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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

As I Hoover Around And Watch


    Drifting gently down a humid sky, the lone feather oscillates and then climbs back up towards a large super full moon. Anxious eyes watch it and ignore the feather plucked angrily away by a fellow bird stylishly invading it’s friends territory. At first, shock engulfs the injured bird. And why not? The attack was uncalled for, so what now? Sadly, It’s time to explain why I am lying in this grass. Yes, love enticed me to his eagerly jaws. Naïve me believed every lie that escaped from his dry ugly beak. I should have known it as all a façade, because he sneaked me into his quarters in the dead of the night. Never under the sun or any source of light. Didn’t even bother to get me drink, just insisted I bring food and water and myself. Shame walked with me, through the doors. The guard dogs, barked to alert everyone of my presence and I prayed the owner of the house he guarded  catch me. My heart beat increased awkwardly, but I was not scared for long.  Just happy to have someone that cares, although lately it’s beginning to look like an act. My friends  trust him and he claimed they were jealous, so I choose to believe him. The sight and stench from his uneven matrass beside a dirty stove and an old plastic chair, should have hinted me of what had transpired just before I arrived. The signs were there, but I refused to see them. As I drop my bag on the matrass, a bra strap jumps and lands on it. My friend quickly pockets it and my heart breaks again. I need to leave,  I’m traumatized. His beak sinks into my feathers and it hurt and then it stops when he apologized. His sister was in town for two day’s, that was his excuse and way of reassuring me that I should not panic. And like a bee hovering over sweet nectar, I am drawn in. Only my experience won’t turn to honey. It ends with him, wrapping me up in his dirty sheets and tossing me into a bush. And He Almost Got Away With It, if not for my friend. She too was doing under g with a vigilante, Returning From An Affair She Hid From Me, She recognized her jeans and bag I borrowed from her, now blood stained.  Her screams alerts the neighborhood and As I Hoover Around and watch, I smiled. This is living proof that Nothing Is Hidden Under The Sun.
        Recognizing situations for what they are, can be daunting. But I cannot in good faith, keep shying away from the truth.
   First of all, Ajoke is pissed and has vowed to make her home a living hell. I have tried to dissuade her and failed woefully. I kind of think the twins are picking up on the tension because they are crying more than usual. But Ajoke too has been breaking up into tears and then angrily wipes them away and rants and complains about her husband. And Bala has tried to justify his affair with this old flame and also failed. My only advice is that, they both work it out.
  As if any of them listened, of course not. Now the magazines are having a filled day with the alleged scandal. Ajoke is sure the mistress leaked the story and believes Bala likes the idea of her all messed up and dishevelled. The annoying part of all these is that the DNA test was mixed up and there is no proof that the kids are for Bala. But he has already confessed to the affair and the new date for the DNA result is this Saturday.  Serious wahala, I am tired of trying to make her see any form of sense. She says the only sense she will see is the DNA result.
I was dealing with my own palava, so could not really fully deal with this.
'Ajoke, go home. Don't fight him any more, besides what's the point?'
'He lied to me?'
'When has he not?'
 The question threw her off and she stopped rocking the twins hard and gently placed them in her twin pram. It was harsh but we both know that Bala is a serial womanizer.
'Yes, he is a womanizer but he usually does not get bored that quickly. What if, If he moved on from her to you...'
'So i was the side chick...'
'Are you saying he was single when you met?'
'I doubt it'
'Are the kids older by, say months?'
'Ade, you are supposed to help me stay mad at him'
'I could do that, or I can make you see or try to see what is really going on '
'So i should forgive him'
'Just don't be in denial about the man you are with '
 Ajoke placed a finger on her lips and rocked the pram back and forth with her feet in crazy high heeled two toned shoes. I think, I recognized them. Ajoke noticed and showed off the shoes.
'Yes, they are Chanel shoes. I'm shopping like crazy to get rid of stress. Oh, I got you one too'
 I screamed and hugged the bag with goodies.
'Hope' you are not bribing me?'
'Ade, I know you. All you care about is that they look good on you'
 I did not hear her, I was trying on the shoes and sighed heavily as they fit and made my skin glow even more.
'You like?'
'I love them, thanks'
'I've been so distracted by love that I have not shopped and forgot what betrayal tastes like'
 I take off the shoes and place them back in the box and then the bag.
'You have wives before you, exgirlfriends all around. Pariahs waiting to take your place, don't...'
'He gets off too easy because he is rich, not with this babe. I will not make him miserable, just won't let him forget that I am his last bus stop'
'Thats what I'm talking about'
 I said hugging my friend and Ajoke looks at the twins.
'Ade, come over and stop me from going mad'
'I'll try'
'Have you and Henrik made up?'
'He's still pissed but is at work, I'll make it up to him tonight'
'Check the bag out'
 I opened it and get out a tiny gift bag and open it.
'I felt guilty, for trying to get you to listen to me instead of fixing you and Henrik's rift. So, you are welcome'
 The lingerie was a black lace, thin fabric corset with suspenders. Very unlike me, but I think I need to just try something different, Lord knows I need it.
It was hard to see her and the twins go, sometimes I just wanted our talk to last forever. And as I waved goodbye, I know that I need to see her later on today but there's so much on my plate.

 The worse part of today is that Celine too is miserable. Her Skype call comes in just as I place a bottle of Bailey's Irish cream in front of me.
'Celine hi, Ajoke just left '
'Good for her'
'Celine, I think Bala has twins from his ex....'
'... And children from his ex wives, big deal'
'What's wrong, you are not usually this insensitive'
'Do you blame me? Am I doomed to cater for other people's children? At least Ajoke has hers, when am I going to get mine?'
'When, eh?'
'You too, helping everyone around you. Who is going to help you?'
 The situation was moving from bad to worse quickly and I walk away.
'Ade, where are you going? If it was crazy, loud Ajoke, you won't walk away'
 I did not like her tone and did not care for the way and manner she was going about this.
 I wave the lingerie in front of her and she shuts up and then covers her face.
'You are going to sleep with Henrik?'
'No just tease him'
'Is that what Ajoke said when she gave it to you?'
'Eh, eh o. What makes you think Ajoke bought it?'
'She likes Victoria Secret and corsets, also the Chanel shoes behind you gave it away'
 I laughed and tucked the underwear back into the bag.
'She has started shopping again, tell her I want my own shoes too'
'Tell her yourself, I still want more pair's'
 I could not help but try them on once again.
'Henrik isn't buying you stuff anymore?'
'It's been a while'
'Pierre too, I should go shopping'
 Celine said the words and drifted far into some deep thoughts. I wanted to yank her out of it, but she looked so sad and lost.
'I witnessed Pierre been cozy with the woman that did not let our wedding take place'
'Celine, don't be paranoid'
'They did not know I was watching'
'See eh, you are falling into a trap. The other woman is banking on your paranoid mind to build a wedge between you and Pierre, so that she can easily move in'
'It's working'
'Don't let it'
'So what do I do?'
'Stop, go to Guerlain Spa, get a full body massage. Get lingerie you wouldn't dare get, buy the limited edition shoes and just make him feel loved'
'This will work?'
'The carrot works better than the stick and a happy home means happy dream's'
 Celine was smiling and I blow her a kiss.
'You are welcome darling, let's compare notes tomorrow. I need to wash from head to toe and call my massage therapist'
'Mmmmuaaah, thanks Ade'
  I have layed it all on the bed and was in un-braiding my hair when the doorbell rang. It can't be Henrik, hes coming home late. I pause when I realized it was Nnoye, the last time she was here we fought.
 Now, should I let her in?
'You don't have to let me in, we can just talk out here'
It was a nice suggestions, but if our partners are best friend's then we should bury the hatchet.
 Against all odds, I open the door and let her in. Now I can pour myself a drink, only I should also pour her a drink.
'Should I?'
 I ask before pouring hers and she nods her head. Nnoye didn't waste time and plagued me with her own drama. She and Daniel fought over her not trusting him enough to tell him her secret and she broke it off and walked away. Into the arms of a former lover, this guy that calls watermelon, watermelon.
'Waterlemon guy?'
 I asked again to be clear about who she was talking about. When she nods her head, I burst out laughing and she frowned at me.
'Sorry, I'm laughing. But I could not help myself'
'Daniel will never take me back and you are laughing at my ex'
 I stop laughing when I realized what she was trying but failing to say.
'Okay, tell me exactly what my business is in all this mess'
'You have to tell Daniel that I was here'
 That made me laugh louder than before, this girl has started smoking some of the weed Mr. 'Waterlemon has been smoking.
'Who sent you?', it was a rhetorical question.
'Ade, please'
'Capital no'
 I do not know what this girl was expecting but she is truly surprised i said no. Joker.
'So what do I do?'
'Your business'
 I said out loud and poured her some more Bailey's Irish cream. I sipped mine and she gulped down the entire cup.
'For get it, in fact. You were never here'
 I grabbed my bottle and walked into my kitchen.
'Why would you, because of a fight, sleep with someone else?'
'Ade, I'm losing him'
 I pour myself a drink and shake my head, this babe is delusional.
'I'm pouring my heart out to you, yet you don't care'
'Have you asked about my own heart?'
'You and Henrik are fine'
'How do you know that?'
'We have our lives and you are living yours and in my space '
  The words were supposed to stay in my head, yet escaped somehow.
'I know you are frustrated with me and would rather have Celine or Ajoke here with you. But...'
 I walk back into my living room and crash into the couch.
'Nnoye, tell him and if you two survive this. Good for you'
'Would you?'
 I throw my head back and massaged my forehead.
'In the past, no. But now, yes. Men brag and trust me, they brag louder around your current partner. They hate that you didn't pick them and smash hard at the foundation you are building'
 I stand up and shake my feet wth arms akimbo.
'And an affair, is a symptom of something wrong. It maybe fixable or not'
'So i should tell him?'
'A low life Lagos boi, bags a top billionaire's girlfriend. What do you think?'
    I could see the headlines already, somehow Nnoye was always attracting scandals. Not good for me, because I avoid them like the plague. But for some strange reason, she has positioned me as her closest friend.
'Two scandals in one week', I said shaking my head.
Nnoye grabs her bag and fights back tears.
'This was doomed from the start', her words were sad but I have so much to do before nightfall.
'Before I forget', I call my massage therapist and fix a home appointment.
'Now?', Nnoye asked dropping her bag and returning to my couch.
'Eh, eh oh. This is a private massage, I will send her to you once I'm done.
'This is for Henrik?'
'Like I said, I'd send her over to you, are you going home straight?'
'Until tomorrow then'
 Nnoye laughs and hugs me and I half hug her back. It was nice to know that we could be civil around each other. And of course I was not sending her my personal massage therapist number. I'll send my former therapist to her. The less she is in my space, the better.

  I have on my little black dress, my two-tone shoes and of course underneath my sexy lingerie.
 Henrik walked in to my sexy pose and shut his eyes.
'The house smells amazing', he says and I signalled to him to come closer.
 Henrik watched me from head to toe and I give him a soft innocent kiss.
'This is amazing', he said.
'Wait until you see the rest'
 He sits up and looks at the shoes and whispered a, 'wow'. And I laughed, not a sexy one but a natural scattered laugh and he picks me up.
'Are we good?'
'Keep the P.A., keep everything. I am happy'
 We laugh and he pulls me back to his lap, it is good to give your partner a treat. You are happy and he is happy.

 The question is, for how long?

**Season 1, Episode 83**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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