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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Captivating Joy, A Tradition Revived


     Calm as a gentle sea breeze, drifting steadily upwards towards a lone coconut tree. Long deep roots, barely hanging on with corpses of soaked brown palm fronds, rotten from an absence of life and seething in an endless supply of lies. This battle of survival, this fight to dig roots deeper into soil breaking down and swimming away. A strong sea current rushes in and Yanks away the dead coconut trees, as I hang on and sway and refuse to break. The flood is rising, the tide escalating and my roots are newly hanging on. The salt in my battle scars cut deep and make me flinch. But I am not distracted by lies or my habit of withholding some truths. I am guilty no doubt, but I must not only survive but thrive and raise my head above water and sink my roots deeper. I must never quit and wallow in my mistakes. After all, this is the week of Thanksgiving. The season to be happy and grateful and just see the good all around. Yes, I will focus on the fact that I am still here, still on track and even if I am veering off course.. I have the sense to self motivate myself and get back on track...
   Easier said than done, right? Well, right now I am in the bathroom writing, no updating my journal. My personal mirror into my giant little world. You can say I am hiding too, it's allowed. You can't blame me, I keep falling into this manhole created by my friend. One I claim, isn't so important, yet she takes up a lot of my time and energy. I have kept her secret affair, secret because I was tired of talking about her and now... Henrik is pissed. We are alone in a hotel and i am hiding in the bathroom. Let me stop updating this Journal and face my problematic life.
 As I step out, he is waiting and i start explaining and he raised his hand to stop her.
'It's not that I'm angry, but I don't like been the last to know'
'I know, I just wanted to score points with my girls'
'Have you stopped trying to score points with me?'
 I grab him and try to hug him and he refused to be hugged. It threw me off and made me stare at his face and try to understand him. Henrik picked me up and hugged me and i hug him back and we both land on the bed and laugh like lovers on a honeymoon.
'So, you are not mad at me'
'A little, but you won't leave them if I did not give you drama'
'Oh, so it was all about keeping me all to yourself?'
'Before nko? By tomorrow, you girls would spend all day together. Then bridal shower and then...'
'We get married', I screamed with excitement.
 Hanging out and updating him on all that was happening was interesting and fun. Especially with the fact that, there was no work for the next two weeks. Although I'd have to schedule my workers new resumption time table. Sleep was delicious and Refreshing, I smiled and laughed in my dream and just enjoyed myself.

   Singing loud and off key, Nnoye walked onto the set for our photoshoot. She had on brand new everything and screamed, when she caught sight of Celine and Pierre's children.
 Our own preplanned photoshoot was a blast and we had fun and now, we are expecting Nnoye to go overboard.
'The food freezer's are here too'
'Food?', I had to ask because I was wondering why she brought a food van and a chef.
'Thanksgiving dinner of course', she said handing us all our large brim hats with two extras. The kids are excited and grab the extras.
'You knew they would be here?'
 I asked because I didn't tell her Celine's adopted kids were here.
'Actually, I wanted us to take a picture alone, together'.
 Nnoye was all chirpy about the picture that would make us look like best friends. But I was more worried about crushing the children's joy.
'Oh, but'. I began to protest and she cut me short.
'We can take the pictures without the that'
 Nnoye bent over the two children and whispered.
'Consider this, my gift to you two'
 It worked because they both give her a hug and we all smile at them.
  Nnoye stands upright and waves at Celine.
'And Celine are our clothes ready?'
 The question made us all turn to her and she showed us all a hidden rack.
'Oh my goodness', I exclaimed as I go through the custom made collection.
'They are gorgeous', I said smiling and driving through the clothes.
 'Celine designed my fashion photoshoot collection, inspired by an American actress and an Oba's wife, an Olori'
 Nnoye was bragging and enjoying all the attention. I was too busy calculating how much money she spent on making, all this possible. My firm gets some of the money so I should not be worried but....
   Our fashion designer was impressed and adds.
'Also, I infused my own surprise so we can all be playful'
  I was impressed by the collection, it was a replica of Grace Kelly's dinner with her Prince. Or should I say; the American touch and then the Nigerian Ankara and also oke version, of her dinner and in our case, with an Oba. The additional touch from Celine was that the clothes are made of African fabric and had Victorian styled outfits with puffed bottom. My dear Celine put a new spin on our fun. I was actually enjoying the entire show and attention. Ajoke said nothing, she was feeling the fabric and seemed lost in thoughts.
'Thanks', Ajoke said and walks away to change into her clothes. She was the first to change and looked magical.
'You look like a princess', the kids echoed and that put a smile on her face.
'Don't mind me, I miss my twins'
  The words remind me of how truly children change people.
'Dont worry, Bala will be down with them soon'
'Do you mind them in the photoshoot?'
'I'm a package deal', Ajoke announced and winked at me.
 I shake my head at my naughty friend, it was obvious Nnoye made a grand effort. When she was not looking, Ajoke whispered in my ear.
'Your friend is trying too hard '
'Ajoke, pity her and give her a break'
 I tried to dissuade her from picking on Nnoye; Celine adds her voice to the conversation.
'Cut her some slack, s'il vous plaît', Celine says.
  You have to give it to France, the French language sounds sexy; after Yoruba language of course. Ajoke rolled her eyes and then nod's her head. I give her a stern look and she chuckles and then nod's her head again. I can't tell if she means it or not.
  Ajoke walks up to Nnoye and gives her a hug and then Bala shows up with the twins and all our hearts melted. We hustle to carry them and stop when they start to cry and stretch towards Ajoke.
'I'm always the star of the day', Ajoke exclaimed and carried both her babies.
Another hour later and all of it is over. I invite everyone over for Thanksgiving and enjoy all the love all around.
I baked a marble cake and put it on a silver tray passed on to me from my mum. She's here too and my dad and my brothers and two nephews.
 Today was perfect and I was expecting it to end this way until my doorbell rings.
My sister and her Swedish American husband is here. I screamed so loud I felt my throat itch. And she points beside her and i recognized Henrik's parents and family. This is the best Thanksgiving ever. Henrik joined in the group hug and then our families blend and meet and just become one.

  Fast forward to Saturday and I'm an anxious bride preparing to meet my groom. Today is here and so is my naughty Auntie, she's no longer upset with me and I think I've forgiven her. We hug and my mum joined us.
'Ebi Ni wa, aa le ja lo ti to', my auntie explained to me in Yoruba language that blood ties will make us fight but only temporarily. She made sense and I was too happy to fight anyone.
 The bata drums rhythm made me sway and get into the music. I was enjoying my traditional wedding and all my friends look beautiful. As we exchanged vows and promises and I eat part of the marble cake I baked. I loved every moment of it but best of all, I enjoyed watching the love radiating from Henrik's face. My sister is by my side and my three best friends Celine, Nnoye and Ajoke. It was fun and exhilarating and exciting and exhausting. I was finally a bride and a genuinely happy one; without all the drama and with all the love I have dreamed of, in like foever.
 Surprising news popped up, Fidel Castro is dead. I grew up hearing about how defiant he was. How, so many people tried to kill him and destroy his will power. Instead he became stronger and more defiant, also celebrations were seen across some Cuban communities in America. He had exiled them and this was good news for them. Isn't this world such an irony, I wonder how the world will react after I've built my own legacy and lived to be old.
'Congratulations', Daniel Ojora says and gives me a hug.
 I half hug him and stand back upright.
'My gift to you', he says and hands me a jewelry box.
'Please accept my gift to you, my token to your legacy...'
 I stop him and shake my head.
'You can't give the bride a gift and not give your best friend...'
 The lid of the gift was off and the diamonds glowed and I opened my mouth and shut it. I have not had a necklace or earrings with diamonds this large, ever. Then my eyes caught another set and I place my hands over my chest.
'You got him cufflinks too'
'I accept now, that you two are a package deal'
 Without thinking, I hug him and Henrik collects the box from me.
'What is this?'
'My wedding gift to you two'
'I was going to get this', Henrik gasps.
'I know, that's why I got it. Do you approve?'
'I do'
 I hug both men and my mum calls my name and introduced me to an Oba from Eti Osa Local Government Area. Our native home town, and I enjoyed the chat with him. Today is going great and I was happy until I overheard something.
I was looking for my dad because the Oba was about to leave and bumped into some distant relative gossipping about me.
'This traditional wedding is not real, until she marries in church before we accept she is married'
 I have already walked into this awkward situation and the look on their faces, says it all.

 Question, what do you do in my situation, eh?

**Season 1, Episode 86**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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