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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Forget Regret And Listen To The Boy Inside The Wall


    To stay with you forever, is my naive idea of true love. Though, I'm Looking forward to becoming savvy. I Know that, eventually Success will be mine. I'm learning quickly, becoming visually Prepared. Hoping beyond hope that, I'm never impaired By Attitudes of Despair Only Neglect And simple regret Of days without Reading Feeding and Willing To study The body Of purposeful Goal's. My goals are Designed to prepare You and I, For a life full And Purposeful. So stay awake And Bake With the right ingredients. Yes, And we will both get there in no time. Entwined in our love, with our arms wrapped around each other. I seriously pray that I'm never impaired My Attitudes of Repair. Only Reflect Amp middle Eaglet Of days charged up with me flying Feeding and building a life with you. Say A Lot Of Prayers because I Need to get off the Layers Piled up from Trying Hard, Keep me from feeling Sad. And Yet, you Ask me Why? My answer is that. I'm the master of my Universe. Yet You Challenge me, all the time. Just let me, make my own decisions. So that I can accept that finally,  I'm as Free as A Bird. Don't Ask me Why? Just listen.. Forget Regret And Listen To The Boy Inside The Wall. What? That faint but distant voice... Am I dreaming? Actually, I was daydreaming about life with my beautiful husband. But, there it is again. It sounds like a distant voice. Faint and almost absent of life, but from inside this ancient house built by my forefathers. Is that possible? My paranoia has escalated, for sure. Can you hear it? Listen, I think it's coming from there. I think, it's in the wall. There it goes again, I place my ears against the wall aging wall, absent of paint. I realize that I am no longer alone. The owner of the house is watching me. My only maternal uncle, still living on our ancestral grounds looks at me and nods his head. There is no need to pretend, he has caught me red handed. Ask me what my uncle has to say. He has gone to get a hammer, yes a hammer. And for the first time, in a long time I am afraid. I do not know if i will live to confirm the story that my uncle uses human beings for sacrifice is true. Na die I dey.....

  Visibly shaken. I freeze, i know it's dumb not to run. But I am alone here, my husband isn't here and I am trying to gauge which direction is safest.
 'The voice has tormented .e enough. Today, you are a new witness. I will prove to my wife that the house is not haunted and stop all sorts from extorting us'
 My big uncle's voice was stern and his strong farmers hands, grips the unusually long arm of the largest hammer I have ever seen. And as he slams into the wall, I forget about fear, love, goals and everything else. I say a short, silent prayer when he swings the hammer and I duck. He did not hit me or follow me as I run out of the room. Instead, he swings at the wall and continues. He had no idea, that I thought he was going to kill me. And worse of all, the voice in the wall starts to shriek and react to his blows. My fright turns to inquisity, as I stand and watch. There is a crowd gathering, his wife and nine children. All I am thinking is. This, I must see to the end.    Long before now, my uncle was feared by all. He proudly professed, in Nigeria in the year two thousand and six, that he had no religion. That was the beginning of the end. He lost a child, his job and dignity. His siblings gossip and blame his bad luck on, him blaspheming against God. He did not care, instead he moved deep into the core of Ondo state. To his share of our ancestral land and started a life, built a fish farm and had a poultry. His house never changed, it stayed the same. His excuse was that, the cost of renovation wold buy his farm animals, his many large beasts, Grasscutters. Back in the day, when I used to eat bushmeat. He had the best and bragged about been richer than the rest of us. Ebola shut down his business temporarily, but as usual he always bounced back. The latest, were rumors of my uncle involving himself in human rituals. The pastor's enjoyed extorting from his wife. But he reassured us all that it was a physical attack and not spiritual. My mother had warned me not to pay him a visit. She was afraid, I might end up in his room coughing out money for all eternity. Thank Nigerian home videos, for creating panic around village relatives. The man was kind enough to attend my wedding and Henrik had a training in Ondo state. So I took a chance and decided to surprise him. And now, I am about to experience my first supernatural phenomenon. Lord have mercy on me.
   Standing in between a partially sealed wall, was a boy. He was malnourished and didn't look normal and continued to speak incoherently. The large echo from a massive crowd made me look behind me. I immediately put on my shades as people started taking pictures.
 Honestly, I was speechless. How did the boy get in there? Whispers of ritual started and I heard someone say, burn him. Why are we quick to kill, to hide under a crowd and cause mayhem.
 My uncle touched the boy, he flinched and screamed and struggled.
'He recognizes his ritualist'
 It was a voice that was out to instigate violence.
'What up there, Bashir', my uncle adds.
'Come out and say it to my face'
 Bashir' walks forward and turns to the crowd.
'You are not special, yet you keep making money. How?'
 The crowd echoed his grievances and my fear returned.
'Lazy boy, where are you when I am laying traps in the forest to catch wild Grasscutters? You just bought a breed that isn't resistant to disease. Mine are hybrids, and I spend everything to immunize my poultry and work all night to keep it clean. Look at these hand's'
 He lay them flat in the air and i could see the rough ridges and healed cuts.
'She the people your hands, let's see how much farming you do'
 Bashir' hides his hands and grumbles quietly.
'I will say it out in the open, you have sold all your land and will not inherit one plot from me. Go and work, my lazy brother from another mother'
 The crowd was laughing and the boy in the wall laughs too. But like a deranged person, he was facing the wall and laughing.
'We still need to ask the question, how did this boy end up in your walk?'
 It changed the mood of the crowd and the boy in the wall started crying.
 Someone pushed through the crowd and rushed and grabbed the boy.
 She hugged and rocked him and she herself did not look very okay.
'Seventy days dry fast and God answered my prayers'
'Who are you?'
'I am his mother'
 Bashir' shakes his head.
'How do we not know that my uncle here with all his money, didn't pay you to lie'
'He has my birthmark, a shape of a fish behind my left ear. His father had madness but we got rid of it. My daughter's don't have it but my only son does'
 The crowd scrutinize and compare the birthmarks.
'Why did you nit raise an alarm before now?'
'I did, ask Pastor Alao. He is the one that will remove the demon disturbing my son from him'
 I shake my head, should he not be in a psychiatric hospital. I do not want to face this mob, so I say nothing.
My uncle grabs my hand, and pulls me to his compound.
'Come jare, my wife has finished cooking the chicken or if you prefer fish. With succulent amala and ewedu soup.
All of which sounds delicious, the crowd slowly disappeared
'I will eat ooo', Bashir shamelessly shouted.
'And you think I will not invite you. Come and join us. But you know we all have to work, so we will leave immediately after.
At this junction, my husband and Daniel and his latest girlfriend arrive.
'What happened?'
 I hug Henrik and whispered that I will Gist him on our way back.
'Let's just eat'

    The ride home is not a comfortable one at all at all. I am cranky and complaining and Opeyemi does not hide her irritation.
'Ade, you've said that already'
 Henrik was sleeping and Daniel was driving and Opeyemi was taking so many pictures. It was annoying.
'The traffic is crazy'
'Maybe you should take pictures'
 She gives me her camera and I look through its may functions.
'Try it'
 I look out at the beautiful dome shaped rocks on both sides of the road and start taking pictures. It's fun to take them and cross check to see if I have the shot.
 Two hours later, I have five perfect shots and I've changed the battery twice. I'm excited to show Opeyemi but she is fast asleep.
'Show me instead'
 I look at Daniel and give him a side eye.
'But you are driving'
'I'll park'
'No, please I can't wait to see Berger. Then I know we are in Lagos state'
'Was the trip fun?'
'Yes, my journal will be full '
'You keep a journal?'
 I have said too much and then relax back in my seat and take a selfie with Henrik sleeping.
'Do i ever get to feature in your journal?'
'No need'
'No need, I'm the second most important guy in your life'
'You are high on yourself'
'Are there other guys you are seeing?'
'You are my husband's best friend'
'We have.. '
 I could
'Can we talk about something else'

 I thought this as over but I can tell that it isn't. Should I just ignore this or let it all out in the open?

 Wonders shall never end..

**Season 1, 92**

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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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