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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Love Dives Soars Sinks And Spins


  Hives of wasp colonies, stain the sky with beautiful patterns, pointing at me with sharp round bottoms. Warning me or urging me to try, I'm not sure which. All I know is that, Bumblebees are not impressed and shove the skinny flying weapons away from the sky as they paint the sky with even black and yellow stripes. Stinging and singing with choruses as Love Dives Soars Sinks And Spins....
      It was windy as hell and Henrik went first, he made it look easy. And taking his picture was fun. I posted it and admired the pictures. Aqs Henrik touched back down into the boat, I smiled and tried to mask my fear.
 For where?
My heart was pacing and I tried to stay calm.
 He asked the question as the harness is tied tighter around me and all the equipment is checked and rechecked.
 I nod my head and watch, like I'm in an outer body experience. My handsome Henrik takes my hands and places it over the hand glider handle. So, this is really happening.
 Who sent me oooo?
 I could hear the waves and the wind , rising and sprinkling cool waters that clash and brush against my cheeks. Henrik gives me a quick peck and tells me.
'This is it'
 I know I should be thinking about my life right now. But instead I signal to the guy with my phone, to make sure this moment is captured and filmed. It's a great distraction, because, for a moment I am unafraid. Until it happens.
  I screamed loud and hard as the wind yanked us up into the air.
 It felt exactly like I did, way back in Jos, on some training camp. Sheri Hill's, I think. I was a little girl, filled with so much hope. I climbed hills and promised to be an adrenaline junky when I grow up.
 Years ago, but I still remember the Man' O War experience.
 There I jumped down a tree with a similar kind of harness strapped around me. The only difference is that, there, I landed on land.
 Here, I can see the angry waves of the sea. My heart is pounding and fighting to escape it's ribcage. I can continue to be scared and scream uncontrollably, or look at the bright side, look all around at this lovely opportunity. Do I breathe steady, in and out and shut my eyes. And then I opened them, it was an amazing feeling to be so high up in the sky, like a magnificent winged creature. I look and admire all the wonderful natural, untouched surrounding. Far ahead, I can spot green luscious islands all around. And then, I screamed again as the rope yanked us to a halt. I swear to God who made me, I thought I saw a shark in the water.
 Henrik laughed and asked where, I point at the floating floater and stopped pointing. I felt my heart and thanked God that it was just my mind playing tricks on me.
'I could live here'
 I shouted and tried to get Henrik to decode my words. The wind seemed to take away most of my voice and then I remembered the other phone in my pocket. As I tried to take it, it almost falls Andi screamed.
'You are enjoying this'
'I freaking love it here'
 I blow him a kiss and then, he gives me the signal and I make a sad face.
 It was scary watching the platform on the boat and being reeled in. I just didn't want to land in the water for anything. My feet was wobbly and my landing was awkward on all levels. All the guys helped steady me. But for some strange reasons, I was laughing hysterically. Maybe it was all the rush from the adrenaline. But I loved the feeling, a lot.
'Let's do this again'
 I screamed, yes I want to do this again but not right now. I snuggle up in his arms and recount every interesting second I spent in the air. Ajoke and Celine called but I was too excited to pick up. This dish is best served hot, they will have to wait to hear all about my unique fun trip in the sky, above the Atlantic Ocean.

   Touching and tapping current, I could not stop muself. I was so happy and estatic, it felt like I just had the best feeling on earth. There was no way I was driving and I could not stop talking about my first experience parasailing, in Lagos Nigeria.
Yes ooo, you can have fun wherever you are, just create it. And Of course, be around an adrenaline junky, it's highly contagious.
 Henrik dropped me at Ajoke's and my girls are all over me, with questions and all in awe. Just as he drives off, they declare him the best fiance in the world. And with a genuine smile, I agree and blow him a warm kiss. I even start to feel my heart viberate. I look at the pocket and remembered that I put my phone in there.
My phone is buzzing and I look at it to see who was calling, it's Nnoye.
'You girls have all the fun, are you all still at the beach?'
 It was an innocent question, but very pregnant one.
'... Parasailing?'
 I knew exactly what she was going to say, so I answered with the only word to discourage her. But is my dear friend discouraged? For where?
'Where are you?'
 I wanted to lie, but Celine's giggling made me frown.
'Why do you ask?'
'I'm close to Ajoke's place and wondered if you are there or still at the beach?'
 I move the phone away from my mouth and whispered to Ajoke and Celine.
'What about our plans about Henrik's surprise party?'
'We will...'
 Celine was too loud, so I hushed her. She caught scope and reduced her voice.
'...We will cover what we can before she gets here'
'Hello, Ade.... Hello?'
   I could hear her from my phone and I rolled my eyes. Im not trying to be mean, but I want a party without any of my ex present. And if I invite Nnoye, then her current boyfriend Daniel Ojora would want to come along.
'Ade, I'm almost at Ajoke's. Should I turn back?'
 The drama about how I, we all exclude her from the clique would drive me nuts. So, I do the safest, sane thing and invite my intrusive friend.
'Come, we are all here'
 I cut the phone and hurry the girls inside, we all laugh and poke at the stalker manner in which Nnoye was my friend.
'Does she not know that, Henrik and Daniel are no longer close'
 It was a rhetorical question from naughty Ajoke. Guilt made me feel sorry for Nnoye and I tried to defend her.
'She knows'
 Celine was enjoying this and tried to be as cynical as poss by answering with her own version.
'All she knows is that she is part of this clique'
 Ajoke rolled her eyes at Celine and I shake my head, at my naughty friends.
'Don't act all innocent, she gets on your nerves too...'
 Ajoke nudges me from behind and I add my own voice to the conversation.
'Not all the time, it's this Henrik's former best friend palava'
 Celine stands abruptly at akimbo and faces me.
'So what do we do?'
'Celine, Ajoke, we take it a day at a time, use your caterers, leave from Celine's place and we will be ready?'
 Celine gave me a blank look, then realized I was defending Nnoye.
'How much of our outfits are ready?'
  Celine didn't answer, she seemed lost in thoughts. Then she snapped out of it and says.
'I'll work all night and get it done, we will all look fantastic'
'Thanks' dear'
 As we all walk into Ajoke's mansion, I hear Nnoye's car horn. We all race to the window, to look at her.
 She looks good in a combat cat suit and gladiator sandals with matching Italian leather bag.
'Girls, hi yaaaa'
  I got the door and let her in, we air kiss and she hands me a package.
'Hi, thanks. What is it?'
'Celine, Ajoke, hi... What are the twins?'
'Ade, it's like what I have on. But in a darker shade to suit your colour'
 I unwrapped it and it was neatly stitched and could pass for a ready made garment.
'You made this?'
 I was totally impressed, but Celine was not smiling.
'Celine, I only make casuals. Eight thousand per outfit, but the first one is free'
'Only for 'Ade?'
 Ajoke was not happy with me getting all the attention.
'You and Celine is in my car, but I don't know if you would want it'
 Ajoke scrutinized my gift and placed it against her skin.
'Gray and shorter for me'
'And paler but trousers for you'
 Nnoye adds and Celine giggled.
'Not bad'
'At least, one casual per month from my girls'
'Free or we pay?'
 Ajoke asked and Nnoye looks at me.
'Free if it's on any ad campaign or official pictures. But if it's for us, of course we will pay'
 Nnoye does not know how people stay on strict budgets, no matter how fat or slim their bank statements are. Especially, since Celine already makes all our clothes.
 At least I put her mind at ease, but there's no guarantee that I would buy an outfit every month.
 We laugh and chat some more and I remembered that I had some money. So I pay her for my one casual, which I told her is all I can afford until I earn more money.
'With your ad campaign, you can afford more'
 Nnoye was trying to be an aggressive sales person, but she was dampening the mood.
 I choose not to reply, or think about money right now.
'So tell me about parasailing again'
 Celine asked and I shut my eyes and for a moment, it feels like I'm floating free all over again.

  A beautiful dawn, ushered in by a blurry sun shaded by sprinkles if scattered clouds. Today is the day that I surprise Henrik. We watched a marathon of WAGS together, last night. So we slept off in my living room, on my couch.
 I showered first and then he did. It was hard getting him out of the house and harder to get him to stay with Bala and Ajoke, while I get Celine.
 But eventually, he let me go and was suspicious. Not that there was a surprise party, he acted like I was betraying him or something.
Ajoke kept texting me about Henrik's uneasiness and when finally they joined us on the boat. Henrik apologized for been paranoid.
 He loved the cake and we all had fun, the pictures were beautiful and Ajoke uploaded them. Nnoye called me and I chose not to respond. Today was beautiful and sweet.
 Henrik loved the attention he was getting and even got to Skype with Celine's fiancé.
 The best picture I got, was of Ajoke's yatch just after the sun set. It was like a shadow cast on a Lagoon, so close to the sea. It was magical and we were all happy. Henrik was impressed with all the planning and execution in such a short time. And suggests we start a surprise party club or business. Ajoke refused to hear it, her yatch was hers and she would only share with family and close friends. Not the world. I point out that there are other yatch, so we could use that. Celine is more interested in the idea than Ajoke. So we let it go and converge around the twins. They are covered in warm clothes and we all take turns, taking pictures with our God children. Yes, Celine and I are joint God mother's. It was the only way to stay friends and Ajoke's way of getting double the attention for her kids.
 Our own version of our friendship, all our kids will have two god mother's.
 Did I mention that Henrik and Bala are about to start a business collaboration together? Yes, they are. It was Ajoke's idea.  With style, the babe was the glue in our friendship. The possessive one, the crazy one. Celine was the mature one and I the realist.
     So, I'll be realistic about how I feel.
 I am happy, I am happy my man is happy and happy that my two best friends and partners are all close. We may not always be happy, but I know that we will try.

   I also know that, this coming week is going to be eventful. Ajoke's bridal shower and wedding, all before the month runs up.

 Do you think there will be trouble in paradise?

**Season 1, Episode 69**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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