will be the multinational travelers I always wanted to be'
  I was up on my feet, announcing to the world our plans. If you have not guessed by now, let me tell you.
The drink was light for my man so he ordered VSOP and I have spiked my drink big time. The world seemed to tilt and I tried to adjust with it. Proof that I have had my fill and it's time to go home.

  The morning after was magical, I woke up with Henrik grinning at me. I hid my puffy face under my pillow and he pulled it away from me.
'Why are you hiding your face?'
 It was funny that I did, but I was not sure how puffed up my eyes are.
'The sunlight and...'
 He laughed.
'No work today?'
'Don't tell me I'm late?'
 I jumped up, hugged and gave him a peck and flew into the bathroom. After a quick shower, I realized I was in his bedroom.
'You can put on my shirt, I'll drive you home'
 Get your dirty mind out of the gutters, nothing happened. I was just too tired to go anywhere.

 Work was slow and I could not wait to just end it. But my P.A. and I had too much to cover and all the calls and follow up made me exhausted.
 Nnoye called complaining about her agbero boyfriend. His friend was accused of molesting a child, so she wants to end the relationship. I think she's paranoid but I understand her fear. Also they had a huge fight and she said as long as the accused and him remains friends, she won't go to his house again. It escalated and they broke up. She offered to come over but I stop her and even reject her Lobster incentive. So now, she wants me to come over straight from work. I'm too exhausted for this crap but then again. I can tell she is holding back. The juicy gist would be cool to share with Celine and Ajoke later on. But right now, I'm tired.
Best thing is for me to just get back to my energized self. And i know just the thing.
 A sugar rush was what would fix this.

 The closest ice cream joint was my former hang out place. I have not eaten today and I can't wait to indulge. But, Abeg jare. Or wait o, should I not?
 See me see trouble o, someone cannot even go.... In fact, I don't care if I run into anyone. As I waltz into the ice cream palour. All I want to do right now, is just burry my lips in vanilla with chocolate chunks drizzling with Bailey's Irish cream. I can see and taste it the richness of it.
 Kai, my mouth is watering and I watch the girl stack up in order the four scoops, dreading the result of this binge.
 No wahala, the koko is that I will be in heaven until I hit the bottom of the cone.
If it does not melt down, first.
I ditched the tiny spoon and sunk my mouth over it. Delicious, I wish I could eat this everyday. I shut my eyes and scooped another mouth full. This was a record I was going to break, the fastest and messiest I've ever had any ice cream. And I blame hunger. I was down to one scoop left and the cone was intact.
 I felt the couch sink and knew instantly that someone joined me.
You did not have to tell me who, I could smell his strong musky perfume. It made me stop, freeze and open my eyes.
 The ice cream melted down the upside down peak of the ice cream cone and i fought the urge to lick my fingers. Instead, I shove a large chunk of the frozen side of the ice cream in my tense mouth.
  Should I call this coincidence or what?
Frank again?
How did he know I was here?
'Ade, I'm sure you did not think a piece of paper would stop me from seeing you'
 I say nothing, I think I have wipes in my bag. So I get it out and quietly clean my hands. I have lost my appetite and prepare to leave. But he was in my way and had to get up to free me from the corner I was in.
'The baby is fine and we are grateful, but I know we need to talk'
'Can I go?'
 I am standing and waiting for him to stand up. He tries to explain how stressful Khadijatu is and how angry he is at his former wife Lara. Adding that she married her pastor and saying she made sure his life was tarnished before leaving him.
   As I listen to him speak, I just marvel at how he gets Olympic Gold In Lying. Nothing from his lips speaks the truth. Out of the abundant of his chared wicked heart does his sharp evil tongue speaketh. I am amazed and thankful I escaped his web of lies.
 Na today?
'Eh Hehn?'
 I asked him with gestures and stand at akimbo.
'How is any of these my concern?'
'Ade, you believe in love and you don't love him'
'And you that loved me, your wife and my best friend nko?'
'It was never that simple'
'Then let me simplify it... '
'Let's stop playing games, Mr. H knows it and Henrik, yes I know his name'
'We are meant to be, all the men in your life will betray you because I am your one true love'
'Are, Frank or whatever you call yourself. Stop embarrassing...'
 Frank stood up and closed the gap between us. I wanted to punch his face or scratch it. Instead I freeze.
  Walahi talahi, my heart leaped out of my mouth, it was heavy and I said nothing. He felt encouraged and closed the gap between us. My body betrayed me and I did not move, we were looking at each other and I watched his wicked eyes watch mine. Impossible memories played tricks on my mind and I step back. He moved forward and I looked away, as if he or someone whispered my name. I heard no one and saw no one.
 I tilt my body towards my bag on the table and like in a dream state. My name rang in my ears. This was an awkward situation to be and I immediately feel like this is wrong on all levels.
 But I heard my name again and turned to the skinny babe calling it. It was my P.A.
 She made me realize Frank had his hands on my hips, one clamping me in place and one leg on the couch.
 We peel apart and I instantly feel guilty.

 Now I understand why they say,
The Fear of the Ex, is the beginning of wisdom....

**Season 1, Episode 59**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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