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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

An Anthill Is A Monument Destroyed And Rebuilt Over Time


      Recycled plastic, lines the floor of the uneven contoured array of dome shaped pyramids, constructed by tiny giants with large hearts. Ants on fire, fueled by an unending passion to build, to defend their home and to procreate. All designed by nature to, not just survive but to thrive. This time and there after, populating the earth and motivating the world and it's inhabitants that everything is possible, every dream is buildable. Reminding everyone that, an Anthill Is A Monument Destroyed And Rebuilt Over Time.
    No excuses, only the task ahead.
   Like all dreams, it is fueled by two words. 'Hope' and 'Fear'.
  'Hope', is a drug I am addicted to. And spirituality is the one thing that places genuine 'Fear', in me.
  I mean, as a child I was scared of any kind of horror movie. The Nigerian one, Hauwa also The American movie, Exorcist and Devil Dog. All still haunts my dreams and every time I feel helpless, clips from them creep into my mind. I never watched any of them from beginning to the end. I bumped into clips of these mind bugling horror films. Come to think of it, I do watch horror films now. Only when my mind is at ease though, yes I have watched the most recent TV series version of The Exorcist. No, not at night though. Did it scare me? Of course, that series is good and believable. But I had my trusted JOURNAL beside me to keep me distracted enough. So that the fear does not engulf my mind completely.
      Why did I even bring this up?
 Oh, I remember. Right now, I am in church scared shitless. The prophet has announced that if I don't step out and stand up for my friend, there will be dire consequences.
       Do I believe him? Well, what I'm about to do answers my own question.
   I buckle under his psychological pressure and start to stand and then I am stopped by another kind of pressure. Peer group pressure, Ajoke clamps me down with her hand. While juggling holding the twins safely.
'Ade what are you doing?'
  Ajoke whispered and tried not to shout through clenched teeth. I give her an odd look, not understanding why she has not decoded what is going on.
'They are talking about Celine'
 I tell her and look around, hoping my mum didn't notice she tried to stop me from talking sincerely to the Lord.
'Look at all the people coming out'
    I look in the direction she is pointing at and see a crowd of fifty staggering towards the pulpit.
'Wow, many people are in Celine's shoes'
  I did not know I said that out loud but I am truly shocked.
 Style conscious Ajoke says rocking her twins back to sleep and failing.
   I started to say and Ajoke cuts me off.
'Don't do it, don't jinx this. We will get through this as friends, pray together without any prophecy yanking us in different directions'
   My dear friend seemed worried and I watched her and felt everything she did. I smile and relax back into my seat and she heaves a sigh of relief.
'Ade you scared me'
 I grab one of the twins and rock her quickly as I announced.
'They are awake, you need to breastfeed them. Let's go to your car'
 Ajoke  squats and watched her daughter who slept like a baby. She is about to protest and tell me I am wrong but I wink at her. Then she gets it, it's a ruse to get us out of the brainwashing, hypnotic session.
'Oh yes, let's go'
  The latest bride announced and we both scuttle out of the church. At the corner of my eye, I catch my Aunt signalling to me and pretend not to see her.
 Abeg, I am not interested in meeting the man with magical hands thank you.
The twins did wake up and were agitated and cranky.
'They want to leave as fast as I want to'
  Ajoke grumbled as she tucked back her twice grown boobs back into her bra.
'It's not that bad'
'You almost got up 'Ade, this man gets under your skin's
'Because I am worried, Celine's wedding looks like its not going to happen'
'I am worried too, but love will get her through this'
  I shake my head.
'Ade, so you don't believe in love'
'It's all great at first, but like a drug it fades. Then we are left with hope that it feels the same again or fear we have lost it'
'Is that what it felt like with Frank?'
 I roll my eyes at her.
'You know that I loved before I met Frank'
'I know, the university guy'
'Three of them'
'Ade, no'
  The way she said it, in that very obvious mocking tone.
 I giggled because now, it's funny.
'The first was forced, the second a dream and the third a rescue. He was my night in shiny armor, my adventure'
'I remember those'
 She leaned back with a mischievous grin on her face.
'Mrs. Bala, please don't remember'
'See age, plays a factor into love and like you say, it's only genuine when it lasts'
'So far, I feel and see the love every time I am with Henrik'
'So you think love is tragic or eventually ends tragically?'
'Not all, but most'
'How did, talking about Celine become about us?'
'Ajoke, you are right. Why I brought up love is because, no matter how much I loved Frank. It did not change the lies and the situation we were in'
'Frank is incapable of love, Pierre loves Celine'
'I hope it's all genuine but you are right, it does not look like there will be a wedding. October has just one more week'
  Reality is a dangerous mist that engulfs all the space all around. And as the reality sinks in, we both sink back into our car seats and just relax. There was a calming effect to accepting temporary defeat, it made me explore other options. Find better solutions to the mess our dear friend is in.
  A loud jolt made me jump and rub my nose at the same time. My mum had yanked the door open so fast that it woke me up. I didn't even know that I was asleep.
'Ade, Ajoke let's go and meet the prophet'
 My anxious mother waved and beckoned me to join her with a bag in her hand.
'Mummy, no. We are not going to meet and listen to your prophet of doom'
'Ade, this your paranoia about pastors, prophets and all, is ridiculous'
'Is it? He must have said something, did he say I will end up in America, rich and build a legacy? Did he add that I need to undergo some kind of ritual?'
 The beautiful fair skinned mother that married my beautiful extremely dark gorgeous dad smiled awkwardly, giving their chocolate coloured daughter, the answer i already had.
'Ajoke and the twins are asleep and the driver too, finish your prayer session without us. We will wait here'
  I could see her pain and her fighting to accept that I would never share her spiritual beliefs. She stretched her hands out and hands me the bag in her hand.
'At least take the prayer water and oil he gave us'
     I shake my head and decline.
'Mum, the days of collecting stuff from you and throwing it away is over. I won't take it because I won't drink it or use it'
 Shockingly, she grabbed me and hugged me.
'Ade, omo mi. Gbo mi, you don't have to believe. I will believe for both of us. Pray for us and especially pray and fast for you. You will survive because you are strong. I will dance with you on your wedding day and back your triplets on my back. Your father and your siblings will rejoice with you always, by the special grace of God Almighty'
   I have not heard my mother talk like that, pray for me to my face like this in a while. It brings tears to my face and I could hear her crying. I wipe mine away before she sees it and she does not bother to hide hers. She smiled and touched my face and my Aunt approached the vehicle.
'Keep the bag for me', she whispered.
 I pretend to be drowsy and have my eyes half open.
'Sister mi, I have given them', she lied out loud and smiled at me.
    My naive Aunt, believed she could convince everyone to join her in her belief, force everyone to drink her perfumed water and annoiting oil. My mother believes in, choosing to do so from the depth of their heart. I watch the sisters laugh and go back into the church and admire how close they were despite of their differences. It was a lovely road trip and even though my house is the fastest to get to, Ajoke drops me last.
  Suitcases of clothes, shoes and gifts made us laugh and chocolate made it more fun.    Bala called me and asks me to return his wife. I tell him soon and we both laughed, Ajoke hugged me and I promised to drop by tomorrow. Alone in my house, absent Henrik was no fun at all. I have showered, tried on clothes and shoes and I'm done.
  I'm too tired to go out and I've had so much sugar that I'm so hyped it's a contradiction.
  The next guilty pleasure is WAGS, been awhile, missed Autumn, Barbie, Natalie and Olivia. Catching up and I learned they are fashion ambassadors and they got it from building a successful business. All of which are awesome and to let the goodness overflow to your friends is even much more fun.
  What I'll give to be one of them right now.

    Today is a new day, the day for the public relations photoshoot for Celine's wedding. Okay out the outfit for her big day and I just stare at it. I am in my underwear and beginning to catch cold but I have to decide.
 So I wiggle into the gown and can't believe how tight it is. Oh no, don't tell me I've put on weight. Well, judging by the way it's clutching to my hips and bum. It's official, I have put on weight. The worse part is that I was in denial about it and had too much chocolate last night. That's an extra two kg to the one I've added. I'm putting myself under stress and making this situation worse than it is.
'Is she coming back?'
  It was my PA, I had forgotten that I was on the phone.
'No, cancel all the booking for this month'
'Celine isn't getting married anymore?'
I shake my head then answer.
'But yours is intact, right?'
 I open my mouth to protest and abuse her for been insensitive.
'Boss, Oga mi?'
'Yes it is,but try to be more sensitive'
'I'm sorry, I didn't mean it to...'
'It's okay, you were dreaming of attending the wedding'
'But I can still go, right?'
 The south of France wedding was not going to happen this Saturday. At least, as far as I know.
'If you want to, yes'
 Squeals cut at my eardrums as she screamed and jumped with excitement.
'Enjoy France, but you can't miss work this week'
'My flight is at night'
   So is mine and Ajoke's, Celine is all alone and I want to see her but I don't know how she feels like.
'You can leave by one'
 The screams made me cut the phone and grab my laptop. There was no dodging this, I have to call her.
  Ajoke is calling me and I bend forward with the edge of the dress cutting deep into my waist. It hurt bad, but I was still in denial about my weight gain.
'Hey Ade, you still coming over?'
     I heard Bala screaming and begging me not to. He wanted all the lobsters for himself.
'Don't listen to him, he has added too much weight'
 I laughed and increased my voice as I screamed over the phone.
'Put me on speaker, no Bala. I want my lobsters intact. It's not everyday that Ajoke cooks, even though she's a great cook'
'Ade is just been nice, she knows she's the best cook in our clique'
'Thanks, but keep my food o'
'Ajoke, why didn't you tell me I was adding weight?'
'I thought you wanted your ass to pop more in your wedding picture. It's mega huge now'
 What kind of friend is Ajoke? She's supposed to be making me feel better not worse.
'Don't joke about it'
'Thats why Kim Kardashian will always make money. She is not in denial about how Beautiful her body is'
'Please don't do that, just lie to me. Like, like my best friend should. Like normal friends do, right?'
'Thats Celine's job not mine'
'I'm thinking of skyping with Celine'
'Ade, let her breathe'
'Her wedding is this weekend'
'I know, but the decision is hers. She will call us, once she's made up her mind about what she wants'
'She needs us by her side'
'Let her come to the decision herself'
  I did not like the idea of not been with Celine right Now, but Ajoke is right.
 I could see the icon pop up as Celine called me.
'Talk about Celine and she calls, I know she won't call me because I will tell her the truth'
'She already knows the truth, now she needs her friends support's
'I'll give her that, but you lead the way. Drive safe, Bala and i are waiting for you'
'Thanks dear, see you after this call'

  A tired faced Celine, popped up on the screen and her eyes look puffy from crying.
'You are wearing yours'
'It's tight and uncomfortable, it would have been a terrible photoshoot'
 Celine burst out laughing and falls forward on her bed.
'Ade, please don't make me laugh'
'It looks like I added more than four'
'You lose it'
'It's harder than changing my diet'
'Then add exercise'
'How are you?'
'Not good, I'm missing my Nigerian photoshoot and I'm in France but no wedding is going to take place'
'Ade, don't joke. Pierre's lawyers advised a divorce but she wants to fight it'
'She was declared dead'
'The lawyers used that but it's not working'
'Why do you say that?'
 Celine gave me a horrible look and I start to unzip the tight dress.
'Why didn't Henrik tell me I was adding weight?'
'Men love the weight gain, initially at least'
'This is not good'
'Knowing is good'
  I was quiet and watching her, she was lost in thoughts and frozen in time.
'I was going to tell you all not to come, but I've decided that I want all of you here'
'Wait, what?'
  I did not expect that.
'Yes, tell Ajoje and Bala, Henrik and your PA. Everybody should come and celebrate with me'
'But there will be no wedding'
'I will wear the wedding gown and all'
'Thats crazy'
 I chuckled.
'Call it, my very expensive dress rehearsal pre wedding party'
'You are serious'
  I don't know if this is a good idea, what if she breaks down?
'I know you don't think I can handle this, but I want you to support me. I want your sincere vote of confidence'
 Now, when one of your best friend asks you this kind of question eh.

 Should you tell the truth, or sugar coat it so that the situation does not get worse than it is?

**Season 1, Episode 78**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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