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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Hanging By Love's Breakable Silk Thread


  Spinning whip threads by a bright silver Lagos Lagoon, I know I've got ninety days to spin and merge it all. Close up, Nature's gift shows and shares, the natural web of wealth. My toes, grab at the nozzle of ancient funnel as I reel in from the filament tiny threads of cheer, woven with love, spun by lust and thrust by a big heart. As these last days, has me Hanging By Love's Breakable Silk Thread. Oh family, friendship, career and good health, stay true to me and give me only the best and forevermore I will only declare...

   Wow, life is beautiful.
The beautiful combination of water, life and joy, from within, made me glow. And from the clutches of a fine dream, I adjust on this large soft and firm bed.
 I hugged Henrik and feel his tension and rage as he lifts my hands away from his chest. In a sleepy voice, I grumbled.
'Henrik, are you still mad at me? I said I slept off'
 I wait for an answer that does not come and drift back into my happy joyful place.
'Ade, are you are still sleeping?'
 His question and the tone of his voice, was proof that he was still mad at me. And my holding on to the clutches of my dream was proof that, I still wanted to sleep.
'Arent you tired?'
 I said and propped up the pillow and hugged it tight.
His stern no, means he wanted to talk and that I should abandon my bid to sleep a little more. Kai, relationships shaaaaa.
I reluctantly sit up and yawned. Na wa ooo, and the sleep was so sweet.
'Okay Henrik, I'm awake'
 He folds his hands across his chest and looks at me. I did not even know my eyes were still shut, until I realized I could not see his face.
'Ade, sleep'
 Henrik grabbed a pillow and turned away.
I grabbed him and forced my eyes open, the afternoon sun was blinding and I rest my tired head on his firm ribs.
'Why are you so tired?'
 Henrik says out loud and as I search my head for answers, I found none.
'I don't know ooo, let me quickly shower'
 I stagger to the bathroom, shower and try to pin point the reason for my fatigue. I know why, its just after my period.
 Lately, if I don't take supplements after, I get totally exhausted.
 I'm not at home, so I rummage through Henrik's. He has iron supplements and vitamins and I take them all.
But there is a drug that looks like one I've seen before. I think it's a mood stabilizer, what does this mean? My heart skipped as I though of some kind of mental illness.

Could Henrik be hiding a chronic medical issue from me?

 I hear footsteps and quickly shut the cabinet and cover my nakedness. I smile at Henrik who walks up to the toilet bowl. I shall not be tempted, so I exit the bathroom before he whips out his deadly weapon.
 In his room, on his massive bed, he has t-shirts and shorts. And I freshen up and dress up. I can't find my bra or panties and as I searched the entire house. I find them spinning in the washing machine. So, no underwear for now.
 Henrik is in shorts when I get back into the room and looking really sexy.
'My t-shirt suits you'
 He tells me with a seductive, come to bed smile.
'I know'
 I said admiring myself. I hug him from behind and he holds my arms around his shoulders.
'Should I cut off from Daniel for good?'
 He shakes his head.
'Is your friendship over?'
 Henrik looked at me and then sits on the edge of the bed, placing me on his lap.
'No, he's my best man. So what did he say?'
'That he wants us to meet for drinks, today'
 I tried to defend my key client and admirer, Daniel Ojora.
'But he likes you'
'And he didn't hide that from you, do you know how many of my boyfriends friends, liked and sabotaged their best friends relationship with me?'
'No, tell me'
'From the five, three'
'Thats more than half, did they ever find out?'
'Only one and it broke their friendship'
'So you are saying?'
'What ever decision you take, I will respect it'
 Henrik hugs me and carries me up to my feet.
'Let's do lunch, I'm starving'

 My car rides better than ever, Henrik should drive it more often. He has fixed the steering problem and the engine is quiet. He is asleep and as i watch him in the passenger seat, I smiled. It's the first time we are visiting as a couple our dear, Iya ibeji.
 Celine was already at Ajoke's and was waiting at the car park.
'What's up?'
 There was a lot of coded messages over the phone and I knew Celine and Ajoke were up to something.
'It's their official naming ceremony'
 Thank God I went home and changed into an Ankara dress skirt with frills and long sleeves. These babes had camera men and women taking pictures and there was a crowd.
'Henrik is still sleeping?'
'He just got back from Tanzania and i and Nnoye slept off at my office'
'How come?'
'Her squatters won't leave, I slept off jare'
'Why are you and Ajoke coding?'
'I think they cloned her phone and started leak stories about the twins'
'It's a lie'
 Celine shows me, the online gossip about her and the twins with accusations they are deformed and Bala is ashamed of them.
I was totally Speechless, there was some truth and the rest were made up.
'This isn't true and the gist about her getting it from the back from Atiku is hilarious'
'No, it's defamation of character'
'He's Ajoke sued?'
'The lawyers are handling it and her phone has been debugged'
'And the leak?'
'By the end of today, will be exposed'
'Who do you suspect?'
'We have an ongoing bet, just write who on this card and drop in the box on your way in'
'Ajoke and her drama'
'Let's go and get your outfit'
'Ajoke made aso ebi, for her naming ceremony'
'You know her now, you need to see the twins outfit'
'Oyaya, let me go and see it'
 I dragged and pulled Celine towards the house.
'I hope you did not forget I was in the car?'
 Henrik announced and us girls looked back at a sleepy Henrik.
'Of course not'
 I lied and chuckled at the same time, Henrik side hugs Celine and we all enter the house.

 The outfit was grand, a scoop neck dee blue Ankara with lace sleeves and neck line and aso oke edges. The patterns matched and the colours were the same and made the entire outfit look like aso oke fabric. The hand fans were made of Oja fabric and silver lined aso oke gele to match.
 It was beautiful.
 And the magazines had a filled day until the twins showed up. They were in aso oke baby jump suits and then Ankara iro and buba for Taiwo or Hassana and trousers and buba for Kehinde or Hassan. The precious twins were adorable and Ajoke did not let us take pictures. Only the assigned photographers could take pictures.
 Even Nnoye got a last minute invite, I had to promise to say the unsayable.
 Celine had no clue what it was until the interview started and I said to the interviewer.
'Ajoke is the Queen of our pack, the fashionista and the youngest. I know she will do far much better than anyone ever expects from her'
 Celine nodged me and I cover up, by hugging her. When the interview was over...
'Ade, are you okay?'
'It's Ajoke that said I should say the words or she would not invite Nnoye'
'Must Nnoye attend?'
'She is my friend'
'I hope she knows that she is not really in our click'
'But you agree that we are all friends, right?'
'Are, but us three are best friends'
  Nnoye showed up and did not like that she did not get to wear our aso ebi.
'But Ade, even the pieces from your outfit could have made me more uniform with you two'
 Celine rolled her eyes and I inches her.
'It's Ajoke's surprise gift, it was her decision'
'Then I'll talk to her'
 Nnoye is actually serious and Celine claps her hands and make Nnoye face her.
'Nnoye, don't try it ooo. Ajoke does not like to be told what to do and is looking for a desperado stealing information and pictures from her. Don't get on her bad side oo'
 Nnoye opened her mouth and shut it, I guess Celine's words got to her.
'This just proves that I am not one of you girls'
'Yet, you are at this exclusive party. Ajoke's babies naming ceremony. Some of her relatives were cut off the guest lust'
 My words, made Nnoye smile and feel special and thank God she gave up on confronting Ajoke. As Nnoye stepped away to get a drink. Celine laughed and joined me.
'I'll of Ajoke's family is present, including her younger sister, Ashabi and her man Chuks'
'I had no choice, what do you think Ajoke would have done to Nnoye if she...'
'...Made a scene and Chuck her out'
 We both watch Nnoye return with drinks for only me.
'Celine no vex ooo'
 Celine laughed and got herself a drink and I watched Bala and Henrik discus business opportunities. I smile at my man and he signalled for me to join him. With a warm smile and a warm embrace in the cold living room, I felt complete and happy.
 Before you know it, Ajoke's wedding will be here and then we will travel to Paris for Celine's and then mine will finally be here. Everything was lovely, breathtaking and peacefully fabulous. Nothing could crush my mood and Henrik's laughter and joy overflowed.

 The food was magical and we all had fun until Daniel Ojora walked in.
 Again I am caught in the corner, prepared to act as refree and still have to defend myself.
 The two heavy weights eyes locked on each other and then on me. The paparazzi stopped taking pictures of the twins, Bala and Ajoke. And the blinding lights of all their camera made me blink and shield my eyes.

Na die I dey....

**Season 1, Episode 64**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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