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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas And The Lagos I love to love


    It's hot and the power supply is absent. The weather boils Like a volcano cooling by the sea. Everything has changed and it seems like the Christmas is cooling and forging itself into something else in this new world. And the change is commanding millions and enticing everyone to do something. The question is what? I know for sure, that the Lagos I love will never disappoint. And for every drop of hope you give, you capture and lure more to you. Just like a bee to nectar. But all the glitz and glamour is not without its woes. Like Santa losing its hat and putting on a gele and catching your eyes and attention. You will never change. For today, your rage slices like an earthquake. I see you shift and split, revealing the greed men have hidden. But why today?The temporary home collapsed with uproars from those trapped in it. Digging deeper into the earth only guarantees your height, as prayers rise high and pray for some or all o survive. Then a fire rages from a tired generator set. Spreading Like rainfall who is she? Fighting to take lives, snatching my lover with sharp claws. The Drowning cries from the less fortunate, the paupers, rise and float like decaying wood on a stagnant lagoon. Like lovers on a rock, banished until I make my dough of hope, rise again. Uplifting the faithful paying for our actions, the question is what's the price? I need to add flight, Like feathers on a cock, kneading with tired hands, as I try to get used to knuckles for my throne. Shifting and swaying until it buckles and buries them all. But I won't stop myself from enjoying my hard work or let alone the bad news drown me. Again, like nectar I suck, spitting out the secret for me alone and all that have heard to pray and hope for the best. As survivors stay for there’s nowhere else to go...

    It's Christmas Day and I am knackered, I mean totally exhausted. Everything happened this week and I am blessed to be in good health right now. I have been pulled and pushed in all directions by friends and family. Starting with Ajoke and all her drama. Her sister Ashabi's birthday was on Thursday and on Friday was Celine's Aunt's wedding and of course today is Christmas. So, I have broken my decade old tradition of not going anywhere on Christmas day and week. In fact, I have gone out, everyday since the Sunday before Christmas. None of my friends are in any forgiving mode, so I was arm wrestled into stressing myself. Did I have fun? Yes, mostly. But no break and two sleepless nights.
 Ajoke dragged us all to her sisters birthday party, on her beautiful yatch. The scorching heat combined with the cool sea waves, made it rain. And I mean heavily, it was so heavy that the waves went haywire. It scared me and drained me and I just had to catch a wink of sleep. It was sweet and I act felt my lips spread into a warm smile and adjust in Henrik's warm embrace. A sudden jerk and it felt like the yatch took a dive. I jerked and grabbed his hands and Ajoke's.
'The rain will stop', she tried to to console me.
 I did not nudge or care, this was scary.
Then the waves starts to simmer down and a wicked sun shined through the stained glass above me.
'See, it has stopped ', Ajoke adds and leads us out and up to the sun.
 Did I mention that Daniel Ojora is here, with another woman. An ex girlfriend he said he ran into on his way here. We are all watching them flirt and say nothing.
'Where is his girlfriend?'
 I was sipping my Bailey's Irish cream on ice and did not hear my friend.
'Ade', she nodged me and I look at her. Not sure what she was giving me a look for.
'Where is Opeyemi?'
'How am I supposed to know?'
 I was irritated by her question, am I Daniel's keeper?
 As if it could not get any worse, she gives him a peck. I can't take it anymore, so I start to the higher deck.
 I love my wide brimmed brown hat and khaki short kimono dress. It makes taking this selfie epic. The sun in the background is perfect and I upload it on Facebook.
When I check it out again, I see that Daniel and his friend have photobombed my picture. They look cozy and I think she stuck out her tongue.
''Look Dan, we are in her picture. Someone is going to face panel tonight', her giggle makes the point drive in hard.
I feel guilty for just a moment and then shake it off.
'You did it on purpose'
His accusations make me jump and defend myself.
'I came up here to be alone, you are the intruders here'
'You didn't make an effort with Linda's
'I do not have to...'
'You like Opeyemi'
'I have no clue what her surname is...'
 Linda was watching me and then adds.
'You two are arguing like lovers, are you two...:
 The thought of what she was saying made me cringe. But she had a point, I should not carry his matter on my head, like a government worker.
 We both say it with disgust and annoyance. A phonecall comes in, I check it and it's his girlfriend. I check the people who have seen the picture and Opeyemi is one of them. I give Daniel a look and sense Henrik is close.
'What's up?'
 I show him my phone and he looks at who is calling.
'They photobombed my picture and now...'
  I wave my phone and grab my man. We need to be away from this his playboy best friend.
'And you are officially the referee in this fight '
 I shake my head and disagree.
'Not me, I'm not interested'
 Asabi is majestic in her corset gown, made in Adire fabric, it gave her an hour glass shape we all envied. Her old husband is nice and looks uncomfortable, you'd think Chuks was the one wearing the corset.
'Honey, stand up let's take a picture by my cake'
 He stands up and crashed and we all scuttle towards him. Daniel rushes and gives him CPR and he starts to breathe again.
'Lagos has helicopter ambulances', Linda announced and starts to dial the number.
Our yatch turned around and we all head towards the hospital.
 Chuks had a heart attack and thought it was heart burn. The party was over and we all spend our night at the hospital until he was stable.

  Next on my scandalous experience was to face my dear friend. Chuks heart attack was the perfect excuse not to pick up call's. Still, the next day is here. And now, our new friend Opeyemi has a Christmas Eve exhibition. Henrik was going to escape and dodge, but the drama had escalated. Linda had slept over in Daniel's house and we suspect they have rekindled their relationship. She was all nice and all, but I can't be the anchor all his girlfriend's think they should latch on to.
 Thank God that Daniel did not invite her, but my eyes wonder about the room, searching.
'Ade, hi'
 Opeyemi hugged me and I higher back.
'How is Chuks?'
'It was a mild heart attack'
'He's alive, that's what matters'
'Nice painting's'
 There was an awkward silence.
'It's over, isn't it?'
'Your exhibition?'
'Daniel and I'm
'Is it?'
 Why is she roping me into this?
'He won't pick my calls, honor my invitation...'
 Just as she was grumbling, Daniel walks in. I got a phone call from Nnoye and I believe I need a break from Daniel and company.
   My friend is desperate, Nnoye begged me to show up. Especially since her son asked her why she has no more friends.
Henrik was glad to be free not to go with me, it's clear he do like Nnoye.
There were pictures and uploads and fun. I left by nine and head back  to the exhibition.
 Daniel is kissing Opeyemi when I walked in, so the ladies have fallen hard.
He is kissing her but looking at me and I just search the room for Ajoke. Bala and Ajoke walk in and I can tell that Ahoke does not like been here.
We hug and laugh and pick the paintings we love. Ajoke actually tucks herself into a couch and sleep.
'Ajoke, you can't sleep'
'The twins didn't let me, so I will see when I can't
 That's life, you worry less about society rules when you grow up.
   The effect of all the activities is that I did not bake a cake.
  Henrik is not giving me a break, he has been going on and on about not sinking his teeth into my coconut cloud cake.
 My mouth is watering and I'm hungry, looks like my new protein diet makes me hungry.

 This coming New Year will be epic, I can't wait.

**Season 1, Episode 94**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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