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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Unmask And Taste The Truth


  Grinding hard at even molars, grating zigzag motion as incisors peak clash and seperate. I wonder why it takes so long to Unmask And Taste The Truth? Maybe because we like to compare experiences. Sweet to honey, chalky to limestone and sour to lime. No need to dwell in the past, let's move forward to a new beginning
I will start by Pointing hard and digging down, creating groove's and valleys so deep. So that each contour, bends and curves and sways and falls, forming and forging your beautiful face as it is. No lies, no reason's why, just you saying and showing it as it is and not as you want it to be..
   Guilt and regret are two emotions that, even though the situation you are in has not come up because of you. It kind of still feels like you are to blame.
  Now, I know I am not gay. But there are many gay people out there, some have come out to me. Others will never, but we all know and really, I don't care about people's sexualities but mine. I am a selfish prude like that, it took me three decades to be comfortable to be able to talk about sex outside my boyfriend circle.
 So, to see Henrik give me a questioning look about my sexuality scared me.
 Celine was laughing so hard and I looked so guilty. It was not a good feeling at all at all.
'Ade, you are too funny'
'Henrik, you are the one looking at me like that'
'Whose fault?'
'Ade, I know you are straight'
'Are you?'
 Celine gasped out loud and I did not believe that i just asked my boyfriend that question.
'I, like you have been hit on by straight and gay. But you know...'
'How do you know that?'
'I've seen you with Tayo'
 Celine stands up.
'I knew she was gay and see, even Henrik knows she likes you'
'Since school faa'
'So you two need to talk right, I think that's what all that weirdness was all about...'
 Henrik stretched and Celine and I grab the bags of dried fish and prawns from him.
'No vex, I will shower first'
 Henrik said, planting a kiss on my lips and then dragg ed his suitcase on wheels into the room.
 I carry the bags into the kitchen and put some water on fire to clean the fish.
'And I bought some vegetables o'
 My tall friend announced as she opened the fridge.
'Spinach, shoko or ugu?'
 I wanted to know.
 Celine said getting them out if the fridge and bringing out some pots from the shelf.
'Semo or amala?'
'Amala, I have not had that in ages'
'White or black?'
  I asked and Celine gave me a funny look.
'Since when do you stuck up your kitchen with full Nigerian meals?'
'Since, I started craving them'
'Dont lie Henrik likes amala, abi?'
  She got me there, I like amala but my boo loves amala.
'Too much, he even has a supplier of all his Nigerian meal, tuwo mascara, tuwo chinkafa, everything'
'Your house, is the place to be'
  Celine was in a good mood, so I decide not to bring it up the reason I think she is sad. It got quiet after that and Celine giggled and I looked at her, wondering why.
'Nnoye is such a trouble maker'
'Me that was looking for an excuse to get rid of her before now'
'Maybe she picked up on it, you know you can be a snob'
  I rolled my eyes at her and ignored the snob part.
'I warned her about Daniel'
'She does not care, she wants to be Mrs. Daniel Ojora'
'So she will marry him'
'She wants that life style'
'What if, there is no love and he's a permanent serial cheater?'
'Ade, for you it is important to be faithful. She just wants to change her life'
'Not that way, it's unhealthy'
'It's her dream'
'A horrible nightmare you mean'
 I chuckled and Celine joined me, I missed Ajoke and could just imagine her reaction.
'Ajoke would have milked this'
'Ajoke never liked her'
'Courtesy of you'
  I rolled my eyes at Celine again and she hugged me and put some oranges on the plate in front of her. I help Celine peel the orange and I am happy I am not drinking some chemical laced fizzy drink.
  Before long, lunch is ready and Henrik staggered into the living room, just as I serve the food.
'Thank you'
 He says and washed his hands and starts to eat my own food.
'Or, you didn't make mine?'
 He asked, digging into the large smoked fish head swimming in vegetable and shrimps.
 I shake my head and go to the kitchen to get his own tray of amala and vegetable soup. Henrik had almost finished mine when I showed up with his.
'More for me?'
 I stamp my feet and grumbled out loud at Henrik's declaration.
'Ah, ah'
 Henrik laughed and almost choked on the peppery soup.
'I am kidding, let's eat this together'
 Celine was chewing her own fish and watching us.
'Ade, Celine, thank you'
'Thank you, Henrik'
 We ladies say and then look at ourselves and raise both hands high.
'Thank God ooo'
 Our laughter confused Henrik and then we both start saying it at the same time and then stop.
'Ade's mum always says we should thank God, always'
'My mum won't just thank God, she will raise both hands up in the air and raise her head to the heavens'
'It's a sweet gesture'
'We can never forget it'
 Henrik had swallowed and munched on most of the meal. I, as usual targeted the protein.
'So, what about work?'
 Henrik asks, sucking the vegetable from his fingertips.
'I'm trying to get the twins contract. They have my PR campaigns, but won't pay the premium'
'No need'
 Henrik did not even think about it as he washed his hands into a wash bowl.
'The stress is too much and you have nine projects under your belt already'
  I corrected.
'You won't promote our own wedding?'
 I laughed because it never crossed my mind, what Henrik was suggesting.
'Ajoke said so, but...'
'You are a brand and all eyes are on you'
'Henrik, tell her ooo'
 Celine agreed with him.
'We can do a seventy five - twenty five payment'
'You want to pay?'
 I was getting nervous and could not hide how awkward it all seemed.
'Will they give you free billboard adverts?'
'Errr, no'
'So, we do the premium and well...'
  I was thinking about it, relishing the attention, loving the publicity. But then, the reality is that my savings account would be further depleted.
    Maybe I should hold on to the belief that, it takes been current to be relevant.
  Henrik was a sweetheart, he did all the dishes and promised to take us out. He was tired and fighting sleep. I place my arms around his firm chest and I tell him it's okay to go and take a nap.
  Celine seemed in limbo again and I knew it was time to address the elephant in the room.

   Regret is a powerful emotional deterrent, it can undermine all the hard work invested and hide your true purpose. I remember saying that I am a great friend, that nothing escapes my naked eye. Yet, somehow, everything has slipped through my fingers. And I'm sitting here wondering, how come?   How did I not see it? Well, there is no need to cry over spilled honey. It's the way forward that counts, now.
'When last did you speak with Pierre?'
 It felt odd to speak his name, I had almost forgotten it self. I can't even remember Celine saying his name, E don tayyyy.
 Come to think about it, even when Daniel was just a toaster, all my girls knew his name. This is not good at all at all.
'Celine, what happened?'
'I have been so focused on work that I didn't notice how monotonous his answers where'
 Did I just hear her say that she put her job before him?
'But you have had more pressure than this before now'
 Celine sighs heavily and massaged her forehead.
'With your additional clothes for you and Henrik... And I didn't want to disappoint all of you'
'Wait ooo, so its my fault'
       Of all the excuses on earth, how can my own friend blame me for her breakup.
'Ade, I'm not blaming you. I'm just so exhausted'
 She rests her back on the couch and stretched her entire body. And I stretched behind her, making the tip of my head touch hers. We both laugh and she coiled into a featal position.
'Why don't you go and meet him?'
'Ade, I've tied up all my expenses and round ticket is two hundred and sixty thousand Naira. Where will I get that kind of money from?'
'I'm planning my wedding and you are planning yours'
'Have faith, you will sort it all out'
 Celine was sleeping off and I watched her and understood what had to be done.

   The night is long and I've seen all the programs on television. I'm in front of my laptop and contemplating if calling her makes sense or not. I send a smiley face and wait. Henrik's legs feel my fingers and inch closer to me. He tucks himself behind me and I grab and squeezed  his hand. He is still asleep and I have not slept a bit.
 Ajoke is calling via Skype and I really get excited and pick up the call.
'Hey Ade, what are you doing up?'
 Ajoke looked good, even at two in the morning and I could see and hear Bala snoring.
 Ajoke tries to look behind me and made me look back at Henrik.
'Did you two do it?'
 The question made her all excited and glittery.
'Not yet, we have roughly two more months until...'
'So I'm still the only one enjoying myself'
'Yes ooo, go Ajoke, go Ajoke'
 She broke into a small dance, waving her head in a circular motion.
'Enough about me, what about you, what's up?'
'Celine and...'
'....Pierre. I knew it'
'Knew what?'
'She denied it but I suspect he has ended it'
   Ajoke forgot herself and let the accent slip.
I chuckled and she got embarrassed and then we both act as if it never happened.
'Anyway, what do you want us to do?'
'Ticket money'
'She has money'
'... Tied up in fabric and others'
'... For your traditional wedding'
'Why does this feel like you and Celine think it's all my fault?'
'Celine and I decided to gift you premium fabrics for your wedding'
'I didn't want...'
'... Expensive, we know. But there's the risk of the fabric out there. I mean the same fabric been out there'
'You two and this your class syndrome'
'It's also a marketing strategy, for her catalog and all'
'So the surprise is out?' Thanks but...'
'...No but's and from the vibe I am getting, you are about to clean your own account to help her out'
 Ajoke could be very intuitive and it made her such a great friend.
'I have two hundred...'
'Ade, I'll upgrade her to first class for tomorrow'
'Sure, but one fifty from you is fine. Have back up money ready always'
'See eh, we should have been friends long ago'
    I was so happy and Henrik was awake and hugged me from behind. I was giggling and Ajoke waved and said hi to him.
'Ade, this your friend no dey tire'
 Bala said, sitting up on his bed and looking exhausted.
'Babe, let's continue on WhatsApp'
'I will send it to you, now now'
     Bala shut her laptop and I heard them kissing and quickly cut the Skype call.
'It's sweet, how you three look out for each other'
 Henrik was wide awake and opened his arms for me to tuck myself into. I gladly did.
'Arent you guys like that?'
    I asked and faced him and then locked my limbs around his fully clothed body.
'You know I have clothes on because of you'
'I do and it's sweet, but you respect me that's why you haven't tried. Because, clothes or none won't stop you'
 We laugh and fall on the bed and nod off.

  Three full hours later we had booked the flight and I walk up to Celine with my laptop and hide the print out in my hand.
 Celine felt me staring at her and maybe heard Ajoke's loud laughter too. She stretched and jumped to her feet.
'Don't tell me I slept off here?'
     I was smiling and Ajoke waved.
'Latest bride, should you not be destroying Bala right now?'
'I have, he's knocked out'
 Celine covered her face and turned to me.
'This Ajoke is so spoiled'
'Arent you? When you are in Pierre's arms'
'I wish...'
'Ade. Give her'
     Ajoke could no longer hide or contain her excitement.
'Give me what?'
  I try to balance holding the laptop and handing her, her ticket print out. Celine collects it and looks at me and then at the screen with Ajoke skyping with her.
'You bought me tickets'
'Yes, and you have no choice. It's none refundable'
 Celine hugs me and starts to cry and I hug her back and fight the tears.
'No excuses, take the break'
'Thank you, God bless you two'
'So I will drive you to the airport'

     Call me naive, but I get a rush every time I am in an International Airport. It reminds me of so many adventures waiting for me to conquer and enjoy. Mostly, I am here to leave this country. But this very minute, I am with my friend. Whether I like it or not, I have to admit that I am jealous. It's been a while I have traveled out of this country and I am getting scared that I have become complacent. Used to life as a grounded, none traveling explorer.
    This minute could not get any worse, you will not believe who my eyes capture.
He looks good and smart, his winning smile always got him more attention than he ever intended. And she is with him. I removed my face and kind of drag Celine away from her check in line.
'Ade, is that..'
 Celine has spotted Frank and he has seen the two of us. His mistress or should I say girlfriend does not see me. She is busy admiring Celine's custom made gladiator boots. Who wouldn't?
     She taps Frank, to tell him she likes the pair when she see's him admiring me. I look away and refuse to be dragged into this molten cobweb crushed by time.
'Ade hi'
 His voice is calm and enchanting, how else would a demon sound.
Helen was irritated that Frank ignored her shoving him repeatedly. She actually stands in front of him to get his attention. And my own friend, Celine was not smiling and she put on a straight face.
'Where is Khadijatu?''
 Celine asked with all the intention plain as day.
'At home, where she should be'
 Helen answered as sternly as she could. I could feel his eyes on my body but I refused to look at him. Instead, I stared at the large sign saying Celine should check in because she had an hour and a half to departure.
'Frank and i are going to Paris, my man loves me so much. He has organized this trip for just us'
 Disaster, it was too obvious. Frank could not afford the trip and Helen somehow got them the tickets.
'Abeg, who asked you?'
 Celine answered her, a lot irritated by her.
'Khadijatu says thank you, by the way'
     At this junction I am boiling and Helen received a phone call and stepped aside.
    Curiousity, made me watch her and I could hear, darling and plenty, thank you.
She was using her Aristo, to maintain Frank. The shameless gigolo.
'Ade, a break is what I need. I know you don't approve. But not everyone is as fortunate as you. I will bounce back and come for you. Never doubt that'p
'Frank, Frank...'
   His words lingered in my ears like some scary Asian movie, ending with a promise to be haunted forever.
   I fought all the urge to turn to look back at him and Celine side hugged me.
'Thats why we are unique, we don't need a man or woman to buy us tickets. Only genuine friends'
 Those words put baby unfiltered smiles and laughter on our lips.
'I know you miss traveling, but just think about it. By November you will begin all your traveling adventures'
    I rest my head on Celine's shoulders and we laugh. Henrik is calling me and I exhaled hard and deep.
'Tell him'
 Celine meant well but, Helen and Frank returned to the same line we are on.
     So, should I or should I not?
 I decide to WhatsApp him the message and then speak to him just after.
 Or should I just pick up the phone, it's still ringing.

 What's a girl to do?

**Season 1, Episode 74**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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