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Saturday, 17 September 2016

A Spectacle By Times Lazy Lessons


  Sliding down a heavy sky, minding how I'm never dry. Wet rows of steady tears drops, rush down to form ready raindrops. Lie by my transparent lines, why hide my true mind? Our friendship isn't meant to be, time just stings and brings us close as busy bee's. Washed ashore with all waves could gather, making for all to see, A Spectacle By Times Lazy Lessons....

 Okay, so I had a crazy bad dream last night. The type you get up and pray about and against. Are you surprised?
 I'm not.
I shut my eyes and say a sincere prayer, starting with asking for forgiveness. Because, you must know that the prayer of a sinner is an abomination. I have not sinned but I suspect I might have, so I'll be safe and make sure it goes all the way up to the right channel.
 It was about my secondary school, me trying to escape an invasion. And then rescuing my grown up friends in between. My dead friends helped, which was scary. But they reassured me, that they were only here to help and would not be following me anywhere else. I was aware something was not right but not aware they were dead until they were far away. And the invasion was helped by all those who were wicked seniors and instructors. It took me fighting and leading my way out of the dilemma and out of my former schools massive gate. It felt good to be the hero but scary to know this dream could return.
 So yes, I prayed to move forward, to fight my battles and to be safe and healthy.
I never used to pay any attention to dreams about past schools, until my friend said it was a bad dream. Maybe because, I always triumph and escape in the end. But she was right, I should dream of a future and not the past.
 Usually, old friends trigger such dreams and of course Nnoye was responsible.
She accused me of ignoring her at my parents house. I reminded her that it was at Ajoke's babies naming ceremony. But that did not stop her from all her rage.
I hugged her and tell her I'm sorry, that's what she wanted to hear. Then she pulls Daniel to her side and said that he had invited her to the premier of the hottest new movie in town, 93 Days.
 I say hi  and stare at Henrik, maybe these two would never be close friends again. They laugh and catch up and talk like old friends. And Celine, Nnoye and I do the same. In fact, Daniel invites us all for drinks and we all go. It brings new hope and I am happy that we can all be friends.
 Nnoye's friend called to tell her that Etim was running a temperature and she stepped aside to receive the call.
 Henrik gets a call and squeezed my hands and stepped away.
 Daniel moves close to me and smiles at me and I look at Celine. She leans back and watched us and I looked up at Henrik who was not watching us.
'How are you?'
 I move away from his thighs touching mine and leaned back and away from him.
'Good and you?'
'Do you approve?'
'My dating your friend, Nnoye'
'It's a free world'
 I got up to get some olives and he grabbed my hand and stopped me.
'Ade, I know I can't have you. But if you say no, right now it ends'
 I put a safe distance between us.
'Why should I care'
'Because you are acting like this bothers you'
 I looked at Celine who was nodding her head and agreeing with him.
'It has nothing to do with you, I just can't picture any of my friends kissing the same man I have'
Did I just say tgay out loud, in front of Celine?
'She's not your close friend, she's just your friend. Say it now and I'd end it'
'Don't you like her?'
'I like the attention she gives me, I need that right now'
 He looked at me lustfully and I felt uncomfortable.
'I approve'
'Don't give Henrik a reason to doubt you'
'I don't'
'Then stop acting jealous and let it go'
'I'm not jealous'
'She's just possessive and Henrik won't see it like that'
 All the talk made me exhausted and I leaned back and massaged my forehead.
 Henrik returned and Daniel got a phone call.
'You know you are the one, right?'
 Henrik laughed and shakes his head.
'I'm just upset with Nnoye, the girl tries too hard. But I've accepted and I will let it go'
'For real?'
Henrik was teasing me and I tickled him and gave him a hot passionate kiss.
 He liked it and kind of blushed and when I stopped Nnoye was watching me.
'Etim is getting worse, I'll see you guys later'
 I stand up and hug her , wish Etim a speedy recovery and she is happy.
'For a moment there, I thought you were trying to end our friendship'
 It made me feel guilty and I shake my head.
'You know how petty I her'
It's something you say to get a reasonable response out of. But did my crazy, delusional friend answer right?
 Did she answer like a normal human being?
 No oooo, for where?
Just listen to what she had to say about it.
'Exactly, I was telling Daniel about how sensitive you get...'
 I looked back at Daniel and realized what he was doing. He was using Nnoye to decipher me, to get to understand me completely. This was not a nice game he was playing, but everyone of us knew and were waiting and ready for the next move.
 Except Nnoye of course, to her she had hit jackpot.
She was not completely clueless of course, just naive to think all of it was real.

 Henrik and I were in a good place and when we got home. I hugged him from behind as he took off his sexy tie.
'So he still likes you'
'Looks that way'
'What was he saying?'
 Henrik looked serious and very jealous.
'Don't bothee, I know'
 Henrik turned back to the standing mirror and undressed down to his boxers.
 I was too distracted to speak and he pulled me close and kissed me. It was not soft or delicate, it was filled with rage and passion and I stopped him and got his house coat. I put it on for him and got him to sit down.
I got the table at the dressing mirror and sat in front of him.
'He wanted my approval'
'Meaning what, exactly?'
'He still likes me'
'That is crystal clear'
  Henrik got the house coat off his back and I crank up the air conditioning unit.
He moves to the shower and throws off his boxers and I turn away, quickly enough not to see anything.
'What stupid game is he playing?'
 I was about to answer.
'Does he think he can wait, for me to fuck up. Then jump in as your hero?'
 I open my mouth.
'He must be stupid'
 It was all  rhetorical questions, none requiring answers from me or anyone.
He stepped out with the towel wiping his luscious lock of black hair.
He stands in front of me and I hold my breath.
Henrik unpins my luxurious hair and eyes his fingers through it. His kiss was like a whisper, our lips barely locked but I felt his lips.
He pulls me into the running shower and undressed me. I was shivering, not from the cold water sprinkled all over me. But because he was naked and I was almost naked. In my bra and pant we kissed until he could no longer control himself and then he stopped. I pulled him close and he hugs me.
 I open my eyes and watch him walk away and I stretched my hands to stop him but stop myself.
Na real wa.
 Finished, he hands me a new house coat, my size, so I know he bought it for me.
Did I mention that Athena, his ex was much taller than me. So I know this isn't hers.
We snuggle up in bed and reminisce about the week. I tell him about my Auntie and her magicians and we laugh about the entire spiritual journey. And then I fall asleep.

 You see how I got to the point of dreaming about the past, also I get afraid once I meet all my Auntie's soothsayers threatening me with doom.
 But I'm fine now that I have prayed, i am happy now I have focuses on positive things. It's morning now, a brand new day.

 Henrik and I can hardly keep our hands off each other and since when did I start cohabiting?
 Work was hectic, because we had along Sallah holiday. So everything was pilled up high on my desk. I was looking forward to Henrik hugging and desiring me. But work truncated all that dream.
 Nnoye is here and I try hard not to roll my eyes at her.
'Hi, I thought you had sewing school?'
'Fashion designer school you mean, we are on a break'
'Are you even sewing?'
 I had to ask because she was spending so much time with me.
'I'll the outfits I wear, I name'
'For real?'
'I'm making one for you'
'Celine makes all my clothes'
'She does not make casuals'
'She does'
'Ade 'Abeg, just one'
 Now I roll my eyes at her and reluctantly say yes. Na wa ooo, and the babe knows I am petty like that.
'What's up?'
'My uncles wife is out of town, so I want to surprise the kids'
'What's she doing?'
'A course in management, my uncle can't boil water. So I want to help'
'But they have survived'
'Jubk food is not survival'
 There was no need to argue.

 The house was a beautiful six bedroom bungalow with enough compound to make any child happy. Old money but good money, but there was a funky smell in Nnoye's uncles house.  He was not happy to see us and reassured us that they were fine.
 Nnoye marched to the kitchen with her prepared meal and froze.
The kids did not mind that it was not hot but warm food and quickly eat from the take away packs.
 I was curious at this point, who made Nnoye freeze. So I stand up and join her.
The kitchen was dirty, like abandoned dirty. The walls had days and days old splash marks and the gas cooker all sort of maps.
 Nnoye put on kitchen gloves and started cleaning. Three hours later, I was impressed. Nnoye got carpenters to work on the kitchen cabinets and her uncle quickly paid for everything. He even sloped a bundle of one thousand Naira notes in her bag.
 Then one yellow oyoyo walked in, she had on bum shorts that accentuated her round fat, upright bum and her full, plump double d, breasts were in a tie top chiffon top. Her belly button had a plump outward bulge, one you get when the umbilical cord is not cut properly. But this yellow oyoyo had a bad ass figure eight.
 She said hi and marched to the kitchen.
'Dear are dis ya decorator?'
 I opened and shut my mouth.
'Come put gas on oooo'
 She realized it was on and made delicious aroma Ogbono soup'
 But she was messy, the floor, the cooker, the kitchen sink all became messy. The semovita meal was all over the floor and I had to restrain Nnoye from beating her.
'No one is a house girl hia ooo'
 She deleted, stepping all over her mess.
 She then moved to the burning gas top and started blowing.
'What are you doing?'
 Nnoye could not hide her disgust.
'Offing the gas'
 Nnoye picked her up and tossed her into the living room.
'Abeg commit for his, before you blow up the house here'
 The girl raged and ranted and my uncle ran in between the two women.
'Where did you find this bush girl? Trying to put out the gas by blowing it'
'She has not used one before, but I told you the kerosene stove is in the story'
'You neice can use has but I can't eh'
 The babe was puffing and grumbling.
'Ubcle why now?'
'Nnoye, you are not a baby, she makes me happy. More than your Aunt will ever or can ever'
'Uncle, you can teach her'
'How? Look, I am happy you came but. I cannot lie, I am happy'
'What about your wife?'
'She is happy when I don't demand too much from her'
 Nnoye claps her hands.
'Story ooo, but you see this kitchen. She must clean it, I will not let her poison you and your children. Or Aunt will hear, I swear to God who made me'
 The threat worked, Nnoye's aunt was naive but mean and wicked. The yellow oyoyo grumbled through all the kitchen work.
'You will get a house boy oo, if I continue to do house work I will become ugly and tired like your wife'
 It was a direct blow to Nnoye but Nnoye didn't care.
'You missed a spot here'
 The girl walked out and Nnoye tried to stop her.
'Calm me once you have a house boy'
Nnoye was trying to grab her and the yellow oyoyo stuck her tongue out at Nnoye and ran away.
 The children were immune' to the drama and I just watched them. The older girl looked at me.
'Auntie 'Ade, this is small. When two of daddy's girlfriend jam. They fight and tear their clothes. Daddy used to say we should go to our room. Now he says they should go to their rooms'
 The children laugh and I shake my head.
Nnoye grabs her bag and her uncle stops her.
'Please don't tell my wife'
 Nnoye is upset and trying to get away from him and he hands her a brown envelope.
Nnoye calms down and opens her bag and tucks it in.
'What about for Etim?'
 He hands her another and she leads the way. I am speechless and in shock and as I look at the four girls her uncle has fathered, I know the kind of life they have been exposed to.

 In the car, I watch Nnoye count happily her money.
'It's not all the time I can get money from him, only when his wife travels which is like once a year'
'Oya, let's go'
'Your niece's think this is appropriate behavior'
'I grew up like that, not everyone has a normal upbringing like you'
'But you can stop it'
'How? I can't get a job, so I am in sewing school. I have bills to pay, so I tax who ever I can. I hope Daniel Ojora would marry me and change my predicament'
'And if he doesn't'
'He will, he needs to, besides I have to survive somehow'
'We can be the change....'
'Ade, you may like that not all your bags' are designer's. I don't, you may want to marry for love and I don't. You may want to shield children from the harsh world they live in. I don't. I am a realist and you an optimist. Nothing can change that'
 Nnoye starts her car and I walk slowly to mine.
'Where to?'
 Nnoye asks, as if nothing happened.
'I'm going home'
'But we can have blue Lobster's'
'Not today, I'm exhausted'

     It's easy to judge people, but when you see their foundation, the moral justification they live by. You start to understand that, they cannot be anything but who they are.
The question is, do you get rid of them for good or not?

**Season 1, Episode 67**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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