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Wednesday 21 September 2016

Love's A Lonely Calabash On A Forgotten Shore


 Ripple's rip hard at the edge of my fluttering heart. Sinking the corners I never thought would stay afloat. Weighing down on me with bubbles of memories, of betrayal that broke my beating heart. Does it end all I cherish about love, or make me merry at the thought of falling in love? As I stand on a slippery Lagoon floor, deciding to grasp or swim away from haunting thoughts. The words echoed and scream at my waxy eardrums, Love's A Lonely Calabash On A Forgotten Shore...
   On this sunny Wednesday morning, I can't help but think about how time has raced by so swiftly.
 Its actually amazing and depressing at the same time. To think that, Ajoke's wedding is this month. So much has changed since she had the babies. She has less time to droll over me and Celine and even her wedding. All the fuss and planning and now, she's not even bothered about it all.
 Celine is on her way and is in charge of disbursing the cash to everyone, to make things go smoothly. And we need to discuss and make sure the ad campaign makes waves, like her proposal. Today, Ajoke is more than my friend, she is my client.
 But my mind is all over the place and my dream didn't help.
 I feel like, I am not doing enough and I want to do something for Henrik. I don't have to, but I feel like I should. All the distractions from toasters and my ex, has not helped my case. And I want to do it all for him, bake, design, put him on a pedestal and make him feel like the star and lead character in my life.
'At least, second lead character'
 I announce to my quiet and still office.
 Celine clears her throat and I am stunned she is by the door.
 I laugh, a little embarrassed she caught me talking to myself.
'Hi dear, don't worry. I understand, I talk to myself too. But who's the first lead character'
'Me of course, i want to do something for Henrik. This Saturday'
'Before Ajoke's bridal shower?'
'Thats on Wednesday, right?'
'And the wedding is on the 30th, wow already'
'I know'
 Celine says and crashed on my office couch.
'The house is so lonely without you'
 I didn't know how to react to that statement. Of course it will be lonely, I am no longer dating your unfaithful cousin. But I didn't scream the words at her, I just give her a blank, no you didn't look.
'So try, I didn't mean it like that. I miss you so much. And Mr. H is never around'
'I thought you said Baratu moved in'
'Now he has moved into her house'
'Good for them'
 I said and got out my folder with plans and lots for the ad campaign.
'Maybe I should move in with you?'
 I look away and she grabs my arm.
'No way, you have moved in with him already?'
'It's a mix and match, we shuttle between his and mine'
'It's a lie, are you two...'
 Her eyes lit up as if she was sure we were sleeping together.
'No ooo'
'Do you know if it works?'
 I smiled and she shakes me repeatedly.
'So you are now a sinner like us'
'No, just cuddling and all. It's less than two months waiting time you know'
'So does he walk around naked? Mine does'
 I nod my head.
 And we both fall into the couch laughing.
 Ajoke calls via Skype and I pick up the call.
 It was beautiful to see Bala rocking both twins in his arms. They had gained weight and looked so cute, Celine and I are both amazed.
 We said it at the same time.
'Don't aw, anything. Bala won't let me carry my babies'
'She has them most of the day and...'
'Abeg jare, they are my babies'
 It was so sweet watching them want to love and hold the babies with equal passion and love. It was a sweet and calm banter and Celine and I were mesmerized.'Ignore Baba Ibeji. I hope it's my wedding getting you two excited?'
 Celine looked guilty but I was prepared and raised up the folder.
'Where are the ad campaigns, I'll just email the graphic design and script outline for the ad'
 Ajoke opens her mails and goes through all three and shakes her head.
'Is this all?'
 She sounds irritated and frustrated.
I send another three and then ask what her vision is. She did a complete 360 and started talking about her in slow motion. In aso oke and an oja veil. With her babies as the star of the show and her bridal train wanting all she has.
 If Celine and I are in shock, Bala's mouth open prove he is equally shocked by her decision.
'Is it doable, the fee can be doubled'
 She turned to Bala, he nods his head and continued to rock the babies with so much tenderness. I was beginning to feel sleepy, I see why the rocky movement sends babies t sleep.
'Focus, 'Ade focus'
 Ajoke snapped at me and I yawned and then sent her my last document.
She read it, scanned through the power point presentations and smiled.
'Eh Hehn. Something like this but bigger and with more efizeee'
 Celine looks Ked at the copy with me and then gave me a thumbs up. It was my only presentation with the twins as the star of the wedding ad campaign.
'Bala, it's enough. Let the twins learn to sleep in their beds. That's why they don't let me sleep at night'
 Bala quickly put the babies in their cot with Ajoke policing his every move. Celine and I laugh at them and Ajoke rolls her eyes at us.
'Shebi you two will be married soon and have kids. I will see how fussy you get around them'
'So Ajoke, is your boat free...'
 Ajoke got seriously offended and cut me short.
'Ade, I am yet to see your own boat. Even Celine's fiancé speed boat is smaller than Otedola's. My own YATCH, is as massive if not bigger. Please don't call it a boat again'
 See me see trouble ooo, I was going to shut her up when Celine pinched me.
'Iya, no vex'
'And you two are not having a party without me'
'Of course not'
 I snapped at her and she made a face like she is about to cry.
'Ajoke, please don't Cry'
 She starts to laugh and Bala covers his face.
'This is what I am dealing with, I can't tell when she's serious or when she's pretending, gaski ya ne'
 Ajoke hugs him from behind and rocks him.
'Don't mind me'
 Celine makes a face at Ajoke without her seeing it.
'I can see you, I know you are yimuing at me'
 I laughed and fall back into my office couch.
'I get away with it you know, I play the baby card wella'
 Ajoke posed like she was been filmed on some fictitious reality show.
'Ajoke, I want to throw Henrik a surprise party'
'About time you show some kind of gesture to Henrik'
 Ajoke covers her mouth and looks at Bala.
'You two have been gossiping about me'
'If we can't gossip about the people we know, who will we talk about then?'
 Really, Ajoke was driving me nuts.
'Of course you can have my yatch, on one condition'
 I growl and throw my head back. Now her babies are in great health, she is back to trying to be the leader of this pack. And I am not impressed, one bit.
Celine placed her warm hands on mine and stops Ajoke from talking.
'It's fine, we will plan the surprise party in your house and leave from mine'
 Then she realized it would be awkward with Mr. H owning the house she lives in.
Everyone watched me, they are waiting for me to react and I don't.
'Okay, let's all agree that we are all getting married, will start new legacies and love experiences. We need to get comfortable with Mr. H been my ex. And no, no way is he invited'
 It was a mouthful, but it had to be said.
 Bala says and grabs his car keys.
'Where are you going?'
 Ajoke asks and Bala smiled at me, this our Skype call was really soap opera like.
'I thought I said I would get the diapers and soft chicken'
'But you are on a call...'
'We are, on the call. Alright ladies, I am going out. Please Celine, the sketch of the outfit and fabric and Ade, the bill is plus twenty five percent or fifty percent inflation rate?'
'Seventy five, everything costs almost time two'
'Good please help my country Nigeria, how the hell are people surviving this. Do you know that this Sallah fewer people I know killed ram's?'
 Bala was pacing and Ajoke grabbed his hands and swings it left and right.
'Seee you ladies, later bye'
 Celine and I had fun teasing and making fun of Ajoke and her many dramatic episode's.
'So why now?'
 Celine's question threw me off and I thought of the answer. There were many and then I remembered.
'I heard a man's gesture on the radio'
'Not that attention seeking guy that wants to pull a Forest Gump'
'Yes, only he wants to walk to Zaria for a girl he has asked out like forever. It's nice TV stations want to cover it and all.. But it just reminded me of me back then. I believed in gestures, not as big as walking a million miles for love. But a custom made outfit, an ice cream bowl I would share with my true love when we finally move in together. A home baked cake, baked with love and all'
 Celine side hugs me and I rest my head on her shoulders. My P.A. walks in with a print out I told her to make.
'By the way, you are invited this Saturday'
'Yaayyy, where's the party at?'
'No Ajoke's Yatch, surprise party for Henrik'
 My P.A. likes my relationship with Henrik, she can't wait to carry our mixed raced babies. But best of all, she said she likes our effortless love. And I realized that when she said it, she was right. But I didn't want to be complacent. It's also why I am making an effort. She leaves us alone and I look up at Celine from her shoulders.
'All I have experienced was supposed to happen to me. It made me who I am today. And for Saturday's party, I will whip out my best cake recipe...'
'...Gateau cake'
 Celine insists I make her best of my cakes.
I laughed and nod my head repeatedly.
'Okay I'll make a Gateau cake, for Henrik and you'll make matching Ankara beach wears and traditional outfits'
'How many?'
 Celine screamed.
'Okay, just do what you can. After all, Ajoke has us all working for her right now'
'In this economy, I am not complaining'

 Henrik was a real darling at lunch and I tell him that Ajoke is having a pre wedding party on her yatch on Saturday.
'Your friends jump on every opportunity to party'
'So you won't come'
  I try to look as sad as possible.
'Of course not'
 Henrik grabbed my hands and I try not to laugh.
'And opportunity to hang out with you is fantastic'
'Nothing for Saturday but me'
'I'm here for you, I'm making my life with you. I will marry you next month and we will raise and make babies'
'Three at first'
'How many do you want?'
'As many as we can have'
 I laughed and laughed and then we hugged.
'Let's do something'
'Yep', something risky'
'Uuuhhh, I like danger'
'Before Ajoke snatches you away again'
'Anything you like'
'Just us, playing and Laughing'
 I jump up.
'I never pass up the chance to have fun'
'Where are we going?'

 The afternoon weather was cool and interesting, the sign towards Ikoyi said it was twenty five degrees Centigrade. And it was not very sunny and no rain, so I was not worried.
 Henrik loves water and i used to but I just feel indifferent towards being surrounded by water. So with my hands touching and squeezing my hands gently, we drove to the jetty in Lekki Phase one. He has his speed boat docked and as I enter it, I spot a glider. I think and a parachute.
'Is that?'
 I quickly get out of the boat and stepped into marshy muddy water. Nope, I actually escape out of the speed boat.
'Ade, wait'
'I am not getting into that water'
'But you just did'
'My shoes and feet did'
'Ade, you can swim and we would have on life jackets'
'I don't want to get into the water'
'But you don't mind the beach, we will ride into the beach, the sea'
 Henrik grabbed me and I started to shiver, 'I don't know when I got scared of water but I think I am'
 I tell him, searching my head for the reason for my fear.
'Why, with a life jacket?'
 I look at the water and shake my head.
'We have talked about this, watched people take on their fears. I have done this before, you will be fine'
'Too soon, water, parachute...'
'Ade, okay you'll just ride the water scooter. No need to join me parasailing'
 I was tempted, but I have to pray, for safety, for protection, for life.
 At this point, Henrik and I were wrestling for my arm.
'Henrik, please'
 He let go and laughed and I look at the water. Something told me that if I didn't try, I might never do it again.
Henrik stopped and clasped his hands together.
'On one condition'
 I get out my phone and send messages to all my siblings and Celine and Ajoke.
'What did you call this?'
'Parasailing, my friend is an expert. The helmets, harness, everything is intact, you will learn how to unstrap from the harness, the boat guys signal, everything'
 I nod my head and look at both men as I type as fast as I can.
'I hope I get messages like that from you for life'
 He sounded jealous and I smiled and take his hands. His phone beeps and he looks at it.
'You sent me a message too'
 Henrik was impressed and really happy he was part of my life.
'Yep, you are my family now. I may not tell you Everything, but I promise to always tell you at least part of it'
 Henrik could not hold back his feelings, we kissed and I hugged him.
 I listen and ask questions as the instructor tells me about safety tips when parasailing.
This was going to be interesting.
 As the speed boat docked and moved on the water, I exhaled hard and buckled my life jacket tighter.
'We will do this together'
  The water jumped and dived over waves and we moved from the Lagoon to the Atlantic Ocean.

 Lord have mercy on me...

**Season 1, Episode 68**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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