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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Two Trains Collide When Hidden Pain’s Erupts


   Molten metal sets and forms a sleek beast, riding and sliding down grove’s of railing. The destination is clear, the aspirations are high and my outlook and demeanour sane. The cool air in the cabin is just right, as we pass nature untouched, absent of the chemical fertilizers that taint growth and also stimulates and feigns growth. I don’t care that another beast approaches, it’s expected. But today, I will not ignore the scratches and pain it has inflicted in the past. I will not pretend to be civil and act like I have not been violated by trust and hope. Today I am heading, straight on. I will smash and scatter everything. I will stop you all from guessing why I am a huge contradiction. And my rage is soaking wet and smoking hot, the cold air clashes with my hot rage, mangling around, forged set metal and slicing cracking the beast at odd places. The beast on ice, continues to skid and jump. And looking into the striped mirror, as it cracks under pressure and break apart by the by the revelation of the truth. I watch in horror as Two Trains Collide When Hidden Pain’s Erupts.

  Don’t ask me what I did, ask me what I should do? I have never seen any of my friends lash out with so much hatred, with so much rage. I did not attempt to stop Nnoye, instead the policemen and women did. She did not fight like a human being, she fought like a lion and struck quickly at her abuser and the wife of the abuser. Whom I could tell was embarrassed but confused. She stood firmly by her man and I stood in awe beside Nnoye. My friend started to cry and curse her abuser and we had to physically be far away from them to calm her.
Your friend needs counseling, did she ever tell you she was abused?’
 The question from the very pretty policewoman made me shake my head and she adviced I help her. Calm and alone with Nnoye, she holds my hand and I expect more Lamentations instead..
Don’t tell Daniel’
I could not believe my ears.
'Why not? How will you explain all these to him?’
 Now, I am confused.
'Ade, I do not want to be a victim. The last boyfriend I told, said I was brainwashed into thinking I was abused. That it was a sympathy attention grabbing mechanism…’
     I raised my hand to protest.
 Wait o, did Nnoye tell me this story before? I’m not sure but that is beside the point, right now was all that matters.
‘Fine, that was his prerogative not to believe you. And of course it was over for you two because he could not deal with the truth. But that was him..‘
‘I can’t risk it'
‘You don’t trust Daniel enough?’
'I just can’t deal with that kind of rejection again’
'Nnoye, he will find out’
'Ade, he won’t’
  I shake my head and disagree, in my own opinion it’s better he knows the truth. But, what if it’s  deal breaker for Daniel?
  Why on earth, should a victim be made to feel guilty for something she didn’t do, for been a victim?
‘Ade, promise me you will never tell Daniel’
 I look down at my feet and then up to her tired face.
'I won’t tell Daniel Ojora, that you were raped by your uncle as a child’
 I looked out of the window and spot a familiar car, I was relieved and stand up abruptly.
Nnoye looks out and spots my own man's car and shakes my hand.
‘Don’t let him come in here, I’ve got this.. you hear'
'Nnoye, you should not be alone’
‘Tinu is just a child and should not be alone too. Besides, we will soon leave to go and pick Etim up from daycare'
  I was walking out when her phone rings and then she ran towards me, whispered and begged me to stay.
'Daniel hi'
 She gives me a look and we both walk towards Henrik, outside the police station.
'Daniel, I’m with Ade. Say hi'
 She gives me the phone and hugs Henrik.
'Daniel hi, Henrik just got here’, I said awkwardly.
 I listen to him, ask how we met and what we were doing together.
‘Nnoye’s neice was molested and we filed the report. No need, Henrik and I are leaving and Nnoye needs to go and pick up Etim’
   Daniel bombarded me with more questions, but by then, Nnoye grabs the phone and waves goodbye.
 Inside  Henrik’s car, I sit still and ponder on what just happened.
‘Ade, what’s wrong?’
'You do know that rape is not the victims fault?’
 My words were harsh and stem from the shock of Nnoye's revelation.
‘ Of course not, was Nnoye…
'Yes and one of her  exboyfriends, didn't believe her and dumped her for revealing she was'
'That is horrible’
‘And it was someone the family trusted, an uncle'
 The silence that ensued was deafening.
‘ All over our house, we will have camera's with weekly reviews. I don’t rust anyone'
 Henrik means well but I had to tell him the entire story for him to understand that predators don't necessarily strike in your home.
'It was not in her home, it was where she stayed while in boarding house’
‘None of our kids are sleeping over'
‘Can we truly stop that?’
'We can try and then give them teddybears with hidden cams as proof and lots of education about abuse'
‘Daniel can’t know’
'Ade, no'
‘She made me promise’
'Daniel contributes to charity's against abuse, he would not judge her'
“She will know that I leaked the story'
‘Just let her tell him at her own time, okay'
 Henrik shakes his head and starts the vehicle, he did not agree with it but respects her decision.

  Call me naïve, but something is up with Henrik. This Saturday morning is very awkward and i can feel that something is amiss.
  Since he got back from his last business trip, he has been acting strange. I have filled my free time up with hanging out with Ajoke and Skyping with Celine but it’s all different.
 I might have ignored it all before now, but one act made me all suspicious. I was going to shower and then decided the water was not hot enough. So I walked back into Henrik’s bedroom and then he cut the line.
‘Who are you talking to?’
'No one’, Henrik looked guilty and tried to stay calm.
 I choose not to react, because. Who sent me? I was supposed to be in my own house. He was the one that insisted I stay at his place. Naïve me, thought he wanted to cuddle up with me and feel his, wife to be before we actually get married.
 Yes, my wedding is this month and I am anxious about everything. So,  blame me ooo.
I tried to get Henrik to Gist with me but he excuses himself and goes into the guest room. The sound I hear leaves my mouth ajar as I ask quietly...
Did he just lock the door?
 I swear, my ears are deceiving me. Could there be another woman?
Not my Henrik, but Henrik na man ooo.
 My heart is pounding and I tap my feet and rock my limbs repeatedly, as I decide whether or not to go after him into the guest room.
   As I get up, my Auntie calls.
‘Ooooo, God. Of all people to call me now', I grumbled out loud, as if I had an audience. The reality is that I am alone and choose to ignore my Auntie. After five missed calls, I decide to talk to her, now. Not after I try to get information from Henrik, who is hiding something from me.
‘Auntie, good morning’
‘Morning, why have you and Henrik not attended any counseling?’
 The most nosy, annoying Auntie has started, we have attended and planned to tomorrow. What is her problem?
‘We have', I say in a cold manner.
'You need, at least three months…’
 I placed the phone far from my ears and looked at the door leading into the guest room. I sneaked up to it and listened.
‘No, Ade does not suspect , Henrik whispered.
'Hello, hello', my Auntie screamed through my phone.
    I sneaked away from the door and back to my couch.
‘Auntie, I can hear you’
‘Don’t let petty argument end this marriage ooo. Read the Psalms I just gave you. Okay’
‘Yes, Auntie’
    I was speaking but I was very far away.
I dropped the phone and Henrik unlocked the door and I raced to it.
'Auntie said I should greet you’, I said and walked into the guest room.
  I was searching the cupboard and under the bed and Henrik gave me a very strange look.
‘What are you doing?
‘Looking for my second phone'
‘It’s in our bedroom’
  I was convinced we were alone and smiled at him.
‘What are you hiding?
 The doorbell rings and we both race towards it, I get there first and open it.
'Ade hi'
 It was my brother.
‘What’s up?’
 He gave me car keys and I looked at it.
‘Darling, You got a new car?’
  Henrik's words didn't sink in.
‘From Henrik, it’s yours’
 I watched the car keys in my brothers hands and looked outside at the Toyota Corolla and screamed.
'Your sister thought I was hiding a woman in the guest room'
 I pout and make an innocent face.
'Its not like that, you were been so secretive’
'I was going to bring it over yesterday but you had the Nnoye crisis and well’
  Before he could say anymore, I hugged him tight and we watched my car as if it was a beautiful sunset.
‘Don’t you want to drive it?’
 Ola asked and I screamed again and raced to the black beauty. I had planned to buy myself a car by next year, but I was not sure how soon we would relocate.
   To sit in a car with the brand new aroma and know that the documents are in your name. Wait o, I didn't even ask.
'Have you done the documentation?’
'Check the glove compartment', Ola said leaning into the car and opening it.
 I checked the documents and they were in my maiden name.
'It’s yours’
 I screamed again and buckled up my seatbelt and took it for a spin. It feels good to get a gift from someone you love. And sincerely, that my old car was chopping at least fifty thousand every month. Now I could sell it and use that money. I drove back to the house a proud owner and stepped out and then gave Henrik a long passionate kiss.
  I have every reason to be thankful and I believe so much more great things are about to happen. Church would be sweet tomorrow and my mum and her family would be so proud.

   My phone is ringing and I step back into the house and pick it up.
'Hello', I didn't know this number.
'He has threatened to kill me'
 I heard the voice but I am not sure who it is.
‘Hi Ade, I'm calling from a pay phone”
‘He burned tyres in front of my house and blocked signals from my house. Sent thugs to harrass me'
‘Who, your uncle?’

    I see this problem escalating beyond control and let out a very heavy sigh.
‘Have you called the police?’
‘ Yes, but there’s no proof ‘
‘You did not record anything?’, I said horrified by the idea that the perpetrators could get away with it.
'I did, but he was not there’
‘What do you want to do?’
'I will call you by noon, once I’ve decided. Right now, I don’t think this place is safe’

 Is this really happening? I do not envy Nnoye right now, but she needs a friend. The challenge I have right now is that I  know if I can be that friend.

  What will you do, if you are in my shoes?

**Season 1, Episode 80**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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