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Ade's Journal Part 6
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Saturday 3 December 2016

A Frank New Approach From A New Perspective


     Bubbles form, numbering up to hundred's of thousands of white layers. Just like fluffy white butter icing on top of soapy clear water. It's purpose is crystal clear, as dirty laundry has piled up, way up high and it's time to clean up. This is after all, the last month, of the year 2016. So I am preparing my mind body and soul for A Fresh New Start. A Frank New Approach From A New Perspective, to a brand new life. My life, with me taking more control and responsibilities for my decisions and actions. Starting from this moment on, starting with the truth. The question is, what is the truth? I am anxious, I have made plans this year and the clock is ticking fast and I'm not sure if I can achieve any more of my goals. And that very thought, scares me and makes me all shaky and sweaty. Especially since my past keeps creeping up ad catching up with me. As if, whispering to me... You can't escape the inevitable. And that my dear journal, is not going down well with me.

      For your information, I am totally in shock right now. Most of all, I blame myself. I should not have picked up Khadijatu's call. I miss her atimes and I forgive her sometimes too. But a part of me misses her, even though on her part the friendship was never real. For me, it was one hundred percent real and I get that skipped heartbeat when I see her calls. The kind that tells you, it's time to laugh and share all the fun, pain and joy. This time though, it did not go well at all at all. In fact, it went from bad to worse, very quickly.
   Did I mention that, I was on my honeymoon with Henrik. Yes, we got married and are in Grenada. Where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea, magical and breathtaking at the same time.
 You and I know that a beautiful red rose, hiding indoors in the shadows, needs and stretches towards the sunlight. This sunlight is large and covers everything, but if you stay under the shadows for too long. Then, the abundant sun stays out of reach. Sometimes, it's not such a bad thing right? If that was the point all along, no it's not. The truth is that, sometimes been far out of reach is good. Sometimes, been so reachable is such an annoying situation to be in. And right now, that's where I am. Listening to the one voice I do not want to hear, especially on my honeymoon.
  It was bland and almost condescending, but that was who he was. Frank always had to be the star of the day or he would bring you down and still feign that he had your best interest at heart.
 I had no words to say to him and Henrik looked back at me, with the sea waves crashing into his bare feet. I could tell he knew by just looking at me and it made me feel guilty. Should I be feeling guilty? Is it my fault, that I dated a psychopath? A liar and a thief, because all those years with him he stole. None of them was his to give, for he was already married and sleeping with my former best friend Khadijatu. All such a messy situation, right. I believe so, my problem with all this his obsession with me is that he keeps getting in touch with me. I know I sound like a broken record, but what am I supposed to do?
 I massaged my forehead and felt Henrik yank the phone from my hand. He didn't shout, he just listened.
'Can I not wish you the best, I never thought you would get married. You know we are meant to be...'
'In your nightmares, don't call this number again'
 And Henrik tossed the phone into the sea, the action startled me and I screamed. Too late, the phone was gone.
 My husband turned to me and i still had my hand over my mouth.
'Too much?'
  I was speechless and then I jump up on my feet.
'You don't throw my phone into such a beautiful...'
 I point at the clear green sea and then stand at akimbo and stare at him. His eyes light up and he points at the sea. I sit my phone too and we both scuttle to get it. The sea waves play hide and go seek with the phone, until finally we catch it. I was laughing so hard and crying that I didn't realize the waves have taken me so far into the sea. When I do, I panic and hug Henrik tight.
'Don't scream, I've got you'
 His kiss makes me calm down and we swim back to the shore.
'No reason to let Frank or Khadijatu back into our lives right?'
 I knew what he was saying or trying to say, it was time to lose that line and their numbers. And I agree, after all I didn't stay angry for too long and did not care for his Frank's opinion. I have long moved on.

  Every wrong step I have taken has within it lessons and seeds, if well nourished can grow and yield fruits beyond my wildest dreams.
Sure, I have heard this a million times before. The difference is in how I am going to apply it, what I have learned from the previous steps I have taken so I can maximize my results. Is it weird, that I am thinking of work right now? The Christmas ad campaign for speed boats in Lagos or...
 I could not help but laugh at the Facebook war my friends embarked upon. The lean Christmas tree in Nigeria versus the Fat Christmas tree in America, very funny comments and feedback. I can't even bring myself to write something. Somehow, it reminds me of the biblical lean cow gulping up the fat cows. Isn't that saying something...
  I am alone in my room, waiting for a surprise from my husband. It's kind of intoxicating saying my husband. Does this feeling fade? Eventually, but for now let me bask and enjoy it all.
 My smart phone is ringing and I roll over the extra large bed and pick it up.
'I've been calling your other phone...'
'Good evening to you'
'Ma bi nu'
'I'm not angry, greet me now'
'Hello Ade dearest'
'Hello Ajoke, how are you and the twins and Bala doing?'
'Great, you two hurry up and bring playmates for my kids'
'We will rock ourselves first '
'Eh, eh o. You said babies first before a long break'
'Babies will come, when they come '
'How are you two doing?'
'No, but's...'
'Frank called, didn't he?'
'How did you..'
'We kind of bet that he would'
'How much?'
'Ade, you are taking this very well'
'Henrik didn't, he tossed the phone into the sea '
'It's a lie'
'True to God who made me'
'The same Henrik'
'But, we recovered the phone e but that sim card is gone. I'm not reviving the number'
'Please it's about time. Meanwhile, Nnoye has been rubbing it in that she is the first to speak with you since you traveled'
'Don't mind her, did she tell you about the guy she met in a bus? About him saying the carburetor in his phone got spoiled and...'
'Na only Nnoye dey meet those kind guy's'
 I was laughing but Ajoke was fighting hard not to laugh. This my friend self..
'So she lied?'
'She called but I was checking messages and picked it up'
'Did she mention the fact that Daniel broke up with her?'
'Don't tell her o, but her tout of a boyfriend...'
'The one she...'
'Ade, you knew'
'She just keeps updating me on eve that happens to her'
'Anyway shaaaaa, the boyfriend or runs walked up to Daniel and bragged about sleeping with her. Time and place and all'
'Did he believe her, I mean him?'
'Not at first but he described to her underwear. One he had custom made for her'
 My eyes lit up as adrenaline pumped and rushed through my veins.
'Did they fight?'
'Nope, Daniel just quietly walked away and cancelled all the cards he had given her'
'What about the lawsuit settlement, Nnoye got?'
'She moved out of Daniel's house and bought one'
'Really, where?'
'Isolo, not too far from your parents house'
'Thank God she could afford to buy one'
'She was going to rent one, near me. I discouraged her and two years rent was ridiculously high. Besides, I don't want her too close to me'
'Abeg, she's your mess not mine'
'She's not that bad'
'She hassled me to get an invite to Zahra Buhari's now private wedding'
 I was laughing already.
'She wanted to know if her groom's brothers were still single'
'So you blame her?'
'She is too scandalous for any of my friends and too forward'
'Thats how people describe you'
 Of course my statement surprised Ajoke, it's always easy to throw shade at people and forget Yours.
'What about Celine?'
'She said we should Skype her'
'Okay, I'm calling her now'
'Ade, it's not good. They are scrutinizing Celine's stay in France'
'But she is a French national'
'By an illegal alien'
'No, Celine's mum didn't have her when she was illegal. It was after deportation and legal entry...'
'Celine's mum had a child'
'When?', I ask trying to understand Ajoke very well.
'Let's her tell you herself'
  Ajoke was confusing me with this new revelation and let me just keep quiet and listen. Celine picked the call and I don't think I've ever seen her look this sad, ever.
'Celine, don't'
 Tears were falling down her face and they were Infectious. I was crying for my friend and wanted to hug her.
'Celine, what happened?'
  To calm my friend down took time and when she finally relaxed and started breathing normally. She looked at me and said the words that tore at my heart.
'I am shedding tears for my mother'
'Is she okay?'
'She had a child and none of us knew'
'Please tell us', Ajoke adds.
'The family, she worked illegally as a house girl for...'
'Eh Hehn...'
 I wanted to know everything.
'She got pre and they tried to kill it, they did but she had another'
'No, not twins', Ajoke exclaimed.
'Yes, Pierre's former wife told her lawyer and they made me submit and get tested '
'She said I had falsified documents and was older than I claimed'
'Did you do the test?'
'Yes and I called my mother and she's here with me. Not now but she's downstairs'
'My God'
'The test proved I was me, but we found her'
'My big sister'
  Of all the surprise news I could get, this was the biggest.

    Interestingly when you ask questions you get a Fresh look into an old situation.
It's the solution, now that is different or should I say the situation. I'm still confused, can someone please help me out here....

**Season 1, Episode 88**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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