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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

No Place For Uncomfortable Truth's


     Growling hard and rumbling quickly, the need to devour the delicious meal in front of me escalates quickly. And then it disappears because I see you. The earth beneath you shudders and cracks, moving the table from its resting place. My eyes forgets the food and follows you as fear engulfs my every being. I  shiver and then simmer down as your stiff breakable dark wings take flight. Don’t feign innocence, yes you reading these words, staring down at me. You know my kind. Not just any kind, the one that thrives and more than survives. You have learned about my kind, through those around you. As they involuntarily shriek and scream at a single sight of me. That’s the effect I have on you, whether I’m mature enough to sprout wings or not. Crush me, if you dare. Hit me, try it and I’ll send flying into the air, toxic vapour haunting your memories. So that, next time you see me or my kind, you remember. But wait, I have not finished scaring you. Inside me, all around me, I attract a disease, several variety of ailments. All by design, forged to repel and yank you away from everyone you have ever known. I am less than two inches tall when fully grown and barely a centimeter high as I grow. I know you have guessed it. I am the cockroach that sneaked  into your life and now, there is No Place For Uncomfortable Truth’s.
     A complete nightmare, that’s how I woke up. The creature was walking across my face and from sleep I grabbed it. The wings fluttered as it tried to escape, but was no match for my firm grip. I did not kill the beast. Instead I threw it under the bus. And just as I did, I woke up.
'Is there a cockroach under the bus?’
  My question, confused a sleepy Henrik, and his answer made me give him an equally questions look.
'What bus?’
      I was wide awake and upright and a little confused, where was I?
     Henrik grabbed the remaining duvet and covered his cold body. I had cranked the air conditioning unit up, because his room was always too hot for me. But I only remember sleeping off, on his couch. I looked under what I thought was a bus, but was actually Henrik’s side table shaped like an awkward doorless bad imitation of a broken down bus. And you would not believe, what I actually tossed under it.
'My phone', I cried out as if it was completely destroyed.
     I bend my hand flat underneath it, until I find my phone battery and then the back cover. The actual phone was no where to be found.
 I look up at the clock and it was six, we are late. My priorities change as I abandon the search and shake Henrik repeatedly.
'We are late, I have an eight o clock appointment and yours is in thirty minutes’
   Like a zombie, he swayed a little and listened for nothing. Annoyed, I yank the duvet off him and that worked. He was scratching his head and saying or mumbling all sorts.
'Your conference call, is in thirty minutes’
The sleepy head, heard me and staggers to the bathroom, undressing as he did. I looked away quickly and continued to search for my phone. I find it and realized it was my alarm clock that woke me.
  The bathroom door was still open and for innocent me, to fight all temptations, I get up and start to walk out.
'In twenty days, we will be husband and wife'
 The words made me freeze and my lips spread into a beautiful smile. I feel ten years younger and say the words drunk on love.
'I know, I can't wait'
'My entire family is coming, you know. It’s my dad's first time, but my mum did, bag pack to Lagos in her twenties’
'Really? I didn’t know that'
'She had fun times, was in a biker club here and volunteered and just had fun'
‘Did she work here in Nigeria?’
‘Nope, her friends did. She just clubbed and relaxed. She’s fun like that'
‘Great, I’m sure she will love it here’
‘She can’t wait. So, does Daniel know?’
‘About the attack, yes. But has no clue about Nnoye’s’
 I was speaking and fixing my  battery back in place. Actually dodging my naked husband to be, as he toweled and dried his body.
‘He asked and I said I had no clue', Henrik continues to say.
‘I don't like been in the middle like this'
 He was grumbling and I started to get a weird vibe I had not noticed before now. I don't think he likes Nnoye at all.
‘I thought you two were no longer friends’, Henrik could not feign his disappointment.
‘We will always be friends, but her vindictive, competitive side repels me. I just think we will always be those friends that fight and make up'
'Like, you and Khadijatu?’
 The laughter was subtle but it’s intent shined through, because that seemed like a cruel joke from my husband to be.
'Khadijatu and I are no longer friends, she won’t be invited to any of my friends party’s. Or be a guest at our home'
 Henrik had his clothes on and was trying to tie a knot and get his tie right.
'So she’s just an old former friend in need and you my bride, will help her... Despite what she did'
'She was destined to betray me, like Nnoye will always betray me, but I’m not naïve anymore. I know now, not everyone will like me'
  My boo was chatting with me like there was time and I close the distance between us and tie his neck tie. I was backing the mirror and loving the look he had on his face when I finished.
'So, you have five minutes to get to your study and make your conference call'
 Ignoring my words, Henrik spinned me around and rocked me in his locked arms.
'You will be late’, I chuckled and laughed as he kissed my ears.
 Knowing he would not leave, I drag him out and we both enter the study.
‘Why are you hesitating?’
'Because, I know I need to be there again and it’s not fun', he grumbled.
'For now, but the money is fun to spend. I need to go and prepare and earn my own money’
 Henrik stops me and I spot the Skype call coming in.
'It’s your CFO'
'Is my work progressing?’
'We meet by one'
 That made him smile and receive his Skype call. His CFO, looks upset and I heard her saying the clean up didn’t go on schedule. More money, more problems, I need to get my day started. Thank God my office isn’t far. I could smell pancakes in my imaginary mind and a smile played on my face.
'That’s what we will have for breakfast’

  Do you ever get the feeling that, someone has done something terribly wrong? I do and it’s not in her words, but the way and manner my P.A. is looking at me. It’s like she wants to say something but hesitates. There was no time for gossip, I need to have the latest bride’s project, up and going. You may have guessed who the bride is, it’s me, silly.
 Henrik wants a full report and I have four planned photoshoots and public relations campaigns. I know what I want, but the challenge is making it clearly different from Ajoke's and Celine's campaign. And this is a signature campaign, because the entire world would always refer to your own wedding campaign. It put pressure on me and I suspect that Henrik feels I’m a bit relaxed about it all. Maybe, it’s the complications Celine faces or Ajoke not replying my messages driving nut’s.
 I massage my forehead and see that my phone is ringing and pick it up.
'Ade hi, it’s Daniel’
'Hey, how are you doing?’
'Not good at all, we need to talk’
'If it’s not business, then I don't have time’
 Yes, I said it. Don't blame me oooo. It was cruel but I feel like I have dropped everything for Nnoye and all that has to stop.
'Ade, my company is sponsoring a Thanksgiving speed boat race’
‘Twenty forth of November, right?’
'That’s two days before your wedding, I know'
'So you know, a one thousand percent increase.. Or no deal'
 I was not interested in getting distracted if it was not worth it.
'If you can make it by two’
'I can promote it in key areas only'
'It’s  niche market, so expected. Two?'
'I have an appointment for one'
'Three then, please come with that your new car'
 Happiness flowed from my guts and I laughed. Daniel Ojora knows how to make me laugh and relax.
'You heard', I dragged the words like a typical Lagosian.
'He is still my best friend, despite the fact that his bride to be…'
'Let’s meet by three then, later'
 I cut the phone, he can drool over me, when we meet, I have a deadline to meet.
  My distracted P.A. picks up all my designs and I screamed.
'Where are you taking those?'
'I thought'
'Since when do my designs leave this office?'
'I want to make copies'
'The copy machine is here, you know only this system takes all my prototypes'
'I am worried. What is going on with you? You are making silly mistakes and…
'My friend is upset with me'
    I wanted to chastise her and ask her why she was letting her personal life affect her work. But I understand her and will hear her out.
'She thought my boyfriend was hers, because he was nice to her’
'Did he define things with her?’
'No, she just assumed’
    If it was the old me, I would have abused the friend. Oh well, times have changed and so have I. So, I ask a different kind of question, from another angle.
'Did he define things with you?’
     A very awkward yes, made it clear that he has not defined it with her either.
'Bring it up, ask him don’t just waste time'
'It’s not as if, I want to marry him'
'But you always wanted to get married and have children quick’
'Time is going’
'You are just twenty, don’t look at life like it’s over. Look at it, as if it’s just beginning’
'Thank you, I will define it and ask him too'
'Maybe, I am over working you. We need more help here’
'No, I'm fine. We are fine like this’
'We have a big job coming up. A Thanksgiving feast at sea...'
 The words came to me and I could see the campaign already. In live colour on key large media bill board's.
'Get me more paper, I have much work to do before one this afternoon. Then you can go'
 Complete joy envelopes her and she shrieked and danced as she exits my office.      Quick on my feet, I move all the campaign print outs and placed them in my safe in the wall. I know I’m paranoid, but I can't afford to loose any project now or come up with new ones in such a short time. A thought crossed my mind and then leaves it. I hope she’s not with who I think she is with. A cold shiver  up my spine as I locked the safe.

 The sound of ruffling paper wakes me and I stretched and looked at my P.A. She walked in carrying so many.
'He is here’
 I look behind her.
Henrik looked tired and removed his tie.
'Hey darling’
'I slept off too, the meeting drained me and our expenses this last quarter is off the roof. We let go of some of our service providers’
    I hugged him and let him seat on my lap and my P.A. is watching us and smiling.
'It’s one, you can go home now’
'Goodbye, Mr. And Mrs.’
   When she was long gone, I stand up and lock the main door into my office and then open my safe.
'You have a safe in your office?’
'Intellectual designs and campaigns, I need a better safe’
'She tried to get my designs out of my office'
'You are paranoid’
'Are you sacking her?'
'No, I’m hiring extra help’
'Competition means they need to out perform themselves’
'It will be easier to blame someone else’
'I have hidden cameras’
'Frank is a snake, but anyone can decide to be evil'
'Wedding jitters?', he said rocking me.
'My aunt has jinxed everything, I am not taking any chances’
'Did you get work done?’
'Four options’
'That many, wow’
    Henrik digests the storyboard and plans and nods his head approving three out of the four.
'So, which one?'
'All three’
 I shake my head, that’s  lot of attention.
'You are either causing a media frenzy, or you are mediocre’
'Can we afford it?
'You can, but I can help’
 I slap his thigh and he laugh’s, he knows I have been saving to buy a car and now that’s off my list.
'But I've  spend it all'
'Think of it as an advert for what brides should expect ‘
'Ajoke will freak out’
'That’s what I want, noise, praise and awe'
 Henrik pulls me to him and kisses me.
'Before I forget, Daniel talked...’
'...I trust you said no’
'I asked for a thousand percent increase’
'And he said yes?'
'Congratulations, Ade, you are officially on the corporate map. Two major corporate public relations campaigns and three weddings’
 We danced and then collapsed on my couch.
'You are driving’
'Henrik, but..'
'Did you think you were going there alone? 'Daniel will have this meeting with us, after all we are business partners’
'I thought you were a silent partner'
'I am, but I need to hear  version of the story. I can't miss this gist’
'And you men say women like to gossip'
'We men love it, you women just like it'
   This green headed monster called jealousy, showing off its head at another predator trying to mark his territory, I have to admit, this is no longer fun. Especially now that I have clearly picked the one man that wine mine forever.
  I just hope that Daniel’s infatuation doesn’t last forever.

    What do you think?

**Season 1, Episode 81**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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