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Saturday, 10 September 2016

A Labyrinth Has A Million Possibilities


  The view from the top is mesmerizing and the stone walls in front of me have a shocking horizon. What steps should I take? Which direction, should I go? A Labyrinth Has A Million Possibilities, but for now, for me, there are only  three possibilities. I could go left or go right or take the cowardly route and go back. Whatever I choose, it does not keep me stuck on a spot but instead moves me forward and closer to my goals.
   The wicked eclipse has kept my eyes shut for a while, shining a lazy sunlight on a vast silver sky. It is Time.
 As I stand between these former friends I stand exhausted and angered by always been caught between my past and my future.
 The blinding lights engage me and I want to scream and shout. But a crazy picture of me screaming, would not help me right now.
 Daniel Ojora hands Ajoke a gift.
'This is yours and that...'
 He points at what looks like matching toy cars, one in a pink bow and the other in a blue bow. My curiosity captures the photographers but only briefly. I can see Ajoke watching Daniel.
His eyes are on me and he has chosen not to say anything, making this awkward moment worse.
 I leave Henrik's side and point and signal to Celine to join me.
'Ajoke is too lucky, the twins have the coolest gift'
 Celine does not get it at first but when I grab Taiwo, then she quickly joins me and grabs the other twin, Kenny.
 Ajoke does not seem particularly happy that I am getting all the attention.
I shout and signal to Ajoke.
'You kids can't be the only stars of this beautiful day'
 I squat in front of the pink bow wrapped car and Celine in front of the blue bowed car. Ajoke waltz between the two cars and the paparazzi took shots.
'Now, daddy, mummy the twins and the bearer of the gift'
 I hand Taiwo to Ajoke and Bala collects Kenny. Daniel watches me but I ignore him and March back to Henrik. He is smiling at me and nodding his head. He hugs me and whispered in my ears.
'Handled like a pro'
 I rock him and we walk on, I might have stopped Henrik and Daniel from creating a scene. But not permanently, the evening was still young.
 I love the tiny wraps of prawns in veggies and had a mouthful when Daniel walked towards me and stopped. The press did not swarm around us this time, thank God.
'You look good'
 I chew and try to swallow and smile at the same time.
'So he won't talk to me'
'You have to stop looking at me like I'm the only girl in this room'
'I'm trying not too'
'It's classic'
 I said, searching for Henrik in this crowd.
'What is?'
'Meaning the girl you can never have, the safe bet. It's not deal'
'Maybe, but it still feels real'
'You body language tells me you don't want Henrik's friendship'
'I do'
'Then act like you do, choose what matters the most and stick to it'
 I grab another prWawn veggies wrap, shove it in my mouth and walk away.
 Nonsense and ingredients.
Who has time for games?
 I walk without looking and bump into Mr. H. Harry looks good and as shocked as I am to run into each other.
'Ade, hi'
'Mr. H, hi'
 The silence lingered and I chewed slowly and swallowed the prawns. I need to tell the chef to organize take away prawn veggie wraps for me. It's delicious.
'Ajoke, Bala and the twins are over there'
'I've seen them'
 And the silence ensued.
'Where is Baratu?'
'Morning sickness and afternoon and noon, it's why she moved in'
 As if I asked him, what's my own?
'Good, family should be together'
 I said scouting the room for the dark chocolatey chef with very tasty prawn in veggie wraps.
 Mr. H pulls and stops me from walking away. I am startled by his actions and give his hands on my arm a horrid look. Mr. H let's go and raised both hands up in the air.
'I wanted to say it, if I didn't before. I'm sorry I was unfaithful, I'm sorry we didn't work out and it was real at first, then I got confused'
 I listened to him and my mind drifted to some movie inThe eighteen hundreds. Where a former betrothed says his girlfriend is pregnant and that's why the relationship ended. Not because, he was unfaithful or a lying snake. But then again, I digress a little.
'Hey, we have all moved in'
'Don't mention it, I mean, never again'
 I spot my chocolatey chef and he starts to walk towards me. I stop him with a hand gesture and walk towards him.
Bala stops me.
'Ade, are you alright?'
 I give him a curious look and then realize he was referring to my tiny, little chat with Mr. H.
'Oh sure, just need some of the chef's magic's
 I stretch and grab another wrap and the chef smiled.
'I will get you a to-do bag'
 His teeth were pearly white and he had vampire inscissors, nice.
'You read my mind'
 Bala leaned towards the chef.
'...And the recipe, it's a winner amongst my friends'
 Bala made us all laugh and then, he walked up to his own best friend. He did admit to me he suspected that Mr. H had a side chick but respected him enough to let it be.
The fact is that true friends are loyal and never forget that your partner's friend is loyal to your partner. And not to you, so no hard feelings.
 Henrik walks back to me, my own man, my own partner.
'Did you see the chocolatey chef?'
 I cover my face and laugh.
Yes, I am that bad, those are the exact words I used to describe the chef. And Henrik was teasing me for it.
'You told him to find me'
 I said smiling.
'And thing to make you happy'
 And then, between laughter, he joins us.
Daniel Ojora did not look at me, he was looking at Henrik.
 Henrik had a strict frown plastered on his face and I really didn't know what to expect.
'I'm sorry, I never loose the girl and I got cocky. But 'Ade made me choose, reminded me of what true friendship is'
 I watched Henrik get uncomfortable and look down at his coffee brown leather shoes.
'I choose you, and respect your decision'
'This is a game to you'
'No and to prove it, I let go of 'Ade and I'd business deal'
'So you would sabotage 'Ade to prove your point'
'Thats not what I'm trying to say, I'm saying I will not see her unless I have to'
'Meaning that your spending time with her would break our weak bond?'
 Henrik folds his hands across his chest and Daniel shakes his head.
'I can't win with you?'
'Like I said, everything is about winning with you'
'...And I am admitting that I have lost'
 Daniel was getting frustrated and I was sipping on some Bailey's Irish cream, enjoying the show.
'Henrik, give me one last chance to be your friend'
'But you are infatuated by Ade'
 Both men watch me and I stop sipping on my drink.
'Don't make this about me'
 I blurred out.
'Okay, I do like her alot. But who wouldn't, look at her ex....'
 Daniel points at Mr. H and Ajoke, laughing and rocking the twins.
'She has every reason to give up but doesn't, all her ex betrayed her and she's still standing tall'
'So you are her assigned guardian angel?'
'I'm her friend and she has made it clear, that it can be nothing more'
'But you still like her'
'Always and always but she chose you. Trust her, believe her, but give me a chance to earn back your trust'
 I watch both men watch themselves, it does seem like Henrik will ever forgive him.
'Okay, earn it back'
'Last chance Daniel Ojora'
 Both men hug and mend lenses and I watch them forget about me and walk up to the bar.
 Nnoye cleared her throat and I look to my left, beside me.
'So he has dropped his race to catch you'
'It seems so'
'Then you don't mind if I try'
 I say with rage. Why can't she just find another man to catch?
Nnoye joins both men by the bar and introduces herself to Daniel.
'Thats why she is your friend and we are your best friends'
 Celine says and Ajoke joins me.
'The twins?'
'Sleeping, I have the baby monitor with video feed, here with me'
 We cluster around Ajoke and all smile when the twins hug themselves on the bed.

 It's another morning and I am tired. Too much to do and I don't want to stand up, do you ever feel like this?
The phone keeps ringing and reluctantly, I pick up the phone.
'Are you still sleeping?'
 It's Nnoye.
'I need some cash'
'From where now?'
'I am taking Daniel out to lunch'
'With my money?'
 I cut the phone and continued to sleep, but the vibrations from the phone was driving me nuts.
'I have twenty, I just need thirty's
'And my wedding should digger'
'When I had, I have'
'Friends, dont arm wrestle friends or extort them'
'A loan then'
'Get from your bank'
'Ade, let me try'
'Daniel has money, I am on a tight budget. And you know that I don't...'
 Henrik taps me and nods his head.
I cover the mouthpiece and whispered.
'What are you saying'
'Have her the money'
'Because, she is your friend'
 I pause and then shake my head.
'I can give you twenty'
'Abeg now, thirty'
 I give Henrik a look and he nods his head.
'I'll transfer it but that's all I can ever five'
'... You will have so much more and be abundantly blessed and replenished a thousand fold'
 I roll my eyes at the obvious prayer.
 I drop the phone and give Henrik a side eye.
'Just give me your accounts details'
'No need'
'Ade, please. You tell everyone you are on a tight budget'
 And I get the alert and freeze.
'You sent nine hundred?'
'For the prawns veggies and all'
'It's still too much'
'Well I heard Nnoye's prayers and was directed to act'
 The old me would have returned it, but the new me, was not going to.
'Thanks dearest'
 I hug him and stare at the ceiling, with my palm open and grateful for this generous gift. This wedding will be sweet.

So, apparently, the date went well.
  Nnoye could not stop gushing about the perfect date and was already planning a wedding. I did not like this desperation one bit.
'It's faith, not desperation. We should go on a double date'
 Henrik overheard and Said he accepts.
My phone volume is obviously too loud, so I reduce it.
'Don't say yes'
'Why not?'
 Henrik's question was legit but telling him about the best friend code did not make sense.
'Is that a yes?'
 Nnoye asked and I nod my head.
 Oh boy, when is my life ever going to be drama free? This is a disaster waiting to happen.
 Little did I know that the weekend had more surprises lined up for me.

 My delicious Henrik and I go out on a date, our little ritual. No matter how bad it gets, we get to spend alone time together, at least, once a week.
 We were averaging three now and it was all fabulous. The pounded yam and efo riro, was sweet. And the laughter and reminiscing about our wasteful, investless younger days brought tears to my eyes.
 Henrik was fun to be with and sweet.

 Hours later, I really wanted meat kebabs as he described it. But to me, all na suya.
I wanted some tozo and liver grilled and smoked to perfection, with sliced white onions and yadji.
 We had planned to go to University of Suya to get some when my phone rang.
 It was my mum, I was thinking about her, so it was perfect.
 Henrik had to write a report and I wanted to tell my mum about the additional, dash money I got.
  Something was not right
There was a strange tone in her voice, but then again... I could be paranoid.
She wanted me to show up on Sunday but I had plans.
'Mummy, today or nothing'
'Just come and come alone'
 Before I could protest, she cut the phone.

 It was nice to be back home after my introduction ceremony. I was about to knock on my mum's door when I heard a church bell.
'It's a lie'
 Yes, it just clicked.
This was a religious ambush, some kind of soothsayer, prophet revelation, jinxed, scary stuff.
 I turn around and tip toe to the gate and pray that no one spots me.
The sound of her voice and the strong whiff of perfume from the so called prophet, stopped me from moving.

 My nosy Auntie screeched and screamed a scary hallelujah. And my desperate, gullible mother, answered and echoed their words.
Here we go again.  

**Season 1, Episode 65**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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