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Friday, 11 November 2016

A Forgotten Cooler Or A Ticking Time Bomb


  The intrepid cries from an entrapped he goat, does not go unnoticed. This early morning, it shouts and bleats and leaves an unsettling aura in the air. The reverberating sound travels and lingers in the air, as the short raffia entwined rope, tug's at its neck and keeps it and restricts it. The flexible make shift shackle, works. As unfortunately, its imprisonment, conjured for this very reason, to control the waste it piles up. Undisturbed, the traumatized he-goat stumps with cushioned hoofs at the uneven round waste, under its feet. This is the reason the meek creature is restrained from moving, not more than two feet. Should an animal, left for slaughter endure so much pain? Can he just let it roam free and eat the natural, plump fresh grass all around and outside the perimeter. Or is he doomed to spend it's last hour, on this uneven pavement. Forced to eat fertilizer fueled, dried preserved groundnuts stems, cut in a haste with a rusty uneven iron cutlass? Such is the fate of a trapped prey. And that my friend, prompts tales that swings into our lives. And makes us ask rhetorical questions like, is it A Forgotten Cooler Or A Ticking Time Bomb. The harsh truth is that, however you look at it, nothing from this moment onwards, is what it seems.
   The more things change, the more they keep evolving. Yet, unapologetically they stay the same. All I want is to be happy, loved and be able to afford all the good things in life. That's not so difficult, right?
   Wrong, there are dangerous people out there, people who want it all to be scatter, to be destroyed. Only because they want to hide under the mayhem and cause havoc.    I've seen it happen in a market, an estate, a university campus. A small misunderstanding that is simmering down and then someone from nowhere joins the conversation. Only, there was never any plan to quench the fire. Instead a stray blow, a stray bullet and blood begins to flow. In the confusion, the less bold, blood thirsty criminals start to loot and rape, and just become rabid animals. That is what is happening now, Nnoye is hiding because her uncle is such a man. And I am pulled into the middle because I believe you help people no matter what. The problem is that I am becoming paranoid, everything looks like a plan to cause trouble and I am suspicious of everybody.
     Why am I panicking?
 On an interlocked tiled road, car parked sideways, in the middle of the road and three men are changing two tires. Normally, I would not care, but right now with Nnoye telling me that her uncle has it out for her and all her friends. I’m not taking any chances. I spin the car around and make an illegal U-turn and quickly drive into an alternative road. Henrik was in shock and was shouting, but I had no time to listen. I was searching for a familiar route and when I find one, I tap Henrik and reassure him it was for our own good.
'You watch too many , he said and rests back into the car seat.
'We both need an early night, no more late night series for us'
'I agree', he said tucking into the car as if it was a bed.
 I wanted to be him, tired and resting and not driving. My mind was conjuring all manner of ways to say it until finally I did.
'You drive us back home ooo', I said out loud, expecting nothing else. But he was already snoring and we are twenty minutes away from  house.
 Reversing and parking properly, I sit in the car with the air conditioning unit, still on. Watching Henrik sleep made me tired and I lean over to rest on his chest when I hear a sharp knock and flinch.
'Ade, hi'
'Hey Daniel’
 I press a button and watch the windows slowly go down. Daniel touched my face, it was subtle but had meaning. I did not even have time to react because his hand was already away from my face.
'You are a hard woman to catch’
 I smile and hand him the folder with the four P.R. campaigns.
'Lets leave him in your car', Daniel said opening my door.
   I screamed and laughed and shake my man.
'Henrik we are here, Daniel said I should let you sleep in the car'
 My boo stretched and eyed Daniel and the two men shake and lead me into Daniel’s home.
    You have to give it to this Lagos Big Boi, everything was available. Drinks, lobsters, salad, Nigerian delicacies and ogbono soup. I didn’t even know I was hungry, I grab a plate and serve myself. I scoop a substantial part of the pounded yam and dab it in the fish sliced into the soup. I shut my eyes and swallowed and I could feel the juice in my stomach attack the food as if I didn't eat pancakes this morning. Henrik was standing in front of me with a fork, unsure if he should join me. I giggled and gave him some of my food on a fork.
  Daniel tried to hide his impatience and failed woefully. He was on the second shot of vodka when I asked.
‘What’s up?’
'Finish your food, then we will talk’
'Where is Nnoye?’
‘Etim has mid term, so they are there right now'
 Henrik clapped and hugs Daniel who was not amused with his behavior.
'What’s your problem?', Daniel was irritated by  amusement.
'I just never dreamed of seeing you like this’
'Like how?’, Daniel asked giving Henrik a questionable look.
  The smirk on my face was priceless, Daniel did not like the joke at all at all.
'Yes, I know I said I can’t date a woman with kids. But I was a kid when I said that’
'Daniel Ojora is a grown ass man'
'Ignore your boyfriend, are you done?’
 My lobster limbs were gone but I was sucking on the exoskeleton a little too long, and realized late the men in the room were watching me. A little embarrassed, I dropped it and then washed my hands.
I wipe them and sit between these two friends and hug them both.
'So, why are we all here today?’
‘Ade, I can tell that, Nnoye is holding back…
  Shaking my head, I stand up and start pacing.
'Or Henrik, do you know the entire story?’
'Me, I’m just the fiancé. Ade is there more?’
  Why is he taunting me? Two of us can play this game.
'Daniel, Nnoye just wants to help'
'Then why would he threaten her?'
'His reputation is finished and he  think his own niece could have the guts to go against him'
'The criminal should have thought about it before committing such atrocities’
'Exactly, have you looked at the option’s'
 Daniel looked at the folder and pauses.
 He was thinking of something.
‘Ade, the uncle said I had been lied to'
'About what?'
'That’s what I’ve been trying to find out from Nnoye’
'The man is concocting all sorts, don't bother listening to him'
‘Ade, its a court case already, it will go public and I cannot afford to be blind sighted by any surprises'
'I doubt you will be but…'
'You want me to talk to her'
'Yes, girl to girl'
'Alright, I will talk to her'
'So Daniel, our budget has gone overboard?', Henrik taunts Daniel.
'It’s my personal contribution to our boat club, your wife to be will get her money'
'Just checking'
 Nnoye and Etim enter the house and shriek with excitement, ‘Etim stretched and reached for Daniel who hugs and rocks him. It was beautiful to watch and Henrik and I smiled at the lovely scene. There was an awkward exchange of glances between her us. She hugs me and gets comfortable, it just clicked. Nnoye lives here with her son now. I have to say it, I’m impressed.
‘Ade, how long have you been here?'
'Work brought me'
'Good, let us girls catch up a bit and leave the men to talk'
 My friend dragged me into the immaculately decorated home, to her bedroom.
‘Ade did you tell him?
'Of course not'
'I think he suspects'
'Your uncle is going to twist the truth to favor him'
'So I should tell him'
'Better from you than from your abuser'
'I don’t know how, can you tell him for me?'
'Are you crazy?'
'Just scared'
'Daniel is nice and likes you, he could have put you up in a hotel'
'Thank God he didn’t'
'This place is gorgeous'
'It is, he went all out'
'So you  been here?'
'How come?'
'You know I’m it like you, I always meet my dates in neutral places'
'That’s why they deceive you, easily
A man that will lie to you, will lie to you'
'Whether you live with him, know where his house is or know his schedule?'
'Women cheat too'
'No doubt'
'So I should tell him'
'Yes, just leave me out of it'
'No qualms'
'I was going to ask'
'Ask what?'
'That you include me into your campaign'
'For the Thanksgiving speedboat'
 'I  know about that, I’m talking about for your wedding'
'You were not there for the dress fitting'
'I know, it’s just hard to crack you girls click'
'Nothing is hard, we just planned this for so long'
'And you wonder why I get angry at you'
'So you want a photoshoot with your outfit, clearly different from ours'
   I was trying too hard to get her to drop this nonsense, Celine and Ajoke will never forgive me. So I stop talking.
'Hear me out, two outfits set and two scenes...'
'Nnoye, even if we wanted to. None of us is prepared for the extra budget'
'I will pay'
 That made me keep quiet and ponder on what she just said.
'Daniel could not believe you  invite me for the photoshoot, he was kind of disappointed I could not be part of your crew. He even gave me a card, so I could afford to get on the..'
'I didn’t mean to make it all expensive, I just wanted it to be unique and Celine is our designer and you know what she charges'
 It made Nnoye laugh and eased the tension building up
'Since you have a limitless card, we can of course have two more photoshoots'
   Nnoye hugged me and rocked me, I think Daniel gave her this test to see if she could pull it off. And her heavy sigh proved she glad she did.
'I hope this is an innocent hug because, I never share, Daniel said walking in on our hug'
   Etim joined us on the bed and Henrik pulled me off it.
‘Ade, if  want to catch any sleep. We should go home now'
'Next time you come here, don’t bring this man'
   Henrik punched Daniel and they spar and laugh, I don’t stress myself.
'This time, I get to sleep while you drive'
'Henrik, don’t ell me you let ‘Ade drive you here'
'Ade does whatever she wants'
'I can see that'
 His words had a sexual implication I did not like, after all I was decently dressed. But we all know ha neer stops anyone drowned in lust. It made Nnoye uncomfortable andHenrik grabbed me by the waist and leafs me outside.
'No need to go with us, we know our way out'
I laugh at  possessive nature flourishing almost all
Over his face. It was time to go.

     In the car, I was glad we were going home.
'Nnoye is going to tell him, right?'
'Her uncle would, if she doesn’t'
'That must be hard'
'It is, she suggested I tell him for her'
'I hope you said no'
'Of course I did'
 Vibrating and moving it jolts me and I jump and then pick it up.
'Ajoke hi'
'Where are you?'
'Leaving Daniel’s House, and you?'
'At your place, Abeg hurry'
'Whats up, where are the twins?'
'With me'
'Is Bala okay?'
'Celine, Pierre or their kids'
'They are fine'
'Just hurry'
'Are you okay'
‘Ade please show up'
   I hear the time cut and can’t believe she cut the phone. Henrik can feel my irritation and asks
'What’s wrong?'
'Something happened to Ajoke'
   I was a bit worried and screamed at the slow driver in front of us.
'Relax, we will soon be home'
 As Henrik drives into my compound, Ajoke is frantically rocking the twins.
I carry one of them and Henrik grabs the other as she paces up and down and bites her fingers.
'What’s the matter?'
'You said you will call me back'
'Sorry I had three jobs and the deadlines were…'
'So, is your P.A sleeping with Frank?'
 The question made Henrik stop walking into my house and turn around
'Which Frank?'
'I’m not sure'
‘Ade, when did this happen?'
'I suspect…'
'And you didn't tell me'
    I could hear his irritation and frustration with me.
'Nothing is certain'
 Henrik walks away and I give Ajoke a wicked look.
'I thought he knew'
 'Why are you here?'
  I asked walking away from her and after my man. Ajoke collects her baby from him and tried to apologize.
'Why do your friends get to know about things that happen to you before I do?'
'It was not intentional, Ajoke called before I slept off in my office'
'If she is in cohorts with this stalker, then you need to get rid of her.'
'I don’t have proof'
'But you don’t trust her'
'So, you ask her tomorrow or I will'
  And Henrik walked away as if we have been fighting all day. I go after him but he is not in the mood to talk.
‘Ade let’s talk when your friend is not around, I need to shower'
   And then, he goes into the bathroom.
  I come out feeling deflated and annoyed.
‘Ade, what happened?
'Daniel gets under his skin'
'And you encourage it'
'Of course not, and so you know. Nnoye is now part of my wedding photoshoot'
'You are such a sell out'
'So I should say no?'
'I won’t drop a dime'
'She’s paying'
'Did she Rob a bank?'
'Why did you come here?'
   The question made her go to the twins and cover them properly.
'Ajoke please, I need to talk to Henrik'
 Tears stream down her face and she looks at me and covers her face.
'What did Bala do?'
'He got his runs, pregnant'
'Bala has a girlfriend?'
'Our babies are age mate’s'
'No, its not true'
'Please, he is an easy target to blame.
Have you done the DNA test?'
'The results come in tomorrow'
 Wonders, shall never end, Bala fooled all of us.

**Season 1, Episode 82**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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