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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Trapped In Amber Like A Giant Dinosaur's Tail


      Molars stand erect in an even row with no need for incisors in the world of a herbivore. And more so, where four functional limbs assist and help one move about, why do I need a tail? I wonder. What's paramount on my aching mind and empty stomach is the fact that the food supply is getting shorter, literarily I mean. Or should I say, is getting higher up. I try and fail to reach that which will quench my hunger. Em, and now it alk makes sense. To stand on all four, does not help. So I stretch and it's almost in my grasp as I wobble and try not to fall. Many before me fell and failed to rise again. Only their bones litter the place, their stainless skeletons now eon's old. Now I see the need for my tail. And as I scratch and stretch, this time, my tail helps my balance. I taste the fresh shoot between my jaws and do not wobble or fall. And my useless incisors anchor into the branches and drag more leaves my way. The scars I leave in the branches, release yellow resin from my favourite Coniferous tree. The sap only fuels my hunger and makes me salivate and want more. Finally, I won't have to worry about starving to death and I gobble up some more food. Although, someone needs to tell these pests that think they can make a meal out of me. That, my skin is too tough for most carnivores to try, although the cubs and puppy of all these irregular creatures all around me keep trying. When it tickles too much, I toss them away and some remember and stay away. But those cute cuddly stubborn kittens never learn. And somehow they are getting bigger and bigger by the litter even though fewer. Come to think of it, I'm all alone in this beautiful garden of Eden. Where is everyone? I chew and chew on the leaves that have an iron taste to them. The earth rumbles again and snaps the trees into two. Quietly, I rest back on all fours and give my tail a rest. The yellow resin from my favourite tree flows over my beautiful tail. Only, I am in shock. My beautiful Eden, the half of the garden is gone into an endless abyss. I see a raging fire erupting from the earths core and continue to chew on my delicious treats. I should run right? I turn and see, a sea of yellow resin flow my way. All at once from snapped trees, making my escape hard. More of the earth is cracking and larger trees too. I try to swim away and think of how history will remember me. Which part of me will survive, will not melt away in this heat. And the words that haunts me are the very words used, today. Beside several ant holes with me buried deep beneath, never to be seen ever again.
   A Beautiful dream about a lovely past, Trapped In Amber Like A Giant  Dinosaur's Tail. Waiting....
   Lost in time and then found just in time to make the headlines around the world.
  It was precious to watch Celine watch Adelaide, talk to her mum. It was as if she was waiting for her turn to be seen, to be held, to be hugged. I know the feeling and so I side hug my friend and massage her arm. On the other side, Ajoke does the same and then...
The big sister turned to her little sister.
'Celine, such a lovely name. Come here'
 They hug and Celine starts to cry and we all start to cry.
'You all have to come with us, for the after party'
 She dragged Celine around and we could not catch up, so stopped trying.
'Abeg Henrik to stay', Ajoke screeched.
'It's our honeymoon..'
'Think of the goodies, the access to premium collection's...'
'Ajoke, no'
 I was tired and really wanted to stay, but I didn't want to put pressure on Henrik.
 My darling hugged me from behind and I rest my head backwards into his chest.
'Ade, don't make me out to be the bad guy'
'But Henrik, we have few days...'
'One more day in Paris, with a designer and all the supermodels all around me?'
 I giggled.
'We will stay', he declared.
 Ajoke shrieks and hugged me.
'Don't drool over any supermodel', I warned.
'I've been wat you and Alan all day', he adds.
'Okay, fair is fair ', it was not from the bottom of my heart. In fact, it made me angry to think of him looking at a beautiful woman.
  Two can play is not a fair reality, at all at all. Bala grabs Henrik and takes him to something that was exciting him. I just walk wherever and in any direction Ajoke takes me.
  I grab a drink and lean on the wall and Alan joins me.
'So, you are not leaving today?'
'No, tomorrow'
'Amen, you need to hang out with...'
 I point at all the beautiful women and he laughs.
'How did you meet Henrik?'
'He is Daniel Ojora's best friend'
 That did nothing, because he had no clue who I was talking about.
'At a beach party'
'In a bikini '
'No, office clothes '
'Single or dating?'
'Dating Bala's best friend'
'Wait, what?'
'I was his live in'
'His celibate live in'
 It was funny, saying it out loud and we both laugh.
'How did that work out?'
'Not so well, he had an ex he was sleeping with and I found out and ended it'
'Was that the only reason?'
'I was smitten by Henrik's love for me'
  We both laugh.
'So love does come back after all'
'Give it time'
'I wish I was the one you looked at like that'
  I didn't hear him because I was watching Henrik chat with a supermodel that looked like Iman.
'You said?'
'Congratulations on been married'
'You don't know all I have gone through before now. Before getting here'
'I have my own horror story too you know'
'You will meet someone sincere enough to let you open your heart up to them'
'You think so?'
'I know so'
'So you are not interested, just indulging...'
'You only give me this much attention because you know I won't reciprocate'
'I see, the kind of girl you want'
'In front of me?'
'Yes, and she's walking up to you'
 The lovely lady says hi and I walk up to Henrik.
'Did you see that beautiful model?'
'I did'
'She wants to have my baby's'
'Did you tell her that I have some growing inside me already?'
 Henrik shouts and spins me around and ends it with a kiss. Ajoke finds us and announced that it was time for the party.
Now I'm nervous, I didn't mean to crack a joke about been pregnant. I think Henrik took me seriously and thinks I'm really pregnant.
  Na die I dey.

   Usually, we are at the airport alone. But not this time, everybody is here and happy to wave and hug us as we leave.
  Bala and Ajoke will stay until after the Monday public holiday.
     There's something about going on a plane, climbing those sliding compartment that takes you straight into the aeroplane.

   Exhausted that's how I feel, even though I've slept for more than six hours. Many buried things in the past somehow never stay buried. How come?
 My honeymoon is over and it's time to head back home.
 Daniel Ojora called, just as we were clearing all our luggage.
'Hey, are you two in town?'
 He was loud enough for me to hear him ask my husband. And all I could think of was, what was his business?
'Hey Daniel we are... You are where?'
 Henrik made a face that made me look up from my pink suitcase.
'He is where?'
'Already here, we have everything'
  Henrik cut the phone and helped me load all our luggage onto the metal carriage on wheels.
'Did you tell him?'
'Yes, but I didn't think he would come and pick us up'
'He must be bored sick, now that he and Nnoye are no longer dating'
'There's have been date's'
'It's Daniel Ojora, he has a retired maintain'
 We both laugh.
'I just didn't want to dive into talking about him or Nnoye, not yet and not so soon'
'Ade, be nice'
'When am I ever nasty?'
 It was a rhetorical question because I was not in the mood.
 Daniel was nice and looked good, but I just curled up in the car seat behind them and shut my eyes. On a normal day, I want to get home quickly. Not today, today I want to sleep for long, uninterrupted. So I pray there's traffic and pray I don't need to hear about this fast Lagos boy, high on himself.
 I shut my eyes and just drift away.

  Vaguely, I think the memory plays on my mind. A sweet dream of been carried from the car, into my home. The sweet dream does not end there, he carries me to our bed and I smile as he drops me like a delicate flower on the bed.
'I know you are awake', Henrik whispers.
 My smile gives me up and I hug him and hold him close for a little longer. And then sleep off.
 I wake up hungry and love the smell of freshly grilled lobsters. A quick shower and a sexy dress, should make our first day together wonderful.
'Hey darling, it smells delicious'
  I stop talking and try to decipher what I was seeing.
'Hello Mrs.', Daniel announced.
 Henrik can tell what mood I'm in and quickly places a takeaway packing my hand. It works because the warmth and freshness, takes away my rage.
  I collapsed in my couch and take a bite, my eyes shut as my mandibles grind at the succulent piece in my mouth.
'Good bless you for this'
 I could not be mad at him, these were delicious.
'The best, for the two closest people in my life'
'So, what's new?'
'His latest '
'When can you two attend'
'Attend what?', I said shielding my full mouth from my audience.
'She has an art exhibition coming up'
 I laugh and point my food at him.
'So, this is a bribe?'
'Henrik, please tell 'Ade that I am a man with generous kind gestures at my fingertips'
'Daniel does not need to bribe us'
'I will go on one condition'
'Name it', Daniel announced.
'Is she any good?'
'One of the best'
'You commission her to do our painting'
'Really? That's it'
'Yes, my very own first oil painting with my husband'
 Henrik walks with arms wide open towards me. And I kiss him.
'So that's a yes'
 I nod my head and cont to eat.
  My phone rings and I pick it up and hear her voice. Guilt ridden, I excuse myself and hide in the guestroom.
'Hey Nnoye, how are you?'
'Good, welcome back'
'Have you seen Daniel?'
'Why do you ask?'
 I divert the question and try to be as evasive as possible.
'Can you imagine, they say he's dating an artist'
'Nnoye, you know why you two broke up'
'I cheated on him, yes but I didn't mean to'
'Have you met her?'
'Nnoye, we just got in today'
'Daniel is a hands on guy, he might visit you with this chick '
'You know he is my husband's best friend'
'And I'm your best friend, at least one of them'
'Forget about Daniel'
'You are attending her exhibition, right?'
'Nnoye, I'm tired. Let me just rest my head, after all the traveling across different continents'
'I just want you to know that this is temporary. Daniel and I will get back together'
'Thats good to know'
'Ade, it's you that will help'
 I chuckled and laughed.
'Don't laugh, it's going to happen'
   I look at the phone and shake my head.
'Which kind wahala be this?'
 I walk back into the living room and I can tell Daniel knows who I was chatting with.
'Dating, who was on the phone?'
'Nnoye, she says hi'
 There was a dry silence in the room and then Daniel picks up the phone.
'Better I forget, 'Opeyemi' wants to talk to you before you two actually meet'
 As he dials her number, I can't help but feel like I'm the mouse between a trap and a starving cat.

 This game of power isn't ending anytime soon and I don't think I've met two people who love to play.

Or have you?

**Season 1, Episode 90**


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Adebusola Ukayat Elegbede is a Playwright and Content creator with a passion for real life challenges. Born in Kaduna state and lives in Lagos Nigeria, she has a passion for story telling from the perspectives of characters in conflicting situations. I started out on the New Writing Project in Nigeria with the British Council Lagos Nigeria and The Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square U.K. My passion for creating stories led to comic books, television drama's and an online journal on my website (busolaelegbede.com). As part of the WPIC in Stockholm Sweden 2012, the experience has forged life long friends and ignited my passion as a volunteer and advocate for human rights and the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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