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Ade's Journal Part 6
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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Dark Green Spirogyra Hides Beneath The Hay


   Shaving off mud Caked termite pathways, crusted on an abandoned wall. Watching empty shells fly off and give away nothing. Scrapping hard and fast, the tiny mud moats jump and reveal all. An army of off white soldiers stand guard and latch on with oversized heads. The dark golden syrup heads look harmless, while their scissors mouths bite careless. Digging deep, defending me, their queen, until they find refuge. Not far, as Dark Green Spirogyra Hides Beneath The Hay....

    Yes, I am in deep need of a new territory. Maybe I am forced to find one but I am currently in the market hoping I run into someone different.
'Two five, for five litres'
'You are joking'
 I was mortified by the market woman's revelation. How can five litres of groundnut oil be five thousand Naira? Just last month it was two thousand. Why are they increasing everything, every month by five hundred Naira?
'Madam, dollar is almost five hundred Naira'
 This is scary, the more I earn the more the money is devalued. I obviously need to build residual income for myself. That's the reason I am building my business, so I can tie in Intellectual Property into it. But this is hard and saving money is becoming useless. Because, what I bought with fifty thousand last month, I now buy at eighty thousand. Just listen to me complain, I can't help it. I wish I had set out earlier, listened to that voice saying get out of the rat race. Get out of that boring job now...
  I didn't even see who was calling me and I answered.
 I recognized my old classmate and dear friend, we were roommates in the university. She had put on some weight but she looked so beautiful. I didn't think she was pretty back then. But the question is, who else but me and my family were pretty?
'You look good'
'You too and you lost some weight and don't tell me, I know I added a little'
'What are you doing here?'
'Shopping like you, but my list is fake. Everything is up by twenty five percent'
'Abi ooo, so annoying'
'So, did you marry... What's his name?'
'God no'
'I heard you had a baby for him'
'That would have been a living nightmare'
'It was all fake and he had side chicks'
'It's a lie'
'True.... What about you?'
'Oh, I married that youth corper'
'Thats true, how is Edet?'
'Happy with my twins'
'Aaawww, you guys had twins'
'But i thought I heard you were marrying or married?'
'Yes, I was engaged but he was already married'
'I even confronted her thinking she was a side chick'
'Let's have mercy, but your ring is beautiful'
'Yes, I'm getting married in November'
'Congratulations dear'
 We both hug and I smiled and realized that I too would be Mrs. soon.
''Let me get your number and don't tell me it's one of those coded weddings'
 No I am curious.
'Oghogho, which one is coded wedding again?'
'Edets sister had two introduction and no wedding, so her pastor said she should do a coded wedding'
'Wed in secret?'
'Yes, and only some of his siblings were invited. I think I was invited because I could afford the Aso Ebi'
'So the spirit didn't ban you'
'My husband's money was tied up in business. It is the reason I think I was invited, my in-laws are still fighting over been labeled witches'
'They  labeled them witches?'
'Yes and have said they won't conceive if they set eyes on the so called witches'
 I laughed.
'You are lying, when it's not home video'
'She rejected all our gifts and only collected cash for the pastor'
'Abeg, E don do'
'You dont believe me'
'I don't even want to know'
'Don't you have Auntie's explaining your been single as a spiritual warfare?'
'Oghogho, everything is a spiritual warfare. Getting out of bed, earning money, having hope. We lose it and rebuild, just like termites and ants. We forge on,no matter what'
'And if someone pours cement over the ant hill or termite hill?'
'I'll will still not be lost, those that are out fetching food will come back, realize the house is destroyed and build a new one'
'You always had an imaginative mind'
'Glass half full mentality'
 I said smiling.
'So where is your in-law, now?'
'No vex to Ibadan now, thank God. They can be scary with all their prophecy of doom'
'Na wa'
'What about your own inlaw's?'
'Lovely people'
'Nice, mine can call at night and say pray against accident's'
'Don't think that's all bad, they care'
'They also make me scared'
'It is well'
 I could not think of what else to say, good and bad drama can be good.
'Come to my house for Lynch's
'Henrik and I have plan's'
'Not today, tomorrow then'
'i'll discuss it with him'
'Good, Ade... You didn't add me on Facebook'
'I sent a friend request'
'I'll do that now'
 I get out my phone, we exchanged numbers and then I added her.

 Celine's sleepover was cut short by a new clothing line order. A family member had promised to sew for all fourteen a memorable collection. It was memorable alright, the clothes didn't fit and the stiches were not neat. The mother was so upset that her mother in-law took sides and supported her daughters decision not to refund her. She was crying and begging Celine who didn't seem moved.
'You know my fee's'
'Please. We are relocating soon and i need this family picture'
 As Celine dropped the phone, I asked her why she was not moved.
'It's my friend Justine, she claimed she only wears foreign designers and would never have me make anything for her'
'But this is business'
'Don't mind her, shes so high on herself. Now she has wasted money, I should come and bail her out'
'She can always postpone the photoshoot'
'And admit her and her husband are no longer rich, fever'
 We both laugh and Celine started making orders, checking and comparing their skin tones to fabrics and drawing new styles and sending each to her lawyers to file copyrights for them.
'For deal'
'Since the day I saw copyright on an outfit, I have always done mine. You know all the Ankara designs are protected, right?'
 I never thought of it tluntil now. You see this business of business eh? The ability to think and be reminded to think goes a long way. I need to start incorporating this Intellectual Property rights thing into my business. As soon as possible ooo. This waiting until one succeeds is just not helping matters.
'My dear don't finish everything ooo'
'I won't, just go and empower yourself'
'And I'm coming back here ooo, it seems you and Henrik are getting too cozy these days'
'By next month I will have no more excuses'
'And this is the last job I take before obsessing over my own wedding'
 I shriek and we both hug and laugh.
'Abeg make we do quick marry, before Ajoke dangles it in our face'
 I hug her and hold her hand longer than normal. I did not want to be alone right now.

   Today was slow, I removed the shells from the crabs and made pepper soup. I actually called Ajoke and then remembered she was on her honey moon. Celine had a client with twelve children she was dressing and said she would show up later. I didnt feel like calling Nnoye, but all the crabs could not just go uneaten.
  Maybe I should have taken Oghogho's invite, but she wanted Henrik and I. My boo had a Port Harcourt meeting and would fly in tonight. I was about to serve myself when my phone rang.
'Ade, what's up?'
'Nnoye hi'
'Are you at work?'
'No, left early. What's up?'
'I'm bored, you want to go out?'
'What about Daniel?'
'He and Henrik are in Port Harcourt'
'Right, they are business partners'
 I almost forgot.
'I made crabs'
'Chop alone, die alone'
'Oya, come'

  I cracked the shell and almost cracked my ribs, Nnoye is funny I can't lie.
'Seriously, Edet was eying my hot legs'
'Did Oghogho know?'
'She would have cut him off completely, she like you was hot care'
'Are you serious?'
'For real and I liked him'
'Better than you like Daniel Ojora?'
'Are Edet and I kissed, at a corner on an abandoned street near my house. He was that young lad in polo long sleeve top. He looked fresh, tall and fine but he was too fast for me'
'How so?'
'He had unbuckled his pants and it was, his friends driving by that saved me'
'No way'
'I could have lost my virginity that night's
'in the middle of a road?'
 It was no longer funny.
'He would not have cared for my opinion, like my first didn't'
'Thank God we are all grown up now'
'I sent her a friend request and she didn't accept me'
'She accused me too...'
'I think she knows'
'That you kissed her husband seven years before she started dating him?'
'That her husband and I feel like we missed our chance at love, unconditional love'
'Abeg jare, that's all fantasies. Reality is that you are with Daniel and she married Edet'
'But Daniel has not proposed, not taken me to meet his family or given me any jewelry'
 I didn't know what to do with that information. So I say nothing and put an extra crab in each of our plates.
'Ade, I am telling you to talk to Daniel for me'
'And say what?'
'Tell him to treat me better, buy me jewelry, get me the ring'
'I don't believe in telling a man where to go in a relationship'
'Because you are too old school, life is different now. How do you think it makes me feel that he got you jewelry, that you've met his family..."
"... Because we were family friends before Chief set us up'
 Nnoye drops her plate and grabbed my arm and rocked me.
'Kate Middleton worked on her Prince, set up situations, a fashion show...'
'Is that what you want to do?'
'Yes, I can't wait like you. I don't know anymore single guys and I don't want anyone  but Daniel Ojora'
  I sighed. This is why I hesitate to hang out with her.
'You have changed since I started dating Daniel, you act as if I have blocked an opportunity for you'
 I am disgusted beyond words and stand up to protest.
'I dont want Daniel, I have my own Prince's
'Then let me be Cinderella for once in my life, help me get this opportunity'
'He will know....'
'I don't care'
  Nnoye snapped at me and I freeze.
'Isn't this desperate'
'I am desperate and I want a stable home for Etim and I'M
'Without love?'
'I've tried love, it does work'
 I looked at her.
'I know you won't let Daniel come here...'
'And if you do, I will cut you two off'
 I don't like this one bit.
'So I've told him we will Skype in thirty minutes. I will say my car alarm has gone off and leave you two alone to talk'
  Nnoye was every bit the calculative sly friend I thought she was.
 Her phone goes off and she skyped with Daniel then hands me the phone and leaves.
   The awkward silence begins and I stand uo, lift my curtains to watch Nnoye. She was in her car with her air conditioning unit on and waiting.
'It feels like we don't talk any more'
'You have your hands full'
'Yep', Nnoye is a hand full. She is miserable and it's beginning to turn me off'
'Because she can feel you drifting away'
'How? I was never her'
'Because nice'
 Daniel laugh's.
'You have never bought her jewelry'
'Why is she comparing our relationship to hers?'
'Because she is your girlfriend'
'No she is not'
'Daniel, font be that guy's
'I let her be seen in our license with me'
'Abeg jare, stop that stuck uoLagosian behavior right now and buy her nice things'
'I suppose, she wants an engagement ring too'
'I'll her friends are getting married'
'I am not getting engaged to her'
'Why are you with her then?'
'To piss you off and it's working'
'Daniel, get over yourself. Where is Henrik?'
'Over here'
 He moves the phone behind him and I blow him a kiss.
'Ade dearest, I like how you fight for your friends'
'Please tell yours to stop been in denial and step up with my friend'
'I miss you'
'Me too, please come home'
 I kiss the air and Nnoye slams my door.
'What the fuck do you think you are doing?'
 Her tone and demeanor startle me and I drop the phone by mistake.
 Nnoye grabbed me intentionally and with eyes ajar, I open my mouth to speak....

 Na wa ooo, E be like say I go chop beating today, today. Or how else am I going to explain to Nnoye that I was not air kissing her boyfriend.

**Season 1, Episode 72**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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