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Saturday, 3 September 2016

The Ripple Effects Of Love


  The beast roared but no sound escaped it's raging lungs. The predator pulled, deeper and deeper and closer to its jaws. Salivating as we inched closer to its mouth watering tongue....

   Who sent me?
I shivered and prayed for a miracle, for the engine of the boat to start and keep the angry waves from getting into the lone boat on a dark night just before the eclipse.
 I am sure you are wondering how I got from a yatch to a boat, right?
'It's all your fault'
 I blamed Celine who was laughing like a drunk hyena.
'The boat will Start'
 I screamed at her, and massaged my forehead. Lucky Ajoke was at home with the twins and Bala. She begged us to take her yatch. My mind said agree ooo, but Celine said, the real Eti-Osa fun on the Lagoon was by living like everyone else. Ajoke wished us luck and I prayed hard.
 A speed boat approached without regard for our dillema and sent large waves to us and our boat climbed and swayed like it would capsize.
 Celine screamed and I laughed, the boat rider kept trying to start the engine.
'I thought you were not afraid'
'It's taking too long and this is your fault'
 Celine accused me and I cross checked that my life jacket was intact.
'How is this my fault?'
'If you had allowed Henrik to come, he would have dived in and pulled us to shoes'
'Henrik is not an indigene'
'Meaning what?'
 I'm not superstitious but I do feel an invite is better than crashing a community.
'Meaning what exactly?'
  I was actually paranoid, I remember a friend from Ogun state almost drowning in Epe waters. My point is that around water, I am superstitious.
'Okay Celine, you want me to break it down then I will'
 I look at the boat driver who now towed the boat with a very long stick. Only the bright silver Moon provides light on the dark shiny surface.
'Henrik will be over confident and dive into the water'
'Wait ooo, Ade you can swim'
'Not in open waters, I can swim in water that is still and has no waves'
 Celine shakes her head.
'Don't shake your head ooo, over confidence kills. Please start the boat again'
 He does and it starts and we head back to the shore.
 I was so glad I was on land that I almost kissed the floor.
'Are you coming back?'
 Celine was taunting me but I had her time.
'Why not? I had enough fun, fear and excitement...'
'Without me?'
   I heard his voice and screeched and screamed and jumped on him.
'You need to go on boat rides more often, I like how you miss me'
 Henrik looked so good, I almost kissed him. But all the eyes on me and my drama made me a little shy, so I stopped.
'You know Celine, one of my bestfriends who dragged me to this crazy adventure'
 I guess you could blame it on the adrenaline rush. But I was unusually excited, happy about everything.
'What's up?'
'We almost drowned'
'Celine don't lie, the boat would not start. I mean, the engine on the boat. And we were floating for about twenty five minutes and boats passed us making the waves almost enter'
'It was scary but I told her that if you were there'
'Don't mind her ooo'
'Ade does not want you to hear because she is superstitious'
'I'm not, it's just that'
'Ade, it's okay to be superstitious. I am, when it comes to business deals, I only wear, navy blue when it's for sure. Black when its a maybe and gray when I'm happy to be with my partner'
 His answer made us all look at his feet, he raised his blue jeans and revealed his gray socks. Us girls laugh and high five each other and Henrik gave us a curious look.
'Have you two been drinking'
'So we can't be happy without alcohol?'
 My accusations made him a little unsure of the situation.
'We have not been drinking'
'It's all that good clean Sir'
'So we can relocate to...'
'No ooo, how will I get to work'
'Weekends then?'
 I hold his face in the palm of my hand and smile at him. It's amazing how, after all the hurt and betrayal from past relationships one can find a true friend and partner.
'I thought you could not make it'
'I wanted to surprise you'
 Henrik did surprise me, us by picking us up.
'But you had a hectic meeting and...'
'You smile and Laughter is the only sound I wanted to hear'
 I rest my head on his shoulders and we walk to his car. But I don't see his car.
'Where is your car?'
'I drove yours'
'But the tire's '
'Fixed it'
'I said I would'
'Say thank you, ah'
 Celine says and shoves me and I make a face and hug Henrik.
'Thank you'
 The drive home was quiet and I just rest my head and shut my eyes.

  The office is quiet and I am just walking around, unsure of what to do. My week had me visiting the Lagos Lagoon, twice this week. It was exactly what I needed but this weekend had Henrik in Tanzania and I had some catching up to do.
I've been here since five and I've covered all I had to. The report, the feedback and recommendations, all I need for this week's meetings have been covered.
  Now I had time on my hands and Saturday was just getting started.
The peels from my phone, jolts me out of my trance state. I didn't even know I was day dreaming for that long.
It was Daniel Ojora, we have not talked in a while. I don't pick it up because I know what he wants. Or at least I'm fifty percent certain and I don't need any more drama in my life. He keeps calling and I think for just a minute. He is still my client, so I feel obliged to anwser.
'Good evening's
'Ade, for a moment I thought you were ignoring me'
'I picked u right?'
 There was a pause and we both say nothing at opposite ends of the phone.
'Can I see you?'
'But meeting for Tuesday still...'
'I mean just to talk'
 I stop to think about it, why should I meet a guy I know likes me?
'Ade, as just friends'
'i've stopped living in the past'
'I'm not your past'
'You are Henrik's best friend and my own best friend, Khadijatu did exactly what you are instigating'
'I just want to talk'
'Then talk to Henrik's
'He and I are at an awkward phase'
'You know we are getting married in November'
'I do, I'm the best Man'
'Then act like it, talk to him'
'No but's'
'You listen'
'And Henrik won't?'
 This time, the silence went on for longer than normal.
'I'm a package deal, you can only deal with me outside business with your friend'
'You will make it happen?'
 I shake my head and realize he would not see it.
'To night?'
'No, tomorrow'
'He won't want to talk'
'Let's see about that'
 As I drop the phone, I thought of calling Ajoke but the twins kept her awake all night. Celine is busy redesigning Ajoke's bridal collection because she said she saw something similar on television. Also, she wants a bridal party on her yatch and wants clothes that flatter her yatch. So calling Celine is out of it.
My only free friend is Nnoye and I call her.
'Ade where are you?'
'At work, should I come...'
 She screamed and I pull away the phone from my ears.
'Let me come over'
 It was a strange request but did not argue, its just the long wait I could not stand.

  I have practiced my chess moves, read three chapters on chess grandmaster's and checked my phone at least five times.
'Where are you now?'
 I grumbled.
I look out at the windows and watch skinny Nnoye walk towards my office.
'Nnoye hi'
'I am too tired to say jack'
'What happened?'
'My squatters refused to leave'
'I thought your agbero boyfriend had a free house...'
'One oyoyo has moved in. No free house for me ooo'
'Meanwhile, I am not happy with you'
'What did I do?'
'You three, chucked me out of the click and went on a yatch'
'It was a surprise gift'
'Still, you could have said something. I found out through Facebook'
'No vex'
'I vex, no be small'
'So what is wrong?'
'My tenants ooo, every where stinks. All the house is choking and I can hear Tina and her man doing it'
'No oo'
 I was laughing and Nnoye frowns.
'They grunt like, and I doubt if my guest bed can take any more acrobatics'
 I scattered and laughed so loud, it confused Nnoye.
'Grunt like Riverside bears?'
 It was a joke but Nnoye was not buying any of it.
'Ade, help me. I feel bad that I want them out. And rage for letting them stay.
'So, what now?'
'I don't know'
  I don't know how to console her.
'You want to...'
 Before I say anything, she starts to snore, she is deep in sleep and gone.
 I watch her and then look at the feathers on her neck scarf. It's been a while I've been mischievous but I plucked a feather and tickle her nose. It's funny to see her fight it off and then she grabs my hands tight.
I panic and stop when she starts laughing.
'So, you are awake'
'Please Ade, let me sleep'
 I let her sleep and watch her and then go through my phone. Through pictures of Nnoye and I and Ajoke and the twins and Celine and her family. In a weird way, we were all getting better, happier and too much day in day out drama.
Then I was all alone again and bored, the idea to call Daniel crossed my mind and I quickly erased all that crap from my mind. Besides, i can't leave Nnoye in my office.
 So I do the most logical thing to do right now, I kick up the air-conditioning unit up and let the cold air do the rest.

 I wake up to Henrik's voice calling me, I look at the time and at Nnoye. I cannot believe I have slept off in my office.
I open the doors and yawned, Nnoye wakes up with a smile on her face.
It's a little strange and the first time I've done that , ever.
 Henrik hugs me and I apologize for giving him such a scare. He says he's been calling for hours. I unlock my phone and show him that just two missed calls came in. And then he spots Daniel's number.
'Work right?'
 It was just two words but it spoke volumes.
'He misses you'
'But called you instead'
'Don't you miss your childhood friend?'
'Not when he wants my wife's
'People always want what they can't have'
'Are you defending him?'
'Henrik, of course not'
'He just misses you'
'Ade, I'm tired, didn't see you at home and you didn't pick your calls'
 I hug him and rock him, but he is tense and unresponsive.
Why do other people come into my relationship and just spoil my good mood, eh?

**Season 1, Episode 63**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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