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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Burnt Dumb Baby Kidnappers Race Through Plastic Forests


  Cradling the life in my arms, saying the prayers in my heart and savouring such wonderful memories, we will have. I shiver and shudder and whisper and wonder. The afternoon is so hot and the cold breeze, clashed and clustered around our love. As I show case to the world my majestic being, my new born baby. My first born child, my all. But all is not well as it happens at lightening speed. It hits me, snatches violently from my delicate hold. The horror smacks me in seconds and I raise an alarm. Three men race away through thick trees, carrying with them my delicate new childs. I run after them, crying, wailing, digging deep into the abyss of terror, melting away far from me...
  We are close now and have caught them by fire and by force. I am slowly calming down now and curve My arms into a cradle position. My baby is safely in my arms and I hold her close to my heart. The clouds gather, then roar scatter and briefly I let my eyes wander and find the chaos. I watch the crowd all chase and blame and latch on to tyres and fuel, tossed and forged by rage. Burnt Dumb Baby Kidnappers Race Through Plastic Forests, melting into plastic flowers, tyres, burning into ash. All now lifeless and gone... 
  See me, see trouble o ooooo. Is this the story of my life? Am I now some chaotic character, you read about in the papers or online? This can't be happening.
 I look at the arms shaking me and look at the eyes of hate blaming me. Maybe, this is how the innocent woman was targeted. By foes, pretending to be friends. People casing and studying you like a predator, only waiting for an opportunity to snatch your glory and pride and reduce it all to nothing.
 My angry eyes, stared at her Pako hands, hands rugged from fighting, no doubt. You see why I have been trying to stay away from this my so called friend. I just knew our friendship had deteriorated to almost nothing. And for sure now, nothing.
 'Nnoye, leaf my hand alone'
'Wetin you want do self, eh? You have Henrik, leave Daniel alone'
 She had raised her voice so high that I began to laugh and clap my hands.
 Celine entered my house and used her bulk to shove Nnoye away from me and block her on the wall.
'Celine, let her come and touch me again'
   My dear Celine was shaking her head and shoving skinny Nnoye into the wall repeatedly.
'Boyfriend snatcher, wuwuwuu'
 She was echoing words that sounded melodious with her flat hand, modulating the tone.
'Stop it'
 Celine snapped at her and yanked her hand away from her singing puckered mouth.
'Celine leave me alone'
 I say as if an insect was buzzing harmlessly about my living room. Celine got tired of shielding her and signals that she should attack me.
'Oya now, go and beat Ade, she just dey pity you'
'She can't do nothing'
  Nnoye was pacing behind Celine and panting as if she had been running all day.
'Ask her what I did wrong'
 I said to Celine, still shocked by her aggression.
'I caught her kissing Daniel'
 Celine laughed.
'Ask her, now'
  Nnoye was irritated by Celine's attitude or lack of belief in the words she just said. I'm not sure which or if it's both. So I make Nnoye understand she has overreacted.
'Henrik is with Daniel and Daniel gave him the phone to talk to me...'
 I squat quickly and picked the phone that had scattered, placed the batter back into it and watched it ring. It's my man, calling back on Nnoye's phone.
'Henrik, call my phone'
 He did and I was about to pick it up and then remembered that Nnoye was in the room. I give her phone to Celine, who hands it over to Nnoye.
'Celine, please tell that paranoid thing to leave my house. I will get the security to'
 Nnoye looked nervous.
'Ade, I'm sorry. I thought you were talking to Daniel'
 Did I accept her apology? No, there was no need. The truth is that Daniel Ojora had got between our friendship and it was over.
 I picked up the phone and looked at Nnoye.
She did not move an inch and looked very sorry.
'Celine, beg Ade for me now'
 Celine shakes her head points to the door and signals to Nnoye to leave.
'Henrik, could you tell the security here in Lagos that I have an intruder in my compound'
 Nnoye reluctantly leaves and I rest my back on the couch.
'Henrik don't worry yourself, Celine and I have sorted it out'

  A long afternoon nap was exactly what I needed. I woke up Refreshed and stretched and purred like a cat.
Celine was watching me and I laughed.
'It is not funny ooo, explain to me what happened'
'I fell for a trap'
'What trap?'
'She pretended to need my help but didn't. In reality, all she wanted to know is if I had feelings for Daniel'
 Celine scratched her head.
'I'm confused'
'Think about it, she made me call Daniel with her phone. To tell Daniel to buy her jewelry. Then pretends to step out for long and attacked me not long after'
'But why?'
'She can tell she is losing him'
'They are just bed partners and she wants more'
 I was enjoying saying every word and loving how it felt.
'Why through you?'
'Daniel is crazy about me, but...'
 I paused and tried to think of the best way to answer.
'But what?'
'But she just set me up to be the reason to break up or make up'
'For real?'
'For real'
'Ajoke would freak out when she hears this gist'
'How do you think Henrik would feel?'
'It's true ooo, na real wa'

       An eternity is what it felt like, waiting and anticipating his arrival. I did not like that I did not have to pick him up from the airport. But he did not want to see me talk to Daniel or Nnoye. He did not know what happened, but suspects something did.
 I am pacing up and down and fighting not get into my car and catch him half way.
  I hear his car crush on tiny gravels and race to meet up with him. He is happy to see me and I wait until he stepped out. I jumped and hugged him so tight.
'We need to miss each other more'
'I know'
 I said and gave him a warm kiss, and gently slide down his really sexy frame. We side hug and I go to the boot of the car.
'That can wait'
 We wobble and walk into my home with him telling me how well business is and how they got a new contract and were excited about doing business.
 Inside the house, we both stare at each other and then start to laugh. See eh, I laughed so much I almost peed on myself.
'Did Daniel suspect anything?'
 I asked between laughter.
'He was as clueless as can be'
 I almost fall off his laps but he brings me back to his front.
'Wait now, tell me everything from the beginning'
   And you trust me now, I did. I gave him the full gist and he listened and then signed heavily.
'So let me get this straight, you help her and then she wants to beat you up, in your house?'
'Are eh, from all this gist, it's the way Celine slammed her, that made me laugh'
 Henrik was no longer laughing.
'What is wrong?'
'Nnoye had the guts to act like nothing happened at the airport'
'I know'
'So, she's not allowed anywhere near this house or any of our friends'
'of course'
'And Daniel will find out soon enough'
'I'm not going to tell him'
'Why not?'
 Henrik was surprised I was not milking the story and I was shocked that he wanted me to.
'It's disrespectful what she did'
'Yes it is, but let them, sort themselves out'
'If I say something, then it's like I am breaking them up. But if I let it be, then they will figure it out'
'But he is my closest friend...'
'Who is having fun right now and no longer fixated on me'
'At least he is distracted, you should be happy'
 I said, holding his fine face in my soft hands and he kissed both hands one after the other.
'So what did you bring for me?'
'Giant dried fish and prawns'
'Yummy, delicious'
 I licked my lips and he kissed them again.
     A plate dropped behind me and startled me, I almost forgot Celine was still here.
'So, hi'
'Hey hi'
 Henrik says with a sheepish smile on his rugged face.
'Em, I thought you went to the airport to pick him'
'No o, Nnoye was there and Henrik didn't think we needed more drama'
'Abi ooo'
 Celine bent and picked up the orange that fell off the plate. There was something off about her and I had no choice but to ask.
'What's up?'
 It was bland and uninteresting, something was definitely up.
'Is it your bobo?'
 Come to think of it, I had not heard about him in a while.
'Look, there's a lot more time to talk later'
  Henrik stood up with me still hanging on to him. I refused to let go and he walked with me for a few miles. Then I realized that I was still talking to Celine and let go.          Not surprisingly, he didn't expect it, so I fell and Celine and Henrik scuttled to save me and failed to shield me from the fall. It was not a massive fall, just the shock of it left me a little dazed.
'Are you alright dear?'
 Henrik looked scared and I chuckled and it made him shake his head.
'Let's me get my luggage'
 He said, lifting me and gently dropping me on the couch.
     I watched him waltz away, smiled at his beautiful self and just admired him. Celine was tired of all the display of affection and started walking away. I grabbed her hand and stood up.
'Not so quick, what is going on?'
'I think I am single again'
    I screamed and protest.
'No, no way. You are not single, did he break up or say anything to make you think...'
'Thats the problem, we don't communicate any more'
 I stand upright and try to digest all she just said.
'But you said you gave been talking'
'Talkng like civilized people and not people getting married next month'
 Celine was sad and had all her shield down, I don't think I've ever seen her this sad.
'Don't assume, ask'
'I have tried, but nothing is working'
 She massaged her forehead and I knew she was under a lot of stress.
 I pull her to the couch and we both sit down. I was thinking a lot about what to say and how to say it. Celine looked at me and then sighed.
'So Henrik is not mad'
'Flattered I didn't milk this Nnoye Daniel situation. In fact, we have decided to act as if nothing ever happened'
'Wow, really'
'Yep, I will not be dragged into this break up by Nnoye'
'It's true ooo'
 Celine understands that i was set up to loose, either way the situation had gone.
    But I was not thinking about me, I was thinking about her. The solution was simple and though it's my opinion but it's the only way forward.
'Celine, you need to go and meet him'
'In France?'
'Yes, in France. He needs to see you, feel you'
 I leaned on Celine and she laughs. Henrik enters the living room and then stops at the door.
'What's going on here?'
  It looks funny but it was harmless from my point of view. But from Henrik's point of view, his fiance was rubbing herself on a friend sleeping over in her house.
 If it's you, will this look so innocent?
      Na die I dey....

**Season 1, Episode 73**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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