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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Scattered Leaves Spiral All Around


  A blanket of gray sky, sprinkled ice cold water all over. Not shockingly, brown dry dust jump up and off a hardened clay ground beside hardened interlocking roads. Splitting quickly, the clouds form clusters and round up into massive cotton balls as the drizzle seized. Then angry winds blew mercilessly into patterns just as Scattered Leaves Spiral All Around. The drama has just began....

        I'm nervous, ask me why?
I am not a fan of friends crossing and meeting. Some of you may have noticed, it has nothing to do with shame. Although, some mentalities would shock others. And I can bet my Naira on it, some would snob others. I just want my crazy friends and acquaintances seperate.
  Most of my younger years, my teenage years and twenties downwards, this has worked. But you see these thirties eh? Busy body too much, even the guys don't mind and it's annoying.
  Right now, Nnoye is taking me out to my favorite restaurant to spend money on Lobsters I can't afford right now.
Sweet of her right? But, Daniel is on his way and I know Nnoye. She likes popular men with money, she's even dating one fine agbero, a roughian and a tout. Only because he is popular and well, eye candy. And Nnoye is annoying, because she does not mind been the other woman. I have tried to change her and failed, woefully.
  I just don't know why I even try.
 She says it's too tasking to be the main babe. I did cut off at some point but, how many people would I cut off from, eh?
 And really, back then I was scared she would cut show with my fake fiance Frank. Only for life to deal me a shocking blow. Instead of my loose friend to betray me, it was my naive, sweet former best friend. She not only slept with him, she made sure she got pregnant...
 What I'm trying to say, is that you can only try to manage situations. In my case, I have tried and failed woefully.
  Does it end there? No ooooo, It's worst. Imagine, my friend that I am waiting for Daniel and my exboyfriend Mr. H, are waiting for a paternity test to prove that Baratu's child is theirs. Did I mention that I was dating Mr. H when he may or may not have gotten Baratu pregnant?
   So much for my rules of been the main babe. It seems all the side chicks around me, get pregnant.
'Ade, Lobsters and or prawns?'
   I must seem lost in thoughts because, Nnoye asked the question twice.
'Yes, and'
 We sat on the table she had reserved and I pondered on my life.
 Nnoye shrieks and I jolt out of reminiscing about my dramatic life.
'You are getting married and to an Oyinbo. Your daughter's hair would be fiiiinnnne'
'Yes, because she will get all her genes from me'
    Please, she should not start that good hair crappy talk. I am not in the mood for rubbish talk jare.
'Anyway, you have good hair...'
   You know what, I used to be happy with that statement. But not anymore, especially when girls or women said it.
Those four words that elevated you amongst your peers.
 'You Have Good Hair'
 Funny how every decade of my life has seen me morph into someone else. Especially now, actually after seeing Chris Rock's documentary on 'Good hair- bad hair'. Well, right ow, I am no longer a fan of the statement. And to emphasize my point, I judge my friend with my body language and intense tone of my voice.
'Really, Nnoye. When you say good hair, what do you mean?'
'Well, hair that grows fast'
 'Abeg, she should not try to cover up.
'And well nothing'
 She starts to adjust uncomfortably in her seat and I tilt my head and really, it could not get more awkward than this. So I exhaled and yawned and then, she shook her head.
'What, I can't say my mind? After all, mixed race kids have awesome hair'
Nnoye said, not sure why I reacted like that to her.
'What do you mean what? Celine is mixed and her hair is totally African and fantastic'
 I snapped at her and opened my bag to check my phone. Wait, am I overreacting?
'No vex oh', Nnoye grabbs her phone and scrolls down the screen.
'In fact, na me dey vex'
 She slammed the phone on the table and I sit up and almost drop my phone.
'Ade, you won't change this your secretive attitude. Talk to me, what happened?'
 God, am I that transparent? Well, she's right. I am secretive but no one can blame me. I have been betrayed so often and well, like Prof. Wole Soyinka said. When dining with the devil, use a very long spoon.
 I digress a bit.

 The real reason I am cranky is that, Daniel could walk in any moment now.
'Is it Khadijatu or Frank?'
  Nnoye asked, scrutinizing every movement my eyes made as if she had my decoder.
'No, those ones are in check, it's Daniel. He is on his way here...'
 Walahi talahi, the look on her face and the sound she made shocked me. It was as if I told her she had won three hundred and fifty million Naira, that's one million dollars now.
 Nnoye smooth her hair and adjusts her bra to give herself more cleavage. I rolled my eyes at her and clapped my hands.
'Abeg Ade, you will marry and leave me here in Nigeria. At least, leave me in the hands of a billionaire'
 I picked my phone to cancel our appointment, I will not be embarrassed by my desperado friend.
'Ade. You are such a snob, don't tell me you want to tell him not to come here'
 The babe knows me well, I am too predictable. So I quickly changed strategy, lied and asked where Daniel was. He said parking his car and I tell him we are waiting.
  Nnoye adjusts her cleavage some more.
'Nnoye, stop it'
 I used the menu to cover the cleavage embarrassing me.
 Daniel walked in and the whispers starts, people where pointing and recognized him.
 I stand up and hug him and introduce Nnoye to him. He says hi and then asks for us to speak, in his car.
 Outside he looks nervous and once we are in the car he exhaled.
'What is wrong?'
My mind raced to my fiance Henrik and I felt my heart hit rapidly at my ribcage.
'Is Henrik alright?'
 There were tears in my eyes and once Daniel spots it. He shakes me and says he is fine. I collapsed into the seat and massaged my forehead.
'So what's wrong, are we loosing money?'
'No, of course not'
 At this junction, I am clueless.
'I wanted to be the one who tells you'
 I watched his face and thought of Henrik's exgirlfriend. It made me sad to think my sweetheart could betray me with her. But I was not distraught, just sad.
'This has to do with you and me, Henrik won't betray you'
'I've been betrayed so much, it won't shock me'
'You two are good, it's Baratu'
  I raised my eyebrows, not sure what this was all about.
'She did the risky dna test without my consent...'
 Abeg, this Daniel is dragging this gist for too long.
'The baby is his, it's Mr. H's'
  So, all these serere was all about my ex been the father of his current girlfriends child.
'Shocker', I said blankly.
'You are not surprised?'
  Daniel annoyed me with his expecting me to be distraught look he is wearing on his face.
'They were made for each other, she's the only woman he ever loved'
  When I say the words, I remember how I kind of knew he had a void in his heart. I did too so I thought we could help each other. For a brief moment, I was sad. It's not that I wanted to be, it's that people treat me like I should be.
'Are you alright?'
 Immediately, I shake off the sad vibes and unlock the car door.
'Abeg jare, our Lobsters ready. Join us'
 I said and opened the door and stepped out. I was expecting him to do the same but Daniel hesitates and points at the restaurant.
'Jo Jo jo, I'm afraid of your friend'
 I walk up to his side with a smirk on my face, this was truly amusing. Daniel Ojora, afraid of a chick.
'She's harmless and lunch is on her'
 Daniel tries to hold me back and I turn back to him.
'When do we meet for business?'
'Next tomorrow, please come inside. Nnoye will think I chased you away oo'
  I opened his car doors and motioned for him to step out of his car.
'Then you'll owe me'
 The naughty smile on his face meant like a million things. I just wanted my friend paying for lunch happy.
'Come out. Okay, I agree. Business lunch here, next tomorrow'
 He did as I requested and followed me.

  Straight from late lunch, I had unresolved issues to resolve. And even though I missed my best friends, I did not like the baggage they came with. It's weird you know, usually it's easy to get rid of my exboyfriend's friend's. They were usually mostly guys, loyal to my ex, and I was childish and didn't really form real friendships. I mean, we talked about clothes, Nigerian and American celebrities and movies.
 But this time, things were completely different. I shared pain and family drama with Celine and Ajoke. I was completely honest about my money problems and my fluctuating weight gain and loss. We bonded for real and they met all my family members. We were going to be family, like for real. I was going to marry Mr. H and be godparents to our kids.
 Sadly, Mr. H was the glue that bonded us, but he severed it with an unapologetic affair. And now it has produced a child. I didn't want to face Ajoke and Celine, but I was done hiding.

   The hospital looked like a university with all the trees and vegetation. Like students are on holidays, so empty. But that unmistakable hospital smell of bleach shaaaa made me remember where I was.
 Celine too just drove in as I stepped out of my car. We hugged and she helped me carry the takeaway bags of Lobsters.
'I thought you didn't have money for these? Or did Henrik...'
'Nnoye took me out to lunch, then Daniel bought all of us, takeaway'
'You've seen Daniel?'
'So you know?'
'Are  you okay?'
'Sure, Khadijatu helped cushion any shocking news. Besides, it's what Mr. H really want's'
'He wanted you...'
'He had me'
 There was an awkward silence and I heard Celine say something but walked fast, way ahead her to avoid any more discussions on the topic.
Once we entered Ajoke's room, I realized I did not congratulate Celine on an additional neice or nephew to her family linage.
'Congratulations dear on the baby'
 Celine watched me as I tried to balance the takeaway bags.
 Ajoke grabbed one of the takeaway packs, and grabbed a succulent Lobster piece. That made me hungry but I had to see the special guest of honor first.
Celine and I talked to the twins in their incubator.
'Who is pregnant?'
'Baratu's baby is Mr. H's'
  The silence was deafening and I just watched my two friends watch me. When I could not take it anymore, I faced the twins.
 Ajoke hugged me from behind and I gave her a curious look.
'Why are you hugging me?'
'Because you knew and knowing does not make it okay. Don't worry, I trust you and Henrik. It's triplets all the way'
'Abi oooo'
 I quickly added, some light hearted positive talk to make me feel better. But Celine does not feel better and I noticed Celine feels awkward and I drag her into our hug.
'Hey, we are cool. Congrats dear'
'My loyalty is to you, Ade'
'We will always be friends and you can love Baratu's child with all your heart. We all have enough love to go around'
 I hear the door open and expect Mr. H to walk in. It's Henrik and I peel away from our group hug and into his arms.
 A warm kiss is refreshing in this cold room and I hug him so tight. It feels like I haven't seen him in a long time.
'I'm glad you missed me'
 As he says hi to the girls, I hug him from behind and refuse to let go. So he backs me and I laugh.
'Drop me'
   I chuckled and slide down his front and stop when I see the nurse by the door. She didn't scold me, she just told me to keep it down.
'So did you talk to Daniel?'
  Henrik looks at the takeaway packs and frowns.
'So the latest is that Daniel isn't the father...'
 I whispered in his ears and he put some distance between us.
'You had lunch with Daniel?'
'He wanted to talk and...'
'Why on earth do you keep encouraging these guys?'
'Meaning what?'
  His demeanor and attitude, I did not like one bit....

**Season 1, Episode 58**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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