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Saturday, 19 November 2016

When The Bubble Burst, How Much Is A Head Worth


     Rocks forged for centuries peak and dive into the ground. Beautiful relics make the landmark a Delicious sight to see. But alas, civilisation demands it's price. No need to sugar coat it, the destruction of this monument is imminent. The road needs to be smooth and gray, the new normal demands this. Large monster's crawl up the road, now absent of vegetation. They crash and make all the track's ready for paving. The rocks are reduced, to large chunks and further reduced to rubbles. E never finish, a bigger monster gulps it all up and reduces it to a fine powder, spraying it all around. So much is happening and will happen to build this modern marvel. As the now grinded roads, solidly absorb moisture into the fine uneven powder, there is a need a fatal attraction almost to this. The unlikely road merges with the former former rock to forge a road. Very like, familial bonds merging for no reason. The worse that can happen is that the union breaks and is severed for life. Just like in the news, a father beheaded his step son and sold the head for five thousand Naira. Only. The sad value of a life gone, too soon. Truncated by an evil man feigning humanity, pretending to care....

    That's how I can describe him, this her wicked uncle out for blood. I know this their case has been on for awhile, but there must be a resolution. The paedophile, had the guts to ask my friend Nnonye to settle the case out of court. Can you imagine?
 She is with me right now, Pacing up and down as if the verdict is out already.
 I am biting into a large lobster and enjoying the juicy freshness of the treat.
'Are you even listening to me?'
  I nod my head and chew on the succulent piece while holding the red tail section of the exoskeleton on my fingertips.
'You don't care about me, you are too busy enjoying the lobster'
'E don tayyyy, when I come this place', I tried to justify my enjoying the lobsters more than her company.
'Ade, the only reason you are here is because of the food'
I drop the tail and protest vehemently.
'Nnoye, I'm not that bad. Pearl Garden restaurant has great food but it's best to share it with a friend'
 Any normal person would have loved the compliment, but not Nnoye.
'So I'm just a friend?'
 This has to stop. I slap her on her back and pull her to the chair beside me.
'Of course you are more than just a friend, you are one of my naughty closest friends'
'See, we can be real with ourselves'
'You are right'
'So what do you think?'
'About taking the deal or not'
'Deal, oh yes. What are you going to do?'
'See my friend, I need your help and you are asking me to decide'
'Just decide, think of you and think about Tinu'
'It's sad, that it has come to this'
'My settling out of court will quickly get us out of the news'
'Yes, but will justice be served?'
'He will be a registered sex offender and is now a known paedophile'
'How does he want to settle out of co?'
'Okay money that can buy a house for my poor aunt and her six children'
'How will they maintain the house?'
'They will all work and take on vocational trainings and everything to survive'
'Sounds like you have made up your mind'
'Not really, it feels like payment to let go of the trauma'
'What did your lawyer say?'
'That Tinu and I can get more, bit I don't want to be in the news more than I am right now'
'Are there other victims?'
'Yes, they filed after we did. I heard that my uncle is selling both his houses to raise money and settle everyone'
'It is well'
 Nnoye sits up and looks straight ahead, she is lost in thoughts and i think reconsidering her accepting the settlement or not. I do understand her plight, but we have to celebrate the fact that he has pleaded guilty to all accusations even though he wants an out of court settlement.
'All is said and done, I'm just glad that my mother finally believes me'
'Your mum didn't believe you?'
 This was news to me.
'She said that all the media attention abused children were getting, got into my head. And I suspect she was also afraid to accuse her husband's brother of defiling me'
 I can feel her pain and I reach out across the table and squeezed her hands.
'Ade, I'm fine. It affected me no doubt, but the worst is over'
'Did she ever apologize for not believing you?'
'Yes, but the harm was done'
'So you blame her for not believing you?'
'No, I suspect she was abused as a child too but she is too secretive to ever reveal that about herself'
 I wonder on her words and exhaled hard, she was right. It's hard for everyone or anyone to believe that those closest to you hurt you the most.
'We will fight this until the end and empower everyone around us'
'Good, Ade Abeg, let's eat'
 Nnoye was a darling and this meal was on her. She wanted me to be ha and I equally want her to be empowered. The rest of the lunch was good.

   Lately, I have been enjoying driving. Ask me why? It is because, when you drive a brand new car you don't drive but cruise on the road. And after that Scrumptious meal with Nnoye, I am happy.
 Now, I must face Ajoke and her crazy result from her equally insane doctor friend. This her friend even joked that now that Ajoke was no longer the only one who had twins for Bala. What was she going to do? Insensitive, right?  Well, it was not the doctor side of her speaking but her naughty friend side. Should that side be more prevalent than the other side? Who am I to ask? All I got was the feedback, there is no guarantee that it happened exactly as Ajoke said it did. After all, she is currently paranoid and on edge.
 Driving into Ajoke and Bala's mansion, I smile at my diva friend in her beautiful fitted Short nude gown. And as I park, I see the mile high shoes she has on.
'Mr. Shan't gree', I taunt and poke at my friend.
'Ade, Mo ti Gba kamu'
'Really', I said stepping our of my car and hugging her.
'There's is no need, all my friends think I'm spoilt and that Bala's mistress having twins is pay back'
'So the result is out?'
'No, Dr. Bamidele is bringing the results in personally'
'She's afraid I might need counseling'
'From you aggressive friend?'
'Ade, leaf story'
 Inside the house, I prune and dance around the twins aNd then carry both in my hands.
'Mummy wants to know if you have brothers, sisters or both'
'It's fine'
'Why is it fine?'
 Ajoke exhaled long and hard and then sits down.
'I have accepted that I may or may not be the last wife of my husband'
'Don't say that'
'Have you talked to him?'
'My husband? He is too scared to come downstairs. He said I should call him when the results are in'
 The doorbell rings and we both stand up and look at Dr. Bamidele ad she walks in. Us girls exchange pleasantries and are all overwhelmed by the expectations of the results.
'So, how are you doing? I hear that you are getting married next week'
'Yes, I am'
'Where is my invitation?'
'I'll get one across to you before next week'
  I guess Ajoke could not stand the suspense anymore.
'Can you two please just concentrate onmy immediate problem'
'Babe calm down. You are shouting'
'Why won't I shout?'
'Ajoke, I thought you were cool with the results either way'
'Easier said than done. Sorry, I just got agitated a bit. You can give it to me now'
 My dear friend stretched out her hand and the doctor handed her the result. She reads the documents and then massaged her forehead.
'Are they his?', I had to ask.
 Ajoke looks at the staircase and quietly walked up it. I tried to stop her but she gave us a wicked look and left.
It was a long thirty minutes and no screams or shouts and then she returned. I could not hold back my excitement.
'Ajoke, talk to me'
'See this life eh, one has to just calm down'
 I looked at the doctor and then at Ajoke.
'Nope of the twins are his own'
 I clapped my hands.
'You see yourself'
'I've done my special delivery, your job is to sort the rest out'
 Dr. Bamidele announced and hugs me and then leaves.
'So soon?'
'I'm on night duty'
 Ajoke and I laugh and chat some more and then I fall asleep. I did not even know I was tired and had dozed off.

  A beautiful boy was standing above me, smiling at me and caressing my face. I hold his hand and rest my cheeks on it and spread my lips and smile.
 I wanted to continue sleeping when he helped me up.
'Ade, we need to go home'
'Cant we stay?'
'My darling Ade, no'
 I unwillingly stand up and follow him and then get into his car.
'What about my car?'
'My driver will drive that home'
'We have not gone out in a while...'
'Where do you want us to go?'
'The beach'
'Thats true, on a yatch?'
'No, just us... Watching others climb nervously onto the boat as others eagerly await the seashore'
'Takwa Bay party?'
'A party will be nice'
'A colleague at work has one today, it's like four. You don't mind?'
'Where is the party at?'
 I feel my phone buzz and jolt me up and I follow my man out from my friends couch to Henrik's car.
'Ade where are you?_
 Have you ever hissed at an elderly woman and regretted it. Well this is my first time and I expect backlash. Instead, she is on my case and picking on me and at my every words.
'Auntie slow down, what is going on?'
'The prophet said you should not go anywhere near water's
 I did not waste time, I dropped and moved on.
'Your Auntie eight?"
'How did you know?"
' Frown lines I did not know you had, surface when she calls you'
 I shake my head and all sleep disappear from my eyes.
She calls again and I dont know what to do. This my mum's sister is driving solid fear into my heart. If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Sincerely, I am tired of all this fear mongering. All in the name to get me to see your spiritual guru. I am not in the mood for any of it.

What do I do right now, get paranoid and believe her or totally ignore her?

**Season 1, Episode 84**
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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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