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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Woven Strings From White Clouds And An Endless Blue Sky


  Cotton strips strung on age old spindles, maneuver around and about experienced fingertips. Climbing and falling, rising and jumping up and down, forging patterns and merging together to form the fabric of love, the fabric of birth, the fabric of life. The Aso Oke fabric.... The weave that made all smile, all glide as each intricate strand is Woven Strings From White Clouds And An Endless Blue Sky.
     When you leave the loud music of the party, there's a cloud around your ears adjusting to the quietness all around. A sharp memory plagued my mind and to understand every bit of trouble I am in, you need to hear my side from the very beginning.
   It all starts with my hands vibrating....
 My phone is buzzing and I did not know the number. I look at it and pray it's not one of those annoying robot calls. They make them look like regular numbers now, you know.
As I pick it up, I knew I should never have. I was about to cut it when she begged me not to.
'Ade, please. I have no one else to ask'
   It had been a while and I have gotten accustomed to life without my former best friend.
'Ade, please'
 I roll my eyes around the room and then eyed her as if she was standing in front of me.
 Nonsense and Ingredients, the ordercity of this babe self. I did not let her land, I shut her up in my very strict, no nonsense tone.
'Khadijatu stop'
  I listened as Judas, cried and cried and I cut the phone. And speak to an audience that is not there.
'Why won't these people just leave me alone?'
 She called again and I stared at the number, wondering what I should do and then I picked it up.
'How much do you want?'
 It was cruel and cold, but that's exactly what she wanted.
'Did you like my ad campaign for Ajoke's wedding?'
 I knew, she knew I had made cool money from the ad campaign.
'Please, after this.. I won't call you again'
'Until the next time'
'Ade, I know I am in this mess'
'And text me your account number...'
 I was as rude as possible and blunt and despicable. I wanted her to know that I know her game. She proceeded to try to  explain and justify herself. And as I listened, the girl managed to surprise me a little shaaaaa.
'We owe the bank, please don't send it there...'
 I laughed.
'So you want to come to my office?'
 Typical, this her 419 game is so lame and predictable.
'Just to help my daughter'
 Yes, use the child to beg as usual.
'I will give the sales girl in the ice cream palour...'
 Khadijatu cut me off and I freeze and listen to her explanation.
'Please, I owe her money too...'
 I slump into my couch and massaged my forehead. Because I do not want her in my comfort zone or space.
'You cannot come to my office'
'Let me come to your former work place. Give Helen...'
'You dont work there anymore?'
'We had a misunderstanding...'
'Please, what ever you can and I promise you, there will be no next time. Thanks'
 She dropped the phone and I shake my head.
   Now I am curious.

 The last time I was in my former office, I had to arm wrestle them to let me go. I felt like I was free from the shackles of waking up early to an underpaying job that made me miserable. I had good memories of this place and horrible ones, the kind my mind did not need right this minute.
 Now, I remember I was in the same parking lot, I had kissed Frank. The same one I had learned the entire truth about my fake fiance. I refused to get out of my car and watched the workers step out and into their office like worker bees.
 Helen stepped out of the office, happy to see me and excited. I did not think we were that close when I worked in this office. But then, I realized she was not smiling at me.
 Frank looked good in a gray muscle top and fitted black jeans. His smile surprised me and made my heart jump. But he was not smiling at me, he hugged Helen and squeezed her hips. The player was back to playing his mind games, only this time the victim was not so innocent. They kissed and I heard her say, she wanted to help Khadijatu out, calm her down. So they should meet at her house, she had his favorite food waiting. She spanked his bum just as Frank walks away. The security guards laughed and whispered about what she just did and Helen winked at them.
 I could not help but ask what all the fuss was about. Frank was fine but such a perpetual liar, even as a father he still did not change. No, could not change.
 A sharp knock on my now tinted car windows, startled me. I guess Henrik transforming my car, made it unrecognizable to Frank, because as he left he did not give it a second look.
'Ade hi'
 Helen was a heavily busty lady obsessed with her own body. She would call your attention to all her assets and was loud but famously single. I wind down the windows and smiled at her.
'I know what you are going to say, but he is single now, I mean unmarried And I might just be the one to tame him'
 She seemed convinced by her own words, so I reply as unbiasedly as I can.
'Good for you'
'And I help them when I can, but that baby has many complications'
 I give her a flyer with bank sponsored NGO programs for special needs children.
'Tell Khadijatu that, hiding won't help. She should join and work with them, she is not alone'
  And then, I hand over a sealed envelope to Helen who adjusts her bra to show more cleavage and smile at them before collecting the envelope.
'How much did you give her?'
 I did not like the question but Helen ripped open the letter, searched through the money for hidden letters and counts the money.
'I don't want you telling Khadijatu, more than she needs to know'
 Meaning, Khadijatu had no clue Helen was sleeping with Frank.
  Ain't Karma a dick.
 I said irritated by her boldness.
'Better, because I can't take care of Frank and then her and her baby'
'It's Frank's baby too'
 I was irritated by this foolishness and her betraying Khadijatu. Not because I cared for my former friend. But because, I hated the lies and deceit.
'Hes not sure, we will do a DNA test before the end of the year'
 I heard it, wanted to say so much more, but it was none of my business.
'Good luck'
 I say as I start the car.
'You won't come in and greet everyone, we can't stop gushing about your ad campaigns'
'No time. I've got work to do'
 I shake my head ad drive off and thank God he delivered me from that entire mess.

 All this happened before today and I am glad it's all behind me.
   Right now, the joy I feel is unlimited, as this precious moment, sinks in. I realize and accept, two souls are merging, becoming one. My crazy good friend Bala and Ajoke are finally getting engaged. All the planning, all the fuss and traditional dancing and ushering in the new bride, makes me feel happy. Celine and I dance and as our backs touch each other, we sing louder and happier. Oblivious of the cameras, just glad the day is finally here.

The sounds of drums beating, make my hips sway and my lips part and spread into a smile...

 As if agreeing with me, the skies sprinkles tiny cool tears of joy. Announcing to everyone, the traditional wedding is finally here.....
 It's the first time I am seeing Bala prostrate fully, in front of Ajoke's parents and family. My own parents and family are just beside them, to the right and on the left Celine's.
Opposite them are the groom's family, Bala's family. The space in-between was the stage, the arena everyone watched. All are praying and blessing the bride and groom. Ajoke's tears are priceless and we all rally around her.
   Today is the first day of three mergers, our beautiful unions.
  Ajoke's white wedding is tomorrow and then Celine's in France and my traditional in Nigeria and then my white wedding will be in America.
   Don't you all just want to be me?
 It has been a lovely progression of events for me, parasailing with Henrik, throwing a successful surprise party for him. Which he loved and then, Ajoke's successful ad campaign and bridal shower.
 My bank account looks good, I've added more small chops for my traditional wedding and even the bridal shower is bigger and better planned now.
 Life is beautiful and getting better and better everyday.
 The celebration was a success and for the first time in a long time, we were not so fixated on perfect pictures and camera angles.
Ajoke's sister had the twins close and we all fussed and rallied around them. Until Ajoke declared that it was time for them to rest.    We all followed and it was a beautiful delight to watch Ajoke balance both babies and Bala scuttle to grab one if them.
'Mingle dear, I just want to feed them'
 Ajoke said rocking the twins, Bala ignored her eyes rolling at him and grabbed one of the twins. Ajoke snapped at the crowd following her and they all retreated back into the party. So it was just Bala, Celine and I with the twins of course.

  Our dear bride is happy and excited, she rocked her twin bundles of joy and tell us it's the best feeling on earth.
'Your traditional wedding?'
 I ask with a naughty smile on my face.
'Ade, birthing life of course'
 Celine and I laugh, everything was going great and we were all happy, until he stepped in.
 I don't know why seeing each other startled me. But, I guess I am reacting to how he is reacting to me.
'Congratulations Ajoke, you look beautiful'
 He was talking to her but looking at me, to think that we were once partners feels like a distant dream. But what is reality is that he is my best friend's husband to be's best friend. Mr. H will always be part of my life as long as Ajoke is part of my life. The silence was getting awkward and even the make up artist was looking at us funny.
'How is Iya ibeji?'
   I said to break the weirdness of his staring at me. It worked, because he stopped staring and looks down.
'She's fine and it's not twins, it's a boy'
 I said the words but they were bland and without emotion. What do you expect, the child was proof that my relationship with Mr. H was fake, was a lie.
 I smiled at him and he smiled back and whispers.
'Ade, you look beautiful'
 And he leaves the room, the make up artist claps her hands and adds.
'Men, they will never chance'
 She is about to continue work on Ajoke but Ajoke holds her hands and stops her.
'Ade, what was that?'
'I don't know ooo'
 Celine looks away and Ajoke moves her to face her.
'Celine, oyaya, talk'
'What's my own?'
'Something happened'
 I was irritated by the entire situation.
'Abeg, Ajoke, leave Celine alone'
'As if you don't want to know'
 Celine shrugs and Ajoke shakes her.
'Leaf me, ah. Okay, if you must know... Baratu and Mr. H had an epic fight yesterday'
'Over what?'
  Ajoke's question was for Celine but her face and eyes were fixed on me and I got up.
'Wait now'
 The make up artist grabs a chair, sits and watched us all. I protest with my body gestures and hands.
'Please, my own wedding is in November oooo'
'No doubt, but I still want to know'
 Ajoke pulled me back into my seat and I sit and fold my hands across my chest.
'Baratu said she can still feel like the other woman and that she suspects you two are back together'
 Ajoke looks at me as if she believed it.
'This is so fake, the babe is just paranoid'
'Yes, you were missing in action yesterday'
'I was at work'
 Celine shakes her head.
'I was in your office with your P.A. You were not there for Lunch'
 I knew my nosy friends would find out and now everything is just complicated.
'Ade don't tell me'
 Ajoke had figured it out and i look at my fingers and clasped my hands together.
 Celine growled and stood up, she was upset and there was only one of my ex boyfriends that annoyed her like that.
'Don't tell me, that you were with Frank'
   As she says the words, Henrik walked in and freezes. This day was not going like i wanted it to go.

 What would you do, if you are in my shoes right now?

**Season 1, Episode 70**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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