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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Carved In The Sands Of Time


   Scooped and shaved, the wooden sawdust tells a story woven in Carved In The Sands Of Time. Passion is my zeal to do, so much more. Irritation is your need to use me to achieve all you want. Dreams I'm poised to see you cone to pass. And always my heart will lead me to where my goals will play.
Free to create and Open all life's beautiful gate...

How I get, unrealistically positive when faced with annoying provoking situations  this.
  The orange garment prophet, shivered once his eyes caught mine. The intensity of his large bell, struck it's thick curved exterior, reverberating and juggling all its metallurgical components. Screaming to me that I have no choice but to comform. And that, my dear friend, is what I have a problem with.
  He avoided my eyes and points behind me, and my Auntie the one responsible for bringing magicians to my mum, rocked herself and raised her hands to the sky and then slapped her thighs.
 I wanted to grab her hands and tape them to the burglary proof exterior door i was still holding on to.
'It is written...'
 The magician started to say and I rolled my eyes at him and my Auntie. My mum slapped my back and I turned sharply to her and warned her.
'Mummy, I don't like it ooo'
'If you like, don't like it. This is the third time we are preparing for your wedding...'
'As it is written...'
 The shivering magician added, like an actor trying to improvise on stage.
'He is obviously fake, I have only ever almost once and this time it will happen..'
 My statement confused my mum.
'What about that one, the one that came with his mother, to our house, that won a visa lottery?'
 Call it old age, even though my mother is just eighteen years older than I am. But this is ridiculous, how can she not remember?
'Mummy, it was never official and you know it. If this magician...'
 My words sent electric shocks around the dreadlocked man.
'Shalim... You missed your chance with...'
 I screamed and my Auntie covered my mouth and I struggled to get her off and bit her.
'Nkan se re'
 It was a statement, my Auntie believed I was an Emere, an ogbanje or some kind of water spirit. And everything was proof that I was. My asthma, my lack of being a billionaire and now my unmarried status.
Not as if any of her children were billionaire's or perfect. She was just naturally nosy and controlling.
 And Everytime a soothsayer, pastor or prophet entered my mother's home. She was responsible.
'Why didn't you get him when I was living with a man I was not married to?'
 The statement shocked the magician and he gave my Auntie a disapproving look.
'Don't mind Ade ooo, she was not having sex. Remember your vision's
'If she does, she dies'
 It was a threat that made my mother panic.
'Death ke? I reject it, in Jesus name'
 I grabbed my mother's hands and made her face me.
'Mummy, you believe God, why do you let Auntie trick you into spend unnecessarily'
 My Auntie shoves me away from my mother and grabbed her hands as I stood at akimbo and watched.
'Don't let the pot break before you fix the problem ooo'
 The magician quickly spoke.
'She doesn't have to believe'
'Because you are the one who will die, if you don't genuinely confess that you are a fraud'
'I have seen her, there is no need for her to be there'
 The magician was trying to get rid of me and I am not going anywhere.
'Be warned, if you don't repent by November twenty three. You will take your girls with you'
 It was cruel and unusual, even for me. I have gotten so high on scaring soothsayer's that I have resulted to threateni them before they threatened me.
 I sat on the couch beside him and watched his eyes dance to me and to my Auntie's.
'But work is done, I have delivered my message'
'What message?'
 My mum asked, not sure what was going on.
'Good has given your daughter powers and she will choose correctly. Respect her wishes, but be prayerful'
 He rang the bell, harder than ever just beside my ears and expected me to flinch.
 It was like the sound of a grinding machine, crushing dried powder to Alubo. The powder that when cooked, makes delicious amala. Come to think of it, I have not had that in a while.
The magician knew his tricks were up and I was not buying any of his acts. He shivered and hopped as he left the house. My mum and Auntie, scuttled after him.
 I just marched to the kitchen and searched for Alubo.
When my mum returned, I got an earful. I just asked them if they would have some amala with me or not. It was a very quiet lunch until she broke the silence.
'Thats why I am sure that you are an Emere and when it's time, I will find someone more powerful than you inThe spirit world'
 I ignored herand sunkdeepmy canines into delicious shaking chunks. You have to give it to my mum, she can cook. Even the orange looking giant crabs had the same colour as the magician. It made me laugh and I caught my mum laughing.
'Mummy don't pretend, the crab and the magician have on hard exterior but see how soft they are in side'
'Don't mind Ade, she gets like that when she is hungry'
My mum gave me a look and winked and I realized, she too didn't really buy into his fake act.

   It's Sallah and as usual, everyone is around. My Auntie is keeping malice with me and I too ignore her. But my dad gave me a look and I go to her and apologized for not believing her magician.
It was Henrik's first Sallah and everything about it fascinated him.
I just could not wait to share the fried meat, moimoi and jollof rice to everyone in the neighborhood. A tradition, I intend to keep.
 Ajoke could not make it, but Celine did. And then I lied to Nnoye that I did not know what Henrik had planned for Tuesday, the day after.
I wanted to watch the movie 93 Days, with Henrik and Celine but not Nnoye.
She didn't mention Daniel, so I hope they are over each other.
 The day was perfect and Henrik was amazed by how much I cherished the ram meat as I took a bag home.

 Tuesday came quickly and Henrik and I went swimming together and had  lunch. Then prepared to go to the premier of 93 Days. It felt good to see Celine all dressed up and we all go to Lekki, to House on The Rock Church. Where the movie was going to show. It was about the 93 Days, that the Ebola virus broke out. The sacrifice and the bond and will to eradicate the Ebola me nice in our over twenty-one million strong Lagos state population. That impressed me.
I was so proud to be Nigerian and learned of the American and W.H.O. aid in eradicating Ebola. It made me happy that I was with genuine friends, when I watched the movie.

 On our way out, we all laughed and recounted scenes from the movie. And then I hear my name.
 It was Nnoye and on her arms was Daniel Ojora.
'I thought you said that you were not going to watch the movie'
 I put on a straight face and give her a questioning look.
'I invited you at your parents house yesterday and you said no'

 Talk about demanding friends, see me see trouble oooo....

**Season 1, Episode 66**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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